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									Statins Market to 2018 – Weak Product Pipeline and
Shift of Focus towards Combination Therapies will
Lead to Erosion of Brand Share
                 RnR Market Research
 The leading business intelligence provider, has released its
  latest research, “Statins Market to 2018 – Weak Product
  Pipeline and Shift of Focus towards Combination Therapies will
  Lead to Erosion of Brand Share”, which provides insights into
  the global statins market until 2018. The report is built using
  data and information sourced from proprietary databases,
  primary and secondary research, and in-house analysis by GBI
  Research’s team of industry experts. The report provides an in-
  depth analysis of the global statins market for dyslipidemia. The
  report gives insights into the share of generics in the global
  statins market for the years 2011 and 2018. The report
  examines the dyslipidemia treatment usage patterns in the US,
  the top five countries of Europe (The UK, France, Germany,
  Spain and Italy), and Japan. In addition to the global market
  landscape for statins, the report also provides details of the
  geographical distribution of statins sales in the major markets,
  including the US, the top five countries of Europe, and Japan.
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 - Align their product portfolio to the markets with high growth potential
  - Build effective strategies to launch their pipeline products by identifying
  potential geographies
  - Exploit in-licensing and out-licensing opportunities by identifying
  products that might fill their portfolio gaps
  - Develop key strategic initiatives by studying the key strategies of top
  - Devise more tailored country-specific strategies through the
  understanding of key drivers and barriers and the market potential of each
  indication for different territories
  - Develop market-entry and market expansion strategies by identifying the
  geographic markets poised for strong growth
  - Reinforce R&D pipelines by identifying new target mechanisms which can
  produce first-in-class molecules which are safer and more efficacious

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