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									The Pony Express           The Monthly Newsletter of the
 Vintage Mustang Owners Association
                                     January 2008

                                    Featured Car of the Month

                     Inside:                             Next VMOA Meeting:
               Car of the Month                  When: Friday, January 2nd Time: 7:30 pm
              Calendar of Events                          Where: Sunnyvale Ford
          General Club Information                          650 East El Camino Real
     VMOA Elections , Pot Luck and toy Drive                  Sunnyvale, CA 94087
          Membership Renewal Form                   Between Remington Ave / Fair Oaks Ave
        Buy , Sell & Swap and More....                           and Wolfe Road
                                                   Meetings are on the first Friday of the month.
Volume 32 Issue 12                                                                      January 2009
                    2009 VMOA Officers And Volunteers
President             Steve Chapman     
Vice President        Robert Wilson    
Secretary            John O’Toole       
Treasurer            Walt Boeninger     
Past President        Ken Mannina      
Board Members         Neal Hasheider   
                   Jeremy Bligh        
                    John Cortez       
                    Geno Berkey       
                    Tom Hasenberg     
Editor                John Cortez     
Events Coordinator     Chuck Brown    
Parades              Don Arnaudo       
MCA Representative Phil Deardorf       
Car Show            Tom Hasenberg      
                    Neal Hasheider     
Webmaster           Walt Boeninger    
Greeter               Sally O’Toole
Raffle               Louise Gibino
                      Mike Riccardi
Photographer(s)        John Cortez
Merchandiser          Open Position
                                         Next Board Meeting
             When: January 27th(Always 2 Tuesdays before the monthly meeting) ; Time: 7:30 pm
                Where: Goodie’s Good Eats 2201 S Bascom Ave at Apricot Ave, Campbell
                               Everyone is welcome to attend & give input!

                     About the Vintage Mustang Owners Association
The Vintage Mustang Owners Association (VMOA) was founded in August, 1977 to provide a focal point
for Mustang owners who wished to further their enjoyment of ownership. The club was originally dedicated
to the restoration and preservation of only the 1965 and 1966 Mustangs, but now welcomes all Mustangs up
to and including the current model year of production. Your interest in Mustangs is the most important thing,
not the condition of your car or the fact that you may not even own a Mustang yet. Club members keep
current on the latest Mustang information and participate in numerous fun events all year.
                                           The Pony Express
    The Pony Express is the official publication of the Vintage Mustang Owners Association. It is published for
    the exclusive use of its members. Please send information and articles to:
    Information and articles to appear in the Pony Express must be received by the 22nd of the month in order
    to be in the next newsletter. Articles: Members are encouraged to submit articles for inclusion in the
    newsletter. Tell us how you found your car or it found you! Send in Tech Articles or Tips and Tricks that
    make life easier for you and your car. Ads: Want ads and For Sale ads can be submitted at the monthly
    meeting or by writing to the editor. Free for members! Others at Editor’s discretion.
                   To everyone who contributed items for this months issue of the Pony Express

2                              And our host SUNNYALE FORD
       From The Presidents Desk                                   From The Presidents Desk
    As VMOA closes out 2008 and I conclude my                 .......I saw VMOA members Dane Berens, Chuck
term as President, I want to express my gratitude to       and Marilyn Brown, Glenn Roberts and Janeen Pratt,
all of the Officers, Board Members and Volunteers          Joe Freitas, Ray Banks and Bill Croxton. Some were
who have served during the past two years— The             showing their Mustangs, some were... not.
Vintage Mustang Owners Association appreciates
your work. I also want to congratulate those that willLastly, I want to thank Moe Yousofzai and Matin
move into new Officer and Board positions in 2009.    Kharie at Sunnyvale Ford for all of their help. These
Our installation dinner will be on Saturday, Jan 10th,two gentleman and their sales staff have gone out of
6:00pm— look for the announcement. In parting         their way to make their dealership showroom
please allow me to leave you with a few thoughts:     available to VMOA for our monthly General
                                                      Membership meetings. The best way for our club to
Pony Express Car Of The Month (COTM) - There reciprocate is to direct business to Sunnyvale Ford
are still a lot of new and existing members of VMOA So if you or a friend are
that have not yet had their car featured in our       considering the purchase a new or used Ford, contact
Newsletter as COTM. All you have to do is contact     Moe or Matin at 1.800.556.1448.
John Cortez, Editor send him
photos of your car and a brief narrative about how    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Holiday
you became keen on Mustangs; how you acquired         Season!
your car; what you have done to it; what you would                             Ken Mannina , President
like to do to it; and what you really like about your From The Editors Desk
Mustang. It’s that simple.
                                                       Hello fellow VMOA members whishing you and
Membership Dues - There is a reason they’re called  your family have had a Merry Christmas and Happy
dues, because they’re due each January. In the past New Year
the club has not had a formalized enforcement of the
                                                            And now on to Car of the Month. I need members to
collection of dues, however going forward we are
                                                         volunteer and write their story’s about your Mustang (
going to have the membership responsibility managed      love of Mustangs, the mustang you once owned, or
by the club Treasurer. If you would like to continue to  dreamed about owning). I could be a simple half page
receive the monthly Newsletter, regular email            story and photograph to ???. But please consider volun-
updates, and participate in club activities which are    teering your story, everyone in club enjoys reading these.
subsidized by VMOA, please pay your membership              Do we have your current e-mail address?? I have
dues no later than the end of February. You can pay at   been getting several newsletters not delivered dun
the monthly meeting, mail in payment, or use PayPal      various mailbox issues. E-mailing the newsletter and
at the club website               various reminders are a great way for this club to keep in
                                                         touch with each other and informed. And requesting that
Yes, I went to the SJCC Show on Nov 22nd. I know, your newsletter is send only via e-mail saves the VMOA
it’s not all Mustangs, but this is a nice local car show money that can be better spent on more things like more
serving a great cause. Street Rods, Muscle Cars,         Poker Runs and ect. So please make sure that we have
Customs, Bombs, AMC Pacer? It’s all there, and           you correct e-mail address.
plenty of Fords too. I personally am intrigued by the    VMOA Members Club Dues are due in January,
old school, period chopped and channeled, barn fresh $35 per year to renew. see page 13 for renewal form
rat rods of the 40’s and 50’s that celebrate the dawn of                             John Cortez , Editor
Hot Rodding, very cool. At the show......

            VMOA Monthly Meeting and Board Meeting Minutes
                              Vintage Mustang Owners’ Association Minutes

                                          Meeting: Board of Directors
                                           Date: December 23, 2008
                                         Location: Goodies Good eats
    Meeting called to order by president Ken Mannina at 7:15pm
Board Members present: Ken Mannina, John Cortez, Steve Chapman, Walt Boeninger, John O’Toole
Also Present: Tom Hasenberg, Phil Deardorf
1.      Installation dinner is schedule for Jan 10, 2009 at Casa Lupe on Winchester in Campbell. Details are
on VMOA website. Ken will email Kathy Riccardi to see if she can receive the rsvp’s directly. A prelimi-
nary head count will be taken at the VMOA general meeting 1/2/09. Price will be $15.00 per person with
the club underwriting any shortfall.
2.      John O’Toole will provide a scanned copy of the VMOA by laws to Walt Boeninger.. Walt will load
to a program that will allow editing in corrections. It was noted that the by laws still says 2 board members
at large. This was increased to 5 board members at large over two years ago. All pages will reflect the date
January 2008.
3.      It was decided that the January general meeting be held as scheduled on 1/2/09 at Sunnyvale Ford at
7:30pm. The last time the meeting was moved from the regular date, July 08, the location was not available
and Ken felt it best to stay on schedule with our host.
4.      Tom Hasenberg was present to discuss the first meeting of the car show committee. The meeting
will be Tues, 1/13/09 at 7:30 pm at Goodies. This is the second Tuesday after the general meeting and the
committee will try to maintain this day and time each month for all of their monthly meetings. The date for
the car how will be Saturday 6/20/09. The location is currently set for Deanza College. Tom will start
working on the Flyers with artwork to include a 69-70 Boss or Mach1.
5.      Phil Deardorf volunteered to become the MCA rep for the club. The board accepted and Ken will
get the contact info to Phil. Phil was given some disks with VMOA files; he will review to try to put to-
gether a summary of the club’s history.
6.      Discussion regarding the Palo Alto Concours: Walt and Steve reported that the Concours would like
to get enough concours quality Mustangs to create 4 classes with 10 cars each and also have at least an
additional 100 cars for the Mustang Corral. They indicated that it might be difficult to get that many.
Finding qualified judges for the concours classes will also be difficult. Walt and Tom have some Judging
experience but more will be needed. The Concours is scheduled for the end of June 2009, so there is still
time to get the word out to ours and other clubs.
7.      Walt continues to update and enhance the VMOA website. Steve indicated the extensive calendar
that was available on the site. Walt indicated that he could add links to the MCA and Norcal Saac websites.
8.      Steve reported that he has found a source for procuring VMOA pennants. He will meet with them
hopefully in the next week to firm up a price. He will also inquire about getting VMOA patches and win-
dow decals from the same source.
9.      Steve indicated that the current Membership Application needs to be updated. The website needs to
be corrected and a line to indicate an MCA # will be added. John O’Toole will check his computer files for
a master to be edited. Phil also has a disk indicating the master for this document.
10.     John Cortez indicated that a car of the month was needed for the January 2009 newsletter. After
some discussion, Tom volunteered his 07 GT500.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:30pm.
                                                                                    Respectfully submitted,
                                                                              John O’Toole, Secretary Elect
      Car Of The Month Sign Up                                    Birthday Greetings to those in January
          2009 SCHEDULE:                                         Linda Worth      1
                                                                 Joan Eckert      5
               All of Next Year: Open                            Joe Goulart      7
      Please Sign up and Send in a story about                   Chuck Brown      9
     your Mustang , the Mustang you once had                     Daniel Burns     12
              or your love of Mustangs
    NOTE: There will be a sign up sheet at the                   Gino Brickey     16
monthly meeting or if you can’t make the meeting,                Janeen Pratt     22
tell the Editor that you are interested. Keep in                 Joe Freitas      25
mind that there are usually 2 times per year that
the club does a Cruise Night. On those particular                Cathy Duprey     26
days, we meet in the parking lot and then take a                 Joe Silva        29
short drive to a place to eat and hang out. These
dates have not yet been determined for 2006, but                 Rose Murchison 30
are chosen when the weather is good for being
outdoors. See the President or Vice-President for details.
                                                                 If we don’t have your birthdate yet
On the day of the club meeting, your feature car
needs to be parked in the front at 7:00 pm.                      (month,day) and you would like to be included in
    NOTE: If an emergency comes up and you can’t                 the birthday greetings, please send your info to the
do the month you signed up for, please arrange for               editor. Every month now (just for fun), we will print
someone else to take your place! It is your responsibility       Birthday Greetings to those club members who
to be there or contact one of the others to take that slot. Be   provide us with their name, month, and day of birth.
sure to tell the Editor in case things are being planned         There are already several club members who have
around that year of car for that issue. We might have a
                                                                 discovered that not only do they share a love for
backup for you.
    If you have extra articles or information about              Mustangs, but they also share the same birthday!
your year of car or stories surrounding it that                     Get your VMOA name Badges!
might be of general interest to the members,                     You may order your VMOA name badges for
please include that info so the editor can use it.               $7.00 at the monthly meeting or by contacting
                      Email all info to:                         our Vice President and membership chairperson,
     by the 20th of the month prior to your car being                                 Did you know... ?
                     the Featured Car:                           When you wear your badge to the meeting, you
                                                                 automatically get one FREE Raffle ticket when
                                                                 you go see Mike Riccardi or Louise Gibino
                                                                 at the raffle table.
                                                                              When we attend mustang events
                                                                 it helps if you wear your badge so others can know who
                                                                 is from VMOA. It also helps the new people in
                                                                 our club to get to know the names and faces.
                                                                 And if you have a sudden lapse of memory, you
                                                                 can read your own badge to see who you are!
                                                                 Or if you are like me and don’t get out to all of
                                                                 the events as much as you like, you can start
                                                                 to learn the names of all these nice people you
                                                                 keep running into when you do get out!

                                                                                  Note to our Members:
                                                        If you are not able to attend our Monthly meetings or a Board meeting, there
                                                         are still ways to participate! If you have feedback or just want to volunteer
                                                       some time, contact one of your club officers or volunteers.They will point you
                                                                                     in the right direction.
                                    2008 CALENDAR OF EVENTS
DATE                    EVENT                                                                           LOCATION/INFO

Jan 2nd VMOA Monthly Meeting-----------------------------------------------------------------Sunnyvale Ford
Jan 10th Installation Dinner-----------------------------------------------------Casa Lupe Mexican Restaurant
Jan 13th Car Show Meeting -------------------------------------------------------Goodies Good Eats,Campbell
Jan 24-5 42nd Annual Model A Ford Swap Meet at Stanislaus County Fairground---------------Turlock
Jan 27th VMOA Board Meeting ---------------------------------------------------Goodies Good Eats,Campbell
Feb 6th VMOA Monthly Meeting-----------------------------------------------------------------Sunnyvale Ford
Feb 1?th Car Show Meeting -------------------------------------------------------Goodies Good Eats,Campbell
Feb 24th VMOA Board Meeting ---------------------------------------------------Goodies Good Eats,Campbell
                                              VMOA Event Details
     Future Plans for VMOA Fun!!! Be sure to send your event info to if you want it in the
                      newsletter. Remember to send it in early, by the 15th of the month prior to your event.
     Subsequent updates can be made once the layout is complete. Volunteer to organize an event! Big or Small, Short or Long.
             Have an idea? Contact Chuck Brown, the Event Calendar or
     Please Join Us at Vintage Mustang Owners Association Installation Dinner
                Meet your new VMOA Officers and Board Members
                          Saturday, January 10th, 6:00pm
               Mexican Style Buffet Dinner at Casa Lupe Restaurant
             2165 Winchester Blvd. Campbell, CA 95008 --408.378.1277

       $15 per person - Pay and reserve your seat(s) at the January 2nd General Membership meeting
    RSVP If you are planning on attending, Please RSVP to me at so we can get
                       an accurate head count. Looking forward to seeing you there.
                  Ken Mannina, Past President -- 408.529.1618
                                    More Car Show and Event Details
 42nd Annual Model A Ford Swap Meet at Stanislaus County Fairgrounds
            Date: January 24-25, 2009 Location: Stanislaus County Fairgrounds at Turlock, California
                           Hosted by the Modesto Area A's Club swap spaces presold.
                           Saturday 7:00 am - 5:00 pm & Sunday 7:00 pm - 3:00 pm.
            Admission $5.00, children 12 and under free with an adult. Gwen
                               25th Anniversary Biggest Little Car Show
                 Date: Saturday, May 16, 2009 At 07:00 AM Location: Suisun, California
        Contact Info:Kirk Stafford 1-530-785-6025 Email:
  Hosted by Golden Hills Mustang Club at Suisun Waterfront Plaza. Event hours are 10:00 am to 3:00 pm
 with check-in running 7am to 9 am. Registration fee is $30.00 day of show (pre-registration $25.00 before
                                              April 30, 2009).
       This Participants Choice, All Ford Show is open to all Ford and Ford Product cars and trucks.
              Goody bags and a special commemorative coin will go to the first 125 entrants.
           Note: GHMC Members Mustangs will be on display only and not eligible for awards.
  Music, food, & prizes will be available. A portion of the proceeds will benefit local charities. For more
                 information, visit our website at
                                                          Friendship Day
                Date: Sunday, May 17, 2009 At 08:00 AMLocation: Redwood City, California
         Contact Info:Event chairman, Bob Moll (650) 851-4944 Email:
                   35th gathering of antique, classic, collector and special interest vehicles.
                                   No judging, no awards, no registration.
                         Gate fee $15 per vehicle, food available (Flamin' Dog) $5 +

                                                        Weekly Local Events
       Ongoing Events - Looking for something to do?                  GRAFFITI Nites (during the spring/summer):
* BOSTON MARKET, 2006 El Camino Real, Santa Clara----------------------------------Every Wednesday 4-8pm March thru Oct
* BIG DOG’S GRILL, 1401 Foxworthy Ave, San Jose------------------------------------------Every Tuesday, possibly Thursday too
* CITY DINNER, Blossom Rd, San Jose 5:30-8:30pm ----------------------------Last Wednesday of the month] (408) 269-5490
* JERSEY JOE’S, El Camino Real, San Carlos 6-8:30pm--------------------------------3rd Wednesday of the month 650-368-8212
* FOSTER FREEZE, 78 Serra Way, Milpitas 6:00pm --------------------------------------------------------------Every Thursday Night
* KOHLWEISS AUTO PARTS, Veterans Blvd, Redwood City -------------------------1st Wednesday of the month 650-368-8212
* CALIFORNIA CRUISE NIGHTS--------------------------------------------
                                           Websites with TONS of events listed
GOLDEN GATE STREET MACHINES UNLIMITED------------------------------------
GRAFFITI NIGHTS--------------------------------------------------------------------
CALIFORNIA CAR CLUBS------------------------------------------------------------
ROCK N’ ROD--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7
                              VMOA Car of The Month

     I became interested in the S197 Mustang as soon as I saw the first spy photos. Reading about the car
 heightened my interest with its significantly stiffer frame than the SN95 predecessors. I spoke with Rick
 Titus at SAAC30 in May 1995 and he had nothing but praise for the car. He also told me that when sales
 cooled off, Ford would be coming out with all of the special Mustang models including Cobras, Shelby’s,
 Bosses, and Mach I’s. I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be neat to have a late model Shelby to complement
 my ’66 GT350.
     Fast forward 2 years later and there were 2 versions of the Shelby available - the Shelby GT and the
 GT500. I had decided to take a closer look. The last Sunday of June 2007, Liz, Christian and I. headed to
 the local Ford dealer to see what they had. The GT500 ‘vertible in the showroom really caught our eyes as
 well as several GT500 coupes. The Roush Mustangs and Shelby GT’s also looked enticing. We met with a
 salesman and discussed the cars. After a bit of discussion, we test drove a Stage 3 Roush and then a Shelby
 GT. Next, we drove a red Roush 427 ‘vertible. We all loved that car – especially the torque and power. We
 discussed the GT500s with the salesman, but they had $35K dealer mark up and were fairly inflexible. We
 decided to sleep on our choices and left for the day. That evening, I decided I really wanted a supercharged
 car like the GT500s and 427 Roush’s. Liz and I agreed to a budget at about the sticker price of the GT500.
 If I could not find a GT500 for near sticker price, my second choice was to order a Shelby GT ‘vertible (We
 called around and no dealer had one in stock).
     The next day I started my new job at Coherent. That evening I took Christian to hockey practice. On the
 way home I realized we had not included CEF in our Mustang search the previous day. We stopped in and
 as we were drooling over the PJ Boss302 Saleen, a salesman asked us what we were looking for. I told him
 we really want a GT500 but it is probably out of our budget. He told us they had one and took us over to a
 striking red coupe. .............................
 .......He asked what I would pay for it tonight. I told him our budget and he said how about $5K above it. I
.told him that was my budget and I would order a Shelby GT ragtop if I couldn’t swing the GT500. He came
 back with the manager who then offered the car for $2K above our budget. Christian immediately said “Dad
 let’s get it”. I told the sales manager I was already pushing it with my budget and would be in trouble with
 Liz if I went over. The manager then called the owner and came back and shook my hand. We just bought a
 new GT500!
      I drove the car home that evening with Christian riding shotgun. All of us were quite excited. I drove it
 to work the next day and took the long way home to try to get 50 miles on the car so I could get boost. The
 on board computer was programmed to prevent the blower from providing boost until the car had 50 miles
 on it. Once we had the 50 miles Christian enjoyed hearing the sound of the supercharger. He would lean
 over to look at the gauge with a smile and ask “How many pounds of boost did we get?”
      A few weeks after getting the car we decided to take it on our week long road trip to Northern California.
 We drove down Highway 9 to Santa Cruz and then up the coast along Highway 1. We had brunch in Half
 Moon Bay and continued up the coast. The car was very enjoyable to drive. It had great torque and power
 and was very stable in the corners on the mountain roads. Regardless of how hard I pushed it, the car gave a
 feeling of confidence on the curvy mountain roads.
      The bright red car received a lot of attention throughout the week. We had one particularly amusing
 moment in Arcata, CA (near Eureka). We were driving along a city street when 2 boys passed on bikes in
 the opposite direction. One boy turned his head and just stared at the car. He continued to ride along with
 his head turned 180 degrees and then crashed into the curb. We were momentarily concerned that he was
 hurt, but suddenly his head popped up and he gave us a big thumbs up! This was the highlight of the trip for
 Christian. For the remainder of the week, we continued to take all the back roads of California. We ended
 up driving over 1100 miles, with less than 5 of them on the freeways! It was a great way to break in the
 new Shelby!
                                                                                               Tom Hasenberg

 VMOA Christmas Party Pot Luck / Toy Drive
    The December Club meet-
 ing was held at Nor-Cal
 Shelby Club Clubhouse at The
 Rainbow Montessori School
 in Sunnyvale.
    There was plenty of good
 food at this pot luck followed
 by our annual Christmas gift
 exchange, over 30 club mem-
 bers participated in this event.
    The VMOA held a Toy
 Drive for the Children's
 Shelter on Union Avenue.


                         Membership Update / Renewal Info
(Please print clearly or affix corrected mailing label)
Name: _______________________________
Spouse: _______________________________
Address: _____________________________
City, State: ____________________________
Zip: _____________
Phone(s): _____________________________
Email: _____________________________
Mustangs owned:
Yr: _____ Model:__________ Color: _______
Yr: _____ Model:__________ Color: _______

Do you wish to have your address listed in the annual roster? (for members only)        YES NO
Do you wish to have your phone number listed in the annual roster? (for members only)   YES NO
Are you interested in participating in parades and car displays?                         YES NO
We acknowledge birthdays on a monthly basis in the newsletter.
Please list the Month & Day of your birth, if you wish to be included:
Name: ___________ Month _____ Day ____
Name: ___________ Month _____ Day ____
Renewal dues are $35. To join: $35
Make checks payable to V.M.O.A. Total payment enclosed: $__________ Date: __________
_____ Check here if this is just an information update for our files and no fees.
                        Bring this form to the meeting or mail to:
                                    Attn: Vice President
                                       P.O. Box 5772
                                    San Jose, CA 95150
                                                                 Treasurer’s Report
                                                                 V.M.O.A Treasurer’s report
                                                         Date                           10/01/08
                                                         Begining Accout Balance       $7951.90
                                                         Membership                    $1,525.00
                                                         Raffle                        $616.00
                                                         Installation Dinner           $525.00
                                                         Other Income                  $752.22
                                                         Total Assests                 $11,051.00
     Vintage Ad From                                     Liabilities                   $2,598.46
       Motor Trend                                       Current Account Balance        $8,770.76
        June 1966
Here’s an offer for our club members
20% off Retail on Parts
10% off Retail Labor Rates
  When asking for the parts discount have them reference
Account # 197336 Parts discount Excludes – Motorsport –
Ford Accessories – Engine and Transmission Assemblies
(we have next to zero margins on these but will get you
the best deal we can)
  All new vehicle purchases at invoice price (except for GT500’s)
07 Shelby GT’s I can make a great deal on…I have 7 on the way.
   Thanks for the opportunity,
Bill Benak Sales Manager
Sunnyvale Ford
408-522-0261 direct , 408-592-2744 cell , 408-522-0204 FAX

                                                                              Advertising In The
                                                                                Pony Express
                                                                    Business Card ad [Print]: $48/year or $5/issue
                                                                    Business Card ad [Web]: $52/year
                                                                    Both for $100/year
                                                                    Cash or Check payable to VMOA. Mail to:
                                                                                     P.O. Box 5772
                                                                                  San Jose, CA 95150
                                                                              Attn: Editor - Advertising
                                                                    DUE: Artwork due on the 20th,
                                                                    one month prior to issue.
                                                                    1 Time/1 Year SIZE [Print]
                                                                    $5/$48 Business Card
                                                                    10/96 1/4 Page
                                                                    20/192 1/2 Page
                                                                    40/384 Full Page
           Buy , Sell and Swap                          Parades and Displays Of Mustangs
Wanted and For Sale ads are free for members                          If you hear of a group looking
for your personal Mustang or Ford related items.              for Mustangs for their parades or other events,
Please notify the Editor as soon as your ad is no             please contact Don Arnaudo (VMOA Parades
                                                                         Chairman) 408-354-4017
longer needed!
                    For Sale                                                    For Sale
   1966 Mustang Coupe                                   2-NOS 64-68 Ford Spotlights in Box $450 ,
289 Auto - Silver w/Primer - Not running                NOS Ford 64-65 Rear Spring rubber bolts in box
Must Sell - $4,000 or Best Offer                        Ford $25 , 68 Ford Top Loader 4 speed w/ orig
Eleanor - 408.264.8137                                  rebulit shifter and linkage $800
   1966 Mustang Hardtop White with Blue & Tan           Dick DiSsalvo 408-269-4676
interior 289 V8 HP 4 BBl AutoTrans / Power Steer-       -----
ing / Power Disc Brakes , Many GT Parts ,Restoed        - Holley 600cfm 4bbl, barely used (1000 mi / 1 yr)
                                                        - Edelbrock performer intake manifold w/ EGR capability
And Loaded Illness forces sale $18,000 /Offers          - Granada front disk brakes (direct fit to ’70 guaranteed!) -
Dick DeSalvo 408-269-4676                               good pads, straight, new hoses
    For sale: C-4 Transmission — about 25K on           - Rear drums (like disks), lately refurbished.
rebuilt — took out of 67 Cougar that I’m converting     You can’t find better kept parts anywhere - for sale due to
to 4 speed — $200 or Best Offer —                       upgrades...
                                                        New WANTED parts for ’70:
Wayne 408-370-3438/                                     - Roll cage / call.
   2 Bridgestone B420p195/75 x 14 M+S                   - Drive shaft safety loop
off my 66' Mustang, there is ~5,000 on the   Ville Karaila
offer... no offer refused. Tom 510 219-9911 (cell)      +1 408 621 1362
   1967 Mustang Parts: Center Con, Very good
condition $490; Tilt-a-way Steering Column with
vac. can Very good Used $290; CAL Smog Air                  1967 Coupe Trim: See Dave Drach for details of
Cleaner + Manifold parts Very good Used $75;            exactly what is needed. 408-993-9667
                                                            Looking for a 1965 / 66 Mustang Coupe w/V8
Front Seat covers-blue; 2 passenger + Drivers
                                                        looking for a car that’s close to done, but not a full concourse
New condition $75; Power Brake Cyl + Booster
                                                        restoration. It doesn’t have to be stock, but he wants to avoid
New $190; Gauges - used $10; Rear View Mirror,          major body mods. It should be a V8 C or A code car; I believe
Remote, Pass, New $50 Steve Chapman 408-374-            he might even consider a K code.Willing to do some work to
2566                                                    ‘finish’ the car, but doesn’t want a major project. Wants to be
      1969 Mustang Mach 1 Avon glass decanters -        able to drive and enjoy the car right away.If you have anything
New in box. $20 includes tax; Great gift! The only      like this in your garage or any leads to one, contact me:Thanks
fastback from the 1969-70 era. No longer available      for your help,John and Sally O’Toole
to order. Contains men’s Black Suede cologne but        408 288-9320 HM , 408 241-9051 WK or
the best part is the cool glass Mach 1 decanter!
                                                                VMOA member Discounts
                                                         Thanks to Jim Curylo for getting our VMOA discount list
                                                         started again. We used to have a big list. Can you help?
                                                         Note to Members: Businesses listed below offer a discount
                                                         to VMOA members. Please call ahead to find out the
                                                         Note to Businesses: If you’d like to be a part of the
                                                         Discountlist, please contact us with the details (see page 2).
                                                         INTEX Auto Parts
                                                         - cash and credit card only, NO CHECKS
                                                         - Mention Account Number 92289
                                                         - San Jose store 1432 Old Bayshore Hwy
                                                           San Jose, Ca, 95112     408 282-9888

                                                          VMOA club meetings are held on the
     January is the Month for ...                          first Friday of the month 7:30pm
Jan 2nd    VMOA Monthly Meeting                                   Sunnyvale Ford
Dec 10th    Installation Dinner                               650 East El Camino Real
Jan 25-6   Turlock Swap Meet                                   Sunnyvale, CA 94087
                                                 Between Remington Dr. / Fair Oaks Ave. and Wolfe Road
Jan 27th   VMOA Board Meeting                                 Map:
  See inside for more details and events           

                    Don’t Miss
                    The VMOA
                   at Casa Lupe
                   on Winchester
                      Jan 10th

                           The Pony Express
                           P.O. Box 5772
                           San Jose , CA 95150

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