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THE BEKTASH NEWS - Shriners of New Hampshire by linxiaoqin


            BEKTASH NEWS

   October 2012   Member Northeast Shrine Association   Volume XXV, Number 10

                                                               OCTOBER 7
                                                               (Keene, NH)

                                                             “FEZ”TIVAL OF
                                                               NOV. 16-25
                                                             (Shrine Center)

                                                              DECEMBER 8
                                                             (Shrine Center)

                                                              ELECTION OF
                                                             OFFICERS AND
Fall Ceremonial October 19-21                                   STATED
           Honoring                                             MEETING
     Richard "Ted" Dooley                                    DECEMBER 17
                                                             (Shrine Center)
        Potentate 2007
         (Laconia, NH)
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October 2012                                                                              _1

                                     THE BEKTASH NEWS
                              Official Publication (USPS 549160)
                                       Published Monthly

       BEKTASH TEMPLE, AAONMS                      Postmaster : send address changes to
      189 Pembroke Rd., PO Box 4086                         Bektash Shriners
          Concord NH 03302-4086                                PO Box 4086
                                                        Concord NH 03302-4086

          Phone: (603) 225-5372                            BEKTASH OFFICE STAFF
            Fax: (603) 225-9430
      E-mail:         Recorder….…………...Joel M. Weinstein
     Web Site:        

                                               Secretary………………Jessica Fouts
               Office Hours:                      
     New! 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Mon-Fri)
        Annual Subscription: $12.00                                BEKTASH NEWS

    Periodical postage paid at Concord, NH     Editor………………………....Daniel E. Salo

  Is your Shrine Club or Unit represented in this issue?
       Please contact your Club or Unit Officers and
             remind them the deadline for the
                  November 2012 issue is
                     October 7th 2012
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                    E-mail address:                             Bektash Shrine Center
                                                                    PO Box 4086
                           Concord NH 03302-4086
                                                                 Att. Bektash News
                  FAX#: 603-225-9430

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            latest news and upcoming events...
2                                                                          ___                 The Bektash News

                                            NOBILITY CALENDAR
                                              OCTOBER 2012

     SUNDAY           MONDAY        TUESDAY         WEDNESDAY         THURSDAY            FRIDAY          SATURDAY

                  1                 2               3                 4                   5               6
                  Drum Corps                                                                              “Fez”tival Mtg.

7                 8                 9               10                11                  12              13
Oriental Band/
Cheshire SC
P&L Night

14                15                16              17                18                  19              20
                                                    “Fez”tival Mtg.   Bingo               Fall            Fall
                                                                      Patrol C            Ceremonial      Ceremonial

21                22                23              24                25                  26              27

28                29                30              31

                                          NOBILITY CALENDAR
                                            NOVEMBER 2012

                                                                       1                  2                3

4                 5                 6                7                 8                  9                10

11                12                13               14                15                 16               17
                                    Portsmouth SC                      Bingo              “Fez”tival of    “Fez”tival of
                                    Turkey Shoot                       Patrol C           Trees            Trees

18                19                20               21                22                 23               24
“Fez”tival of T   “Fez”tival of T   “Fez”tival of    “Fez”tival of     Thanksgiving Day   “Fez”tival of    “Fez”tival of
rees              rees              Trees            Trees                                Trees            Trees
                                    Simadi SC

25                26                27               28                29                 30
“Fez”tival of
 October 2012                                           __ _______                                             _3

                                         POTENTATE CALENDAR
                                            OCTOBER 2012

     SUNDAY       MONDAY           TUESDAY         WEDNESDAY        THURSDAY            FRIDAY          SATURDAY

                 1                 2                3                4                  5               6

7                8                 9                10               11                 12              13
Oriental Band/
Cheshire SC
P&L Night

14               15                16               17               18                 19              20
                 Finance Mtg.                                                           Fall            Fall
                                                                                        Ceremonial      Ceremonial

21               22                23               24               25                 26              27

28               29                30               31

                                         POTENTATE CALENDAR
                                            NOVEMBER 2012

                                                                     1                  2                3

4                5                 6                7                8                  9                10

11               12                13               14               15                 16               17
                                                                                        “Fez”tival of    “Fez”tival of
                                                                                        Trees            Trees

18               19                20               21               22                 23               24
“Fez”tival of    “Fez”tival of T   “Fez”tival of    “Fez”tival of    Thanksgiving Day   “Fez”tival of    “Fez”tival of
Trees            rees              Trees            Trees                               Trees            Trees

25               26                27               28               29                 30
“Fez”tival of
4                                          __             The Bektash News

                 “DIVAN FOR 2012”
Potentate……………………………….………...……………………...Robert St. Jacques
             25 Independence Ave., Franklin, NH 03235 (603) 934-4637
Chief Rabban ……….…………………….……….....………………………William Hebert
                244 River Rd, New Boston, NH 03070 (603) 487-5403
Assistant Rabban……………...……………………….………………………Kevin Carter
             24 Whispering Pines, Merrimack, NH 03054 (603) 424-6144
High Priest & Prophet .………………………………………………….Richard Quindley
          PO Box 1041, 321 Halls Hill Rd., Alton, NH 03809 (603) 455-6212
Oriental Guide……………………...………...………………………..………Mick Pinard
               439 Terrie Drive, Pembroke, NH 03275 (603) 485-5888
Treasurer …..…………………………..…………………...……...……..Richard E. Melvin
                   72 Bow St., Concord, NH 03301 (603) 783-6286
Recorder……………………….…………...………………… ………….Joel M. Weinstein
         2 Blackberry Way, Unit 211, Manchester, NH 03102 (603) 566-9972
1st Ceremonial Master.…..……………….……….....………………………Mark Simard
             19 Whittemore Road, Pembroke NH 03275 (603) 365-9937
2nd Ceremonial Master……………...………….………………………..Daniel Desfosses
                 32 Mason St, Pembroke, NH 03275 (603) 234-0061
Assistant Treasurer…………………………………………………………Albert Lamson
           31 South Parrish Drive, Londonderry, NH 03053 (603) 454-1583
Assistant Recorder……..……………….………………..…………..G. Raymond Palmer
               10 Newton St., Hudson, NH 03051-4021 (603) 882-0498
Director…………………………………………………………………...…Thomas S. Lowe
                 22 Lenox Rd, Peabody, MA 01960 (978) 210-8203
Chaplain………………...………………………….………………………...….Biff Jackson
                  PO Box 282, Lebanon, ME 04027 (207) 457-1402
Marshal….……………….……………………..….……...……………………David Hackler
                10 Nut Hatch Lane, Keene, NH 03431 (603) 357-0640
Captain of the Guard ………………………….….………………………....George Hause
                   10 Brier Lane, Derry, NH 03038 (603) 437-4571
Outer Guard…………………...…………….…...…………………...…Robert Frawley Sr.
               108 Farmer Road, Hooksett, NH 03106 (603) 669-3010
October 2012                                                                          5

                               MEMBER EMERITUS
Assistant Recorder……..……………….………………..…………..G. Raymond Palmer
Assistant Chaplain………………...………………………….…………Charles E. Brison
Colonel………………………………………….……..…...…….…,.Albert J. Reynolds Sr.
Director ……………...…………………....…………………………,…C. Wayne Libby 33o
Aide………………………………………..………………..…………,,...Kenneth C. Jordan
Outer Guard……………………………………………………………...….Walter J. Young

      COLONELS & MAJORS                              CHIEF STEWARD
Colonel James W. Findlay Jr. (603) 279-7810                Len Peterson
19 Rocky Brook Rd.       Meredith NH 03253     P.O. Box 374, Mirror Lake, NH 03853
         Email:       H: 603-569-4678      C: 603-387-0781
Major Craig Simmons
14 Henry Drive, Gonic NH 03839
H: 603-335-4504                               HOSPITAL REPRESENTATIVES
Major George Langwasser   (603) 746-4046           Main Tel. (617) 722-3000
PO Box 444          Contoocook NH 03229
         Email:                           James O’Connor
                                                           P.O. Box 158
        PUBLIC RELATIONS                               Strafford NH 03884
           Chairman—Mal Clapp                            H: 603-767-0950
68 Stacey Drive        Hopkinton, NH 03229        Email:
            Hm: (603) 746-2928
       Email:                        Emeritus
                                                       James T Fary, P.P.
        Photographer—Bud Valcourt                     Eddy Whitcomb, P.P.
P.O. Box 374            Salem, NH 03079
(603) 893-0961
         Email:                      SPRINGFIELD
                                                   Main Tel. (413) 787-2000
          Chairman—David Rouleau                    Willard R. Lemaire, P.P.
407 Buck St., Pembroke, NH 03275                          45 Warren St.,
H: 603-485-3918                                    Westboro, MA 01581-2204
Email:                          (508) 366-0183

                 BINGO                                   Fred S. Parker
         Chairman—Mark Simard                          28 B Union Square
19 Whittemore Road, Pembroke NH 03275                  Keene, NH 03431
    H: 603-365-9937    B: 603-228-0508                  (603) 357-3830
                                                 Emeritus—Donald W. Scamman
FEZ-TIVAL OF TREES CHAIRMAN                            Paul N. Ricker, P.P.
                 Ron Perry
P.O. Box 32           East Derry NH 03041                MONTREAL
(603) 819-8538                                    Main Tel. 1-800-361-7256

         TRANSPORTATION                                  Wesley E. Lord
                                                       13 Pine Ridge Rd.
          COORDINATOR                               North Reading, MA 01864
            Philip S. Mansfield                          (978) 664-2472
PO Box 985,       Wolfeboro Falls, NH 03896        Email:
              (603) 515-9999
         Email:              Emeritus— William J. Lancaster
6                                                                The Bektash News


                                        CYCLE PATROL
    BEKTASH UNITS                       Secretary/Treasurer—James O’Connor
                                        P.O. Box 158
AIDES UNIT                              Strafford NH 03884
Chief Aide—Bill Arvidson                H: 603-664-5167
260 Shore Drive, Salem, NH 03079        C: 603-767-0950
H: 603-898-5214                         Email:
C: 603-231-0169
Email:         DRUM CORPS
                                        Leader—Ron Perry
BEKTASH MARINERS                        P.O. Box 32, East Derry NH 03041
                                        C: 603-819-8538
Commodore—Ray Desrochers
162 Woodridge Rd.                       FIRST SECTION
Franklin, NH 03235                      Director—Tom Lowe
H: 603-934-5198                         22 Lenox Road
C: 603-387-5791                         Peabody MA 01960
Email:                H: 978-210-8203
Chairman—Mark Simard                    HIGH ROLLERS MINI-MONSTER
19 Whittemore Road, Pembroke NH 03275   TRUCK PATROL
H: 603-365-9937                         President—Raymond Barbuto
B: 603-228-0508                         105 Vassar St., Manchester NH 03104
Email:              H: 603-627-6458
                                        C: 603-391-1287
CALLIOPE                                Email:
President—Allan M. Zecchini
60 Lake St., Salem NH 03079             LEGION OF HONOR
H: 603-893-1714                         Commander—Craig Simmons
Email:                    14 Henry Drive, Gonic NH 03839
                                        H: 603-335-4504
CHEFS                                   Email:
Chief Chef—Ron Parsons
P.O. Box 1453, Center Harbor NH 03226   MINI-BIKE PATROL
H: 603-707-2656                         President—Don Minor
C: 603-707-2656                         373 Court St., Laconia, NH 03246
Email:        H: 603-520-6261
                                        C: 603-520-6261
CHROME DOMES                            Email:
Chief Dome—Rick Perry
13 Brook St., Derry NH 03038            MINI-KAR PATROL
603-434-9993                            Captain—Edward Kelvington
Email:             P,O. Box 65, Sanbornville NH 03872
                                        H: 603-522-8578
CLOWNS                                  Email:
Boss Clown—Charles “Big Top” Tenney
12 Allen Road, Bow NH 03304             ORIENTAL BAND
H: 603-715-1535                         President—Ernest R Linders
C: 603-235-8171                         PO Box 382, Marlborough NH 03455
                                        H: 603-876-3767
                                        C: 603-313-0203
October 2012                                                                   7

Secretary/Treasurer—Robert Kegley           BEKTASH CLUBS
16 Susan St.
Danville, NH 03819                       CHESHIRE SHRINE CLUB
H: 603-328-9251                          President—Richard Colby
                                         18 Blue Jay Ct., Keene NH 03431
PROVOST GUARD                            603-499-6470
Captain—Ronald N. Crane
23 Garland Rd., Lancaster NH 03584       PORTSMOUTH SHRINE CLUB
C: 603-611-1828                          President—Craig Simmons
                                         14 Henry Drive, Gonic, NH 03839
SHORT SHRINERS                           H: (603) 335-4504
President—Paul Magnan
51 Bedard Drive, Derry, NH 03038
H: 603-434-8277                          SIMADI SHRINE CLUB
C: 603-231-8698                          President—Richard Quindley
Email:                  PO Box 1041
                                         321 Halls Hill Rd., Alton, NH 03809
SHRINE GUARD                             (603) 455-6212
Captain—David Kinson
4 Lindy Ave., Claremont NH 03743
H: 603-542-4988                          WHITE MOUNTAIN SHRINE CLUB
                                         President—Jeremy Allin
STEWARDS                                 P.O. Box 495, Lancaster NH 03584
                                         C: 603-443-7562
Chief Steward—Len Peterson
PO Box 70
1 Bennet Farm Road
Mirror Lake, NH 03853
H: 603-569-4678
C: 603-387-0781

                              BOARD OF GOVERNORS
                               MAPLE SUGAR BOWL
                   DIVAN                                MEMBERS
            Kevin Carter                                  Richard Ellis
             Bill Hebert                                 Robert Furtado
      Ill. Robert St. Jacques                             David Kinson
                                                        Andrew Nolette
         MEMBERS EMERITUS                                  Dan Perry
         Donald Berwick, P.P.                          Richard Perry, P.P.
          Edward DeGoosh
             Stan Liang                          ASSOCIATE MEMBERS
             Greg Macri                              Ken Lewis
              David Orr                            John Medaglia
         Eddy Whitcomb. P.P.
  Arthur W. McAllister, Office Manager    Tel: 603-448-1042
  Shrine Maple Sugar Bowl                 Fax: 603-448-1092
  P.O. 820, Lebanon, NH 03766   

8                                                                               The Bektash News

                                                    The Finance and Stated Meeting was on the
                                                    17th. The Kora, Anah and Bektash Visitation
                                                    will be held on the 28th, 29th and 30th . This
                                                    will take place at Pointe Lookout in Maine.
                                                    The views there are absolutely spectacular
                                                    where we will be staying. If you did not plan
                                                    to go you will really miss some beautiful
                                                    country. Everyone will have a great time We
                                                    will see some old friends and hope to make
                                                    some new ones. It will be lots of fun.

                                                    Coming up in October on the 7th we have the
                                                    Oriental Band and Cheshire Shrine Club P&L
                                                    Night, which is always a great time. Lady
                                                    Mary and I love going there we always have a
                                                    great meal, have great conversation and see
                                                    some good friends.

     POTENTATE “2012”                               The Fall Ceremonial is coming up the 19th,
                                                    20th and 21st. This event is being chaired by
    ROBERT ST. JACQUES                              Chief Rabban Bill Hebert and Lady Sharon.
                                                    The weekend is going to be a relaxed week-
Hello nobles and ladies:                            end so come and enjoy. It is also being dedi-
September was a busy month. We had the train        cated to Ill. Ted Dooley and Lady Barbara
show, which was a lot of fun and a success.         who appointed me to the Divan. It's going to
When you see Illustrious Rick Perry, the            be at the Margate in Laconia which brings
Chairman of this event and Noble Ron Perry          back memories for Lady Mary and I as
who ran the kitchen, please thank them and          this Ceremonial comes around full circle. This
everybody else that participated. This is a great   was the first event that we were at as Aides.
event. Thank you Ill. Rick for bringing this        This will be the last Ceremonial that I am at as
event and fundraiser to us. It’s a lot of fun to    your Potentate. It's not over yet for we still
watch the trains along with the kids and the        have a few months to go. I just want to thank
adults watching the trains.                         everyone for giving me this privilege.
The NSA Field Days that was held in Bangor
                                                    Please don't forget Thursday night bingo. This
Maine this year was a great success. We
                                                    is still our major fundraiser for Bektash. Come
should all thank our Recorder Joel and Lady
                                                    on down and play or work We can always use
Jean for doing a great job chairing this event.
                                                    your help and it's always fun. Our Chairman
Also I wish to thank Noble Richard and Lady
                                                    Noble Mark Simard is doing a great job.
Connie Quindley for stewarding the Hospital-
ity which was doubly hard where they had to
                                                    In closing this month I would just like to ask
host the Luxor Shriners too. And thanks also
                                                    that when you see anyone that is on the divan
to Chief Rabban Bill Hebert and Lady Sharon
                                                    or chairperson or worker, please thank them
for their help with the hospitality. The NSA
                                                    for everything that they do. A simple thank
parade lasted over two hours under a nice
                                                    you goes a long way. It can never be said
sunny sky. There were hundreds off enthusias-
tic Mainers on the side lines. A big thanks to
the Bektash Drum Corps, Richard Webster of
                                                    And always remember we are “Shriners,
the Cycle Patrol, and the Bektash Clowns for
                                                    Keeping An Eye On Our Kids in 2012”
representing Bektash in such a fantastic way.
Our Clowns won trophies during the Clown
                                                    Yours in the faith,
competition which made us all proud.
                                                    Ill. Robert St Jacques
October 2012                                                            9


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10                                                           The Bektash News

                    BEKTASH 2012
                      SCHEDULE OF EVENTS
     Installation                            January 13-15

     Unit & Club Installation                January 28

     Valentine Dance                         February 11

     High Rollers Reverse Raffle             CANCELED

     NSA Mid Winter                          March 15-18

     Stated Meeting                          March 19

     Bektash Membership Night                March 28

     Spring Ceremonial/Hobo Dinner           April 14

     Bektash Play and Mystery Dinner         June 2

     Stated Meeting                          June 18

     Imperial Session                        July 1-5

     Bektash Picnic                          July 22

     Maple Sugar Bowl                        August 3-4

     Train Show                              September 8-9

     NSA Field Days                          September 13-16

     Stated Meeting                          September 17

     Potentate and Ladies Night              October 7
     Cheshire Shrine Club & Oriental Band

     Fall Ceremonial                         October 19-21

     “Fez”Tival Of Trees                     November 16-25

     Bektash Christmas Party                 December 8

     Election of Officers & Stated Meeting   December 17
 October 2012                                                                            11

                      RECORDER’S CORNER
                 Got candidates? We are looking for new members. Our next ceremo-
                 nial weekend will be here before you know it. It is to be held on Octo-
                 ber 19-21 at the Margate Resort & Hotel in Laconia. Please get your
                 petitions in early so that we have the necessary time to process them.
So that you all know the process to handle these petition I have listed a few helpful
steps so that they can be processed without delay in time to be voted on at the fall
       All Petitions have to be submitted to the Bektash Office seven days prior to the
         meeting. A petition is on page 43 in this issue of the Bektash News.
       A current copy of the applicant’s Masonic Blue Lodge card must be attached to
         the petition when it is submitted.
       All Petitions must be complete and accurately filled out.
       The Bektash Office will not accept faxed or emailed petitions.
       All Candidates must report to the designated meeting place at the times sched-
The Fall Ceremonial is shaping up nicely and we will need all hands on deck for this one,
as it promises to be a fair size class. We need the Directors staff ritualistic cast and most
of all we need YOU to come and be part of it. The more Nobles and their Ladies on
hand, better the impression on the new Nobles, so please plan on being there.
Keep those Aluminum Tabs coming. This year we have had a major drawn down of our
Transportation Funds. These funds are used exclusively to help transport children to our
hospitals. The funds are replenished by the sale of the tabs to our recycler. We are very
pleased at the response we have had in the past few months. All the revenue from the
Tabs goes into the Transportation Fund. Starting with one tab, who would have realized
that thousands of dollars would have been collected. If you are not saving your tabs
please start, every little bit helps.
Dues owing is something we all must be aware of and I would ask you to check your
dues card to ensure that you are paid up for this year and in some cases last year too.
With all of us belonging to a number of Units and Clubs along with our Craft Lodges we
sometime lose track of whether or not we have paid. If you have not received your 2012
dues card please give me a call. There is no issue we can’t try to accommodate your
particular personal needs. Our goal is to keep you as a member of Bektash. Give it a try;
call me today at Bektash.
As always, there are many functions and activities held by Bektash. Join us. You will love
it and you will not be disappointed. Check the event calendar and ads for more informa-
tion in each month’s Bektash News. And don’t forget to purchase our Cash Calendars as
advertised on pages 39-41. They will make great gifts for the Holiday seasons and for
raising funds for your Unit, Club or favorite Bektash charity.
Yours in the Faith,
Joel Weinstein
12                                                              The Bektash News

                  BEKTASH NEWS BOOSTERS
 John & Carol Alex                   George & Helen Grant
 Spiro Anastos                       Sheldon & Elaine Gray
 Bob Andrew                          Bill Greenan & Pamela Boyer
   & Faith Morgida
 Bob & Ruth Arnold                   Joanne & Mahlon Hariu P.P.
 Leo Axtin                           Bob & Peggy Hatfield
                                     Bushie & Judy Hill
 Gordon & Lee Bakie                  George & Irene Hobbs
 Bill Bartlett Jr.                   Al & Dot Hopkins
 Donald C Berwick P.P & Lady Ginny
 John & Michie Bickford              Dean & Suzanne Ingram

 Joe & Ginny Bigwood                 Lloyd A Jensen & Susan
 Charlie & Ginny Brison              Frank & Beverly Jillson
 Barbara Brown                       Dave Jurta & Sandy Goodwin
 JoAnn Brown
 Kevin & Melanie Carter              Mark & Carol Kilmister
 Chester A. Chabot
 Peta Chandler                       Richard & Phyllis LaPointe
                                     Roy & Bev Larson
 Mal & Fran Clapp                    Paul & Maggie Leary
 David & Betty Collins               Bill & Millie Lemaire
 David S. Collins
                                     Allvin & Rosalie Leonard
 Rick & Cyndi Dame                   Wes & Ellie Lord
 Ed & Elly Daneault                  Tom & Kristin Lowe
 Jack & Judi Dempsey
                                     Leo & Barbara MacKinnon
 Dick & Mary Dewing                  Charlie-Jo Madden
 Ted Dooley                          Donald G. March, P.P. & Lady Judy
    & Barbara Calt Dooley            Doug Mercier
 Richard Donahue                     Leon Merrill
    & Barbara Mortimer               Paul & Lucia Metcalf
 Al & Dot Durfee
 Charlie Durgin                      Jim & Deb O’Connor
 Mary Durgin
 Bob & Millie Dustin                 John & Karen Pandora
 Cedrick & Elinor Dustin             Fred S. Parker
 Albert & Shirley Dutton             Ron & Jean Pecunies

 John & Joan Essenberg
 Ron & Bev Ford
 Bob & Ginny Frawley
 John & Amy Freeman

 Dave & Martha Gaudes
 Joan & Dick Gosselin
October 2012                                                              13

                  BEKTASH NEWS BOOSTERS
 Ron Perry                               David C & Lorraine Thompson
 Eugene & Jeanette Poppe                 Sherry Thompson

 Fred & Nancy Robertson                  Bud Valcourt
 Charles F. Rossoll                      Crocket the Cat (Bud Valcourt)
 Priscilla & Irv Ruggles
                                         John & Cathie Walker
 Ill. Robert and Lady Mary St. Jacques   Al & Barbara Ward
 Stephen & Karen Sampson                 Joel & Jean Weinstein
 Ernest H. Saulnier
                                         Jerry & Rose Weinrieb
 David & Nancy Scott                     Don & Faith Wendell
 Dick Sibley                             Eddy & Barbara Whitcomb
 Fred & Nancy Simmons
                                         Bernie & Marty Wildove
 Leonard & Georgia Sousa                 Hy Wishkin
 Julius A Stock & Thelma M Stock         Walt & Ginny Young
 Jim & Ginny Stohrer

 In Memory of Donald Buxton
 In Memory of Gerald E. Knicely
 In Memory of George Sampson

 In Loving Memory of David B. Balfour from his wife Beverly
 In Loving Memory of Gil Bleckmann from his wife Susan
 In Loving Memory of Carl S. Brown from his wife Joann

 In Loving Memory of Col. Irving A. Jay from his wife Bessie B. Jay
 In Loving Memory of Nancy E Jensen from her loving husband Lloyd

 In Loving Memory of Howard G. Parker from his wife Margaret
 In Loving Memory of William H. Perry from his loving wife Barbara
 In Loving Memory of George Rodgers from his wife Nancy

 In Loving Memory of P.P. Charles Ross Jr. by his Lady Doris
 In Loving Memory of Robert B Taplin from his wife Helen

         See Page 49 for Booster Donation Form
14                                                         __    The Bektash News

                   2012 annual membership dues are $65.00
                  2012 new member initiation fee is $150.00.
                    (Includes dues only for the year joined)
        The initiation fee and the annual dues both include an Imperial.
        per capita fee of $15.00 and a tax deductible $5.00 hospital fee.

          Petitions must be in the office seven days
                   before the initiation date.
     Stated Meetings and Ceremonials will be held to vote on
            Make checks payable to the Bektash Shriners and mail
         to the Bektash Office at PO Box 4086, Concord, NH 03302
      If you have any questions or need a membership petition,
           please call the Bektash Office at 603 225-5372 or
              Email to

                                              Current 2012 dues cards are
                                             required to attend all Bektash
                                               All Nobles must have 2012
                                                 dues card to march in
                                                  any Bektash parade.

                         Artistic Creations—Salon
                         33 Indian Rock Road Windham, NH 03087
                 We are conveniently located 1 mile from Interstate 93 at Exit
                 3. Take a left at the end of the ramp when traveling north on
                 93. When traveling south on 93, take a right at the end of the
                 ramp. In both cases, we are approximately 1.1 miles away.
                 We are in the Village Green Plaza, which is on the right
                 hand side at the second set of traffic lights, and across the
                 street from the Windham Post Office.
October 2012                                           ___ 15

           We are starting to make plans for 2013.
     If you are interested in serving on one of the many
            committees or positions on the Divan.
                 There are a few openings on the
                      non-progressive line.
                 We are also looking for someone
                 interested in the progressive line.
                 If you are interested in serving,
                please contact the Chief Rabban,
               Bill Hebert for more information at:

                         603-487-5403 Home
                          603- 554-5915 Cell

         Save Your                     BEKTASH
         Can Tabs                     WANTS YOU!
         Bring your tabs
  to the Bektash Shrine Center
   Money received from sale of
   tabs will be used for patient
       transportation to and
     from Shriners Hospital.
                                    GET INVOLVED!
                                    JOIN A UNIT!
16   __   The Bektash News
October 2012                                  __           17

                       Help Wanted
       We will need help setting up the hall decorations
                 for the “Fez”tival of Trees.
                    Place: Bektash Shrine Center
               Time: Friday, November 16th at 7:00 AM
                          until it is finished.
    We will be pleased to have you for as long as you can
                stay. A few hours or all day.
        Please call us today if you can help. Thank you!
                     Decorating Chairpersons
                  Teresa Flaherty and Shelly Perry
                  603-883-7739        603-664-7545

                     “Fez”tival of Trees
    Our big annual event will be here before we know it!
 In preparation for this promising event we need your help.

         Can you …
                 Donate crafts / gifts
                 Make holiday crafts
                 Volunteer your time in the Gift Room
         If so, we need you.

        Together we can have the best “Fez”tival ever!
                      Work Hours are:
       Tuesday, October 16th from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
                    Please Contact Ann Davila at:
        or (508)662-2002
18                                        __           The Bektash News

       AUGUST 2012
     Regular & Associate
     Membership Report

Beg. August 1, 2012        Membership
(Regular & Associate) ……………..1263
Affiliations ...………………………......0
Associated ………….………………….0
Associated Member Drop ...…………..0            Come Join Us
Creation …………..……....….…...……1            Support your Bektash
Demitted .………..…….…...…………..0                 Fund Raiser!
Expelled ……………..……….………...0
Expired-Active Member ..……….……(4)         Every Thursday Night
Resigned ……..………..…....………….0              Doors Open-4:00 PM
Restored ……..………………….….….0                Regular Bingo-6:00 PM
Suspended ..…………...............……….0
End of Month Membership                    Progressive Jackpot!
(Regular & Associate) ………..… ..1260
                                           Bektash Shrine Center
Net gain (loss) for Month ……..…... (3)         Concord NH

Living Past Potentates
Frank O. Patterson (1973)
James T Fary (1978)
                                         Support our
Victor A Elder (1986)
Donald F Walentuk (1987)
David L Batchelder (1988)
Bernard H Wildove (1989)
Robert B Arnold (1991)
Donald G March (1992)
Robin A Guthrie (1993)
Donald C Berwick(1994)
Nelson J Murray (1996)
John M Walker (2000)
                                         They Support
Guild F Hill (2001)
Thomas E Brison (2002)
Willard R Lemaire (2003)
Allen D Durfee, Sr. (2004)
Stephen H Peterson (2005)
James L Chase (2006)
Richard F "Ted" Dooley (2007)
Bradford J Durfee (2008)
Edmond Daneault (2009)
Eddy Whitcomb (2010)
Richard “Rick” Perry (2011)
October 2012                                                     19

               John L. Carter
                   SPRINKLER COMPANY INC.
                   Design  Service  Installation

                   9 DUNKLEE RD
                   BOW, NH 03304
               “For your Fire Protection Needs”

                                               Hampton Inn
                                              515 South Street
                                              Bow NH 03304

20   __   The Bektash News
October 2012            _      __                              _     21

               Hosted by the Bektash Oriental Band
                  and The Cheshire Shrine Club

           Honors ILL. Robert St. Jacques, Potentate
                       and Lady Mary
                Date ------ Sunday October 7, 2012
                Location ---Papagallos Restaurant
                    Rte. 12 South, Keene, NH
       Time----4:00PM (social w/appetizers) Dinner @ 5:00PM
                        Banquet Dinner Choices

       1. Herb Roasted Prime Rib ------Price $25.00 Per. Person
       2. Broiled Haddock ----------------Price $24:00 Per. Person
       3. Chicken Marsala ----------------Price $24.00 Per. Person

               All dinners include potato, vegetable, salad,
                       rolls, dessert, coffee or tea.
                All dinner prices include tax & gratuity.

                  Reservations w/payment to be made
                     no later than October 1,2012

                   For reservations make payment to
                      The Bektash Oriental Band

                       Send to -- Walter J. Young
                           625 Court Street
                         Keene, NH 03431-1720

       For more information call Walt Young @ 603-352-4815

          Open to ALL Masons, Shriners and Families
22                                        __                  The Bektash News

               DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS

♫ The Drum Corps traveled to Bangor , Maine for the Northeast Field
Days and participated in a spectacular parade. It was a beautiful sunny
day with twenty Nobles on the street. When the drums were playing
‘Johnny’ between the tall buildings downtown the sound was absolutely

♫ Many Thanks to Ill. Eddy Whitcomb, Nobles Joel Weinstein and Bill
Hebert for filling in as horses for the parade. Nobles helping out Nobles
enabled us to have more players on the street. THANK YOU NO-

♫ We are deeply grateful to Noble Dan Perry for hauling our trailer all
the way up to Bangor . That is a four plus hours drive. Thank You
Dan !

♫ Now that the parade season is over, it is time to start replacing all the
weight we lost marching. Our 20th Annual Potluck Dinner is Monday,
October 1 at 5pm. This is the last year for Noble Bob and Lady Ethel
Abbott to be hosting and the first year for Noble John and Lady Amy
Freeman to be ‘hosts in training’.

♫ Back when he was leader, 20 years ago, Noble Bob Abbott thought it
would be fun to include the wives in more of the Corps activities. One of
his ideas was to have a Potluck Dinner at the Shrine Center including
the Ladies. Little did he know that it would become an annual event for
the Corps that has continued for the last 20 years and still going. We
owe a ton of gratitude to Lady Ethel and Noble Bob for their hard work
and persistence over 20 years. Commendable! Kudos!

♫ On November 5th we will be having our Thank-you Dinner/Annual
Meeting. Camel’s Milk will be at 5pm. followed by a dinner catered by
Hart’s Turkey Farm at 6pm. Following the dinner we will have reports
from the Secretary and Treasurer, nomination of Officers, and a discus-
sion of the parades we have for the 2013.

Ron Parsons, Secretary
October 2012                          23

           AT NSA FIELD DAYS 2012
               BANGOR MAINE
24                                                             __ The Bektash News


                                                      Advertising in
     BEKTASH                                          The Bektash News
             Advertising Rates                    is effective, easy and
               Annual—12 Issues                         affordable.
      If you advertised here your ad would
     reach 6000 viewers consisting of 2000
       Shriners, their friends and relatives.     No matter what you’re
                                                advertising, it will be seen
      1/4 Page……………………..$195                         by every Shrine
      1/3 Page……….…………….$290                       family in the area.
      1/2 Page………………...…...$335
      Full Page…………………...$625                          Every issue of
      F/B Cover…………………..$775                           The Bektash News
                                                can also be read and seen
                                                     on the internet—
         *** NEW RATES ***                      increasing your audience.
October 2012
December 2008                                       ___     25

                 Wanted: "Unscratched"
                     Raffle Tickets
We're collecting your donation of "unscratched" raffle tick-
ets for the “Fez”tival of Trees Raffle Ticket Tree 2012 to
make it bigger and better than ever. We are starting earlier
this year, so that we can collect more and then be able to
post the total value of the tickets with the ticket sales.
If you could drop off a couple at the Shrine Center when
you think of it, this would be great! There will be a Red
Fez container on Jessica's desk.

                The “Fez”tival of Trees Committee
26                                           __        The Bektash News

We are planning our twelfth annual Christmas tree festival on
November 17-25, 2012.

Several years ago we added mini-trees(2 feet and under) as
another option for our beautifully decorated full size trees.
(which were auctioned off on Sunday just before the trees are
awarded) and it was a big hit..

This year we are planning to add decorated wreaths which
will be auctioned off like the mini-trees. We have doors that
these wreaths will be displayed on. If you decide to donate a
wreath please fill out the form and return it to:

       Richard “Ted” Dooley (Wreath)
       P.O. Box 626
       Windham, NH 03087

Please provide your information and commitment by November
2nd so that we can reserve a space for your creation.

Set up time (when you bring in your wreath) will be Friday, November
16th 1PM-7PM and Saturday, November 17th 9AM-12 Noon
___________________ __________________
I/We would love to help you with your very noble cause. Count us
             (Wreath Listing for program and display)

Contact Name ___________________________________________

Address ________________________________________________

Telephone # __________________Email:_____________________
October 2012                                                    27

                        The goings on in Simadi

        Simadi meets every other month 3rd Tuesday starting
                             in January.

   Simadi meets at Winnipesaukee Lodge #75 in Alton except in
      November we meet at Unity Lodge #62 in Union NH

                 Next Meeting is November 20, 2012

                 Christmas Party, December 4, 2012
                at Winnipesaukee Lodge #75 in Alton

                 “FEZ”TIVAL OF TREES
                   SILENT AUCTION

        Donations wanted for the “Fez”tival of Trees Silent
        Auction. Please no used items. Drop them off at the
                      Bektash Shrine Center.
               If you have questions, please contact
                Chairman Sharon and Bill Hebert
           Call 603-487-5403 or email
28__________________________________________________________ __The Bektash News

                      FIRST LINE SIGNER
               How would you like to win a free Shrine weekend?
  Ill. Robert St. Jacques has decided to offer a nice incentive for finding and
                           initiating candidates in 2012.
 The lucky winner and his spouse will be given a free all expenses paid week-
                      end at the Bektash Installation in 2013.
      Here's how: All the First Line Signers will be eligible for the drawing.
  Rules: Your petition will be your entry form. No tickets to fill out. You are
 automatically entered. The candidate must be created in 2012. The drawing
 will be made on November 10, 2012. The winner cannot send a substitute or
                    transfer the prize. The winner must attend.

                                FREE PICKUP

  FULL SERVICE DRY CLEANING: Wedding Gown/Restoration—
   Laundered Shirts—Conforters—Drapes Etc.—Leather & Suede
              Repairs & Alterations—Stain Removal

                                                            Company Stores
                                                            Special Events
                                                            Onsite Printing

October 2012                                                                    29


    Masonic Bro. Nick Blaise standing next to the Shriners Hospital for Children race
    car at New Hampshire Speedway, September 2012

                 Noble David Ragan, driver of the Shriners Hospital
                              for Children race car.
30                                              The Bektash News

                           2012 Bektash
     Ill. Bob St. Jacques and Lady Mary invite you to sign
              today up for a fun-filled weekend at
       The Margate Resort & Hotel, 76 Lake St., Laconia
                     on October 19-21, 2012

Friday - October 19
2:00 - 5:00 Registration
3:00 - 12:00 Hospitality
6:00 - 7:30 Buffet Dinner
             Bring your favorite Party
             and/or Board Game

Saturday - October 20
7:00 - 10:00 Continental Breakfast for overnight
              guests in the Hotel Dining Room.
8:00 - 12:00 Registration
8:30 - 9:00 Candidates report to Recorder
9:00 - 10:30 First Section
12:00 - 1:00 Candidate Reception/Lunch - Unit & Club
              Presentation. (The Candidate Luncheon is
              Open to Everyone, Donations Appreciated)
              Catered Soup & Sandwich Buffet.
3:00 - 5:00 Hospitality
5:30 - 6:30 Cash Bar
6:30 - 10:00 Buffet Dinner, Costume Party & DJ
10:00 - 12:00 Hospitality
October 2012                                              31

Fall Ceremonial
                The weekend is dedicated
            to Ill. Ted & Lady Barbara Dooley

  Sunday - October 21
  7:00 - 10.00 Continental Breakfast for overnight
               guests in the Hotel Dining Room.

                     Have a Safe Trip Home!

                      Friday Night Package
               includes Hospitality & Buffet Dinner
                   $150 Per Couple, $130 Single

                    Saturday Night Package
               includes Hospitality, Buffet Dinner
                        & Costume Party
                  $190 Per Couple, $150 Single

                         Saturday Evening
               Buffet Dinner & Costume Party Only
                          $40 Per Person

          Reservation form on page 33
      Chaired by Chief Rabban Bill & Lady Sharon Hebert
32                                                   The Bektash News


     LOH—Milford NH, Labor Day Parade, September 3, 2012

                                     Aubin Hardware
                                      762 Mast Road
                                   Manchester, NH 03102
                                      (603) 668-5533
October 2012                                                          33

                  RESERVATION FORM
                     October 19-21, 2012
      At the Margate, 76 Lake St., Laconia, NH

    Please fill out COMPLETELY and Return by October 1, 2012
    To: Bektash Shriners PO Box 4086, Concord, NH 03302-4086
   (Write “Fall Ceremonial” in memo area of check) Please Print
               !!!!! Deadline is October 3, 2012 !!!!!
Name: _______________________________


City: __________________State _____ Zip ________

Phone #: _______________________

Friday Night Package/Double Occupancy $150.00              ________
Friday Night Package/Single Occupancy $130.00              ________

Saturday Night Package/Double Occupancy $190.00            ________
Saturday Night Package/Single Occupancy $150.00            ________

Saturday Night Dinner Only $40.00 X _____ per person       ________

Friday & Saturday Package/Double Occupancy $340.00         ________
Friday & Saturday Package/Single Occupancy $280.00         ________

 Candidates’ Luncheon – How many plan to attend?          ________
(The Luncheon is Open to Everyone. Donations Appreciated)
                                                 TOTAL ________

Card Type (Circle one): MasterCard /Visa/ Discover /Amex

Card Number _____________________________ Exp Date: ____/____

Signature __________________________________________________

Special Needs/Requests_______________________________________
34                                     __   The Bektash News

               BEKTASH PULL-TAB
              DONATION PROGRAM
                RECENT DONORS

Ron Crane and members    Doug MacMichael
Of White Mountain        King Solomon Lodge
Shrine Club              Elkins NH

Don Crete                Concord Country Club
                         Concord NH
Papa's Restaurant
Stanstead QC             Al & Dot Hopkins
                         Hudson VFW
Seabrook Bingo players   Hudson NH
Seabrook NH
                         Gene & Carolyn Stanphill
Nashua Emblem # 170      Newbury NH
Nashua NH
                         Concord Grange
In Loving Memory of      Shelley Huntoon
Earle Rowe               Family and Community
And Ginny Rowe from      Chairman
Lynn Aramini-Rowe        Concord NH
Dunbarton NH
                         Anna Messier
Havenwood Heritage       Pittsfield NH
Concord NH               Teri Gionet
                         Nashua NH
Tab Collectors
South Village Rd         US Post Office
Loudon NH                Concord NH
Cait Olsen
October 2012                                                                  35

                      Letter from Tab Donor …

I would like to thank all my friends and supporters that have saved the Alu-
minum pull tabs from beverage cans and food cans. I thought you would like
to know what happens to them after I pick them up or after you drop them off
to me. Once they are all packed up I find a friend who will haul them to Con-
cord. They are then left at the Bektash Shrine Center in Concord, NH

Bektash delivers them to a local recycling company. The funds received from
the pull tabs are used to transport needy children to and from the Shriners
Hospitals for Children. Shriners Hospitals for Children is a health care sys-
tem of 22 hospitals dedicated to improving the lives of children by providing
pediatric specialty care, innovative research, and outstanding teaching pro-
grams for medical professionals. Children up to age 18 with orthopedic con-
ditions, burns, spinal cord injuries, cleft lips and palates are eligible for the
program and all services regardless of the patients' ability to pay.

Why collect the pull tabs? Aluminum has recycling value and the tab is the
only pure aluminum part of the can. The Bektash Shrine Center in Concord
collects these tabs from all over the state New Hampshire. Bektash is among
193 Shrine Centers located in the United States, Canada, Mexico, South
America and now Europe and the Far East. The collection of tabs has grown
due to the efforts of many people. The donation of tabs has and will continue
to benefit the children of the Shriners Hospitals for Children Orthopedic and
Burns Facilities. Tons of these tabs have been collected over the years. It
takes 1500 tabs to make a pound. Please consider saving your tabs for this
worthy cause that also serves conservation and recycling. I would like to
thank Kevin and Pam Shyne and these local establishments for assisting me
in this great endeavor: Milan Variety, St. Anne's, Serenity Steps, Woodlands
Credit Union, Berlin Mills Variety, Berlin Bowling Center, Morin Shoe
Store, Middle Earth, Holiday Center, Berlin Senior Center, Guardian Angel
Credit Union, Northway Bank, Coos County RSVP, Tri-County CAP, Holy
Family Church, Bob's Variety, White Mountain Cafe, and Kathy Leaver at
the First Baptist Church. If you are interested in helping please contact me or
drop your tabs off at any of the above mentioned locations.

Anthony Harp,
RSVP Volunteer 603-752-1664 (home)
603-326-4598 (cell)
36                                                                  __   The Bektash News

                   IMAGES FROM
               MAPLE SUGAR BOWL 2012

      (Left to right): Ill. Stephen Page, Ill. Shawn Kincaid, Ill. Robert St. Jacques,
     New Shriner Noble Nick Sprague, Grand Master Paul Leary, Sprague Parents

                   Front: Shrine Maple Sugar Bowl King and Queen.
                              Back: NH and VT players.
October 2012                               ___         37

                  BANGOR (ME) MALL

                       Group Photo of Clowns at NSA

                Bektash Clown David “WooHoo” Rouleau
                           In Bangor Parade
38                                     __        The Bektash News

                                    Memories Studio
                                   101 Lafayette Road
                                     Rye, NH 03870

                                   Wedding Photography

                                I M P U L S E
                                Hair Designs

                            753-8698   9 GAGE ST., BOSCAWEN
October 2012                                          _                 39

Want to earn money for your Unit, Club or a Bektash
  Charity with no cash investment on your part?

   Sell Bektash 2013 Cash Calendars
We hope you all have had a chance to read about the Cash Calendar
Raffle in the Bektash News by now. A repeat copy of the ad is in this
issue on pages 40 & 41. If not take a look, it’s great!
We are off to a great start. Several hundred have been sold already! We
have a total of 2000 to sell. This will be a major fund raiser for Bekatsh.
It will be in the same league as Bingo and the “Fez”tival of Trees. It is
and has been the major fund raiser for several of our sister Shrine Cen-
Here’s how you can easily become part of this exciting fund raiser! No
upfront investment or upfront cash required. We supply the calendars
on consignment to your Unit, Club or a Noble, your choice. Your Unit,
Club or Bektash Charity can earn a commission of $2.00 for each calen-
dar sold. The $2.00 commission will be paid in January of 2014.
As a bonus, when all 2000 calendars are sold the commission will be
increased to $3.00 for each calendar sold by the Unit, Club or Noble,
your choice. The $3.00 commission will be paid to the Unit, Club or
Bektash Charity, your choice as soon as we reach the sale of 2000 cal-
If you have noticed, if the Noble does not belong to a Unit or Club we
have decided to extend the offer so that the Nobility can sell the Calen-
dars with the commission paid to a Bektash Charity of their choice.
We have these beautiful full color calendars, ready to be sold. Based on
what we have experienced thus far we feel that the calendars will sell
out quickly. So, don’t wait and lose out on this great money maker.
If you are interested in helping Bektash meet its fund raising goals,
please contact me at 603-225-5372 so that we can get you started.
                                     2013 Is Near!!!
Joel Weinstein                     Help Us Sell Now!!!
40                                    __         The Bektash News

                 Bektash Shriners
                2013 Cash Calendar

 Here’s How to Purchase your 2013 Cash Calendar.
 They are $20.00 each for pickup or $22.00 each shipped by
 USPS. They can be purchased on line with your credit card at, at The Bektash Shrine Center,189
 Pembroke Road, Concord NH or from one of our Participating
 Shrine Units or Shrine Club members. First Drawing, January
 2013 for the month of January, 2013.
October 2012                _                                                41

                       Bektash Shriners
                      2013 Cash Calendar

   To enter the daily cash drawing? It's simple; just follow the instructions on
                      the back of the Cash Calendar above.
             They are $20.00 each and can be obtained from the
      Bektash Shrine Center or from some of our Shrine Units and Clubs.
                  A $20.00 purchase per calendar year will get you
                            365 CHANCES TO WIN!!!!!
               There will be one drawing each month for the total days
                                 in that same month.
                 After each drawing the winning ticket goes back in.
                     That's right! "Each Calendar lasts all year".
                   Payouts as follows: 41-$100 Winners, 12-$200
                        Winners and 312-$25.00 winners.
                    Proceeds benefit the Bektash Shrine Center
                      The Cash Calendar is not tax deductible.
          First Drawing, January 2013 for the month of January, 2013.
        Win once and your $20.00 is returned. They make great gifts for
              birthdays, holiday giving and any special occasion!

    Buy one for your family and friends, Good Luck!
42   __   The Bektash News
October 2012   43
44                                              __          The Bektash News

            Bektash Petition Instructions
Listed below are a few helpful steps so that a petition can be proc-
essed without delay in time to be voted on.

     1. Prior to either a Stated Meeting or a Ceremonial, please get
        your petitions in early so that there is enough time to proc-
        ess them.

     2. All Petitions have to be submitted to the Bektash
        Office seven days prior to the meeting.

     3. A current copy of the applicant’s Masonic Blue Lodge card
        must be attached to the petition when it is

     4. All line items on the petition must be complete and accu-
        rately filled out. If no information is listed either draw a line
        or write N/A.

     5. Be sure to list the candidate’s hat of Fez size.

     6. The Bektash Office will not accept faxed or emailed peti-

     7. All Candidates must report to the designated
        meeting place at the times scheduled.

 First and second line signers please do not abandon your candidate
after you submit his petition. It is your responsibility along with the
Membership Committee to insure that the candidate experiences
an initiation never to be forgotten. Additionally, you must make
sure that he is mentored after his initiation ensuring that his Shrine
learning experience and his personal involvement is fulfilled. His
success and personal satisfaction is up to you!
October 2012                                                     45

                      For White Mountain Shrine Club

                        GRAND PRIZE $1,000

                      Saturday, October 13, 2012
                       Cabot Inn, Lancaster, NH
                           Social Hour at 5:30 PM

       Souhegan Valley DeMolay wins a Blue Ribbon for "BEST IN
         THEME" at the Milford Labor Day Parade! Nice Job!

     Valley of Concord—Feast of the Festive Table
                 Monday October 8th—Saint Peter’s Lodge,
                              Bradford NH
               RSVP to Ed Lewis, email
46                                        __           _    The Bektash News

                             Ambassador World Travel
                             Susan Hebert
                               Ambassador World Travel’s knowledge
     and expertise can provide you with the personal service you need to
     plan your next vacation or business trip with ease! We realize you
     have a choice when making your travel plans and appreciate you
     thinking of us as your travel consultants. Whether we can assist you in
     planning a quick weekend getaway or the cruise of a lifetime; we’re
     here to help!

                                                       Septic System
October 2012   47
48                                               __               _      The Bektash News

                                       DOORS OPEN AT 4:00 PM
                                       GAMES START AT 6:00 PM

                                        STOP BURNS
                                    Anthony the Fire Ant wants to
                                    remind everyone to check
                                    their smoke detectors and
                                    replace the batteries.

                       Two Convenient Locations to serve you!

        10 Freetown Rd.                                     4 Union St.
      Pembroke, NH 03275                                Raymond, NH 03077

     Mick Pinard Realtor/Broker                  Betty Wright Chestnut Realtor/Broker
     Phone: 603-210-2214                         Phone: 603-244-1950
     Direct: 603-289-2890                        Direct: 603-489-3621
     E-mail:                   E-mail:

     “We are one of the most affordable real estate companies in New Hampshire, while
       providing the highest level of service.” Visit our website at
October 2012                                                                   49

               Bektash News Booster Rates
                 One Line (One or Two Names) $10 for 1 Year
               Two lines (One name on each line) $20 for 1 Year
                Send check with name as it is to appear to:
       Bektash News Boosters, PO Box 4086, Concord NH 03302-4086

   Yes!         I want to be a Bektash News Booster.
                Enclosed is my check in the amount of :


   Name (s) ________________________________________________


                           DONATIONS FORM

IN MEMORY OF: ______________________________________________
IN HONOR OF:       ______________________________________________
Person to be notified:____________________________________________
At the following address:_________________________________________

Apply this donation to the Boston ( ) Springfield ( ) Montreal ( ) Hospital,
Transportation Fund ( ) or keep it as a donation to the Bektash Shrine
Center ( ).
Amount $_____Name___________________________________________
__________________________________________Phone #____________

  (Please use this form when mailing check or using Member Incentive points)
50                                        __           _       The Bektash News

                     "Fez"tival of Trees
                   Committee Meeting Dates
             Saturday, October 6th at 7PM (Open House at
                      Heritage Harley-Davidson)
               Meeting: Wednesday, October 17 at 7PM
                 We welcome anyone who would like to attend.
                  We are always looking for volunteers.

              PHIL MANSFIELD
     Call him to volunteer to drive or to sched-
             ule taking children to our

             Phone: (603) 515-9999
October 2012   51
52                                                  __               _       The Bektash News

                        A MESSAGE FROM THE
                        IMPERIAL POTENTATE

                                  Dear Fellow Nobles,
                                  The month of August began with a visit to the FIRST temple
                                  in Shrinedom - MECCA Shriners in New York City - for the
                                  annual Founder’s Day visit to William Jermyn Conlin’s grave-
                                  site at Greenwood Cemetery.
                                  William Jermyn Conlin, born on July 26, 1831, in Albany,
                                  N.Y., was an actor whose stage name was Billy Florence. He
                                  was one of the founders of this great fraternity. In our materi-
                                  als, we have typically referred to him as Billy Florence.
                                  A fitting graveside memorial service was conducted by Mecca
                                  Potentate Al McConnach, Chief Rabban Dom Falcone, Assis-
                                  tant Rabban Avery Toledo, High Priest & Prophet Thomas
                                  Lorentz, and Oriental Guide Aram Adishian.
 The afternoon’s event was hosted by owner Noble John Robert at the Bushwick Country Club.

 On Saturday, Past Potentate of Mecca and our host, Joe Bombache, helped us find the Brooklyn
 Naval Shipyard where I had spent seven months in retrofit aboard the USS Shangri-La CVA 38.
 We also stopped at the Linden Hill Cemetery to find the gravesite of Jan’s aunt who was still-
 born in 1901.

 Saturday evening we had dinner with nobles and ladies of Mecca, Kismet and Salaam Temples.
 The festive occasion was held at the historic Fraunces Tavern, where George Washington dis-
 missed his officers at the end of the Revolutionary War.

 Our next stop was the Midwest Shrine Association meeting, held in Grand Forks, N.D., Aug. 8-
 11. The 125th anniversary of East Grand Forks, Minn., where Imperial Sir Dale Stauss was
 born and raised, was also celebrated. The weekend featured two hour-long parades on Thurs-
 day night and Saturday morning, with plenty of spectators, and typical fun-loving Shriners
 clowns, assisted by Imperial Marshal Wayne Lachut.

 The Welcome Party at KEM Temple was hosted by Potentate Dennis Hansel and the Divan,
 along with their ladies. It was a great counterparts evening, with entertainment by an area hu-

 President Al Nipstad and his officers are to be commended for an oustanding MSA meeting! In
 addition to Lady Jan and myself, Imperial Sirs Stauss and Lachut and their ladies, Cheryl and
 Lisa, were in attendance.

 A new activity at MSA was a Friday afternoon “Float the Pote” canoe race. After much cajol-
 ing, I joined in the fun, along with Yelduz Potentate Charlie Rea and Zurrah Captain of the
 Guard Brad Roberts, who handled the oars, and enjoyed some FUN-FUN-FUN!

 From the Midwest, we headed home to North Carolina for the 40th Annual GASTON “100”
 RACE on Aug. 14 in Gastonia. Over the last 40 years this event has raised more than $2 million
 for Shriners Hospitals for Children®. In attendance with the OASIS Divan were NASCAR
 Ambassadors David Ragan and Chris Dilbeck.
October 2012                                                                               53

 When Illustrious Sir Mike Tyne of Aladdin Shriners attended the Assistant Rabban Seminar in
 2010, he requested the Aladdin Shrine Classic Car Show and Chicken and Corn Roast in Co-
 lumbus, Ohio, be added to the 2012-2013 Imperial Potentate’s visits. Thank you, Illustrious
 Sir Mike for that early request.
 Potentate Tyne and Aladdin Divan picked us up at the airport, accompanied by award win-
 ning Aladdin clowns! One of the clowns presented a bouquet of balloon flowers to Lady Jan.
 Our transportation to the hotel was in the Clown Unit’s colorful van. The clowns add an ele-
 ment of fun to every occasion…even a ride from the airport to the hotel.
 A tour of Aladdin's beautiful facility was first on Saturday's agenda. This was followed by the
 Classic Car Show, which included restored vehicles from 1937. The vehicles were judged by
 Illustrious Sir Mike Tyne and the Imperial Potentate for the “Best of Show,” and plaques were
 presented to the winners.
 We also visited with the Pike County Shrine Club members as they were cooking more than
 600 half chickens and 1,200 ears of corn. The sweet corn of Ohio was just as sweet as we
 A reception in our honor was hosted by the Potentate. Guests included his Divan and their
 ladies, Past Potentates and their ladies, and Antioch Potentate Jeff Shaw and his lady Pamela.
 At the chicken and corn roast dinner, we were piped in by Aladdin’s Pipes and Drums. A
 special honor guard was formed by the Aladdin Clowns complete with drawn swords
 (balloons, of course!) Music was presented by the Aladdin Dixieland Band, Steel Drum
 Band, and Pipes and Drums units.
 Next we headed to the Tampa Headquarters for committee meetings, and then we were off to
 the Los Angeles Hospital Divan Day on Aug. 22. We were met at the airport by the Potentate
 of AL MALAIKAH Shriners, Illustrious Sir David Weihmeyer, and his Lady Diane, along
 with members of the Divan. We enjoyed a special tour of Al Malaikah Temple's unique facili-
 ties. There is a lot of history contained in that remarkable edifice.
 At the hospital, we were greeted by the acting Administrator, Gene Raynaud, and the Vice
 Chairman of the Board of Governors, Larry Adamson.
 Important developing information on current activity and the future of the hospital was dis-
 cussed with the various temple divans present. It was an opportunity for questions to be raised
 and answered, as well as to tour the hospital.
 A very special thank you to Al Malaikah’s Sahara Patrol Captain, Garo Kahvedjian, and two
 proud patrolmen who provided escort service at the Divan Days luncheon. It was also an
 honor to tour Al Malaikah's Sahara Patrol unit room.
 The next Potentate’s message will include our visits to the Salt Lake City Hospital, MASA
 Meeting in Virginia Beach, Va., GLSA Meeting in Cincinnati, the 90th Anniversary celebra-
 tion at Shreveport Hospital, Visit to Little Rock, Ark., with MWGM Robert Jackson, Annual
 N.C. Grand Lodge meeting, and the SASA Meeting in Myrtle Beach, S.C.
 Yours in the faith,
 Alan W. "AL" Madsen
 Imperial Potentate
 Family Fun, Fellowship and Brotherly Love
54                                        __           _        The Bektash News

               Love to the Rescue™……
            Changing the World through Caring for Kids
                        Accessing Care is Easy……
                     No Written Application Required!
                    Any child under 18 with a condition
                 that can be treated at one of the Shriners
                  Hospital for Children is eligible for care,
                  regardless of the families’ ability to pay.
                   All care and services are delivered in a
                        family-centered environment.
  A few conditions that can be treated are; Orthopaedic problems,
 Clubfoot, Hip Disorders, Limb Deficiencies & Deformities, Scoliosis,
      Cleft Lip & Palate, Spinal Cord injuries and Burn injuries.

                    Shriners Hospitals for Children
      To learn more about the hospital services, or to refer a patient,
        visit to locate
       a hospital near you or call one of the numbers listed below:

       Ask the family to call the hospital’s outpatient clinic at either
                      one of our local hospitals or the
             national toll free number for our other hospitals.
                       The numbers are listed below.

Springfield, Mass.       Boston, Mass.      Montreal, Quebec Canada
1-800-322-5905           1-617-726-3675      1-800-361-7256
1-413-735-1234           1-800-255-1916 (ӿ)  1-518-842-4464

All Other Hospitals

     (ӿ) Burn Emergency Only)
October 2012                                                                             55

           At the Annual Meeting of 2009, a very historic vote took place….Our membership
authorized Shriners Hospitals for Children to move forward with a Revenue Cycle Initiative.
That collective decision ensured that children in need…will continue to receive Shriners spe-
cialized care for many more years. And please be assured that this initiative is not changing
Shriner’s commitment and mission at all.
           Shriners Hospitals now have contracts with many insurance companies and state
healthcare programs. This is requiring us to comply with numerous laws and regulations. As
a result, we must be very careful that we no longer promote Shriners Hospitals as providing
“free care.”
           That phrase “free care” or “care without cost” does not really accurately reflect
the significant contributions made that are made every day by our Fraternity and by our
generous Donors that support the expert care we provide. It is truly “more accurate” to
say… that Shriners Hospitals provide the highest quality medical care to children “regardless
of the patient’s or family’s ability to pay”. We all need to encourage our Nobles to utilize
this newer phrase, which is also a part of our mission statement.
           Unfortunately, those phrases such as “free care” and “care at no cost” are red flags
to our insurance providers and the regulatory agencies. They reflect practices that contra-
dict our Shriner’s “contractual obligations” with the insurers.
           It therefore becomes very important for all of us to promptly review our docu-
ments, our newsletters and our other publications at your Shrine Center and change those
that contain these statements. We will also need to eliminate these phrases from our web-
           In addition, these phrases that are on our Shrine Center vans, parade vehicles, and
anywhere they might be displayed in our buildings, should also be removed. It will serve our
philanthropy much better to use this newer phrase from our “Mission statement”,
“Regardless of our patient’s or family’s ability to pay”.
           So that we have no further “awkward discussions” with the insurance providers or
regulators, all of the members of your National Boards, hope that you will be able to make
these changes at your facility, as quickly as possible.
           This action on your part is extremely crucial to the continuing success of our Reve-
nue Cycle program. Once we are past this issue, our historical action of 2009 will help Shrin-
ers International sustain our charitable mission well into the future. Each of us appreciate
all that you do on a daily basis to support our fraternity and our hospitals.
           Please help us spread the word to all of our nobles and their ladies, that our new
Shriners’ Slogan is….
           “All care at Shriners Hospitals for Children is provided without regard to a patient
or family’s ability to pay”.

Yours in the Faith,
Alan W. Madsen, Imperial Potentate, Chairman of the Board, Shriners Hospitals for Children
Douglas E. Maxwell, President Shriners Hospitals For Children
56                                         __            _     The Bektash News

          Lady Linda's Gazebo Project Update
 The Gazebo was completed by Bill Hebert and Dick Quindley with the
 addition of the cupula on Sunday, September 9th. The landscaping and
 walkway was changed and finished the previous week, thanks to my hard
 working husband who kept me focused when I was thinking it would
 never get finished. I think it was very special that the first wedding at the
 Gazebo was for a Shriner, Noble Chris Brison, son of Ill Tom Brison and
 Lady Marilyn. I understand they had a wonderful day on Saturday, Sep-
 tember 15th. My thanks to all who helped raise the funds and worked so
 hard to finally get it done. My hope is that the Gazebo and surrounding
 area will help to bring in some additional revenue for Bektash.

 Thank you all again for your support I really appreciate all you do.

 Lady Linda Perry

            Save Your
        Aluminum Can Tabs
     Bring your tabs to the Bektash Shrine Center

     Money received from sale of tabs will be
     used for patient transportation to and
     from Shriners Hospital.
October 2012                                                                                 57

Dear Noble,
Lady Jan and I would like to invite you to join us and a group of fellow Shriners in discover-
ing the treasures along Russia's storied Volga River. We'll travel aboard a comfortable pri-
vate river ship, visiting historic cities and towns- including the revitalized capital city of
Moscow and glittering, historic St. Petersburg. We would be honored if you would come
with us for what promises to be a memorable journey.
                       Russia Revealed: Moscow to St. Petersburg
                              Departure Date: May 30, 2013
                 16 days-including international airfare-from only $4495
We hope you'll take part in this exclusive voyage-available for one departure only-during
which you'll share in the warm camaraderie of fellow Shriners. Traveling aboard the M/S
Rossia, we'll cruise from Moscow into the heart of Russia. We'll unpack just once upon
boarding, with all meals on the ship included. Enjoy conversing with new and old friends in
the bar and lounge, or watching the riverside scenery unfold from the panoramic Sun Deck.
Throughout our trip, we'll be attended to by Grand Circle's dedicated, English-speaking
onboard staff and gain invaluable knowledge from an expert resident Program Director. In
addition to helping us get to know your fellow travelers, our Program Director will give us a
candid, insider's perspective on Russia's fascinating history and culture. We'll enjoy included
tours of iconic locales like the Kremlin in Moscow and the expansive Hermitage Art Mu-
seum in St. Petersburg, as well as visits to lesser-known gems like Goritsy, Svir Stroi, and
the inspiring open-air museum on Kizhi Island.
Since your airfare is already included, why not extend your vacation to experience more of
these discovery-rich destinations? Choose from a 4-night pre-trip extension in Kiev, Ukraine,
or a 5-night post-trip extension in the Baltic Capitals: Helsinki, Finland & Tallinn, Estonia.
Your extensions each include daily breakfast, comfortable accommodations, guided tours,
and the services of an experienced Grand Circle Program Director.
Traveling is always exciting, and we're eager to share this River Cruise experience with you.
For more information on this unique departure, contact Grand Circle at 1-800-866-6561 and
select Option #2 today. We hope that you choose to join us-we're in for a special treat.

Warm Regards,
Alan W. Madsen
Imperial Potentate
58                                 __           _       The Bektash News

                       BOSTON HOSPITAL
DONATED BY:                       AMOUNT:

SIMADI Shrine Club                $5000.00

                     MONTREAL HOSPITAL

Richard Gilchrist                 William & Juile McGowen

                     MONTREAL HOSPITAL
DONATED BY:                       AMOUNT:

SIMADI Shrine Club                $1000.00, In Memory of Joe Demaso
SIMADI Shrine Club                $5000.00

                     SPRINGFIELD HOSPITAL

Hy Wishkin                        Bushie & Judy Hill

                     SPRINGFIELD HOSPITAL
DONATED BY:                       AMOUNT:

SIMADI Shrine Club                $5000.00, In Memory of
                                   Maurice “Slim” Lampur

 DONATED BY:                       AMOUNT:

     Temple Chefs                  $200.00

 George Holden                     Bektash Aides
 JoAnne Mansfield                  Bushie & Judy Hill

               Please see page 49 for Donation Form
 October 2012                                 59

                BEKTASH MEMORY WALK

  Order                                 Preserve
  Your                                  Memory
 Bricks                                    Of
Now While
  Lasts                                Loved Ones
                Use Order Form Below
60                            _                      The Bektash News

                        In Memoriam

     WILTON, N.H.                 TEWKSBURY, MA
     Deceased: 08/27/2012         Deceased: 04/12/2012
     Born: 01/07/1929             Born: 11/14/1938
     Created: 11/13/1999          Created: 11/13/1999

     TALLAHASSEE, FL              BOW, N.H.
     Deceased: 09/15/2011         Deceased: 09/17/2012
     Born: 05/16/1937             Born: 08/28/1933
     Created: 11/21/1959          Created: 01/11/1986

     NAPLES, FL                   HUDSON, N.H.
     Deceased: 04/09/2012         Deceased: 04/24/2012
     Born: 12/12/1922             Born: 01/26/1947
     Created: 05/28/1968          Created: 06/08/1996

     DOVER, N.H.                  KEENE, N.H.
     Deceased: 04/09/2012         Deceased: 01/14/2012
     Born: 08/04/1929             Born: 01/11/1939
     Created: 05/23/1970          Created: 05/06/1972
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