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									October/November 2010 / Tishri-Heshvan-Kislev 5771                                                                             Volume 34; Issue 2

                                                 145 Hartford Street         Natick, MA 01760

 LAUGHING WITH THE                                  OCTOBER GENERAL MEETING – October 19, 8 p.m.
STARS ON NOVEMBER 6                                 Dr. Cynthia Pill to speak about The Sandwich
    Celebrate Temple Israel’s                       Generation
     Fabulous 50 Years on                                             n today’s world, when            Cynthia Pill, Ph.D., LICSW, is a clinical social
        Hartford Street                                             I people are living longer,
                                                                    when couples often delay
                                                                                                       worker in private practice in Newton. For
                                                                                                       more than 30 years, Dr. Pill was the director
    Fantastic silent and live                                       parenting, and       when          of Family Life Educational programs at
    auctions, top comedian,                                         everyone is reeling from           various family service agencies and at
                                                                    our country’s economic             Temple Emanuel in Newton. Currently, in
       delicious food and
                                                                    downturn, the concept of           addition to her private practice, Dr. Pill
        plenty of ruach!                           multigenerational care giving takes on a            serves on the Board of Directors of Newton
                          more info on page 10     whole new perspective.This discussion will          At Home, a new organization that will
                                                   explore whether it is possible to have              provide an array of services and programs to
                                                   enormous responsibilities for taking care of        help people remain in their homes and
Welcome New Members                                others and still have time to take care of          community as they grow older.
         Lisa Glaskin & Henry Atlas
        Anna Charny & Jon Bennett
           Marcy & Jeffrey Blocker
                                                    Adopt-A-Family program presents: Joking and
           Denys & David Caplan                     Rejoicing: Celebrating Judaism through Humor
            Gela & Shai Fuxman
           Joyce & George Hanna                     Sunday, October 24, 3:00 p.m.
          Ruth & Stanley Hoffman
                                                                                    nn     Green,      Tickets may be purchased at the door for
             Gail & Adam Miller
          Lindsey & Daniel Porges
    Rebecca Feldman & Brian Roessler
                                                                              A     Temple Israel
                                                                               m e m b e r ,
                                                                                                       $5.00. Proceeds will benefit the Adopt-A-
                                                                                                       Family fund. The fund is currently assisting
           Marcy & Jeffrey Romani                                              freelance writer        six needy families in Sderot with groceries,
   Rebecca Katsh-Singer & Jordan Singer                                        and humor maven         clothing and housing. Please join us for this
     Irit Tau-Webber & David Webber                                            will share insights     special program and begin the New Year
             Lisa & Aby Zemack                                                 from her years of       with the mitzvah of gemilut chasidim, acts
                                                   collecting cartoons, jokes and parodies on          of loving kindness.
  In This Issue:
                                                   all aspects of Judaism - from the Creation to
     2   From the Rabbi’s Desk
                                                   the present day - and her research into the
         President Message
                                                   joys and oys of Jewish humor.
     3   Cantor’s Voice
         VP, Member Relations
         VP, Education
     4   Sisterhood
                                                                              T.I. GREEN TEAM ECO-TIPS
     5   Men’s Club                                 “Bring out with you every living thing of all flesh that is with you: birds, animals, and
     6   Adopt-A-Family                             everything that creeps on earth; and let them swarm on the earth and be fertile and
     7   Adult Education                            increase on earth.” (Gen 8:17)
     8   Nursery School                             ECO-TIP:As much as 40% of energy used in the food system goes towards the production
     9   Religious School                           of chemical fertilizers and pesticides… Can’t afford to eat everything organically? Some
    12   Mazal Tov                                  fruits and vegetables are sprayed with more pesticides than others, and cannot be cleaned
    13   Calendar                                   of pesticide residues as easily. Start by buying organic varieties of the worst “Dirty Dozen”:
    15   Youth Update                               peaches, apples, bell peppers, celery, nectarines, strawberries, cherries, kale, lettuce, grapes,
    17   In The Community                           carrots and pears.
    21   Donors
    23   Yahrzeits
    From The Rabbi’s Desk: Some Thoughts On Prayer                                                            Shabbat Services &
                      eading a book is an            purists, loyal to the traditional core of the
                                                                                                                Candle Lighting
                   R  activity of the head;
                  prayer is an activity of the
                                                     liturgy. But who is actually saying the
                                                     words? What is anyone getting out of the
                                                                                                          Friday Evening - 5:45 p.m.
                                                                                                          Saturday Morning - 9:15 a.m.
                  heart. And because we Jews         exercise?
                                                                                                          Mincha - 5:30 p.m.
                  have so many words of              At Temple Israel, Cantor Richmond and I
                  prayer, codified in prayer         have slowed down the pace of the                     October 1 Light candles 6:09 p.m.
    books, we often confuse the two.                 davening, so that those who find meaning in
                                                                                                          October 8 Light candles 5:57 p.m.
    I’d like to suggest that our goal in “reading”   this traditional practice can complete the
    the prayer book is unlike our goal in reading    prayers. On the other hand, the essence of           October 15 Light candles 5:45 p.m.
    anything else. If it were to acquire             prayer is not about Hebrew reading skills at         October 22 Light candles 5:35 p.m.
    information, then once through, cover to         all; it is about intention. When we pray, we
    cover, would be enough. No, in that sense,       challenge ourselves to shift our perspective         October 29 Light candles 5:25 p.m.
    we are not “reading” it at all. Rather, we are   beyond ourselves; to examine what is really          November 5 Light candles 5:16 p.m.
    experiencing words of prayer, in order to        true in our lives, and to consider what life         November12 Light candles 4:08 p.m.
    open our hearts; to reconnect to what is         itself requires of us.
    true in our lives, and to regain a sense of                                                           November19 Light candles 4:02 p.m.
                                                     Perhaps these issues don’t resonate with
    transcendence.                                   you. That’s fine. But if they do, let me             November26 Light candles 3:57 p.m.
    And so when we “read” the prayer book we         suggest some strategies that may shift your
    need to experience the words in a unique         experience of prayer.
    way; unlike any other book. There are            1.   Less is more. Don’t worry about how                   Temple Israel of Natick

    traditional methods: We sing the words. We            many words per minute you say. Find a
    murmur them.We literally breathe them in,             few words in the prayer that speak to
    in order to feel them in our bodies. We               you, and savor them. Repeat them over
    move our bodies as well as our lips, in order         and over. Next time, different words                      hakol@tiofnatick.org
    to kinesthetically imprint the words                  within the prayer will be the ones you
    physically within us. We use the words as                                                         Business Office        (508) 650-3521, x100
                                                          need to speak.
    tools to achieve a state of consciousness                                                         Fax Number             (508) 655-3440
    that is qualitatively different than the one     2.   Truly speak them; don’t just read them.     School Office          (508) 650-3521, x114
    we had before entering the room.                      Loudly or softly, to a melody or in a       Nursery School         (508) 650-3521, x112
                                                          monotone, but allow yourself to feel        Youth Educator         (508) 650-3521, x101
    I wonder how it is that so many of us have            the words physically, in your body.
    forgotten this, or how it can be that we                                                          email:                 office@tiofnatick.org
    were never taught. If the God that we seek       3.   Don’t be embarrassed. What you are          web Site:              www.tiofnatick.org
    to know through worship is infinite, why              doing should be different than what the
                                                                                                      Daniel Liben           Rabbi
    do we expect that our experience of public            person next to you is doing, except for
    prayer be exactly the same, from week to              those times when we are all praying the
                                                          Amidah silently, or engaging in prayer      Ken Richmond           Cantor
    week? It seems to me that American
    synagogues of the last century traded in              together through song.                                             cantor@tiofnatick.org
    true prayer, in all its sometimes messy          4.   Don’t be shy about using the English        Harold Kushner         Rabbi Laureate
    unpredictability, for decorum. We have                translation as a prayer text. Experiment    Robert Scherr          Cantor Emeritus
    settled for the lesser experience of reading          with softly “praying” the English, aloud.   Marc F. Schultz        President
    the prayer book, sitting quietly, keeping the
                                                     5.   Free form it. Experiment with                                      president@tiofnatick.org
    words a safe distance from our hearts.
                                                          expressing thoughts that arise in the       Karen Hayett           Education Director
    Don’t misunderstand. I enjoy davening with            moment.
    our community, and feel blessed that
                                                     6.   Set this as an intention for your prayer:   Tracy Foilb            Nursery School Director
    Temple Israel is my spiritual home. But the
                                                          to feel an opening of the heart. Greater
    truth be told, the state of prayer in many of                                                                            nursery@tiofnatick.org
                                                          compassion for others, and for
    our synagogues is, by and large, a scandal. I                                                     Karen Hayett           Youth Programs
                                                          ourselves, is the single most important
    can’t tell you how many Conservative                                                                                     youth@tiofnatick.org
                                                          gift to take with us when we leave the
    synagogues I have visited, in which I have
                                                          synagogue.                                  Marla Gold             Temple Director
    been unable to daven, which means to
    articulate the words softly to a melody that     Looking forward to seeing you in Shul!                                  director@tiofnatick.org
    both adheres to liturgical tradition and is at                                                    Designer’s Spot, Suzzette - HaKol Designer
    the same time purely personal. I start at the                                                     508-654-1130, hakol@tiofnatick.org
                                                                            Rabbi Daniel Liben
    top of a prayer, and before I am halfway
    done, the prayer leader is off and running                                508.650.3521 x100
                                                                             rabbi@tiofnatick.org     HaKol is published from September through June.
    onto the next page.We claim to be liturgical                                                      Temple Israel of Natick is affiliated with The United
                                                                                                      Synagogue of Conservative Judaism.

The Cantor’s Voice
                    s we are finishing up the intense beginning of the      Please let me know if you are able to read Torah or Haftarah, and are
                A   Jewish year, with its celebrations and
               introspection, its re-connecting with community and
                                                                            available and interested in doing so for Shabbat and holidays. We
                                                                            depend on our strong cadre of readers throughout the year, and can
               re-connecting with nature, we enter a couple of              always use more readers. If you are interested in learning to read
               months with no holidays until Hanukah. As we settle          Torah, I can work with you and provide materials for you to learn in
               into our routines of work, school, patterns with our         a self-paced manner. If you have never learned, or have forgotten
family and friends, I hope that we have set aside time for personal         how, to read Hebrew, in order to follow along with the prayers, I
growth and for thinking about how we can connect with and improve           hope you will consider a crash-course in the spring. You can then
the community in the coming year.                                           supplement this course with one-on-one tutoring, or a computer
In particular, I wanted to invite you to consider taking part in one of     program to help reinforce the skills you learn.
our many adult or family education courses throughout the year.We           As we put the holidays behind us, I want to wish you all a productive
will begin a new Ikkarim class on Wednesday mornings in October,            year, full of personal growth. I hope it will be a strong year of
co-taught by Rabbi Liben and me, which is now open to any parents           communal growth for the Temple Israel community, as well.
of Jewish children. We are also offering a new Me’ah cohort to
Ikkarim. The Adult Education calendar includes a series with Rabbi
                                                                                                                       Cantor Ken Richmond
Liben about the meaning of mitzvah to us, starting on November 4
                                                                                                                            508.650.3521 x107
and 18. I encourage those who are interested in learning new Jewish
skills to take the opportunities to do so, whether in or out of classes.
I will be offering a Torah reading refresher class on November 3 and
10, with an optional class on the 17th, and a crash Hebrew reading
class on Wednesday evenings in March.

Message from Our President
                    he people of the bike.         2011 ride. But why talk about this ride?         Riding down the hills of Eilat to the Red Sea
                T   That is one of the tag lines
                used by the group Hazon.
                                                   Sponsors would be great, but that isn’t the      is an amazing experience and a scary
                                                                                                    thought until you sign up.Well, it was still a
                                                   reason. It is a wonderful example of getting
               In 2004, Chazzan Scherr and         involved. Riding more than 300 miles in          little scary as we descended through the
               Ron Balk biked from                 Israel is a very physical example of doing       desert hills, but it was beautiful and we did
               Jerusalem to the Red Sea.           something greater than one might think           it together.
They raised funds for the Arava Institute, an      possible. But as a group we can and do           Help your community grow. Being involved
Environmental and Peace Institute in the           accomplish wonderful things. As we get           has many rewards. Ssend me an email at
Negev desert, and they inspired others to          ready to make our Bima more accessible,          marcfschultz@yahoo.com, and we’ll talk.
get involved. Since then, Kurt Linden, Joel        replace our air conditioner, experiment                                        Marc F. Schultz
Feinberg and I have participated in the ride.      with alternate formats for services, plan                                           President
Kurt and I will be riding in the Israel Ride       educational and social events and raise the
2010 this Octobe,r and other Temple Israel         funds necessary to maintain our temple, I
members are getting ready to sign up for the       ask you to be involved.
Laughing with the Stars Auction
Dear Friends,                                      Restaurant gift certificates                     If you are dropping off a donated item at the
We hope that you will join us as we proudly        Gift cards to retail stores/salons/spas          temple, please be sure to mark it “Laughing
celebrate 50 years at our Hartford Street          Travel vouchers                                  with the Stars.” If you would like it to be
location with an exciting night of                 Vacation packages/ accommodations                picked up, please contact us by email or
LAUGHING WITH THE STARS on Saturday                In addition, unique or special VIP               phone and we will arrange to get it to the
November 6th. The evening will feature             opportunities or experiences which are           temple.
great “A List” comedy, fabulous food and           generally not available to the public make       Contact us at:
drink, and a fantastic combination live and        great auction items.                             laughingwiththestars@tiofnatick.org or 508-
silent auction.This is our primary fundraiser      Please consider friends as well as businesses    650-3521 x100
for the year.The proceeds will go a long way       that you patronize, that might be able to        Thank you again for your generosity and for
as we continue to provide assistance and           donate to our cause.The more people who          your continued support of Temple Israel. It
services to our fellow congregants and to          can bring in auction items, the more fun we      is people like you who make this such a
the community at large.                            will have, and the more successful the event     great community. We really hope you will
We sincerely appreciate your consideration         will be. All donations will be gratefully        join us and help to make “Laughing with the
of a tax deductible contribution of goods or       acknowledged in the evening’s auction and        Stars” a huge success!
services to be included in the auction. We         advertising program which will be                Best wishes for a very happy and healthy
welcome gifts of any value! Historically,          distributed to more than 300 people the          new year.
some of the best selling auction items have        night of the event. Most importantly, you can
been:                                              feel good knowing that your generosity is                        THE AUCTION COMMITTEE
                                                   directly helping our synagogue and our                            Esta & Bob Gold, Co-Chairs
Tickets to sporting events
Autographed sports memorabilia                     community.                                                                                   3
    OCTOBER GENERAL MEETING – October 19, 8:00 p.m.                       by Sisterhood? In addition, Sisterhood shops, cook, and serves the
    Dr. Cynthia Pill to speak about The Sandwich Generation               Congregational luncheon on the first day of Sukkot, as well as the
    In today’s world, when people are living longer, when couples often   Kiddush on the second day of Sukkot, the following Shabbat and
    delay parenting, and when everyone is reeling from our country’s      Shemini Atzeret. It takes a lot of work and a dedicated team; a great
    economic downturn, the concept of multigenerational care giving       big thanks to Shoshana Savitz and all of her helpers for all of the
    takes on a whole new perspective. This discussion will explore        wonderful meals and nosh that they provided.
    whether it is possible to have enormous responsibilities for taking
    care of others and still have time to take care of ourselves.         SPONSOR A KIDDUSH OR AN ONEG SHABBAT
    Cynthia Pill, Ph.D., LICSW, is a clinical social worker in private    Sisterhood provides kiddushim on any Shabbat that does not
    practice in Newton. For more than 30 years, Dr. Pill was the          already have a sponsor (such as a Bar/Bat Mitzvah family). We also
    director of Family Life Educational programs at various family        sponsor Oneg Shabbat for the First Friday programs from October
    service agencies and at Temple Emanuel in Newton. Currently, in       through May. If you are interested in sponsoring a Kiddush, please
    addition to her private practice, Dr. Pill serves on the Board of     contact Debbie Brun at 508-481-4289 or hjbrun@verizon.net. For
    Directors of Newton At Home, a new organization that will provide     an Oneg, please contact June Shea at 508-653-3535 or
    an array of services and programs to help people remain in their      iluvchatam@aol.com.
    homes and community as they grow older.

                                                                          WOMEN’S LEAGUE CONVENTION 2010 – December 12 - 15
    PAID UP SUPPER – November 16, 6:30 p.m.                               Marriott Waterfront, Baltimore, MD
    Join us for a lovely evening of good food, conversation and a         Every two years, hundreds of women from across North America,
    program. It is sure to be a great event so please save the date!      Israel, Mexico and Europe meet for four exhilarating days; many
    All 2010-2011 members are invited to attend. Aren’t a member yet?     take advantage of a pre-convention Shabbaton. Each convention
    You can join that evening, just remember to RSVP. Watch your          incorporates dynamic speakers and impressive study, exciting
    email for more information or email sisterhood@tiofnatick.org.        programming, a focus on growing successful sisterhoods, public
                                                                          policy resolutions, Women’s League unique training services,
                                                                          fabulous camaraderie, and stirring tefillot (religious services).
    OPEN      DOOR        –     December        16,    3:30     p.m.
    Natick’s Open Door is an all volunteer organization that provides     Delegates return to their sisterhoods and communities --
    an evening meal every Thursday at 5 p.m. to seniors, veterans,        invigorated and motivated -- prepared to meet new challenges and
    people with disabilities, and income-qualified households in the      assume more leadership roles.
    local community. Sisterhood sponsors three dinners each year.         This year’s theme is Kehillah Kedoshah: Celebrating Community
    We are scheduled to cook and serve a meal on Thursday, December       Woman to Woman.The convention will include featured speakers:
    16, starting at 3:30 p.m. If you would like to participate, please    Dr. Arnold Eisen, chancellor of the Jewish Theological Seminary,
    contact Laurie Alford at 508-740-6692 or lsalford4@yahoo.com.         Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson, dean of the Ziegler School of Rabbinic
                                                                          Studies, and Rabbi Gilah Dror, president of the Rabbinical Assembly.
                                                                          For more information about attending, please visit: www.wlcj.org.
    RUMMAGE SALE – November 1-2                                           Sisterhood helps to send representatives from our membership.
    October 31: Drop-Off - 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
    November 1: Sale – 9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
    November 2: Sale – 9:00 a.m. – noon                                   LEAGRAMS: Why buy birthday, anniversary and other greeting
    Please drop off in the Social Hall, on appropriately-marked tables.   cards when you can send a Leagram and support Sisterhood at the
    Clothing only, please; no shoes, household items or electronics.      same time? Sisterhood, under the umbrella of the Women’s League
    Volunteers needed on all days. Please contact Rochelle Lerner at      for Conservative Judaism, provides Leagrams as a fundraiser. What
    508-875-6010 or lernerfamily1@verizon.net to get involved.            are Leagrams, you ask? These messages are a way to support
                                                                          Sisterhood while sending a greeting to honor birthdays,
                                                                          anniversaries, births and special events, to extend get-well wishes
    USY SCHOLARSHIPS – Due November 1: Sisterhood offers a                and to express condolences.
    scholarship for USY members who are going to the USY                  Leagrams are an ongoing activity throughout the year. Paid-up
    International Convention in Orlando, FL from December 22              Sisterhood members receive a weekly phone call, or are sent a
    through December 29. Applications for going to the convention,        weekly e-mail list of birthdays, anniversaries and other events, from
    as well as applications for a Sisterhood scholarship, are due on      which they select the friends and family to whom they wish to
    November 1.                                                           send greetings.
    If you would like an application, please contact Karen Hayett at      The Leagram team then sends personalized messages to the
    youth@tiofnatick.org. Remember to send your scholarship               recipients. Each Leagram greeting costs $1.75, while In Memoriams
    application by November 1 to the Sisterhood of Temple Israel, 145     are $2.50, which are quite a bargain when one considers just the
    Hartford St. Natick MA 01760.                                         cost of postage.
                                                                          Remember family and friends on special occasions with a Leagram.
    FALL HOLIDAY ROUNDUP: Did you know that the beautiful                 Sisterhood thanks you for your support in this fundraising
    decorations you see every year hanging in the Sukkah are provided     program.

                                                MEN’S CLUB NEWS
 Recent Fall Season Events                                             Keeper of the Flame Honoree Dinner – Sunday, October 24
                                                                       at Temple Israel, Sharon
 Sefer Haftarah Week – September 8 – 14
                                                                       The Regional Men’s Club members come together to honor the
 This year, we were honored to have the Federation of Jewish Men’s
                                                                       Keeper of the Flame Honorees.This year, Ralph Korenstein will be
 Clubs Sefer Haftarah at Temple Israel of Natick from September 8 -
                                                                       honored for his leadership and contributions to the Temple Israel
 14. This is a special scroll very similar to other scrolls in
                                                                       Men’s Club. Please see the article below, and the insert in this
 appearance, however unlike others, it is made up of all the
                                                                       HaKol, for more information.
 Haftorahs and has vowels and trope.This unique scroll travels from
 shul to shul of the federation throughout the country every
 Shabbat of the year.Temple Israel used the scroll during the Rosh     Card Night – November Date TBD
 Hashanah and Shabbat services. Our students at in the Religious
                                                                       Come join us for a night of cards and fun.All levels of card players
 School had the good fortune of viewing this unique scroll.
                                                                       are welcome. More information will be sent via the Men’s
                                                                       Club listserv.
 Sukkah Set Up/Take Down – September 19 and October 3
 The Men’s Club will be setting up the Temple Israel Sukkah on the     Men’s Club Shabbat – Saturday, December 18.
 morning of Sunday, September 19 at 10 a.m. (after Minyan) and
                                                                       Join the Men’s Club Shabbat with an oneg honoring Richard
 taking it down on Sunday, October 3 at 10 a.m. (after Minyan). All
                                                                       Sugarman and family. More information in the next HaKol.
 are welcome to join us in these efforts. Please contact Ralph
 Korenstein at kore18@rcn.com for more information.
                                                                       Fall Men’s Health Program
 Scotch Tasting in the Courtyard – Saturday, September 25,             The Temple Israel Men’s Club sponsors a number of programs
 7:30 p.m.                                                             dedicated to Men’s Health
 Join the Men’s Club for an evening of Scotch tasting of Kosher
 Scotches. Contact Dave Landman at david@landmankids.com for           Bike Ride – Date TBD
 more information.
                                                                       Get some good exercise as part of our Men’s Health Program. We
                                                                       are planning a 20-25 mile ride beginning at the Temple at 9:30 a.m.
 Upcoming Fall Season Events                                           More information will be sent via the Men’s Club listserv.
 Men’s Club Congregational Breakfast – Sunday, October 17
 The 2nd annual Men’s Club Congregational breakfast will celebrate     Exercise Night – Date TBD
 the 10th anniversary of the Men’s Club at Temple Israel.This year's   Get some good exercise as part of our Men’s Health Program. We
 speaker will be Harvey Leonard Moskowitz, longtime Temple Israel      are looking into a location to get together and use the exercise
 member and Boston newscast meteorologist for over thirty years.       facilities. More information will be sent via the Men’s Club listserv.
 Harvey will be speaking on the topics of global warming and the
 evolution of broadcast meteorology. Admission to this breakfast       Any questions or would like to help with an event? Please contact
 (cooked by Norm Shufrin) will be free to Temple Israel Men's Club     Men’s Club Presidents Doug Koltenuk and Joel Pravda at
 members and $10 for all other attendees. New members are              mensclub@tiofnatick.org.
 welcome at the door. RSVP by October 10 to                            To automatically receive information on the very latest on Men's
 mensclub@tiofnatick.org to ensure we prepare enough food.             Club events, sign up for the list server by sending an email to
                                                                       LISTSERV@JTSA.EDU. Leave the subject blank and in the message
                                                                       body type subscribe L-TIMENSCLUB firstname lastname.

Ralph Korenstein 2010 Keeper of the Flame Honoree
                      he Temple Israel Men's    adult, $20 per child. You can also honor        Committee, frequent Torah and Haftarah
                T     Club is proud to
                 announce that on October
                                                Ralph by sharing your personal feelings and
                                                good wishes in the Keeper of the Flame
                                                                                                reader, Gabbai Rishon and Usher. Ralph
                                                                                                formerly served as president of the Men's
                 24 at Temple Israel in         Tribute Book (see Dinner Reservation and        Club and currently is the VP for Religion. He
                 Sharon, Ralph Korenstein       Tribute Book forms in this HaKol).              organizes the setting up and taking down of
                 will receive one of this       Ralph has been an active member of Temple       the Temple's sukkah, and is also in charge of
year’s distinguished Men’s Club Keeper of       Israel of Natick since 1988. He has served      organizing Men's Club bicycle rides when
the Flame Awards.You are invited to join us     the Temple, as well as its Men's Club, in       weather permits. Ralph helps in some
for wine and hors d’oeuvres beginning at 6      many capacities:        Ritual Committee        capacity with almost every Men’s club
p.m., with a service and awards at 7:00 p.m.,   Chairman and active member of the Ritual        event. Ralph, we thank you for all you do.
followed by dinner. The cost is $45 per

Upcoming AIPAC Event: October 20, 7:45 p.m.
     re you concerned about the safety and     In 2011, Rabbi Liben will again be leading a   If you have any questions about either
A    security of Israel? Do you wonder how
you can make a difference to strengthen the
                                               Temple Israel delegation to the AIPAC Policy
                                               Conference which will be held in
                                                                                              event, feel free to contact
                                                                                              David or Maurie Sachs at
friendship and relationship between the        Washington, DC from May 22-24, 2011.           mmsachs1@comcast.net,
United States and Israel? Do you know how      Almost twenty TI congregants have already      dasachs@comcast.net or 508-655-5345.
AIPAC—The American Israel Public Affairs       signed up for this exciting event. Join your
Committee –helps ensure that the US-Israel     friends or make new friends by planning to     Larry Grodman at lgrodman@yahoo.com
relationship remains strong?                   attend. Go to www.aipac.org/pc to learn        or 617-244-9127.

Come to Temple Israel at 7:45 p.m. on          more. With your help, we can make an even
October 20 to learn about how AIPAC works      bigger impact on Israel’s future!
with Congress to ensure a strong US-Israel
relationship. Nate Beecher, the Political
Director of AIPAC in New England, will be
here to talk about the “2010 US Elections
and the US-Israel Relationship.” Nate
Beecher is a dynamic speaker; he started his
career working for Senator Ted Kennedy
and progressed to two presidential
campaigns, a congressional campaign, and a
gubernatorial political operation. Most
recently, Nate served as AIPAC's Senior
Political Analyst in Washington.
Did you also know that last spring, eighteen
of your Temple Israel colleagues joined a
mission, led by Rabbi Liben, to Washington,
DC, to attend the 2010 AIPAC Policy
Conference? Our delegation joined more
than 7,000 other AIPAC delegates from
around the country to hear world-renown
speakers and then meet with their
Congressional delegates to let them know
how important their support is in
maintaining a strong relationship with

                                        S i st er h ood J ud a i ca S h op
                     Hanukah begins early this year! We light the first candle on December 1.
                           Start your shopping early at the Sisterhood Judaica Shop.
    Please consider the Judaica Shop for all of your personal and gift needs. We offer a wide variety of
      merchandise for Jewish holidays, B’nai/B’not Mitzvah, baby gifts, weddings, and other special
              occasions and events. Our inventory of unique gift items continues to grow.
       And by the way, “Who Needs a Sale?” Many of our items are already priced below retail. As
        always, all proceeds go directly toward supporting Sisterhood and Temple Israel Programs.
                       Our shop is open Sundays during Religious School hours from
                       10:00 a.m. – noon or by appointment. Call or send e-mail to
                             H o l l y a t 5 0 8 - 8 7 7 - 1 4 3 5 o r h o l l y t @r c n . c o m

                                               ADULT EDUCATION
    emple Israel’s adult education committee is happy to
T   announce the upcoming programs being offered at the
Temple, some returning and some new. We hope that you will find
                                                                        More Than a ‘Good Deed’: The Mitzvah Initiative: At the
                                                                        urging of Chancellor Arnold Eisen of the Jewish Theological
                                                                        Seminary, Conservative rabbis and congregations across the
some of interest to you. We are always open to new ideas and            country are engaging in a new conversation about the meaning of
desires, and will try to accommodate those. Our full program            mitzvah in our lives. Eisen has pinpointed this as the single most
planned ffor the year is now available in the Temple office and         important question shaping the future of Conservative Judaism
online. It includes our popular Lunch & Learn, with continued           and American Judaism. Join Rabbi Liben in a 14-week series that
generous support by a grant from the Benson Rowe fund.                  will consider the following questions:
Here are some of the offerings we have planned for this fall:           What are the relationships and responsibilities that give my life
Mishna Yomit: This weekly study group discusses the previous            meaning and purpose?
week’s Mishnah reading over coffee. Join us for a spiritual and         How can I express these commitments in an authentically Jewish
learning experience. All are welcome. Readings are available in         way?
English at www.mishnahyomit.org. No previous background                 What can I learn by sharing these conversations with other Jews in
required.                                                               my synagogue community?
Dates:             Fridays starting on October 8                        In these sessions of discussion, reflection and study, participants in
Time:              7:45 a.m. after morning minyan                       the Mitzvah Initiative will be able to articulate how Mitzvah works
Instructor:        Harvey Stone                                         to organize a Jewish life. It will also be a chanced to consider ways
Fee:               No fee                                               to bring creativity to your own Jewish life by focusing on one
The Dazzling (and Red) Beloved: Midrash and Mount Sinai:                mitzvah of personal significance. Individuals within the group,
The ancient rabbis believed in a beautiful God - dazzling and red,      joined by other members of the community, will talk about “their”
with black curly hair. Where did this beloved God meet Israel? And      mitzvah, and provide any support needed for ongoing practice.
what gifts did God give them? In this class, we will read a series of   The course will include topics such as: What does Jewish tradition
early midrashim that surround the Exodus from Egypt and the             really mean by the word mitzvah, and is there more than one
Revelation at Sinai.                                                    definition? What does it mean to be commanded? How do I visit
Dates:             Wednesday evenings, October 13, 20, 27               someone who is sick and turn it into a Jewish experience? How
Time:              8:00 – 9:30 p.m.                                     do I honor my parents in action? Why is it inspiring to hear people
Instructor:        Rabbi Jane Kanarek                                   talk about their passion for the environment, or tzedakah, or tikkun
Fee:               Members - $36, Non-members - $48                     olam? Where do Shabbat and prayer fit into these new ideas about
Israeli Folk Dancing: Israeli dance choreographers have                 mitzvah? What makes these experiences spiritual?
fashioned a unique and energetic style that expresses Israel’s multi-   Dates:             Thursdays, Nov 4, 18, Dec 2, 9, 16, 2010
ethnic contemporary, culture. All levels are welcome to this            Time:              7:55 – 9:15 p.m.
enjoyable and invigorating class.                                       Instructor:        Rabbi Daniel H. Liben
Dates:             Thursday evenings starting on October 14             Fee:               Members: $56, Non-members - $168
Time:              8:10 – 9:00 p.m.                                     Lunch and Learn Classes
Instructor:        Rabbi Dan Liben and Sherri Barlas                    Satan in Tanach: One of the more powerful figures that
Fee:               Members - $25, Non-members - $50                     haunts religious thinking is Satan. It is intriguing that many Jews
Talmud in Translation: This weekly Talmud group discusses the           don't know that Satan is a Biblical figure who is found in the Book
Talmud in English translation. Newcomers welcome.The tracte will        of Numbers. We will explore the Biblical portrayal of Satan and
be announced at a later date (see our website for updates).             what it might teach us about how the ancient Israelites understood
Date:              Shabbat afternoons, beginning October 9              Satan and how we might understand the meaning of Satan for our
Time:              4:45 – 5:30 p.m.                                     own lives today.
Instructor:        Rabbi Daniel H. Liben                                Date:              Mondays, November 8, 15, 23
Fee:               None                                                 Time:              12:00 – 1:30 p.m.
Torah Reading Refresher: Are you in need of a Torah reading             Instructor:        Rabbi Alan Ullman
refresher course? In this course we’ll review all the tropes and        Fee:               Members - $36, Non-members - $60
make sure everyone is assigned a Torah portion to work on for           Husband and Wife Stories from the Torah: Stories of Adam
Shabbat morning or afternoon. The third class will be optional, an      and Eve, Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca and other couples
additional opportunity to work on your portion. Please let Cantor       in the Bible can teach us a lot about how husbands and wives, men
Ken know if you are interested in a future full-length course or        and women relate to each other even today. How were women
working through materials on your own.                                  expected to balance their roles of being women, wives and
Dates:             Wednesday evenings, November 3 and 10,               mothers?
                   with optional extra on November 17                   Date:              Mondays, November 29, December 6, 2010
Time:              7:55 – 9:10 p.m.                                     Time:              12:00 – 1:30 p.m.
Instructor:        Cantor Ken Richmond                                  Instructor:        Rabbi Harold S. Kushner
Fee:               Members - $8, Non-members - $24                      Fee:               Members - $24, Non-members - $40

                                  ADULT EDUCATION CONTINUED
Other programs at Temple Israel of                 World and the Boundaries of Responsibility;      Evening programs will meet on the first
Natick                                             Chosen People: Jewish Universalism and           Wednesday of each month and include
Ikkarim: Core Values/Contemporary                  Particularism.                                   meditation, brief instructions, with teaching
Choices for Parents of Young Children (this        At Temple Israel, Ikkarim will be team-taught    and discussion.
is already on page 7)                              this year by our own Rabbi Dan Liben and         Seth Castleman is co-founder and guiding
Wednesday Mornings, 9:15 - 10:45 a.m.              Cantor Ken Richmond.                             teacher of Nishmat Hayyim: Breath of Life
beginning October 27                               Ikkarim, a joint program of Hebrew College       Jewish Meditation Collaborative of New
                                                   and Combined Jewish Philanthropies’              England. Seth has taught meditation for 12
Ikkarim is a 19-week inspirational journey                                                          years locally and nationally in synagogues,
through Jewish sources of wisdom. The              Commission on Jewish Learning &
                                                   Engagement, is available this year at thirteen   retreat centers, and universities. He also
course is designed for parents of young                                                             gives professional training to social
children newborn to age eight. Participants        sites in Greater Boston.
                                                                                                    workers,      educators,     health      care
from all Jewish backgrounds will learn how         The cost is $250. Temple Israel will provide     professionals, law enforcement personnel
knowledge of Jewish tradition and texts can        a $75.00 discount for Temple members or          and first responders, as well as clergy. Seth
enrich their family life, inspire their            those whose children attend the Judy             has trained in Jewish and other types of
parenting and guide their quest for                Gordon Nursery School, plus an additional        meditation in the US, Israel and Asia. He
meaning. No previous Jewish education is           $25.00 off for the first 15 to register.         spent a year and a half in intensive silent
required.                                          To register or for more information, contact     retreat, and has studied with many of the
Ikkarim (Hebrew for principles or core             Raylea Pemstein at 617-559-8708 or               world's leading meditation masters.
values) is taught by a team of rabbis and          ikkarim@hebrewcollege.edu, and/or visit          (Suggested            donation             to
Judaic scholars. Topics include: The Ethics        www.cjp.org/ikkarim.                             www.nishmathayyim.org/donate.php
of     Interpersonal      Communication;                                                            Nishmat Hayyim $10).
                                                   Meditation with Seth Castelman: Temple
Community as Part of Family; Bringing It All       Israel of Natick’s once-a-month Jewish           If you have any questions, please contact
Together: Shabbat as Integration; Coping           mediation class for 2010-2011 continues on       Yael Steinsaltz at yaels@rcn.com or (508)
with Suffering and Evil; Making a Better           October 6 and November 3, 7:15 - 9:00 p.m.       626-9906.

                                                 RELIGIOUS SCHOOL
                        he fall holidays have left us all appreciative,     family education component of the curriculum is now well
                   T    inspired and ready for the year ahead. We look
                   forward to routine and consistency in our
                                                                            underway. Please check the special program schedule and your
                                                                            emails for details.
                   schedules. We are delighted to have seen growth in       Informal youth activities have been ongoing since before Rosh
                   our school this year especially in the younger           Hashanah. We have parent volunteers assigned to each of our four
                   classes. We continue to accommodate students             groups to aid the advisors as they plan activities. From laser tag
    with special needs and varied learning styles. We work with each        and glow golf to Shabbat dinner and the regional boat cruise, there
    of our students and their parents to ensure that everyone can           is something for everyone.
    access the material and grow in their Jewish learning.
                                                                            If you are interested in becoming involved with the education
    Beginning in October, we will again have a Shabbat Family Service       committee (formal education) or the youth committee (informal
    each month that takes place either in the school wing or the social     education), please call the religious school office at 508-650-3521
    hall. The Family Service is a wonderful way to experience the           x114
    Shabbat morning prayers in an environment that is less formal and
    offers more opportunity for participation than our traditional                                                          Karen R. Hayett
    service. All are welcome! Additionally, our three youth services,                                                      Education Director
    Shabbat Shalom Yeladim, Shabbat Shalom Chaverim and Junior                                                             508-650-3521 x114
    Congregation, which are held twice monthly, also begin in                                                            school@tiofnatick.org
    October. Please check the schedule on the back of HaKol for dates
    and time.
                                                                             The following are items used                  Pencils
    There will be no religious school classes on Sunday October 31, as       by the Religious School on an                  Pens
    the entire teaching staff will be attending a Jewish Education           ongoing basis. Donations of                 Name Tags
    Conference that is being held at Temple Israel in Boston. Jewish         these items are always                     Masking Tape
    Educators from across our movements - from religious schools and         appreciated.                                Scotch Tape
    day schools, professionals and lay leaders - will gather to learn                                                     Markers
    about the important values and ideas in Judaism, as well as current                 Tissues                       Foam Core Board
    trends and best practices.                                                        Glue Sticks                       Poster Boards
    Open House for the religious school will take place on Sunday            Construction Paper (preferably          Dry Erase Markers
    November 7. Parents will have the opportunity to see their child’s           one color each pack)                (for white boards)
    class in progress, ask any questions about the curriculum and                       Erasers                            Scissors
    discuss goals and expectations. We hope to see you there. The                  Pencil Eraser Tops                Pencil Sharpeners

                               JUDY GORDON NURSERY SCHOOL
   am thrilled to be the new director at The Judy Gordon Nursery            to learn about our Torah and the holiday. The children’s eyes
 I School and feel very lucky to be part of the wonderful learning
 that takes place here. The community has been so welcoming to
                                                                            always light up when they watch the Torah mantle being changed
                                                                            to the white robe for the New Year. They really enjoyed dancing
 me and my family. The children are discovering the meaning of the          with the Torahs and celebrating the bible stories.
 holidays through their senses: sights, sounds, smells and tastes. We       Fall is a wonderful, happy time in our school wing. The smell of
 learned about Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. We also practiced              apples fill the air as the children make apple prints, apple sauce,
 saying “I’m sorry” for our small mistakes. Everyone was so excited         and other apple experiences. Fall leaves will crunch and crumble
 to hear the real Shofar and the wonderful sounds it makes. Cantor          in our rooms as we discover the sounds and scents of fall.
 Ken taught us some wonderful songs and Rabbi Liben talked about
 these important holidays.                                                  Our world, in the lower level of the temple, is a wonderful place
                                                                            filled with imagination, laughter, and friendship.
 For the celebration of Sukkot, the children tried new fruits, smelled
 the etrog and shook the lulav. We visited the sukkah, where Rabbi
 Liben and Cantor Ken shared their holiday songs and stories. We                                                                 L’Shana Tova,
 also enjoyed decorating and having snacks in the Sukkah.                                                                           Tracy Foilb
 For the celebration of Simchat Torah, we will go to the sanctuary                                                          508-650-3521 x112

Aresty Family Essay - Jonathan Shecter
               The Aresty Family Award began years ago by Victor            During the final trimester of my senior year at Gann Academy, the
               Aresty, z"l, who understood the importance of                main focus of our limited time at school (for me, just Fridays) was
               recognizing the contributions of our teenagers. This         transitioning from high school to college. Amongst the many
               $500 award continues to be funded by his family in           seminars we took on those relaxed Fridays was the one that struck
               his memory and is given to one or two graduating             me the most: Israel Advocacy. The 6-session long seminar, led by
               high school seniors, who have shown exemplary                History department chair Yoni Kadden, was not actually meant to tell
               commitment to Temple Israel and the greater Jewish           us how to advocate for Israel, but rather to teach us about as many
community. Brian Kracoff and Jonathan Shecter have been selected            different views of the Israel-Palestine conflict as possible. The
as the 2010 recipients of the Aresty Family Award. In the second of         purpose of said seminar was to prepare my classmates and I for a
our two-part series, Jonathan’s essay appears below. He is now              very difficult and complicated debate so that we would be informed
attending UMass/Amherst.                                                    and ready to handle the task of advocating for Israel (or, if we so
Being Jewish Beyond High School: What I am Taking with Me                   choose, Palestine). I took this seminar very seriously because in my
to College                                                                  time working at a local restaurant I had a few debates with
                                                                            coworkers about such a topic and did not feel that I presented my
Judaism has played a major role in my entire adolescent life. Save for      case very well to them. But now, with this seminar behind me, I feel
my freshman year of high school, I have gone to conservative or             very confident that I can bring a loud voice to the UMASS campus
pluralistic Jewish day school for all of my academic career and went        that will stand for Israel in a tough time. I feel confident that I can
to pre-school at Temple Israel. I was a camper for seven years and I        defend Israel in a way that does her justice when other students
am about to begin my third year as a counselor at JCC Grossman              attack the government and people of our Jewish homeland.
camp, another Jewish foundation. I also spent my entire high school
career as a somewhat active member of Natick USY. With such a               While I do not think I will sway any of Israel’s opponents to agree
strong Jewish background, one would think that I am a very                  with me, I think that I can educate those who do not fully
observant Jew whose religion is his life and passion. But that is not       understand the conflict so that if people do want to criticize Israel,
the case with me; while I am a very passionate and proud Jew, I don’t       they can do so knowing both sides of the issue. Most importantly, if
consider myself religious, but rather a “cultural Jew.”                     there ever is an anti-Israel rally on the UMass campus (as there have
                                                                            been on college campuses across America in the past few weeks), I
I have embraced the Jewish culture, such as the holidays, the               can be counted on to stand opposite those people and defend the
traditions, and especially a love for Israel, but have not quite come to    country in which I believe. I think that as a young Jewish person,
a set belief in God and the religious aspects of Judaism. So while I        that is the most important thing for me to bring to my college
may not go to college and wear Tzitzit or Payyot all the time, I plan       campus.
to take my love of the Jewish culture to college and express myself
through my Judaism. I certainly will become a member of the                 Overall, I plan to carry the same attitude about Judaism to college
UMASS-Amherst Hillel and I will do my best to maintain a strong             that I have today. I may not take part in weekly services, but I will
social connection with my fellow Jewish Minutemen. There is no              certainly observe the Jewish holidays. I will continue to question my
doubt in my mind that during the High Holiday season I will attend          belief in God, but I will never question my Jewish identity, even
services at or near my school, with Jewish classmates alongside me,         when I am challenged by anti-Semitism or anti-Israel attackers. No
or, at the very least, I will return to Natick to spend the holidays with   matter what happens my Judaism will remain with me throughout
the community that helped raise me. But my own personal Jewish              my college years and I can promise myself and my Jewish
practice is not the only piece of Judaism I plan to take with me; I also    community that I will represent the Jewish people well in college.
look to work as an active participant in one of the most controversial
topics on college campuses today: Israel.
                   Mazal Tov To:                                                                      Kvell and Tell
                   Lynn and Emily Olson on the engagement of their daughter Rachel to Jesse           Mazal Tov to Eli Dershwitz, son of Renee
                   Wertheimer.                                                                         and Mark Dershwitz, on his selection to
Irit Tau-Webber and David Webber on the birth of their son Noam Zev.                                   the United States Cadet (Under 17)
                                                                                                       National Sabre Fencing Team. Eli will be
Gloria and Harold Geller on the birth of their grandson Will, son of Susan and Jeffrey Geller.         competing at the World Cup Fencing
Ava Zinn and David Reine on their marriage.                                                            Tournament in Poland this month.
Bernice & Larry Grodman on their 55th wedding anniversary.
Karen and Allen Block on the birth of a granddaughter, Violet Eloise, to their son Myles and          Condolences To:
  his wife Edie.
                                                                                                      Mort and Marcia Zeidman on the death of
                                                                                                       Mort's sister Beatrice Young.
                                                                                                      Olga, Boris and Ariel Vilidnitsky on the
FJMC Haftarah Scroll Program - Save $100                                                               death of their husband and father,
     he Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs            fabulous gift for grandparents to give and for     Gregory Vilidnitsky
T    (FJMC) has embarked on an effort to
encourage the use of personalized Haftarah
                                                    friends to chip in and purchase as a group.
                                                    Having one’s own scroll provides a great
scrolls for B’nai Mitzvah and other occasions       motivation for finding a shul and reading one’s   Rashi School Programs
such as Auf Rufs and special birthdays. These       Haftarah on a B’nai Mitzvah anniversary.          for Parents and
scrolls are written by scribes in Israel and
include the trope cantalation symbols and
                                                    Scrolls take about six weeks to produce.          Children
                                                    They are shipped to your door in a canister.
vowels.The scrolls are beautiful and are suitable   A photocopy is included for using while
for framing after the event. At the top, they are                                                     Information Session
                                                    practicing. Cantor Ken is excited about
inscribed with the Hebrew and English name          helping students read from the scroll. See the    Parents interested in learning more about
of the B’nai Mitzvah and the date.                  Men’s Club page on www.tiofnatick.org for         Rashi, the Boston area's Reform Jewish
The subsidized incentive program ends in            more information. Contact David Singer at         independent school for grades K-8, are
September where the cost of scrolls will            davidpsinger@hotmail.com or 508-788-              invited to an Information Session on
increase from $400. A Haftarah scroll makes a       6092 to place your order.                         Thursday, October 21 from 7:00-9:00 p.m. at
                                                                                                      the school, 8000 Great Meadow Road,
                                                                                                      Dedham, MA. Learn about Rashi's integrated
                                                                                                      academic program of secular and Jewish
                                                                                                      studies, with its emphasis on differentiated
                            B’nai Mitzvah                                                             instruction for individual learning styles.

                     ARIEL VILIDNITSKY                                 NOAH GELMAN
                                                                                                      Come see our new campus on the
                                                                                                      Needham/Dedham line. To RSVP, please
                     son of Olga and                                   son of Michelle and            contact Adrienne Frechter, Director of
                     Gregoryz”l will be                                Claudio will be                Admissions and Marketing, at 617-969-4444
                     called to the Torah                               called to the Torah            x7316 or admissions@rashi.org. For more
                     as a Bar Mitzvah on                               as a Bar Mitzvah on            information, go to www.rashi.org.
                     October 16, 2010.                                 November 13, 2010.
                                                                                                      Preschool Programs in October

                     W ILLIAM K AHN                                    HANNAH A LFORD                 Get an introduction to Rashi through our
                                                                                                      Curious Minds Program. Preschoolers and
                     son of Ellen Rubin                                daughter of Laurie
                                                                                                      their parents are invited to Color Lab by
                     Kahn and Norman                                   and Stuart will be
                                                                                                      Mad Science on Wednesday, October 20
                     will be called to the                             called to the Torah
                                                                                                      from 10:00 -11:45 a.m. Craft activity and a
                     Torah as a Bar Mitzvah                            as a Bat Mitzvah on
                                                                                                      healthy snack are included. Curious Minds
                     on October 30,                                    November 20, 2010.
                                                                                                      programs are free, but preregistration is
                                                                       CARTER FREEDLANDER
                                                                                                      required. Contact Anne Puchkoff at 617-
                                                                                                      969-4444 x7317 or admissions@rashi.org.
                                                                       son of Suzzette and            Rashi's new campus is located at 8000
                                                                       Neil will be called            Great Meadow Road, Dedham, MA.
                                                                       to the Torah as a
                                                                       Bar Mitzvah on
                                                                       November 27, 2010.

                                        OCTOBER 2010 / TISHREI-HESHVAN 5771
              Sun day                          Mon day                         Tuesday                      Wedn esday                          Th ur sday                             Fr iday                            Satur day

          Daily Minyan Schedule:                                                                                                                                          1    23 Tishrei                      2   24 Tishrei

       Sunday: 9:00-9:45 a.m. / 7:30-8:00 p.m.                                                                                                                                           9:15 am
                                                                                                                                                                              Simchat Torah-Family Service &                  9:15 am
       Monday & Thursday: 6:45-7:30 a.m. / 7:30-8:00 p.m.                                                                                                                        Congregational luncheon               Shabbat Family Service
       Tuesday & Wednesday: 7:00-7:30 a.m. / 7:30-8:00 p.m.                                                                                                                          5:45 pm Service               Aufruf- Murray Kaftan/Nan Sabel
       Friday: 7:00-7:30 a.m.

      3   25 Tishrei                    4   26 Tishrei                5    27 Tishrei                  6   28 Tishrei                  7    29 Tishrei                    8    30 Tishrei                      9   1 Heshvan

             11:00-1:30 pm                                                                                 6:30-8:30 pm Prozdor                                                                                       9:15 am Shabbat Services
                                                                                     8 pm
     Intro To Bar/Bat Mitzvah Part II                                                                                                                                                5:45 pm Service
                                                                              Sisterhood Board         7:15-9:00 pm Meditation Class                                                                                4:45 - 5:30 pm Talmud Class
                Grade 6

      10     2 Heshvan                  11     3 Heshvan              12      4 Heshvan                13    5 Heshvan                 14     6 Heshvan                   15      7 Heshvan                    16     8 Heshvan
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              9:15 am
                                            COLMBUS DAY-CLOSED                     8 pm                    6:30-8:30 pm Prozdor                  8-9:30 pm Me’ah                     5:45 pm Service               Bar Mitzvah of Ariel Vilidnitsky
           No Religious School
                                                (No school)                     Temple Board               8:00-9:30 pm Adult Ed           8:10-9:00 pm Israeli Dancing           Young Families Dinner                  All Youth Services
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    4:45-5:30 pm Talmud Class

      17     9 Heshvan                  18     10 Heshvan             19     11 Heshvan                20    12 Heshvan                21     13 Heshvan                  22      14 Heshvan                   23     15 Heshvan

           10:00 am-1:00 pm                                                          8 pm                  6:30-8:30 pm Prozdor                  8-9:30 pm Me’ah                                                          9:15 am Service
                                            8 pm Israel Action Film                                                                                                                  5:45 pm Service
           Men’s Club Breakfast                                           Sisterhood General Meeting       8:00-9:30 pm Adult Ed           8:10-9:00 pm Israeli Dancing                                              4:45-5:30 pm Talmud Class

      24     16 Heshvan                 25     17 Heshvan             26     18 Heshvan                27    19 Heshvan                28     20 Heshvan                  29      21 Heshvan                   30     22 Heshvan
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             9:15 am
                                                                                                           9:15-10:45 am Ikkarim                                                                                   Bar Mitzvah of William Kahn
     9-11:30 am K-1 Shabbat Program                                                 8 pm                                                         8-9:30 pm Me’ah                        5:45 pm
                                                                                                           6:30-8:30 pm Prozdor                                                                                         All Youth Services
       3:00-4:30 pm Adopt-A-Family                                               Exec. Board                                               8:10-9:00 pm Israeli Dancing       Service-New Member’s Dinner
                                                                                                           8:00-9:30 pm Adult Ed                                                                               Aufruf – Barry Rotberg/Rachel Borr
      31     23 Heshvan                                                                                                                                                                                            4:45-5:30 pm Talmud Class
          Rummage Drop-off and set-up

                                   NOVEMBER 2010 / HESHVAN-KISLEV 5771
            Sun day                       Mon day                         Tuesday                     Wedn esday                          Th ur sday                       Fr iday                           Satur day

                                   1   24 Heshvan                2   25 Heshvan                  3   26 Heshvan                   4   27 Heshvan                 5   28 Heshvan                    6   29 Heshvan
                                                                                                    9:15-10:45 am Ikkarim
                                                                           9 am-noon                                                      8-9:30 pm Me’ah                                                         9:15 am
                                           9:00 -8:00 pm                                             6:30-8:30 pm Prozdor
                                                                         Rummage Sale                                                  8:15 pm Israeli Dancing         7:45 pm First Friday               Shabbat Family Service
                                           Rummage Sale                                          7:15-9:00 pm Meditation Class
                                                                      8 pm Sisterhood Board                                            7:55-9:15 pm Adult Ed                                           4:45 - 5:30 pm Talmud Class
                                                                                                     7:55-9:10 pm Adult Ed

     7   30 Heshvan                8   1 Kislev                  9   2 Kislev                    10    3 Kislev                   11    4 Kislev                  12   5 Kislev                    13    6 Kislev
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  9:15 am
                                                                                                     9:15-10:45 am Ikkarim
                                            12-1:30 pm                                                                                    VETERAN’S DAY           5:45 pm Service-Young Families       Bar Mitzvah of Noah Gelman
     Religious School Open House                                        8 pm Temple Board            6:30-8:30 pm Prozdor
                                           Lunch & Learn                                                                                   NO SCHOOL                         Dinner                          All Youth Services
                                                                                                     7:55-9:10 pm Adult Ed
                                                                                                                                                                                                       4:45 - 5:30 pm Talmud Class

     14   7 Kislev                 15     8 Kislev               16     9 Kislev                 17    10 Kislev                  18   11 Kislev                 19    12 Kislev                   20    13 Kislev
             9-11:30 am                                                                              9:15-10:45 am Ikkarim                 8-9:30 pm Me’ah
                                          Noon-1:30 pm                                                                                                                                                           9:15 am
     Kiddush Program-Grds. 3&4                                                6:30 pm
                                          Lunch & Learn                                              6:30-8:30 pm Prozdor              8:15 pm Israeli Dancing           5:45 pm Service               Bat Mitzvah of Hannah Alford
          11 am -1:30 pm                                             Sisterhood Paid-up Supper
                                       8 pm Israel Action Film                                   7:55-9:10 pm Adult Ed-optional         7:55-9:15 pm Adult Ed                                               All Youth Services
     Gemilut Hassadim-Grds 6&7

     21   14 Kislev                22     15 Kislev              23     16 Kislev                24    17 Kislev                  25   18 Kislev                 26    19 Kislev                   27    20 Kislev

                                                                                                                                                                                                                9:15 am
           11 am-1:30 pm                                                                            9:15-10:45 am Ikkarim                                                5:45 pm Service
                                                                         8 pm Exec. Board                                             Thanksgiving Day-CLOSED                                      Bar Mitzvah of Carter Freedlander
          Kesher 13-Grade 5                                                                      Nursery & Office close at noon                                          OFFICE CLOSED
                                                                                                                                                                                                     4:45 - 5:30 pm Talmud Class

     28   21 Kislev                29     22 Kislev              30     23 Kislev                 Daily Minyan Schedule:                                                     Sh op On lin e
                                                                                                 Sunday: 9:00-9:45 a.m. / 7:30-8:00 p.m.
                                            12-1:30 pm                                                                                                             Temple Israel is a member of the Associate
                                                                                                 Monday & Thursday: 6:45-7:30 a.m. / 7:30-8:00 p.m.
                                           Lunch & Learn                                                                                                         Programs of Amazon.com and Staples.com.
                                                                                                 Tuesday & Wednesday: 7:00-7:30 a.m. / 7:30-8:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                  Purchases can earn a commission at no cost
                                                                                                 Friday: 7:00-7:30 a.m.
                                                                                                                                                                  to you. www.tiofnatick.org/shopping.htm
                                                  YOUTH UPDATE
      y name is Ben Rotenberg, and I am the new youth advisor at       Junior USY started the year off by joining Senior USY for Laser Tag
M     Temple Israel. There are some terrific programs taking place
this year with the synagogue. On Labor Day weekend, we co-
                                                                       Lock in at Laser Quest in Danvers. Seventh and eighth graders
                                                                       stayed up all night long playing games of laser tag against friends
hosted a laser-tag lock-in with USYers from Sharon, Holliston and      and munching on snacks. The brand new Jr. USY board has
Framingham. We also went on a boat cruise of Boston Harbor with        planned many great events for this year. The next one will be a
kids from New England region. On November 15, we will have our         Shabbat dinner on October 15 at the Singer’s house. As always, the
own youth Shabbat dinner. NERUSY's annual holiday Turkey               Turkey Dance will be the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and you
Dance will be held on Wednesday, November 24.                          must be a USY member to attend. If you have any questions,
Alongside USY, we have two exciting program opportunities for          comments or concerns about any Jr. USY happenings, please
the community. We will be starting up our own community service        contact Michelle Nelson at JrUSY@tiofnatick.org.
team as part of the TeLeM youth service corps.This is a terrific way   Kadima savored the last days of summer with a Pool Party at the
to fulfill mitzvot and meet some new teens while supporting the        Waltzman’s. Kids swam, played games and made new friends.
greater Natick area. We are creating our own sports and recreation     Upcoming events for Kadima include a trip to the Science
league. If you are interested, and would like more information on      Discovery Museum in Acton and the NERUSY Regional Splash &
any      of    these   programs, please        contact     me     at   Supper event at Coco Key Resort. Please contact Michelle Nelson
seniorusy@tiofnatick.org.                                              at Kadima@tiofnatick.org if you would like more information
                                                    Ben Rotenberg      about any of our great Kadima events.
                                                                       K’vutza, our group of third and fourth graders had their first event
                                                                       in September at the Natick Collection where they played Glow
                                                                       Golf! This year K’vutza has some great trips planned, such as
                                                                       Cookies By Design happening in October where the kids will get
                                                                       a tour of a Kosher cookie factory and be able to decorate their own
                                                                       cookies. If you have questions about K’vutza, please send email to
                                                                       Just a friendly reminder that you should return all USY
                                                                       Membership Forms to the Temple office, specifically in the "Youth"
                                                                       mailbox. This is also where you can turn in your RSVPs for all of
                                                                       our wonderful youth programs this year.We're looking forward to
                                                                       a great year.
                                                                       We are looking forward to a great year!

Natick and Sharon USYers have a blast at Laser Tag Lock-In in

                                                                       K’vutza Glow Golf

David Kahn, Daniel Waleik and Ariel Steinsaltz enjoy the Kadima
Pool Party

Temple Archives                                   Family Table                                          FJMC Haftarah Scroll
     ave you stopped to look at the new “50                                                             Program
H    Years Ago” exhibit in the archives                                 D     on’t forget to
                                                                              bring a four-pack              he Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs
display case in the lobby? It is intriguing to
look at events of 1959 and try to envision
                                                                        roll of toilet paper for
                                                                        Family Table!
                                                                                                        T    (FJMC) has embarked on an effort to
                                                                                                        encourage the use of personalized Haftarah
what went on. The big events were                                                                       scrolls for B’nai Mitzvah and other
                                                                        Temple Israel is
associated with the start of construction for                                                           occasions such as aufrufs and special
                                                  responsible each month for donating 50
a new Temple building, but it is also                                                                   birthdays. These scrolls are written by
                                                  four-pack rolls of toilet paper to JF&CS
interesting to look at Temple Israel’s budget                                                           scribes in Israel and include the trope
                                                  Family Table. Family Table helps
for 1959 and compare dues and Hebrew                                                                    cantalation symbols and vowels. The scrolls
                                                  approximately 400 Jewish families around
School tuition to the present rates.                                                                    are beautiful and are suitable for framing
                                                  the Boston area, and any donation made will
The archives preserve not only official           be helping another needy family. Please               after the event. At the top, they are
Temple documents, but also many photos            bring as many four-packs as possible to the           inscribed with the Hebrew and English
and other memorabilia contributed by              donation bin right outside of the coat room!          name of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah and the date.
congregants, which are just as important for      For any additional information please                 The cost of a scroll is $400. A Haftarah scroll
telling the Temple’s story. We appreciate         contact the site coordinator Daniel Nesvet            makes a fabulous gift for grandparents to give
those contributions. Just leave them in the       at danielnez@comcast.net or 774-270-1663.             and for friends to chip in and purchase as a
Archives drawer in the Temple office, and                                                               group. Having one’s own scroll provides a
they will be preserved for future                                                                       great motivation for finding a shul and reading
generations to see. BUT … remember, to be                                                               one’s Haftarah on a B’nai Mitzvah anniversary.
meaningful to those future generations, you            Temple Israel is
must identify archive items with date,                                                                  Scrolls take about six weeks to produce.
information on the occasion, and the names
                                                      constantly trying                                 They are shipped to your door in a canister.
of every person in the photographs.                       to improve                                    A photocopy is included for using while
                                                                                                        practicing. Cantor Ken is excited about
                                                    communication with                                  helping students read from the scroll. See the
                                                                                                        Men’s Club page on www.tiofnatick.org for
Maintenance Issues at TI?                             our congregants.                                  more information. Contact David Singer at
     s you have probably noticed, we are             Send your preferred                                davidpsinger@hotmail.com or 508-788-
A    striving to improve and keep on top of
all maintenance issues for our facility. If you        email address to
                                                                                                        6092 to place your order.

are aware of any issue that needs to be
addressed, please inform our VP of
                                                    office@tiofnatick.org.                              HaKol-For the People,
Administration, David Tursky, by putting a
note in his Temple office mailbox or by
                                                                                                        By the People
sending email to office@tiofnatick.org.

                                                    HaKol Deadlines                                 H     aKol is Temple Israel’s monthly bulletin-
                                                                                                          for the people and by the people.
                                                                                                    Temple members organize and publish this
      Join the Temple Israel                                                                        newsletter. You might see the “usuals” listed
                                                                                                    in their regular columns, but anyone is
         Social Action                                 December/January                             welcome to offer a story - whether it’s a
                                                                                                    creative piece or an article describing a
        Environmental                                       Issue                                   Temple event or initiative. If you would like
        Action Group                                      November 1
                                                                                                    to get your creative writing juices flowing,
                                                                                                    please contact Davida Dinerman at 508-
            and help                                                                                231-8813 or davida@dinerman.com.

     save the environment.
         Harry Hersh,
                                                  FREE SUBSCRIPTION
Bikur Cholim -                                                                                     to
Visting the Sick
P   lease inform the Temple office if you, or
    a loved one, neighbor or friend, is ill or
                                                      JEWISH REPORTER
has been hospitalized, and would like a visit                  or place announcements by calling
from the Clergy or someone from the
Temple Israel Caring Committee. Take part                                508-872-4808
in the mitzvah of Bikur Cholim.

                                                  IN THE COMMUNITY
MetroWest Jewish Day School
Parents, grandparents, and friends -- bring       Join the Celebration!
your pre-schoolers to MWJDS for a warm,           MetroWest Jewish Day School Honors Susan
wonderful Whimsical Wednesday on                  and Aron Ain on Sunday, November 14, at
October 27 at 10:00 a.m. Join us for songs,       5:00 p.m. at Gann Academy, Waltham. The
stories, crafts and snacks to celebrate           evening will include a buffet dinner & silent
Sukkot. Our November program will be              auction, as well as feature a musical
held on Wednesday, November 17 and will           performance by Shuly Nathan, Israeli singer
help get us ready for Thanksgiving.               known for “Jerusalem of Gold.”
On Sunday October 24 and November 7 at            For invitations and tributes, contact
10:00 a.m., children ages 4 - 5 are invited to    dina.damico@mwjds.org or 508-620-5554.
the MWJDS Maccabee Club. This monthly
activity alternately features math, science,                                                       MetroWest Jewish Day School student Avia
art, music or Hebrew. Programs are led by                                                          Levy presents books to Betsey Garfinkel.
MWJDS faculty. Join us in October for                                                              MWJDS donated the books to the Judy
Simchas Torah and on November 7 for the                                                            Gordon Nursery School in honor of Betsey’s
PJ Library Storytime Brunch with Big Joe                                                           30+ years as a dedicated Jewish educator.
the Storyteller.                                                                                    Avia is one of many of Betsey’s former
                                                                                                   students who now attend MWJDS.
Reservations are requested. RSVP to Risa
Werblin, MWJDS Director of Admissions, at         Susan and Aron Ain        Shuly Nathan
508-620-5554 or risa.werblin@mwjds.org.
For more info, please visit www.mwjds.org.

Schechter Update
– October 3                                       Solomon Schechter Day School of Greater          POLANSKY! – November 14
Celebrate the grand renovation of the             Boston will host an informational Open           Hum, sing and dance along to this
Solomon Schechter Day School of Greater           House for prospective students and their         intergenerational concert. Preschoolers will
Boston’s Upper School campus on Sunday,           families Sunday, October 17 at 1:00 pm.          delight in old-time Yiddish, Broadway and
October 3, 2010 from 3:00-5:00 p.m. at 125        Families will be able to tour the Lower School   Jewish-American theater hits while parents
Wells Avenue, Newton. Families are invited to     at 60 Stein Circle in Newton, view               and grandparents learn new classics like Itsy
enjoy an outdoor barbecue and dessert, moon       classrooms, see the new math and technology      Bitsy Spider in Hebrew. From traditional
bounce, face painting, pick-up sports games       classroom as well as art facilities, and learn   Israeli melodies to 20th-century Jewish tunes,
and live music by Yom Hadash.Tour the state-      about the dual curriculum in both secular and    the concert will be the high note of your day!
of-the-art, sky lit Library and Media Center,     Judaic studies.We invite you to find out about   Sunday, November 14 from 11:00-11:45 a.m.
newly remodeled art and music studios,            financial aid as well as meet teachers and       Immediately following the concert at noon,
PolyVision eno and SMART Board-equipped           members of the school community. Families        take your tapping feet straight across the
classrooms and redesigned playground. For         are also encouraged to visit our Upper School    room to a pizza lunch and salad buffet for the
more information on Tours & Toasts, contact       campus, recently renovated to include a          whole family (every generation)!
Stephanie.Maroun@ssdsboston.org.                  2,000 square foot Library and Media Center,      At 1:00 p.m., head upstairs to Schechter’s
PLEASE JOIN US FOR OUR PALS SHALOM                enlarged music room and art studio and           library after lunch for an informational Open
CHAVERIM AND CHAI, CHAI ISRAEL                    classrooms equipped with SMART Boards            House. Families will be able to tour the Lower
PROGRAMS – October 7                              and PolyVision eno Boards. For reservations      School, view classrooms, see the new math
                                                  and more info, contact Carol Rumpler,            and technology classroom as well as art
Preschoolers and their parents are invited to     director of admission, at 617.630.4608 or
the first PALS (Preschoolers and Little                                                            facilities, and learn about the dual curriculum
                                                  email carol.rumpler@ssdsboston.org.              in both secular and Judaic studies. We invite
Siblings) event of the year on Thursday,
October 7 from 1:30-2:30 pm at Solomon            PALS: TIDALPOOLS           FOR     TOTS     –    you to find out about financial aid as well as
Schechter Day School of Greater Boston, 60        November 12                                      meet teachers and members of the school
Stein Circle, Newton. Fall into friendship with   The New England Aquarium Tidalpools for          community. Families are also encouraged to
activities and stories about derekh eretz and     Tots invites budding marine biologists to        visit our Upper School campus. For more info,
being the best buddy you can be. Welcome          explore the texture, shapes and movements        contact Stephanie.Maroun@ssdsboston.org
the new year, new friends and a fun-filled year   of live aquatic creatures. Starfish, mollusks    or 617.630.4625.
of PALS programming.                              and horseshoe crabs will star in these hands-    PALS: SIR PETER & DRAGON – November 21
Come to PALS again on Thursday, October 28        on programs. Friday, November 12, 9:00-9:45      A swashbuckling hero and enchanting dragon
from 1:30-2:30 p.m. to board an imaginary         a.m.; 10:15-11:00 a.m.; or 11:30 a.m.-12:15      come to life with the mastery of
plane and spend the afternoon in Israel with      p.m. Please note that there are three separate   Pumpernickel         Puppets.     Beautifully
all your pals. We will immerse ourselves in       shows, each limited to 15 children per show.     constructed puppets retell an old action-
Hebrew words, Israeli folk dancing and end        Reservations are necessary. For more             packed tale. Join us on Sunday, November 21
with a yummy make-it-yourself snack.To RSVP       information,                           contact   from 9:00-10:30 a.m. at 60 Stein Circle,
contact Stephanie Maroun at 617.730.4625 or       Stephanie.Maroun@ssdsboston.org             or   Newton, MA. For more info, contact
stephanie.maroun@ssdsboston.org.                  617.630.4625.                                    Stephanie.Maroun@ssdsboston.org or 15
          Please support our                                   Hakol advertisers!

     No One Markets A Home Like Hammond.

               DEBORAH FELDMAN
             Hammond Residential Real Estate
        303 Worcester Road • Framingham • MA 01701
      Cell: (508) 277-3596 • Voice Mail: (508) 620-2222 x347
      dfeldman@hammondre.com • www.hammondre.com

                                                               Looking to share a simcha
                                                                with the congregation?
                                                                 Acknowledge that special birthday or
                                                               anniversary? Honor the memory of a loved
                                                                one? Why not sponsor a kiddush/oneg?
                                                                          Laurie Gorelick at
                                                               Gail Gilvarg at ggilvarg@comcast.net

                                                                                        h br an dtin fo@ izon .n et
                                                                                         w w .h br an dtjew ler s.n et

  The Best Part of Living at Farm
 Pond is Living Close to My Family.
                                      “My daughter who lives in
                                      Framingham selected the place
                                      and the apartment. I trust her and
                                      she did a good job. I am very
                                      happy here.” Rhoda did not take
                                      long to make the adjustment. She
                                      saw Farm Pond and liked it. “I do
                                      whatever they offer. I like exercise,
                                      playing Mah Jongg and Cribbage.”
                                      She feels safe and secure here. “I
                                      have six grandchildren and 12 and
                                      one-half great grandchildren and
                                      it’s wonderful to be able to
                                      celebrate holidays with my family
                                      and see them all the time!”

 300 West Far m Pon d Road
                                                                                          508-877-8762   508-654-1130

           Fr amin gh am                                                Equal Housing
                                                 A Parkside Community    Opportunity

Cottages     In depen den t Livin g   Assisted Livin g        Memor y Car e

                                 TEMPLE ISRAEL                                 OF        NATICK DONORS
                              We gratefully acknowledge these thoughtful donations to our Temple Israel funds

                Adopt-A-Family                                          Israel Action Fund                                         Temple Book Fund
In appreciation of:                                       In honor of:                                               In appreciation of:
 Warren Manning, for all his kindness, from Edna-mae       The high school graduation of Isaac Rodgin, son of Sue        My Rosh Hashanah honor, from Terrel Yonda
    and Al Schneider                                          Rodgin and Warren Manning, from Betty
                                                                                                                     In memory of:
In honor of:                                                                                                          Beloved mother Elsie Levenson, from Alvan G. Levenson
 Israel Michaeli’s 70th birthday, from Sue and Kurt       In memory of:                                               Beloved father Irving Krute, form Sharron and Neil Rich
    Linden                                                 Beloved husband Alberto Fischman, from Betty
In memory of:                                                                                                                 Nathan and Rhoda Levine
 Grandmother Minnie Kaplan, from Sandy Shufrin                                                                                    Scholarship Fund
 Loving father Sam Simon, from Evelyn Siegel and family               Living Memorial Fund
                                                                         (Aaron Kushner Memorial)                    In memory of:
 Dear aunt Irene Kahn, from Sandy Shufrin
                                                                                                                      Beloved mother Mollie Schneiderman, from Rhoda and
 Beloved mother Annette Shindler, from Lorraine           In memory of:                                                 Nathan Levine
   Telegen                                                 Julius Kushner, from Rabbi & Mrs. Harold Kushner           Dear aunt Ruth Katz, from Rhoda and Nathan Levine
 Beloved father Nathan Shindler, from Lorraine Telegen       Husband Bill Woods, from Shirley Woods
Mazal Tov to:
 Sue Rodgin and Warren Manning on the marriage of                           Minyan Fund                                Thank you so much to Rabbi Liben, Cantor Ken and
   their daughter Anya to Elie Lehman, from Betty                                                                       the Temple Israel community for the leagrams and
   Fischman; Sandy and Norm Shufrin                       In memory of:
                                                                                                                         warm wishes we received in honor of our 50th
                                                           Father Samuel M. Puder, from Deb Nelson
                                                                                                                                      wedding anniversary.
                                                           Irene Kahn, loving sister and adoring aunt, from Murray
             Aliyah/Yizkor Fund                                                                                                   Edna-mae & Al Schneider
In appreciation of High Holiday honors:                    Beloved father Nathan Goldstein, from Barbara and
                                                              Evans Carter                                            To all my Sisterhood and Temple Israel friends - thank
 Linda and Jerry Levin; Helen and Howard Siegel; The
                                                                                                                      you so much for the Happy Birthday leagram wishes.
    Bass, Greenberg and Winn Families; Liz Hatch           Beloved mother Charlotte Goldstein, from Barbara and
                                                                                                                             You made my celebration so very special.
                                                              Evans Carter
In memory of:                                                                                                                             Esther Fine
                                                           Husband Bill Woods, from Shirley Woods
   Husband Bill Woods, from Shirley Woods
                                                           Alvin E. Caplan, beloved father, from Marla and Michael
                                                              Winer                                                   Thank you to everyone who sent leagrams, donations
          Cantor’s Fine Arts Fund                                                                                    and condolences on the loss of our beloved sister, aunt
                                                           Bertha and Charles Bornstein, from Barry Bornstein
                                                                                                                                 and sister-in-law, Sheila Kaiser.
In memory of:                                                                                                         Michael Kaiser, Sara Kaiser, Jonathan Kaiser,
 Anna Gross, from Brenda and Arnold Zaltas                   Judy Gordon Nursery School Fund                                              Jean Kaiser
                                                                         (Judith Gordon Memorial)
          Caring Committee Fund                           In memory of:                                                Thank you to my Sisterhood and Temple friends for
                (Wiener/Wolfson Fund)                      Beloved mother Ethel Pearlstein, from Carole and Don               their leagrams and get well wishes.
                                                             Lesser                                                                 With much appreciation,
In appreciation of:
 Joanne Shulman’s assistance, from Toby, David and Ben     Aunt Tilllie Gidez, from Barbara and Mike Franklyn                             Gail Gilvarg
                                                                                                                         Thank you to Sisterhood and the Temple Israel
In memory of:                                                            Passport to Israel                               community for the leagrams in honor of the
 Parents Flora and Heinrich Hamburger, from Ruth                        (Harry & Betty Blumenthal)
                                                                                                                        engagements of our daughters Elyse and Lauren.
   Luftman                                                In memory of:                                                             Denise & Sol Roditi
                                                           Dr. Myra Ellis, from David Ellis
         Choir Enhancement Fund                            Grandmother Fannie Freedman, from Lee and Victor               With heartfelt thanks to Sisterhood, and the
              (Dr. I. David Fine Memorial)                   Blumenthal                                                  Temple Israel community, for the many warm
                                                                                                                         wishes and leagrams received in honor of our
In honor of:
                                                                  Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund                                      25th wedding anniversary.
 Esther Fine’s 90th birthday, from Sue and Chip
    Horowitz; The Nelson Family                                                                                                  Susan and Chip Horowitz
                                                          In appreciation of:
In memory of:                                              Rabbi Liben’s participation in the wedding of our
                                                                                                                          Thank you to the Temple Israel community for
 Jacob Levin, from Jean and Mort Levin                        daughter Naomi and Matt Walker, from Marsha and
                                                                                                                        all the leagrams and good wishes on the occasion
 Beloved mother-in-law Mary Beatrice Fine, from Esther        Allen Cymerman
                                                                                                                                  of our 55th wedding anniversary.
   R. Fine                                                In honor of:                                                             Bernice and Larry Grodman
 Beloved father Samuel Abramson, from Esther R. Fine       The 40th wedding anniversary of Maxine and Larry
                                                              Rogers, from Lorraine and Harvey Moskowitz
                  General Fund                            In memory of:
Best wishes for the New Year from:                         Rosa and Max Aschman, from Pauline Rozowsky
 Shari and Michael Goldman                                 Saul Rozowsky, from Pauline Rozowsky
                                                            Mitch Barlas, from Sherrie Barlas
In honor of:
                                                           Beloved mother and grandmother Freda Cohen, from
 The conversions of Michelle and Blake Pattridge, from
                                                             Marlene and Morton Cohen
    Barbara and Mike Richmond
                                                           Beloved mother Alma Sink Terrel, from Terrel P. Yonda
 The marriage of Ava Zinn and David Reine, from
    Michael and Judy Baron; Ellen and Mark Gornstein       Richard Tellis, from Beatrice Tellis

                                                         OCTOBER YAHRZEITS
This list represents the yahrzeits as listed in the Temple database. If we have missed a name, call the Temple office at 508.650.3521 x100 and we
will update our records.

This October (Tishrei/Heshvan) we remember:
  Gertrude Alpert          Shirley Cohen             Clement Harary           Frances Mary             Ethel Raider               Anne Richter
    Max Amkraut              Irwin Cohn             Beatrice L. Harris           Lichtenstein           Louis Real                   Sigalove
   Aaron Axelrod              Lili Cukor            Leon Hendelman          Nathan Liberman          Leonard Rittner            Anna Singer
  Ida Barach Bain        Angeline DeMulder           William Jerome        Abbott Lieberman             Max Rose           Frances Judith Singer
     Eva Barken             Anna Druker               Archie Kamer            Pessy London          Harry Rosenberg         Moises Steremberg
    Arthur Baron            Samuel Eisen            Benjamin Kaplan             Joel Luria           Sam Rosenberg             Alan Stuchins
   Alice Bauman          Marks Featherman             Sarah Kaplan         Herman Markowitz        Sumner Rosenberg        Lawrence Sugarman
 Rebecca Berenson         Frieda Feldman                Eva Karlin         Natalye Markowsky       Nathan Rosenblum             Helen Tarutz
    Bessie Berlin         Dr. I. David Fine           Anna E. Katz         Milton Mendelsohn        Martin Rosendorf        Irving Trachtenberg
  Ethel Bernstein        Nathan Finkelstein            Morris Katz           Debra Meneley         Solomon Rozowsky           Boris Vilidnitsky
 Betty Blumenthal        Phyllis Finkelstein         Alex Kauffman            Harold Miller             Etta Rubin             Helen Wallston
    Julius Brandt          Malcolm Flash            Bertha Khesman         Jack Morgenbesser           Fred Saftler            Ann Weinberg
    Janet Cantor          Michael Franklin             Benjamin B.          Joseph I. Muskat            Allen Saxe            Benjamin Willens
   Merton Cantor           Elsie Friedman                 Kirschtel          Bernice Nelson         Anne Schneidman        Herbert Windmueller
   Adacie Caplan            Liliann Fuchs            Tibey Kopelow           Norman Nelson           Charles Seavey           Ray Windmueller
  Seymour Casdin           Lena Gilboard           Joseph Korenstein         Aaron Nemeth              Lena Seavey               Irving Wise
   Morris Catcher           Sydney Glass             Helen Kostelac           David Nesvet             Rose Sharp               Frances Zola
  William Charron          Henry Gordon               Rose Landau              Pearl Norris           Dr. Joseph D.
  Martha Cherwin           Lillian Gordon           Samuel Lebovich           Elana Nouriel                Sherman         We apologize for the
 Melvin A. Cherwin         Robert Green                Jane Lesser           Herman Novick           Susan Sherman          omission, from the
    Esther Clarke            Peter Gross            Arnold Levenson         Edith Katzowsky         Abraham Shufrin          September list of
    Isaac Cohen          Herman Haberman             Herman Levitz                   Penn              Simon Sidel            yahrzeits, of the
   Joseph Cohen             Rae Hadburg               Samuel Levy             Sidney Perry            Jacob J. Siegel            name of
    Louis Cohen                Al Hahn            Charles Lichtenstein        Esther Poires                                    Sophie Geller.

                                                       NOVEMBER YAHRZEITS
This list represents the yahrzeits as listed in the Temple database. If we have missed a name, call the Temple office at 508.650.3521 x100 and we
will update our records.

This November (Heshvan/Kislev) we remember:
    Edith Abrams           Benjamin Figur           Martin Theodore            Ida D. Marks              Lee Sack              Beatrice Smith
   James H. Albert        Helen Aresty Fine              Katzman               Freida Miller        Dorothy Salamoff            Hyman Smith
 Rose Doxer Asnes             Mollie Fine         Elizabeth Kauffman         Fannie Mordis             Samuel Sallus            Joseph Smith
    Barbara Baritz         Joseph Finstein        Gertrude Kauffman        Morton Moskowitz          Samuel Sandberg            Rachel Smith
   Barara K. Baron         Judith Fishman             Frank Kessler          Ruth Murman                Leo Savage               Sadie Smith
   Alfred A. Barth          Feiga Gandina         Henry Julius Knopf            Jean Nider               Rebecca                Max Steckler
 Israel M. Bernstein          Mark Gatt             Dr. Oscar Kogan             Ethel Noah            Schneiderman               Perry Stone
     Joseph Blue          Samuel Gilboard             Bronja Kohan            Samuel Noah            Anna Schoenfeld             Rose Stone
  Dora Blumenthal         Gladys Glickman           Rebecca Kramer           Carl H. Padover          Gitla Schuman            Joseph Strauss
  Abraham Bressler        Dr. Melvin Golden          Isadore Kravitz       Richard Perlmutter        Hyman Schwartz             Paul Stuchins
   William Brodie            Ruth Goldin           Matthew Kreevoy           Edward J. Pons          Sophie Schwartz           Gertrude Terr
  Marcia Radmons         Godfrey V. Goldman           Mary Kreimer         Louis A. Priceman         Arthur Schwenk          Abraham Thomas
        Cohen            Maurice Goldstein           Aaron Kushner               Rose Real              Louis Sharp         Dr. Hyman Bertram
    Minnie Cohen           Myer Goodwin                Micki Laiken          Beatrice Reine         Max Joseph Shrier               Ullian
     Sadie Cohen         Abraham W. Goose          Marshall Lebowitz           Henry Rose              Eric Shulman             Harry Waters
     Jesse Elovitz         Clarence Hersh            Pearl Sundook            Saul Roseman             Edna Shuman            Julia Yale Weber
    Herbert Engel        Gertrude Homonoff              Leibovitz              Frima Rosen             Esther Siegal            Edwin White
    Louis Epstein           Jack W. Jacobs          Gertrude Lesser         Leah Rosenberg          Samuel A. Sigalove        Muriel Winston
   Simon Eventov            Rhoda Kagan                Harry Levine        Simon Rosenrauch             David Silver            Henry Wyner
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                                                                                                        Temple Israel
                                                                                                          of Natick
145 Hartford Street   Natick, MA 01760

      Upcoming Events
November 1-2
 Rummage Sale
                                         Shabbat Youth Community Services
                                                      Kehillat Noar for children in grades 2 through 6
November 6
                                                  Shabbat Shalom Chaverim for children in grades K – 2
 Temple Israel Gala – Fabulous
 50 Years on Hartford Street                 Shabbat Shalom Yeladim for toddlers and preschool age children.
                                                 Parents may attend Shabbat Shalom Yeladim with children
December 1                                                       not enrolled in preschool.
 First Hanukah candle
                                             Both Shabbat Shalom Chaverim and Shabbat Shalom Yeladim
December 3                                                  are led by parent volunteers.
 Late Shabbat services –                  All services will be offered on the following dates from 10:30 a.m. -Noon.
 First Friday
                                             October 16 & 30        November 13 & 20         December 4 & 18
December 5                                            Babysitting will not be provided on these dates.
 Hanukah Party 10–11:30 a.m.                Children are expected to be in an appropriately-supervised program,
                                                        or in the main sanctuary service on Shabbat.
December 18
 Men’s Club Shabbat                                     For more information, please contact:
                                         Marissa Zwelling at 508-545-0055     Jennifer Dolgoff at 508-545-0841
                                         Julie Landman at 508-655-2842 or the Temple office at 508-650-3521 x100
                                                                or office@tiofnatick.org.
                                                                 Family Shabbat Services
                                           This program is required for students in grades 2 – 6 and their families:
                                               October 16                November 6             December 11

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