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					Empower Network
By: Julie Brock

Thinking about joining Empower Network? So, what is it exactly.

The Empower Network
The Empower Network ( founders are David Wood and David Sharpe.
The system was officially launched on Halloween, October 31st 2011.

The day they launched over $250,000+ in affiliate commissions were deposited directly into the
founding members’ bank accounts within the first 72 hours, despite a server crash and a few
other hurdles along the way. The Empower Network has been making Internet Marketing history

In their first 4 months Empower Network has paid out over $4 million despite a LOT of
challenges the first few months. Today the site ranks top 521 in the world and 228 web sites in
the United State. Pretty impressive!

     Alexa Traffic Rank
       521 Global Rank
       228 Rank in US

If you are looking for a new, proven affiliate program that offers an unusually high income
potential – may be exactly what you are looking for.

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You can get started for as little as $25 per month and earn up to $625 per sale on the front end
and even more money on the back end. All sales are paid instantly and directly into your own
bank account and this is especially inviting to those who like to promote using paid advertising
methods because there is enough profit margin available to make paid advertising profitable.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a new network marketing opportunity… or if you are
looking for a turnkey solution that drops easy commissions……then empower network is not for

Empower Network System – You can get started for $25
The cost to join the Empower Network is only $25 per month. This gets you “in the door” and
instantly set up with your own search engine optimized blog.

You don’t have anything to install. Simply start blogging. If you want you can change your
name, bio and add your picture…….you’re ready for action.

Notice the social media elements like “share this” and the RSS feed is already coded.

There is nothing for you to do except… 1) Blog Daily… 2) Tell Others… 3) Make Money.

Empower Network – Full Disclosure
While it does cost only $25 per month to join empower network and get your own blog, if you
want to make money with the program you must also sign up for an e-wallet account and this
will cost you an $19.95 per month.

E-wallet is like PayPal Empower Network (the company) processes all orders and refunds. They
handle everything. Then, once a week, they deposit your earned 100% commissions directly into
your new e-wallet account. From there, you can have e-wallet send you a check or make a
transfer of your monies directly into your bank account.

Signing up for e-wallet is very simple to do will take you less than 10 minutes to do. They even
have a short video tutorial that walks you through the entire.

Empower Network for Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is simply selling another person’s product or service to earn a commission
and it is by far one of the fastest, easiest ways to get started making a significant income online.

The biggest challenge has always been to find a great product or service to promote. Then you
are left to make your first “marketing decision” – HOW are you going to promote this new
product or service on a consistent basis over an extended period of time to build a residual

So if you want to get paid in affiliate marketing or even by the empower network – YOU must
educate yourself on the best way to promote whatever it is that your selling.

So let me ask you this? What are you going to blog about? And why would you do that?

                                        Join our Team Here

You will get complete access to the fast start training and first 8 core commitments. Once you
have started you will want to drive traffic to your site, without traffic your site is nothing. I can
share with you several ways to drive traffic to get you started. One thing I will say is that
Empower Network has the best training I have ever seen in the industry. Simple….easy to
follow. Better than the training is you will have a leader than can help answer all your questions
and guide you along your journey.

Empower Network for Network Marketing
Simply add highly targeted, keyword-rich articles to your blog – and promote each post to rank
well on the search engines.

It is time for you to GET STARTED NOW.

Empower Network Review
Dozens of people made tens of thousands of dollars seemingly “overnight” and that created a lot
chatter of activity when the Empower Network first launched.

Empower Network viral blogging system can be a very lucrative solution to a complicated online
marketing world. With Empower Network big dreams of finally having found a way to make a
significant affiliate income online by simply “posting to your blog every day” and teaching their
new team to do the same thing.

You Get The Empower Network Blog
If you are online to make money, the biggest benefit of signing up and getting started is the
“empower network blog”.

Because the question you need to be asking if you are serious about building a profitable
business fast online is HOW are you going to get your products, services and business
opportunity in front of people while people are actively searching for whatever it is you are


The challenge is HOW…

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HOW do you get your content, your offers and your wisdom to rank on the search engines for
the keywords and phrase real people are actually typing in every day when they sit down in front
of Google, Yahoo, Bing and Youtube?

If you have ever built a web site or have hosted your own blog – you know that setting up your
site is actually the easy part. NOW you have to create content and promote that content to rank.
Unfortunately, the way the internet works is they rank OLDER SITES with MORE
AUTHORITY higher than they rank newer sites with less authority. This means you can literally
being doing everything right… but if you have a brand new domain and a brand new web site –
you simply will not get any search engine for for 3 to 6 months. Not because you are doing
anything wrong… but because that is just how the internet works.

But listen…

When you Join Empower Network – you get an INSTANT AUTHORITY BLOG that ranks!

So you can get in, get busy and start producing results almost overnight.

Having an authority blog at your disposal puts the odds of success greatly in your favor and
gives you a solid 3-6 month head start over those who are setting up their own blogs from scratch
because a new blog simply does NOT have any age or authority and simply WILL NOT rank
well on the search engines for a good 90-120 days or longer. It takes a lot of time and on page
seo (search engine optimization) to get to this authority.

So what are you waiting for?

                                    Join Empower Network

If you have any question don’t hesitate to give me a call 513-254-8161, would love to help you
get started.

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