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									Cyberattacks - Hass and Associates Cyber Security

Cyberattacks are quite simply sabotage tactics that are conducted over a network connection. Critical
infrastructures that are vulnerable to the risk of disruption and modified or intercepted communications
include transportation, power sources, stock exchange and communication channels. Even private
citizens are equally at risk for their banking affiliations.

Cyber espionage is getting confidential or classified data from (mostly enemy) government states,
organizations, companies or private individuals for economic, political, military or personal gains. Tools
and tactics used via computer and the Internet can be legal or illegal. If not properly secured, a network
or a single computer unit could be compromised, with its data altered or intercepted regardless of
physical location, as long as connected to the Internet.

Denial of Service attacks are used to make a network or website unavailable to its actual users by using
up the host's resources. This kind of attack is characterized by the suspension or interruption of services
of a live website for a time period. DoS can be done even by a single person or by coordinated attacks of
a group.

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