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									January 28th, 2013                                                                                    Published by: Sandy Neumann

Is Social Network
Marketing Helping (or
Hurting) Your Business?
                                                                Jeff jumps right in, starts connecting…
  Social network marketing is a lucrative source for listing
                                                                then starts posting all his listings to his timeline. do it properly. Do NOT attempt social
  network marketing until you read these tips.

Social Network Marketing Tips
for Realtors | We Rock The Net

                                                                Susan is a little more cautious…
                                                                She is selective in choosing friends and decides to
                                                                take her time reconnecting with old friends.

                                                                So who is doing a better job of social network marketing –
                                                                …or Susan?
Are you neglecting a huge potential profit source…
because you are intimidated by social network marketing
                                                                Before you answer, consider this.
(Facebook, Twitter, and others…)?
                                                                It’s Monday morning and both Jeff and Susan are
                                                                having a cup of coffee as they look over their schedules for the
Social network marketing has become one of the most popular
profitable techniques today for generating new leads for your
Some people are earning $1,000′s of dollars in commissions      Jeff gets an alert that someone ‘tagged’ him in a photo on
every month by using this technique…
                                                                He logs in to find a comment by his buddy John who says,
while some others are failing badly.
                                                                “Great party Saturday night, Jeff–I’ve never seen you so
Jeff and Susan Try Social Network                               (you can imagine what the photo looked like.)
                                                                Jeff is humiliated.
Imagine this scenario…                                          He remembers that he recently ‘friended’ his mom’s boss
two real estate agents, Jeff and Susan, sign up for Facebook    who was thinking of selling his house soon…
to generate more business from their sphere of influence
                                                                On the other hand, Susan starts making her follow-up calls
January 28th, 2013                                                                                       Published by: Sandy Neumann

and gets some disheartening news…                                   it’s all about them.
an old coworker, Jan, just listed her house for sale over the       (hey, that one’s free. Talk more about that later–)
…with another realtor.
                                                                    Social Network Marketing is Interaction
(Jan had not heard about Susan’s recent venture into the real
estate business.)
                                                                    Unlike a traditional web site, social networking is actually
                                                                    about interaction.
While neither scenario is desired, they illustrate valuable
lessons.                                                            The word “social” means precisely that.
                                                                    When you decide to enter the sector of social networking you
                                                                    have to build your persona,
Learn some proper social network marketing techniques
BEFORE                                                              make folks feel that they know you and like you,

you enter that crowded market, if you are serious about             …and, most importantly, feel like they can trust you.
building your business online.
                                                                    That means:

Smart Social Network Marketing                                        1. DON’T SALES PITCH!
                                                                      2. Behave like a friend. (courteous, entertaining, insightful)
FIRST,                                                                3. Set up a separate Fan Page for your business.
You Will Need a Social Network Marketing Strategy.
Easy way to start?                                                  If you want to build a business on Facebook, for example, then
Eyeball the competition…                                            it’s a good idea
What are they doing on social media sites?                          to keep your business absolutely separate from your personal
(call it spying, whatever…)
                                                                    if you want to be taken seriously.
Just observe what their doing.

                                                                    Then brand yourself as a professional.
You’ll find that certain names keep coming up repeatedly.
                                                                    In some cases, your business may have a totally different
(they’ll seem to be everywhere)
                                                                    personality from you.
Those are the successful ones who you ought to be following.
You can friend them, subscribe to them, and even get on their
mailing list.                                                       Social Network Marketing with Video

Remember, you are there to observe and learn.                       YouTube is an awesome opportunity to make money.
(not to copy.)                                                      It’s one of the top three most visited sites in the WORLD.

You’ll only hurt yourself if you try to be someone else             There are literally billions of hits on videos each day

instead of developing your own voice.                               …so if you need to become part of the social networking scene
                                                                    learn how to make fantastic videos and brand yourself by being
                                                                    in them!
But relax…
Social networking is a lot like cultivating friendships off-line.
The more you stay in contact with your ‘friends,’
…the more time you spend,
the more you will learn about THEM.

Note that I didn’t say, “the more they will learn about you.”
Because real marketing is never about you–                          Get over being camera shy! Video making just involves
January 28th, 2013                                                                                      Published by: Sandy Neumann

Video has become a vital component of marketing nowadays,          generate more qualified leads in a month than most folks do
                                                                   all year long…
Think about it–
                                                                   By simply promoting one massive online social network
You find them everywhere in emails…
                                                                   marketing system.
on internet sites…
in blogs posts…
                                                                   Much more to come –
and on other social media sites.
                                                                   my new series for Realtors who are ‘brave enough’ to take their
                                                                   marketing online!
Check this out –                                                   Don’t miss ‘em! Make sure to subscribe.
By using video as a platform you are ACTUALLY imitating
old school marketing (face-to-face)
you know, like when people used to go out and do
demonstrations at the mall
or have Mary Kay parties in their homes!
                                                                   PS –
                                                                   If prefer to be notified by email when I publish a new series on
The key is the face-to-face part–                                  Internet Marketing for Realtors,
even when (ESPECIALLY WHEN) you make mistakes in your              just enter your email address here and I’ll make sure you get it.
… don’t say things just right
or stumble a little (like you do in real life)
people learn how to like you and then trust you.

In other words, social marketing is really attraction marketing.
Always show your face and a friendly smile!
You may never achieve success if you hide behind an
impersonal avatar
or post an image of your dog!

Especially in social media, people want to start to know YOU
(the real you) and what makes you tick.
At the risk of sounding cheesy, you are essentially
‘building the business of YOU.’

People don’t just want to hear about a product.
They want honest, straightforward, and helpful advice.
Andy you’re their adviser!

Master giving advice in social marketing networks,
and you’ll be perceived as an expert adviser that friends
You don’t have to sales pitch — people will come to you asking
to buy.

Done right you can create leads on demand,
pocket thousands of dollars in commissions,


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