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									Introduction to the HSPE and
       Reading HSPE
• The HSPE stands for the
  High School Proficiency
• In 10th grade, students
  are assessed in Reading,
  Writing, Science, and
• However, the Reading
  and Writing portions are
  the only portions you
  need to pass to graduate
  high school.
Why do we need to take the Math
     and Science WASL?
                Even though the Math
                  and Science portions
                  of the HSPE are not a
                  requirement, please
                  try your best on the
                  exam. The results on
                  Science and Math
                  portions of the WASL
                  affect funding at
                  Kentridge next year.
 What’s the biggest difference between the
  HSPE reading and the WASL reading
      WASL                     HSPE
-8 days of testing            - 5 days of testing
-Reading Exam includes        -Reading Exam includes
   multiple choice, short        multiple choice and short
   answer, and extended          answer questions.
   response questions         Reading portion includes
-Reading portion included        reading passages 1000
   reading passage over          words or less.
   1000 words.                In 2011 or 2012 the HSPE
Paper and pencil exam only.      will be an online exam.
HSPE Reading
                HSPE Reading
•    On the HSPE Reading exam there are 2 types of
1. Multiple-Choice Items: You will be presented with 4
     choices. None will be “none of the above” or “all of the
2. Short Answer Items: Short-answer need to be
     answered in a few sentences. You will be asked to
     refer to 2-3 items within the text. Make sure you stay
     within the lines.
* = a big difference between the HSPE and the WASL is
     there will be more multiple choice items and less Short
     answer and extended response items!
         Types of Passages
There are two types of reading passages on
   the Reading HSPE:

1. Literary: stories, poems, biographies,
   autobiographies, etc.
2. Informational: magazine or newspaper
   articles, historical documents, etc. Some
   texts may include charts, graphs,
   pictures, captions, etc.
Strategies on the Reading HSPE
 Strategy #1: Be an Active Reader

As you read a passage,
  you must think about
  what you are reading
  as you read it.
   Active Readers think about the
       following as they read:
What is the main idea of the passage?
Can I summarize the passage in my own words?
What inferences or predictions can I make from
 the text?
Can I figure out the vocabulary using the context
Do I understand the purpose of the selection?
Can I make connections between the passage and
 the real world?
Strategy #2: Power Guess
            Power Guessing
Play the odds in your favor:
• In one multiple choice questions you have a 1
    in 4 chance (25%) to get the answer correct.
• If you can eliminate two wrong answers you
    have increased your odds to a 1 in 2 chance or
    don’t answer a question it will be considered
    incorrect. Remember, MOST of the points on
    the reading HSPE are multiple choice
    questions. Make sure you use the Power
    Guess strategy for each question.
Strategy #3: Use Codes
    Use Codes on your Exam
1. Use a (+) for an answer you think may be
2. Use a (?) for an answer you are unsure
   about, but may want to answer later.
3. Use a (-) for answer you are sure is
Tip #4: List Items
 Listing Items on the Short Answer
On the Reading HSPE
  they DO NOT ask you
  to write in paragraph
This is good for you
  because if they ask
  for three details you
  can list three details
  instead of writing
  three details in a
Scoring the Reading HSPE
Multiple Choice:
-1 pt each. -75% of total score
Short Answer:
-2 pts each. -25% of total score.
       Short Answer Scoring
2 point response shows comprehension of
  passage with important details.

1 point shows partial comprehension of
  passage (difficult to determine between
  important and unimportant details).

O point shows little or no understanding.
Please Stand for Think on Your

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