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					                                 SGA Minutes- August 20, 2009
                                      5:30pm; CSRB 563

I.  Meeting called to order by Rachel Pastorek at 5:30pm
       a. Congratulations to L2s, Danny, and orientation leaders – Ben, Ross and Stephanie for a
            great job on L1 Orientation and Service project and L2 White Coat Ceremony.
II. Executive Board Reports
       a. Ryan Vega – Executive VP
                 i. Will attend Dean Nelson’s monthly meetings and give an update on Student
                    Life. Please let Ryan know if there are any major issues that need to be
                    addressed with the Dean and his staff.
       b. Stephanie Bourque – Community VP
                 i. Tiger Run – date has been confirmed for Family weekend; Sunday, March 28th
                    2010 at Audubon Park.
                ii. Please email Stephanie if you are interested in volunteering for Tiger Run 2010.
                    Currently looking for committee chairs: PR, Fundraising/Prizes, Food/Drink, T-
                    shirts and Registration. Committee meeting will be held soon to discuss plans.
               iii. SLE (Service Learning Elective) – committee has met several times with Dr. D in
                    the past few weeks and is in the process of revamping the SLE committee, rules
                    and regulations. This is a tedious process, please be patient as we work through
                    the details.
                         1. Open forum will be held during this semester; details will be sent out by
                             email prior to the forum and will be open to all students.
       c. Jay Huber – Student Health VP
                 i. Not present. Report given by Rachel – school will be offering free flu vaccines in
                    the upcoming fall months. The exact date has not yet been set. Dr. D reported
                    that Dr. Lopez is working on flu vaccine coverage for students. The seasonal flu
                    vaccine will be covered by Dean’s office. H1N1 vaccine will be a 2 step vaccine
                    and will be offered later in the year; these details have not yet been confirmed.
                    More information to follow.
                ii. If you come down with signs or symptoms of swine flu and are on a clinical
                    rotation, you will not be allowed to return to the hospital for one week post
                    symptoms. Will work with students to make up missed days in order to
                    complete the rotation.
       d. Jamie O’Neal – Treasurer; Lisa Dang – Social VP
                 i. Last week Back To School party was a success. There were 350 people in
                    attendance at Generations Hall. Party was $1000 under budget.
       e. Catherine McGee – Secretary
                 i. Not present. Report given by Rachel – if you are having trouble scheduling
                    interest group meetings or submitting announcements, please let Catherine
        ii. Will be making labels for the mailboxes/storage cabinets for interest groups for
            the Student Activity Room on 3rd floor of MEB. Each group will be given an
            assigned area for storage. Any group storing books in the SAR are asked to
            remove them and find another storage location. This room is to be kept clean
            and tidy for all to use. This room is not intended for individual or group
            studying, nor should food and drink be consumed in the room.
f. Kevin Gipson – Technology Chair
         i. Kevin Gipson is the new SGA Technology Chair. (
        ii. Currently, LSU Medicine SGA is represented online in two ways:
                 2. has served our school well in the past, but
                     technical issues have made it difficult to maintain properly. Additionally,
                     it is not hosted on official LSUHSC servers, which is problematic.
                 3. Note-Taking Service forums, which were previously a part of
           , are now hosted privately, at
       iii. The SGA website (
                 1. The SGA website is out of date and very difficult to navigate. Services
                     such as MD Consult, which the SGA provides to the student body, are
                     impossible to access via the front page.
                 2. Currently, there are no active class websites on LSUHSC servers.
           , which is a privately hosted site, is serving that
                     function for the Class of 2012.
                 3. Interest Group and Activity pages are quite outdated in many cases.
       iv. The goal of this year’s Technology Committee will be the implementation of a
            new SGA website, which will include and expand upon all features represented
            in and the current SGA site. This site will have a user
            friendly, graphical ‘back end’, which would allow SGA and Interest Group
            leadership to update pages easily and without requiring the use HTML.
        v. Kevin would like input regarding the functions which this new site should
            feature. Please feel free to contact him at
       vi. The SGA constitution’s bylaws regarding the Student Technology Committee will
            need to be revisited in order to facilitate better use of student funds. L2 Ed/Tech
            Chair Ariana Beck has taken the initiative on these revisions, and will report
            back after the first L2 exams.
g. Jason Gray – Intramural Chair
         i. Flag football – UNO is in process of changing rules/policies for field rentals. Will
            be in touch with them in the next few weeks. At this point, the flag football
            season is still scheduled to begin on September 25th, after the L1/L2 Block A
        ii. Pingpong tournament, tennis, coconut beach volleyball are proposed ideas for
            activities throughout the year.
h. Danny Robinson – L4 President
                  i. L4s currently in second block of their year. Reminder – sign up for match at
            Make sure CV and personal statements are updated.
         i. Jimmy White – L3 President
                  i. L3s are past mid-block; OB/GYN and PSYC took shelf exams last Friday. No
                     current issues.
                 ii. Jimmy will attend Dean Nelson’s monthly meetings; email him with any
                     concerns or ongoing issues.
                iii. Aesculapian Surveys for clerkships are now paper based. Please let Jimmy
                     White or Evan Atkinson know if there are concerns or issues with this new
         j. Danny Eads – L2 President
                  i. Both L1/L2 classes are enjoying using Student Learning Center on 6th floor of
                     Lions Building.
                 ii. L2s – White Coat Ceremony on August 1st went well. First exam is coming up in
                     11 days. Class of 2012 website will be updated with White Coat Ceremony
                     pictures, audio streaming from speeches, etc.
                     under Class Events. Major additions will be included to the website after their
                     first exam.
                iii. L1s – finished orientation. Week and half deep into L1 classes, gross anatomy
                     lab and are doing well.
                          1. Community Service project at end of Orientation – did a great job
                              revamping the playground. Pictures from the project are on the M:
                              drive and on the 2012 website.
                          2. Thanks to the L2s for helping with L1 Orientation, White Coat
                          3. L1s – orientation follow-up survey will be forthcoming.
                          4. Next Monday (8/24) afternoon– Danny/Kevin will be giving a technology
                              presentation about student electronic resources to the L1 class.
                          5. Group of 5-6 L2s assisted in computer training during L1 orientation.
                              Were able to reduce computer training sessions down to two groups to
                              expedite the process. Brenda Galle and the technology department
                              were impressed and appreciated the help.
III. Student Affairs –
         a. Dr. D –
                  i. Construction on campus – waiting to hear back from senior administration
                     about MDL renovations. MDL 3 is almost ready to be reopened, should be able
                     to use this room within a few weeks. 2nd floor of MEB is open for student use;
                     will be used for diagnostic tool sales for L1s in the next few weeks. Will be open
                     soon for events. Student Learning Center on 6th floor of Lions Building is also
                 ii. Dr. D met with administration regarding NTS file folders. This was intended to
                     be a post-Katrina solution to replace the student mailboxes. Plan is to currently
                      install slots into each locker on the 4th floor of MEB to use the lockers as
                      mailboxes for NTS notes, etc.
                 iii. Interest Groups – Dr. D has received a few applications. ALL student
                      organizations (including but not limited to interest groups) need to complete
                      these forms. The forms are now pdf fillable if you have the latest version of
                      Adobe. By the end of the semester, all organizations should have completed
                      these forms, regardless of whether your group collects funds.
                 iv. Meeting with LSUHSC Foundation last week – Chancellor is not pleased with
                      how Foundation and student group funds are currently handled. Chancellor
                      wants to remove all student organizations funds from the Foundation and is
                      waiting to hear from the Vice Chancellor of Finance for a solution. Accounts
                      may be moved under the umbrella of School of Medicine; process to obtain
                      funds from the account may be similar process to Foundation currently uses.
                      This includes getting check requests signed by Student Affairs and Finance
                      department. The liability for the student organizations needs to remain under
                      the School of Medicine in the event of any incidents that may occur during
                      events, Camp Tiger, etc.
                  v. Petitions on campus –
                          1. Homeless Clinic petition and Healthcare Reform petition were recently
                                circulated to students.
                          2. Dr. D will revise current policy regarding what is relevant to the
                                institution, to the current affairs regarding the school and what is
                                considered a personal viewpoint. Equal footing for all within guidelines
                                is important. Dr. D’s job to protect students but also to be comply with
                                institutional, state, and federal policies and laws.
        b. Ms. Bobbie –
                   i. Seniors – sign up for the Match! Let her know where you are going for away
                      rotations. Get letter writers to send Ms. Bobbie letters to proofread
                      (misspellings, wrong names, etc). Submit letters by October 10th to Ms. Lindy to
                      have letters sent by November 1st. Seniors please check online to ensure letters
                      have been submitted before calling Student Affairs to check the status of your
                  ii. Ms. Bobbie will contact the student or faculty for letter corrections.
IV. Christian Hernandez – planning inaugural Camp Tiger golf tournament on October 17th at City
        Park golf course. Dr. Fontenot is spreading word to alumni to encourage their participation.
        Looking for sponsors, please contact Christian if you have any sponsor ideas. Registration
        for tournament is open to alumni/faculty now and will be open to students beginning next
        week. There are a limited number of student spots available, sign up early! $50 per student
        to play in the tournament.
V. Danielle O’Banion – Homeless Clinic
        a. Met with Diana Myers with St. Anna’s Episcopal Medical Mission. They take an RV to the
             locations mentioned in your text and administer general medical services. The meeting
               was with their director, who wants to use a couple of us each day on their mobile unit to
               do general things like help register patients and do vital signs, as well as assist with
               diabetic and hypertension screens.
           b. An update on the Homeless Clinics will be available soon.
   VI. Danny Robinson – EMIG Splinting Clinic
           a. WHEN: Thursday, Sept 3rd, 4p-8p
           b. WHERE: MDL 5
           c. To attend, you must sign up in advance & pre-pay to reserve your spot; $10 per EMIG
               member for cost of materials
           d. (Cash or check payable to EMIG – place payment in Veronique Haymon’s NTS folder)
           e. **Each session will last 1 hour with 30min in between sessions for ER residents &
               instructors to set up.
           f. To sign up and reserve a spot in one of the following time slots: 4:00p, 5:30p, 7:00p
           g. Please email Dywanda Lewis at dlewi4@LSUHSC.EDU with your time preference. Each
               time slot will have only 20 members so I'll do my best to accommodate each of you. I
               will send a confirmation email to you with your clinic time once your payment has been
           h. **It is a good idea to read EMIG PROCEDURE MANUAL under LINKS on EMIG website
               prior to clinic to familiarize yourself with the skills & techniques that we will review.
   VII. Chase Schumacher –
           a. Visiting Student Application Service (VSAS) – currently being used by L4s to apply for
               away rotations at specific institutions. Students who have used this service and have
               feedback, please contact Chase with comments and suggestions regarding the process
               and whether LSU should participate in the VSAS program.
   VIII. Rachel and Ryan– Football Tickets
           a. Will receive tickets in a few weeks. Still unsure as to how many tickets will be issued to
               the School of Medicine. Each medical class with get an equal number of tickets.
               Information about how tickets will be distributed will be forthcoming.
   IX. Next SGA meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 8th at 5:30pm.
   X. Dr. D – thanks to Danny and L2s for all their hard work
   XI. Meeting adjourned by Rachel Pastorek at 6:30pm.

In Attendance:
Rachel Pastorek – SGA President
Ryan Vega- SGA Executive VP
Stephanie Bourque – SGA Community VP
Jay Huber – Student Health VP
Kevin Gipson – Technology Chair
Jamie O’Neal – Treasurer
Jason Gray – Intramural Chair
AAMC – Ben Kurz, Chase Schumacher
Aesculapian Society – Michelle Sharp
AMA- Stephanie ElHajj
AMSA – Sarah Granier
AIG – Karl Nazareth
AOA – Evan Atkinson
APAMSA – Do –Quyen Pham
CMDA – Ashley Stanley
CORE – Stephanie ElHajj, Kim Russell
CSA – Gordon Wadge
DIG – Sarah Granier
Edgar Hull – Renee Gravois
EMIG – Danny Robinson
FMIG – Darion Stofira
HOIG – Daniel Johnson
Homeless Clinic – Danielle O’Banion
MPIG – Haley Davis
OBIG – Sharhonda Biley
OSIG – Ryan Richard
PIG, SMILE – Kevin Gipson
RIG – Jason Gray
Rural Medicine – Sarah Granier
SIG – Matt Giglia
SIGNNS – Christian Hernandez
SIHO – Ashley Stanley
SNMA - Angela Pressley, Alicia Pressley
WIM - Whitney Nichols
Danny Robinson – L4 President
Jimmy White – L3 President
Daniel Eads – L2 President
Stephen Hernandez
Renford Cindass
Sophia Mai
Ariana Beck
Catherine Gretchen
Dr. Delcarpio
Ms. Bobbie

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