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									         The advices for your Tibet travel

   Tibet is a religious and mysterious land for many foreign

passengers; because the people who have been to Tibet are relatively

few, many people’s impression to Tibet still stays at the Lama

Temple, as well as the charming mountain and river. Overall, since

the opening of the Qinghai-Tibet railway, and the mainland direct

flights increased, Tibetan tourism is relatively convenient; many

people are able to personally open the mysterious veil of Tibet.

   There are some suggestions for your reference before your Tibet

journey. Also, you would better remember the followings.

   However, Tibet journey is a not really magnificent, but not easy.

You must do physical and spiritual preparation before China and

Tibet travel. Speak from physiology, altitude of Tibet is high, also

there is cold climate and large temperature difference between day

and night. But there is the long hours of sunshine, visitors can

prepare clothing in different seasons.

    In spring (March to May), at this time, various tourists are

generally going to the Nyingchi for peach blossom. It is still cold,

however because it is getting out for travel, you should make more

action; so you can wear looser sportswear or casual clothes, mainly
light and comfortable shoes. You also can wear cotton jacket with

general thermal underwear and sportswear trouser also add thin long

underwear. In summer (June to August), Tibet will entrance the peak

tourist season. Sunshine and temperature are comfortable. In Lhasa

city, during the day you can wear long-sleeved t-shirt, casual pants.

The fall of Tibet (September to November) is very beautiful,

different color tilt down from top of the mountain, more and more

people get trekking to Namsto or Ali and Medog. If you go to these

high altitudes spots, you would better bring sweater and warm

clothing, temperature of night may drop to a few degrees below zero.

Also an outdoor shoe is more suitable. Tibet winter (December to

February of next year) is as a sleeping child in swaddling clothes,

there is a peaceful tranquil beauty. At this time, visitors simply want

to enjoy the style of snow-covered plateau and feel warm sunshine.

When that time, Ali, Medog and other places have heavy snow block

the road, it is not suitable for tourism. In the daytime, you can enjoy

sunshine in the Jokhang Temple Square. The temperature can reach a

few degrees below zero in morning and evening; clothes should be

coupled with the sweater and down jacket; you would better wear

the damp-proof hard bottom shoes.

     Surely, there are various routes in different seasons. About the

travel time of Tibet, we talk from two aspects, which contain
common journey and uncommon journey. The common journey

means that tourist will get to the developing and regular place.

Especially point the place where the people get there everyday in the

peak season, such as the Lhasa, Namsto, Shigatse, Mount Everest

and Nyingchi. It will be convenience and economic, especially for

your first time to get Tibet, also most people are willing to choose

with the journey groups. Surely, there are some uncommon routes

for you; however, it is more difficult; also you must charter bus to

get there.

   Most people do not know also needing a visa into Tibet, lead to

that there is not enough time for Tibet visa and they give up the

dream of the travel. You should get know more about Tibet, or you

will be with Tibet trip just miss the opportunity. In consideration of

the special national tradition of Tibet; at the same time, also because

of the ability of Tibetan tourism and traffic condition, statutory

regulation, the people who have no Chinese citizenship must get       "

foreigners travel to Tibet letter of approval " which is handled by the

Tourism Bureau of Tibet autonomous region; at the same time, also

set foreign journalists and diplomats can not get into Tibet as tourist.

What is more, it will take you about two weeks to handle the Tibet

permit, you must ahead your travel time.
     As for foreign tourists, taking the train is the most convenient

way. Currently, in addition to the train from Xining to Tibet, but

there are also another stations which are from other places, such as

Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Lanzhou, and the others. You can

buy a train ticket in the train station, or call journey group for help.

Surely, you can take the plane to get Tibet, but as far as I am

concerned, you would never regret with your train travel to Tibet.

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