Reducing the Negative Effects of Poor Waste Disposal by nicholasmcculloch01


									Reducing the Negative Effects of Poor Waste Disposal

                                      In their aim to reduce the negative effects of improper
                                      waste disposal, some towns and cities are coming up with
                                      waste management plans and strategies. There are many
                                      benefits of waste management. But before getting to
                                      know what these benefits are, one should know the
                                      objectives and goals of having a waste management plan.

                                      This plan is designed to reduce the generation of waste
                                      materials through the sensible use of raw materials and
                                      reusing or recycling them whenever feasible. It also
                                      aimed to treat waste in such a way that the disposal
activity and waste treated will not have a huge impact on the environment. Finally, this is to
promote awareness and adherence to procedures of proper waste management.

The waste management plan includes some procedures to ensure compliance with statutory
requirements and the standards of good practice relating to handling, production,
transportation, storage, treatment and disposal of waste. The main purpose of the plan would
be to ensure that the disposal of waste is done in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.
The plan integrates establishing a system of records on waste management such as the types
of volumes of waste being generated in each project activity. Waste is being categorized as
hazardous and non-hazardous and there are processes specific in dealing with medical waste.

The strategy for waste management is based on the idea to reduce, reuse and recycle Brisbane.
Major cities in the world such as Brisbane definitely needs to adapt this concept in order for
them to reduce the amount of waste being generated in the city as it as a growing rate of
population and industrialization, to reuse materials that were otherwise thought to be no longer
useful and to recycle to be able to obtain the many benefits that it has.

Adopting these ideas can reduce residual waste that ultimately necessitates disposal.
Implementing waste management plan involves first the segregation of waste streams to
optimize reuse and recycling where it is found to be essential and to control and safety treat
waste. Recycling Brisbane as one way of managing waste can be very beneficial to the
environment in many ways.

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