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									Nelson Deedle: Celebrity Memorabilia Donations Benefit Charities

A renowned autograph authenticator and the owner of Iconographs, Inc., Nelson Deedle
possesses a personal autograph collection of more than 100,000 items. He has worked with
and authenticated the autographs of many major celebrities in the entertainment and music
industries. Over the course of his 20-year career, Nelson Deedle has also donated
memorabilia to charitable organizations around the world.

Celebrity memorabilia and autographs help non-profits raise money in several ways.
Generally, when non-profits receive these types of items, they auction them off at
fundraisers. A unique item not only raises money, but also draws more attention to an
organization and its event.

Recently, Lincoln director Steven Spielberg and Lincoln star Daniel Day-Lewis donated
several items to the Wicklow Hospice Foundation, a non-profit group in Ireland. The
autographed script and several movie props will easily bring thousands of dollars. Fight Club
star Edward Norton made a similar donation to his own charity: the Maasai Wilderness
Conservation Trust, offering signed movie posters and props to donors. In each of these
cases, the celebrity memorabilia helped raised international awareness about the
organizations’ worthy efforts.

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