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As you’ve no doubt observed, brands are
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  Social media          Chaos
  Personalization Compliance
  Outsourcing           Faster
  China                 competitors

  Technology            Uncertainty

  Boomers               Lower barriers

  Sustainability        Diversification

  Eco                   Lower attention

  Eurozone              Global

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  Modular Retail
  Fold-away stores allow retailers an easy way to move locations
  Implications - Over the past couple of years, pop-up stores have been                                                 Score:
  allowing retailers to quickly test their products with convenience and efficiency                                       7.2
  in many different areas. Now, store designers are recognizing the importance
  of modular design when it comes to temporary -- and in some cases,                                                   DEMOGRAPHICS
  permanent -- retail. Creating a modular physical store allows for it to be
  deconstructed and reconstructed quickly, which saves time when it comes to
  moving locations, and it also allows retailers to reuse materials, thereby
  saving costs.

                     Peaked and V. Hot                          Peaked and Hot                                  Peaked and Warm                                      Peaked and Warm
     Score:                                     Score:                                          Score:                                               Score:
                     20,843 Clicks in 41 w                      8,343 Clicks in 44 w                            8,552 Clicks in 41 w                                 7,666 Clicks in 50 w

    8.1              Pub: Dec 26, 11           7.1              Pub: Dec 4, 11                 6.7              Pub: Dec 24, 11                     6.6              Pub: Oct 25, 11         
  Modular Cubed Pop-                         Luxury Paper Pop-Ups                            Elegant Victorian                                    Vibrant Pop-Up Cafes
  Ups                                                                                        Dessert Shops
  Illy Temporary Shop by                     Hermes + Shigeru Ban Pavilion                   Carbon Designs Bea's of                              The ING Express Mobile Coffee
  Caterina Tiazzoldi Can Be                  is an Eco-Friendly Design                       Bloomsbury Cupcake Kiosk                             Bar is an Eye-Catching Modular
  Adapted to Different Areas                                                                                                                      Establishment
  This Illy temporary shop in Milan,         A joint project between the French              Thanks to the design firm Carbon,                    Adding to the increasing number of
  Italy, features an innovative              fashion house Hermes and                        the Bea's of Bloomsbury cupcake                      pop-up establishments around the
  reconfigurable design that allows it       ecological architect Shigeru Ban,               kiosk in Abu Dhabi features a                        world is the ING Express mobile
  to be adapted to different areas           the Hermes + Shigeru Ban Pavilion               stunning design. This particular                     coffee bar in Amsterdam. Created
  and dimensional constraints.               is a special exhibit part of Tokyo's            Bea's of Bloomsbury cupcake shop                     by Storeage, a retail design agency
                                             Design Tide Exhibition.                         is the London-based cafe's first                     in Amsterdamn, the ING Express
  Designed by Caterina Tiazzoldi                                                             international...                                     mobile...
  and...                                     The project...

                     Peaked and Mild
                     1,254 Clicks in 64 w

    5.1              Pub: Jul 15, 11
  Fold-Away Fashion
  The 24 Issey Mikaye Store Can
  Easily be Stored Anywhere

  Hisaaki Hirawata and Tomohiro
  Watab of the Japanese design
  group Moment Design have
  created a unique clothing store for
  label 24 Issey Miyake. Located in
  Sapporo, Japan. Modularity and
  functionality were...                                                   Copyright © All Rights Reserved
  Dystopia Fascination
  Attracted to the faux reality of a repressive futuristic world
  Implications - Modern consumers are intrigued by the idea of a future                                                   Score:
  dystopian world, as evidenced by the popularity of the recently released film                                             7.2
  The Hunger Games, as well as the prevalence of imagery, products and other
  innovations that suggest a repressive and controlled society operating under                                           DEMOGRAPHICS
  the guise of a utopian world. These innovations not only appeal to our
  fascination and wonder but also serve as reminders that the pursuit of utopia
  may not always be in our best interests.

                     Peaked and Viral                            Peaked and V. Hot                                Peaked and Hot                                        Peaked and Warm
     Score:                                     Score:                                            Score:                                               Score:
                     29,035 Clicks in 48 w                       13,450 Clicks in 28 w                            7,018 Clicks in 36 w                                  5,730 Clicks in 58 w

    8.3              Pub: Nov 6, 11            8.4               Pub: Mar 23, 12                 7.5              Pub: Jan 25, 12                     6.1               Pub: Aug 25, 11           
  Monochromatic                              Dystopia Cartoon                                  Film-Inspired                                        Futuristic Dystopian
  Dystopia Paintings                         Mashups                                           Photoblogs                                           Art
  Michael Peck Transports                    The Hunger Games Characters                       Capitol Couture is a Tumblr                          Alexandra Damacsek Uses
  Viewers to Foreboding Worlds               as Simpsons Stars are Hilarious                   Based on Fashion from The                            Morbid Photo Manipulation to
                                                                                               Hunger Games                                         Create a Dark World
  Michael Peck's paintings come              The Hunger Games Characters as                    The marketing people behind the                      The work of Alexandra Damacsek is
  across as tangible memories. The           Simpsons Stars is a mash-up series                film The Hunger Games have                           so much deeper than what meets
  familiarity of the environments, the       made by Next Movie and Old Red                    launched a Tumblr called Capitol                     the eye. Each of this talented
  romanticism of the feelings felt in        Jalopy. With the upcoming release                 Couture, giving fashionable fans of                  artist's photo manipulations are
  the moments and that longing one           of the Hunger Games movie,                        the film a place where they can get                  carefully crafted so to reveal a dark
  feels to revisit these passages...         everyone is loving dystopian                      their fill of the movie's haute                      and sinister world, which
                                             connotations....                                  couture....                                          surpasses...

                     Peaked and Warm                             Peaked and Warm                                  Peaked and Warm                                       Peaked and Warm
     Score:                                     Score:                                            Score:                                               Score:
                     5,750 Clicks in 66 w                        3,938 Clicks in 69 w                             3,607 Clicks in 44 w                                  2,665 Clicks in 28 w

    4.1              Pub: Jul 1, 11            5.6               Pub: Jun 13, 11                 6.0              Pub: Dec 6, 11                      6.1               Pub: Mar 22, 12           
  Dystopian Industrial                       Surreal Dystopian                                 Avant-Garde Anarchist                                Post-Apocalyptic
  Structures                                 Illustrations                                     Captures                                             Pendants
  The Samitaur Tower Provides                Niklas Lundberg Creates Dark                      The Jeff Bark Bullett Magazine                       The Hunger Games Necklace
  Information and Art to its                 and Dramatic Graphic Designs                      Editorial is Dark and Dystopian                      Pays Tribute to District 12
  If I had to imagine the future, it         There is something very dystopian                 The latest fashion editorial for                     As the Twilight saga nears its end,
  would be filled with architecture          about Niklas Lundberg's digital                   Bullet magazine stars models                         the new Hunger Games trilogy is
  like the Samitaur Tower. Its               illustrations. The fact that his work             German Ruiz, Jeremy Wardlaw,                         about to make its debut and take
  industrial look lends a dramatic           is dark and dramatic, not to                      Luciano Buttendorf, Nick Marini                      the box officer by storm--what
  touch to this city corner. An              mention futuristic as well, really                and Paul Boche. The dystopic shoot                   better way to prepare for the new
  information tower, it will not only        gives the illusion that he has                    lensed by photographer Jeff Bark                     dystopian craze by adorning...
  provide...                                 created...                                        examines a...                                                     Copyright © All Rights Reserved
  Business interiors go ultra-minimalist with an industrial aesthetic
  Implications - Designers have been embracing minimalism throughout the                                                Score:
  past few years, and now this direction is going to the extreme, with the                                                7.0
  industrial aesthetic becoming the design go-to for retail and business interiors.
  Featuring raw wood, concrete materials and other bare-bones, unfinished                                              DEMOGRAPHICS
  elements, these industrial-looking retail and business spaces provide
  consumers with a more subdued sensory experience and offer a clean
  aesthetic that helps to maintain the focus on the business's products and

                     Peaked and V. Hot                          Peaked and Hot                                  Peaked and Warm                                       Peaked and Warm
     Score:                                     Score:                                          Score:                                               Score:
                     14,146 Clicks in 39 w                      8,131 Clicks in 43 w                            3,614 Clicks in 25 w                                  3,742 Clicks in 45 w

    8.0              Pub: Jan 9, 12            7.0              Pub: Dec 13, 11                7.6              Pub: Apr 11, 12                     5.2               Pub: Nov 24, 11         
  Rustic Industrial                          Wine Cellar Lounges                             Industrial Ice Cream                                 Ruggedly Raw
  Restaurants                                                                                Shops                                                Boutiques
  Cocotte Presents a Gritty                  Carbon Bar Offers an Industrial                 Polka Gelato by Vonsung                              Hostem Shop in London Offers
  Interior Design                            and Contemporary                                Features a Cool Concrete                             a Simple & Unfinished Look
                                             Atmosphere                                      Design
  One that searches for french fine          With an interior designed by B3                 The Polka Gelato Shop by Vonsung                     The Hostem shop in London is a
  dining without looming chandeliers         Designers, London's Carbon Bar                  is as chilly as the product it is                    store that makes great use of the
  and cutlery that costs the same            offers a cool mix of contemporary,              selling. Challenging traditional ice                 rugged and rough aesthetic.
  amount as the cuisine would do             industrial and laid-back                        cream shop designs, this space                       Created by design duo
  well to try Cocotte, a french              architecture. The designers have                trades in bright colors for concrete-                JAMESPLUMB, the Hostem shop is
  restaurant in the midst of                 managed to give this lounge a                   clad walls. Looking stark...                         minimalistic, offering a raw look, as
  Singapore.                                 stylish but inviting...                                                                              if someone spontaneously...


                     Peaked and Warm                            Peaked and Warm                                 Peaked and Mild
     Score:                                     Score:                                          Score:
                     3,273 Clicks in 34 w                       2,968 Clicks in 50 w                            2,682 Clicks in 51 w

    6.2              Pub: Feb 13, 12           5.3              Pub: Oct 20, 11                5.1              Pub: Oct 15, 11  
  Contemporary                               Industrial Minimalist                           All-Encompassing Jean
  Concrete Galleries                         Shops                                           Retail
  Pitsou Kedem Designs Stylish               The Local Firm's First Concept                  Levi Strauss's Industrie Denim
  Showroom for B&B Italia                    Store is Straightforward &                      Store is Complete with "Jean-
                                             Stylish                                         iuses"
  The Israeli architecture firm Pitsou       Founded in 2007 by Richard                      Industrie Denim is a new premium
  Kedem has created a                        Hutchinson and Axel Nyhade, The                 denim concept created by Levi
  contemporary gallery for B&B               Local Firm is a Swedish fashion                 Strauss & Co. and American Rag
  Italia, an Italian furniture design        brand that specializes in premium               founder Mark Werts. The
  company, in Tel Aviv. The gallery is       jeans and other high-fashion                    collaboration has resulted in new
  housed within an old industrial            designs for men and women.                      Industrie Denim stores, which
  warehouse,...                                                                              feature industrial-style...
                                             The Local Firm brand...                                                   Copyright © All Rights Reserved
  Imposed Interaction
  Designers create workspaces that force collaboration and idea-sharing
  Implications - Research suggests that the more people in a work environment                                               Score:
  are forced to interact and converse, the more innovative ideas will be created.                                             8.7
  Studies in this area have concluded that knowledge transfer of any kind can
  stimulate people to think more creatively -- seemingly unrelated conversations                                           DEMOGRAPHICS
  can often lead to moments of insight. To this end, augmenting worker
  interaction is becoming a primary goal of workplace design as more brands
  begin welcoming these interaction-promoting areas instead of looking at them
  as places of unproductive socializing.

                      Peaked and Viral                             Peaked and V. Hot                                Peaked and V. Hot                                     Peaked and Hot
     Score:                                      Score:                                             Score:                                               Score:
                      15,697 Clicks in 19 w                        15,159 Clicks in 33 w                            7,437 Clicks in 18 w                                  13,049 Clicks in 59 w

    9.1               Pub: May 24, 12           8.1                Pub: Feb 21, 12                 8.5              Pub: Jun 4, 12                      7.1               Pub: Aug 17, 11            
  Creativity-Charged                          Imaginative                                        High-Tech Greenery                                   Overgrown Outdoor
  Cafes                                       Recreational                                       Offices                                              Offices
  BASE camp by Nest One is a                  Workspaces
                                              The LEGO Denmark Office Has                        The Microsoft Vienna                                 The Natural Systems
  Cutting-Edge Workspace                      a Slide and Building Stations                      Headquarters by INNOCAD                              Domination Installation
                                                                                                 Architektur is Lush                                  Encourages Healthy Workers
  The BASE camp by Nest One is a              This LEGO Denmark office                           The Microsoft Vienna                                 As much as society has become
  technology-focused innovation               encourages work and play, offering                 Headquarters by INNOCAD                              inundated with messages about
  center, channelling the power of            a slide that connects the second                   Architektur firm is a lush greenery-                 the importance of health and the
  creativity and communication. The           and first floors and features a                    infused workspace that encourages                    environment, this information still
  hybrid space functions as a cafe,           library of LEGO pieces and tables to               creativity amongst workers and                       hasn't fully sunk in, and that is why
  mobile shop, workstation,                   build models. The office is LEGO's                 managers. The office certainly                       art installations like the Natural...
  meeting...                                  new...                                             showcases the tech...

                      Peaked and Hot                               Peaked and Hot                                   Peaked and Warm
     Score:                                      Score:                                             Score:
                      6,523 Clicks in 47 w                         6,442 Clicks in 59 w                             1,570 Clicks in 16 w

    7.3               Pub: Nov 13, 11           7.2                Pub: Aug 24, 11                 6.6              Pub: Jun 19, 12     
  Interactive Office Hubs                     Mini-City Studios                                  Aquarium-Like Offices

  The Horizon Media Office by                 The FS2 Office Design                              The Munoz Arquitectos Studio
  a+i Architecture is Stunning                Promotes Community Among                           is See-Through All Over
  If you have a huge staff who spans          People are now realizing the                       The open-concept Munoz
  around ten blocks and three                 importance of community in the                     Arquitectos Studio is framed by
  buildings, then it's high time the          workspace, which is what the FS2                   delicate glass and industrial
  staff coup in a spacious interactive        office design promotes. Modeled                    concrete walls. As visitors and
  office, and that's exactly what the         like a mini city, this design for tech             employees enter the workspace,
  Horizon Media Office by a+i                 startup The Flagship avoids                        they feel welcomed by the airy,
  Architecture...                             alienation...                                      unobstructed...                                                       Copyright © All Rights Reserved
  Manufactured Addiction
  Gamified shopping keeps customers hooked & coming back for more
  Implications - An increasing number of websites are gamifying shopping,                                                Score:
  which, psychologically, can cause buying addiction. These sites include "flash                                           5.3
  shopping" sites with limited-time sales that make us feel a thrill when we buy
  something against a ticking clock, rewards-based sites that offer points in                                           DEMOGRAPHICS
  return for purchases, and deal-based sites like Plukka, in which the
  excitement is based on getting a great deal only if enough people agree to
  buy. All of these game-based shopping innovations elevate dopamine in the
  brain, which makes a person feel good about the shopping experience,
  thereby stimulating addiction and the desire to return for more. Thus, retailers
  will only continue to merge gaming and buying to intensify the shopping
  experience and attract -- and hook -- more customers.

                     Peaked and Hot                            Peaked and Warm                                   Peaked and Mild
     Score:                                    Score:                                          Score:
                     7,150 Clicks in 41 w                      1,565 Clicks in 38 w                              1,429 Clicks in 41 w

    7.6              Pub: Dec 21, 11          5.4              Pub: Jan 14, 12                5.4                Pub: Dec 22, 11  
  Budget-Friendly Fine                      Charitable Shopping                             Interactive Designer
  Jewelry                                   Websites                                        Microsites
  Plukka Relies on Customer                 'WorldWix' Donates Portions                     Karl's Kult on Net-a-Porter
  Interest Before Pieces Become             of Profit to Donation of Your                   Offers Mobile Apps and More
  Available                                 Choice
  Online jewelry e-tailer Plukka has        'WorldWix' is the best place to                 Join Karl's Kult on the designer
  devised an incredible business            shop online because it allows users             fashion eBoutique Net-a-
  model that reduces the brand's            to donate part of what they spend      and you will be in for a
  own cost and risk while providing         to the charity of their choice.                 wildly stylish ride. To create buzz
  its customers with affordable fine                                                        around Karl Lagerfeld's newest
  jewelry pieces. Plukka,                   The retailer sets the donation                  collection, 'Karl,' the online site has
  recognizing...                            amount (usually around 2%-7%)                   created...
                                            and...                                                  Copyright © All Rights Reserved
  Physical Virtual
  Providing both an augmented reality and tangible experience in one
  Implications - According to Forrester Research, Inc., online shopping in the                                           Score:
  United States will increase to $327 billion by the year 2016. This is no small                                           6.7
  number, but while online shopping is convenient, one thing shoppers don't get
  is a semblance of physicality -- a tangle store experience -- which may make                                          DEMOGRAPHICS
  online shopping a less pleasurable experience. However, bridging the gap
  between the physical retail store and the completely virtual shop are "stores"
  that provide a physical environment but virtual, or augmented reality, goods.
  This combination of virtual and physical works to satiate the appetite for
  virtuality while at the same time providing the comforting aspects of a physical

                      Peaked and Hot                             Peaked and Warm                                 Peaked and Mild                                    Peaked and Mild
     Score:                                     Score:                                           Score:                                             Score:
                      8,912 Clicks in 29 w                       4,082 Clicks in 44 w                            843 Clicks in 15 w                                 570 Clicks in 17 w

    8.1               Pub: Mar 18, 12          6.9               Pub: Dec 1, 11                 7.1              Pub: Jun 25, 12                   6.3              Pub: Jun 12, 12        
  Pop-Up Shopping Pods                       Scannable Window                                 Virtual Subway                                     Scannable Product
                                             Shopping                                         Supermarkets                                       Deliveries
  The Nike+ Fuelstations                     John Lewis Virtual Shop Lets                     Homeplus Uses Clever                               Walmart and P&G's PGMobile
                                             People Conveniently Click and                    Marketing Campaign to                              Trucks Offer Convenience &
                                             Collect                                          Become Number One                                  Accessibility
  The Nike+ FuelStations are the             It looks like some brands are using              While most businesses sell their                   Walmart and Proctor & Gamble are
  latest developments from the               QR codes to full advantage this                  products in grocery stores,                        launching a set of "@PGMobile
  Nike+ brand that focuses on                holiday season, and British retailer             Homeplus decides to sell theirs in a               Trucks" in Manhattan, New York, to
  bringing brands into the interactive       John Lewis is one of them. The                   virtual subway supermarket.                        deliver P&G products directly to
  era. The designs are interactive           John Lewis virtual shop has been                                                                    consumers. Food trucks have
  shopping pods in which users can           launched in Brighton, and it's a...              Homeplus is Korea's second largest                 become a go-to...
  enjoy a...                                                                                  home goods store chain next...

                      Peaked and Mild
                      607 Clicks in 43 w

    5.5               Pub: Dec 12, 11
  Real-Life App Stores

  The Openspace Store is a
  Physical Retail Shop That Sells
  The usual goal of a brick-and-
  mortar retail store is to get online,
  but recently it seems more
  companies are going backward
  from online to offline, and the
  Openspace store is one of them.

  The Openspace...                                                    Copyright © All Rights Reserved
  Innovative tools and apps helping shoppers maximize benefits and discounts
  Implications - With so many choices available in today's marketplace,                                              Score:
  shoppers are beginning to realize that paying full price isn't always necessary                                      5.7
  and that with fierce competition among retailers, there is always some reward
  or discount from which a shopper can benefit. Thus, a slew of tools and apps                                      DEMOGRAPHICS
  helping shoppers get the most out of their shopping experience -- whether it
  be through sale notifications or helping consumers optimize rewards -- have
  been hitting the marketplace. Not only will they influence the way people shop,
  but these shopping aids also stand to impact future retail strategy and

                      This Month and Mild                       This Month and Mild                          Peaked and Chilly
     Score:                                    Score:                                        Score:
                      437 Clicks in 8 w                         364 Clicks in 8 w                            772 Clicks in 53 w

    6.5               Pub: Aug 9, 12          6.7               Pub: Aug 12, 12             3.5              Pub: Oct 4, 11
  Personalized Virtual                      Price Drop Tracking                           In-Store Discount Apps
  Boutiques                                 Tools
  Boutine Lets You Create Your              Eyeona App Scans Receipts                     The Brouha App Reminds
  Own Outfits, Shop Looks &                 and Alerts You of Money-                      Users of Deals the Second They
  Earn Money                                Saving Opportunities                          Step Into the Store
  If you're a fan of Polyvore, you will     Don't you just hate it when you buy           Stores looking to reach customers
  fall in love with the virtual fashion     something at full price, only to find         with special offers and deals might
  platform Boutine. is          out a week later that the item has            want to think about ditching the
  an online boutique and social             gone on sale? With the Eyeona                 email offers in favor of the Brouha
  shopping site that lets users mix         app, however, you'll be able to               app. The Brouha app is an app that
  and match items to...                     take advantage...                             notifies customers of deals...                                                Copyright © All Rights Reserved
  More than just green, these structures are built to sustain themselves
  Implications - The last year has seen more and more designs of eco-friendly                                            Score:
  architecture, the most ambitious of which are sky-scraping towers that can                                               5.7
  actually, according to their designers, sustain themselves. Through the use of
  special agricultural systems and alternative energy elements, these structures                                        DEMOGRAPHICS
  are built to achieve a level of unprecedented sustainability, based on goals to
  feed large percentages of urban populations. As unbelievable as some of the
  designs seem, these self-sustaining buildings could very well be the future of

                     Peaked and Hot                             Peaked and Warm                                  Peaked and Warm                                       Peaked and Mild
     Score:                                    Score:                                           Score:                                                Score:
                     5,964 Clicks in 62 w                       5,580 Clicks in 59 w                             4,168 Clicks in 72 w                                  3,313 Clicks in 56 w

    7.1              Pub: Jul 28, 11          6.0               Pub: Aug 20, 11                4.7               Pub: May 19, 11                     5.2               Pub: Sep 14, 11           
  Sustainable                               Self-Sustaining                                  City-Saving Eco                                       Mile-High Urban Farms
  Crystallized Structures                   Cubitecture                                      Structures
  The London Farm Tower is a                Matrix Gateway Complex is an                     Riparian Urbanism Aims to                             The Bionic Arch is the Latest
  Solution to Food Crisis                   Astounding Innovative Green                      Revitalize the City of Detroit                        Eco Project from Vincent
                                            Structure                                                                                              Callebaut
  The prices at the grocery store           This gigantic 180-meter cube, set                Riparian Urbanism is a conceptual                     Architect Vincent Callebaut is
  keep on climbing for a reason;            to be located in Dubai, is called the            urban farm designed by Sprout                         known for drafting outlandish
  therefore, the London Farm Tower          Matrix Gateway Complex and is an                 Design & Media to breathe life                        building projects that virtually beg
  concept could be a great proposal         eco-friendly and technologically                 back into the dying city of Detroit.                  to be laughed at by financiers -- the
  for the very near future. Created to      innovative building design by                    The Motor City has seen a decline                     Bionic Arch, however, is another
  provide a solution to potential           Adrian Smith & Gordon Gill                       in recent years, thanks to the                        matter altogether.
  food...                                   Architecture....                                 struggles...
                                                                                                                                                   The Belgian...

                     Peaked and Mild                            Peaked and Mild
     Score:                                    Score:
                     2,307 Clicks in 56 w                       3,338 Clicks in 68 w

    4.0              Pub: Sep 13, 11          4.1               Pub: Jun 16, 11
  Actualized Urban                          Sustainable Twin
  Jungles                                   Towers
  Vertical Farms for the AWR                Vikas Pawar Designs an Eco-
  Competition are the Future of             Friendly Set of Towers for
  London                                    Northern India
  The attached designs for AWR's            Vikas Pawar is an Indian architect
  LOFT 2011 competition may be              who has designed a sustainable set
  unconventional, but you'd better          of towers for Northern India which
  get used to the idea of vertical          are expected to provide both food
  farms because they're among the           and shelter. The aptly named Eco
  most efficient means of food              Skyscrapers have a unique look...
  production and...                                                   Copyright © All Rights Reserved
  Wearable Multitasking
  Hi-tech watches that perform more functions than simple time-telling
  Implications - Today's on-the-go consumers are constantly looking for                                                   Score:
  products that will help them multitask, and one area in which multi-                                                      7.1
  functionality may influence purchasing decision is watch design. Because
  watches can be worn, they provide a convenient method of storing data,                                                 DEMOGRAPHICS
  connecting to friends, making payments and more. Saving people the time
  and trouble it takes to find similar functions and apps on their computers,
  phones or tablets, these built-in features appeal to time-starved consumers
  searching for convenience in their day-to-day lives.

                     Peaked and V. Hot                           Peaked and Warm                                  Peaked and Warm                                      Peaked and Warm
     Score:                                     Score:                                           Score:                                                Score:
                     23,470 Clicks in 79 w                       4,732 Clicks in 44 w                             7,682 Clicks in 51 w                                 5,788 Clicks in 77 w

    7.6              Pub: Apr 5, 11            6.8               Pub: Nov 30, 11                6.6               Pub: Oct 18, 11                     6.4              Pub: Apr 16, 11           
  Luxe iPod Nano                             Credit Card Timepieces                           Remote GPS Watches                                    Networking Pocket
  Watches                                                                                                                                           Watches
  The ZShock Diamond Lunatik                 LAKS Watch2Pay System                            The Citizen Satellite Wave                            Serendipity from Hoang M
  iPod Nano Function Watch                   Allows for Contactless                           Remains Accurate No Matter                            Nguyen Puts a New Spin on
  Shines                                     Payments                                         Where You Are                                         Social Media
  The ZShock Diamond Lunatik iPod            With all of the fast cash and instant            The Citizen Satellite Wave is made                    Serendipity from Hoang M Nguyen
  Nano Function Watch may just be            payment systems popping up these                 for those who tend to travel off the                  of CREATIVEsessions is a neat little
  the most luxury you can ever add           days, something like the LAKS                    beaten path. Instead of relying on                    gadget designed to take the
  to an iPod Nano. The company               'watch2pay' system not only fits                 traditional radio signals, this hi-                   concept of social media to new
  known for creating stunning watch          the bill but offers even more                    tech time-teller and GPS uses the                     heights. Serendipity is a pocket
  designs, has taken their experience        practicality. This innovative watch-             time broadcasts of GPS satellites....                 watch-shaped gadget that lets you
  and creativity...                          credit-card...                                                                                         connect...

                     Peaked and Warm                             Peaked and Warm                                  Peaked and Mild
     Score:                                     Score:                                           Score:
                     7,325 Clicks in 60 w                        2,575 Clicks in 69 w                             1,378 Clicks in 52 w

    6.8              Pub: Aug 12, 11           3.8               Pub: Jun 9, 11                 5.0               Pub: Oct 5, 11   
  Multitasking Wrist                         Music-Tracking Time-                             Triathlete Training
  Watches                                    Tellers                                          Watches
  The imWatch Lets You Stay                  The Guitime Function Watch                       The Garmin Forerunner 910XT
  Connected Online Wherever                  Tells Time & Helps You Fine-                     is Designed for Multisport
  You Go                                     Tune Your Sound                                  Training
  If you're one of those people who          Guitarists are going to want to pay              Training to be a triathlete is about
  hasn't worn a watch since you got          extra close attention to the                     to become a little easier thanks to
  a cell phone, that may soon change         Guitime Watch. The Guitime                       the Garmin Forerunner 910XT. The
  with the imWatch. The cool, tech-          Watch, designed by Elvis Fung, is a              Garmin Forerunner 910XT is a
  savvy watch connects to your               watch designed specifically for                  multisport watch designed to track
  iPhone or Android via bluetooth            those who play guitar.                           your performance both in the
  and...                                                                                      water...
                                             The watch has a dual-display...                                                    Copyright © All Rights Reserved
  Deliberate Vintage
  Growing obsession with making photos look 'antique'
  Implications - Although recent years have seen a rise in high-resolution                                               Score:
  photography and tools, many people are becoming more partial to                                                          8.1
  photography that takes on an antique look, with blurred edges, fuzzy images
  and faded coloring. This love for antique photography has created a renewed                                           DEMOGRAPHICS
  passion for the Polaroid photo as well as contemporary tools like Instagram
  that allow consumers to instantly turn their digital photos into "vintage" ones.
  Consumers are hardwired to appreciate nostalgic elements in products and
  advertising (nostalgia activates parts of the brain associated with feelings of
  pleasure), which explains why this direction in photography has grown -- and
  is growing -- so rapidly.

                     Peaked and Viral                           Peaked and V. Hot                                Peaked and V. Hot                                     Peaked and V. Hot
     Score:                                     Score:                                           Score:                                                Score:
                     31,088 Clicks in 24 w                      12,407 Clicks in 40 w                            13,039 Clicks in 34 w                                 10,986 Clicks in 45 w

    8.9              Pub: Apr 23, 12           8.3              Pub: Jan 3, 12                  7.4              Pub: Feb 10, 12                      7.5              Pub: Nov 29, 11           
  Instagram-Inspired                         Hipster Polaroid-                                Polaroid Picnic                                       Retro Polaroid
  Editorials                                 Inspired Shoots                                  Lookbooks                                             Pictorials
  Cara Delevingne by Nick Knight             The Vice 'Less is a Bore'                        The Band of Outsiders Spring                          Davis Ayer Captures Explosive
  Playfully Poses with Baby Pets             Editorial Offers Wild &                          2012 Catalog Stars Michelle                           Beauty
                                             Youthful Prints                                  Williams
  Instagram sold for one billion             VICE Magazine recently released an               The Band of Outsiders Spring 2012                     It's always refreshing to find good
  dollars for a few reasons, and the         editorial entitled 'Less is a Bore'              Women's lookbook is as soft and                       photography that explores new
  photo series starring Cara                 that directly juxtaposes a                       sweet as the label's past                             ways to approach life and
  Delevingne by Nick Knight hones in         minimalist style. The editorial                  campaigns. Shot with a vintage                        emotions, such as the images by
  on one of them: The ability to take        features a group of young twenty-                theme, the polaroids create the                       American artist Davis Ayer. These
  quirky photos with a professional...       somethings in a variety of candid                perfect boarder for the                               stunning photos have the quality to
                                             Polaroid-like...                                 romantically quirky and...                            directly...

                     Peaked and Hot                             Peaked and Warm                                  Peaked and Warm
     Score:                                     Score:                                           Score:
                     6,282 Clicks in 31 w                       2,159 Clicks in 26 w                             1,725 Clicks in 34 w

    7.5              Pub: Mar 1, 12            7.4              Pub: Apr 7, 12                  4.2              Pub: Feb 8, 12   
  Sleepy Celeb Polaroid                      Living Photo Apps                                Vintage Polaroid
  Shoots                                                                                      Lookbooks
  James Franco Covers the                    Cinemagraph-Creating                             The Band of Outsiders Spring
  Debut Issue of Mister Muse                 Company Flixel is Like                           2012 Collection Features Artist
  Magazine                                   Instagram on Steroids                            Ed Ruscha
  Hollywood's favorite jack-of-all-          Flixel is a the latest photography               In what's becoming a signature
  trades James Franco appears on             app that allows its users to create              look, the Band of Outsiders Spring
  the cover of the debut issue of            Instagram-worthy shots with a                    2012 Collection has the nostalgic
  Mister Muse Magazine, the new              twist--they move. The term                       feel of yesteryear with a Polaroid-
  men's version of the independent           "Cinemagraph" was trademarked                    inspired spread. Extra bonus points
  Italian magazine Muse. James               by visual artists and...                         can also be thrown in for
  Franco appears...                                                                           featuring...                                                    Copyright © All Rights Reserved
  Millennial Madness
  Focusing on the Gen Y segment to better understand burgeoning needs & demands
  Implications - These days, it's all about marketing to Millennials. This                                              Score:
  demographic cohort has a higher level of discretionary income relative to prior                                         5.8
  generations, as well as vastly different preferences and mindsets, such as a
  greater familiarity with modern technology (and the willingness to spend                                             DEMOGRAPHICS
  money on it), lower level of religiosity and an entrepreneurial -- rather than
  rebellious -- nature. A deeper understanding of Millennials' needs and
  demands will give marketers and brands a significant opportunity to gain
  attention from this heavy-spending consumer segment.

                     Peaked and Viral                           Peaked and Warm                                 Peaked and Mild                                      Peaked and Mild
     Score:                                     Score:                                          Score:                                               Score:
                     23,906 Clicks in 34 w                      3,959 Clicks in 30 w                            1,827 Clicks in 33 w                                 1,623 Clicks in 39 w

    8.7              Pub: Feb 13, 12           7.2              Pub: Mar 9, 12                 5.6              Pub: Feb 19, 12                     4.2              Pub: Jan 10, 12         
  Generational                               Generation Y Foodie                             Doomed Millennial                                    Generation-Focused
  Marketing Guides                           Graphs                                          Infographics                                         Autos
  The Millennials Infographic                The How Millennials Eat                         'Generation Screwed' Outlines                        Chevy Code 130R and Tru 140S
  Breaks Down Gen Y                          Infographic Tracks Cuisine                      Ominous Unemployment                                 Aimed at Millennials
                                             Choices                                         Rates
  The Millennials infographic breaks's How                         North Americans currently live in                    Chevrolet has revealed two new
  down the habits and characteristics        Millennials Eat infographic explores            an age where education and job                       car models, the Chevy Code 130R
  of Generation Y, or "millennials:"         the food and food spending habits               qualification unfortunately doesn't                  and Tru 140S, which are to be
  tech-savvy generation that                 of the millennial generation. Many              mean immediate employment, as                        targeted at the Millennial
  marketers are anxious to get in            marketers are realizing the                     the 'Generation Screwed: It's Not                    generation. They were revealed at
  touch with. According to Spiral16,         difference in the general spending              Easy Being a Millennial'                             the 2012 Detroit Auto Show, where
  the...                                     habits of...                                    infographic...                                       the carmaker...                                                   Copyright © All Rights Reserved
  Subscription World
  Busy consumers look to on-demand niche services for convenience
  Implications - Food subscription services and home deliveries gained ground                                          Score:
  in 2009. Since then, a new wave of subscription-based services have hit the                                            4.7
  marketplace, offering all types of products and packages catered to different
  consumer groups. In today's world of busy schedules and on-the-go living,                                           DEMOGRAPHICS
  such targeted subscription services are exactly what convenience-minded
  consumers are looking for.

                     Peaked and Mild                           Peaked and Mild                                 Peaked and Mild
     Score:                                    Score:                                          Score:
                     6,664 Clicks in 68 w                      1,490 Clicks in 48 w                            1,687 Clicks in 47 w

    5.5              Pub: Jun 15, 11          5.7              Pub: Nov 4, 11                 4.7              Pub: Nov 11, 11  
  Pantyhose                                 Curated Ethical Boxes                           Global Farmers'
  Subscriptions                                                                             Markets
  Hoseanna Makes Sure That                  Monthly Blissmoboxes are                        Liga Masiva Lets You Buy
  You Never Have Ruined                     Packed With Social Goodness                     Coffee Straight from the
  Stockings                                                                                 Source
  A subscription to a magazine or           In addition to running a social-good            What if your weekly peruse of the
  newspaper can sometimes lose its          daily deals site, Blissmo creates               farmers' market had a more global
  luster pretty quickly, but Hoseanna       curated monthly packages of                     perspective? What if rather than
  will keep you interested. You may         ethical products, from organic and              simply buying the coffee via a
  wonder how, but it's simple: they         healthy treats, to ethical options              middleman, you could buy fresh,
  provide a pantyhose subscription...       that are gentle on the planet and...            organic, 100% sustainable coffee
                                                                                            direct...                                                  Copyright © All Rights Reserved
  Upgraded Ordinary
  Rebranding everyday condiments to increase customer awareness
  Implications - When you think of spices and condiments like ketchup, you                                               Score:
  think of the most well-known brand (for example, Heinz) -- or you don't think of                                         6.0
  any brand at all. In an effort to recreate awareness, brands are rebranding
  these everyday products with more innovative and eye-catching packaging as                                            DEMOGRAPHICS
  well as augmented ingredients. When consumers perceive little difference
  between ordinary products like condiments, product revamps like these are
  definitely in order.

                     Peaked and V. Hot                          Peaked and Hot                                   Peaked and Warm                                      Peaked and Warm
     Score:                                     Score:                                           Score:                                               Score:
                     13,848 Clicks in 51 w                      21,967 Clicks in 53 w                            6,948 Clicks in 71 w                                 5,399 Clicks in 66 w

    7.7              Pub: Oct 14, 11           5.9              Pub: Oct 3, 11                  4.6              Pub: May 27, 11                     3.8              Pub: Jul 5, 11          
  Cute Nudist Branding                       Alchemist Spice                                  Cute Condiment                                       Freehand Condiment
                                             Branding                                         Cartons                                              Branding
  Zest Packaging Promises that               Sheffield & Sons Packaging                       Temma Packaging has a                                Senor John's BBQ Sauces
  its Contents Have Nothing to               Evokes an Ingredient Purity                      Delightfully Delicious                               Packaging Helps the Homeless
  Hide                                                                                        Disposition
  Never has nudity for the purpose of        The nature of product wrapping is                I'm much more accustomed to                          Simply because most steps in the
  selling something been executed as         that it can be exploited to                      seeing foods like ice cream in such                  commercial graphic design process
  innocently and adorably as it is on        misrepresent its contents, selling               cylindrical containers, but Temma                    must almost always involve
  Zest packaging. Provocativeness is         an image that bears little                       packaging breaks the convention                      working on the computer, concepts
  not the main appeal of these               resemblance to what's within.                    by putting products like ketchup                     for packaging like Senor John's BBQ
  enchanting illustrations, rather,...       Sheffield & Sons packaging takes an              and currywurst in these cute                         Sauces still choose to make good
                                             approach of...                                   cartons....                                          use...

                     Peaked and Mild                            Peaked and Mild                                  Peaked and Mild
     Score:                                     Score:                                           Score:
                     1,371 Clicks in 49 w                       2,915 Clicks in 61 w                             3,795 Clicks in 83 w

    5.7              Pub: Oct 27, 11           4.2              Pub: Aug 8, 11                  2.6              Pub: Mar 5, 11   
  Classy Condiment                           Caulking Branded                                 Luxurious Cooking
  Upgrades                                   Condiments                                       Condiments
  The Heinz Ketchup Balsamic                 Montage Saus Packaging Looks                     Golden Olive Oil is Infused
  Vinegar is for More Refined                More Like Epoxy Applicators                      With Real Flakes of Gold
  Ketchup isn't exactly a                    It is well-known that humor works                Golden Olive oil has to be one the
  sophisticated condiment, so to             well as a technique for marketing,               the most extreme forms of cooking
  reach the millions of customers            but it need not stop at print ad                 condiment luxury. The brilliant
  with more refined tastes, Heinz is         campaigns and commercials.                       bottle glows with the 24 Karat gold
  launching its Heinz Ketchup                Montage Saus packaging amuses                    flakes infused in the oil. The Golden
  Balsamic Vinegar.                          the consumer as it imitates the                  Olive oil is a limited edition...
                                             design of...
  Heinz, a condiment that,
  according...                                                    Copyright © All Rights Reserved
  Crossover Cuisine
  Food lovers embrace sushi all over the world, devise new interpretations
  Implications - Sushi is becoming a globalized cuisine, as more and more                                                 Score:
  Western cultures embrace the food with open arms. While at first Westerners                                               7.1
  did not particularly understand the concept of eating raw fish and seasoned
  rice together, over the course of the past few decades, it has become one of                                           DEMOGRAPHICS
  most beloved types of cuisine, with an increasing number of sushi restaurants
  and innovations sprouting up all over North America. According to Food &
  Wine, the number of sushi bars in the United States quintupled between 1988
  and 1998, and it has kept on growing. With sushi's growing popularity,
  consumers are also getting crafty and recreating their own versions of the
  cuisine as well as sushi-inspired innovations, such as dessert-style sushi, rice-
  rolling machines and more.

                     Peaked and Viral                            Peaked and Hot                                   Peaked and Warm                                      Peaked and Warm
     Score:                                    Score:                                            Score:                                                Score:
                     6,088 Clicks in 16 w                        5,033 Clicks in 22 w                             3,785 Clicks in 39 w                                 946 Clicks in 15 w

    8.6              Pub: Jun 20, 12          8.5                Pub: May 3, 12                 7.3               Pub: Jan 9, 12                      5.7              Pub: Jun 20, 12            
  Lunchbox Maki Makers                      Edible Insect Sushi                               Sweet Sushi Playthings                                Rice Roll-Making
  The Wakasu Portable Sushi                 Ento Uses Creative Branding to                    The Fakir Design Sushi Toy is                         The Suzumo Inari Sushi Robot
  Maker Molds Homemade                      Encourage Eating Creepy                           an Adorable Delight                                   is Seriously Efficient
  Meals into Fun                            Crawlers
  Too quickly, homemade lunches             Ento is a project by Aran Dasan,                  Parisian artist Fakir brings you this                 With the emergence of all-you-can-
  can lose their luster. The Wakasu         Jacky Chung, Jonathan Fraser and                  sweet Sushi toy as a way to help                      eat restaurants, the Suzumo Inari
  Portable Sushi Maker strives to           Julene Aguirre-Bielschowsky, who                  you play with food.                                   Sushi Robot may just be the answer
  keep you craving your healthy and         are a team working together on                                                                          to providing a constant supply of
  economical creations with a crisp         the Innovation Design Engineering                 The resin toys resemble traditional                   fresh bites. The automated droid is
  and clever snack box that infuses...      joint Masters course at the Royal...              Japanese delicacies. The hand-                        able to produce 2,500...
                                                                                              crafted series includes a group of
                                                                                              sushi rolls....

                     Peaked and Mild                             Peaked and Mild
     Score:                                    Score:
                     1,163 Clicks in 16 w                        2,576 Clicks in 58 w

    4.8              Pub: Jun 14, 12          5.3                Pub: Aug 27, 11
  Melting Maki Bites                        Ridiculously Large Rolls

  These Sushi Ice Cream                     Giant Sushi is Taking Over in
  Cupcakes are a Cute and                   Japan Among Diehard Fish
  Kitschy Way to Beat the Heat              Fans
  Keep cool this summer with these          I will be the first to admit that I can
  frosty and fabulous Sushi Ice Cream       eat a lot of sushi -- and often, too --
  Cupcakes. The title (if taken             but the giant sushi craze in Japan
  literally) may not seem all that          may be a bit much, even for me. A
  enticing, but rest assured; these         recently opened restaurant in the
  tasty treats are happily fish...          Aichi prefecture of...                                                    Copyright © All Rights Reserved
  Rebranding ordinary products to appeal to fashion-focused consumers
  Implications - There are just some things that people don't expect to be                                             Score:
  fashionable -- like soft drinks and razors, for example. But that doesn't mean                                         6.3
  brands won't get consumer attention when it recreates or markets these
  ordinary products with a fashionable twist. A lot more people, both men and                                         DEMOGRAPHICS
  women, are interested in style these days, and turning a simple item into a
  stylish one stands to make it more appealing, especially when your target is a
  younger, hipper audience.

                     Peaked and Hot                            Peaked and Warm                                 Peaked and Mild                                       Peaked and Mild
     Score:                                    Score:                                          Score:                                               Score:
                     8,780 Clicks in 78 w                      1,497 Clicks in 37 w                            2,585 Clicks in 60 w                                  1,896 Clicks in 80 w

    6.7              Pub: Apr 11, 11          6.3              Pub: Jan 20, 12                6.2              Pub: Aug 10, 11                     6.0               Pub: Mar 28, 11         
  Couture Cola                              Posh Pop Packaging                              Fashionable Feminine                                 Couture Icon Cola
  Campaigns                                                                                 Hygiene                                              Bottles
  The Karl Lagerfeld Diet Coke              The Diet Coke Get Glam                          U by Kotex Limited Edition                           Karl Lagerfeld Diet Coke
  2011 Campaign is Pretty in                Campaign is in Collaboration                    Designer Series Offers Stylish                       Bottles Add Fashionable Flair
  Pink                                      With Benefit Cosmetics                          Protection                                           to Soft Drinks
  The Karl Lagerfeld Diet Coke 2011         Pop cans have never been more                   Kimberly-Clark has expanded its U                    If you're the type who needs to be
  campaign suits the pretty pink            fashionable than the Diet Coke Get              by Kotex line to include the U by                    fashionable in every way, I suppose
  bottles of Coke perfectly, which          Glam editions. This stylish                     Kotex Limited Edition Designer                       carrying the Karl Lagerfeld Diet
  were specially designed by the            campaign centers around three can               series. This new line features new                   Coke bottles would be the best
  Chanel designer himself. The              designs: each one has a silhouette              fashionable box designs meant to                     way to go in the case of holding a
  cutesy campaign features super            of a woman's face filled with either            reflect a young woman's personal                     beverage.
  models Coco...                            a...                                            style....
                                                                                                                                                 The Karl Lagerfeld Diet...

                     Peaked and Mild                           Peaked and Mild
     Score:                                    Score:
                     1,633 Clicks in 37 w                      816 Clicks in 40 w

    5.8              Pub: Jan 20, 12          4.5              Pub: Jan 2, 12
  Dapper Grooming                           Haute Couture Water
  Campaigns                                 Vessels
  Three Stylish Stars to                    The Courreges Limited Edition
  Represent the Gillette Fusion             Evian Bottle is Stylishly
  ProGlide Styler                           Vivacious
  Gillette has enlisted the help of         Bottled water heavyweight Evian
  three stylish celebs to help launch       combined forces with renowned
  its new Gillette Fusion ProGlide          French designer Courreges to
  Styler. To celebrate the different        create the Courreges Limited
  facial hair styles, the male              Edition Evian Bottle. Made using
  grooming brand is featuring male          100% recyclable packaging and
  style...                                  organic ink, this...                                                  Copyright © All Rights Reserved
  Immersive Branding
  Fully engrossing consumers in surrounded campaigns
  Implications - A brand can captivate an audience through strong visuals,                                              Score:
  resonating messages and engaging interaction, but they can go above and                                                 5.8
  beyond that with full immersion, creating a total brand experience in which the
  customer is surrounded and completely immersed in a brand. Coca-Cola and                                             DEMOGRAPHICS
  Cadbury are two brands that are trying out this new form of infectious
  messaging, in which campaigns include larger-than-life productions, fantasy
  lands, bus rides, parties and more.

                     Peaked and V. Hot                          Peaked and Warm                                 Peaked and Mild                                       Peaked and Mild
     Score:                                     Score:                                          Score:                                               Score:
                     12,572 Clicks in 34 w                      4,531 Clicks in 34 w                            1,236 Clicks in 34 w                                  1,825 Clicks in 36 w

    8.3              Pub: Feb 13, 12           6.2              Pub: Feb 11, 12                6.0              Pub: Feb 10, 12                     4.4               Pub: Jan 27, 12         
  Immersive Brand                            Fantastical Doll                                Imaginary Chocolate                                  Chic Advertising
  Projections                                Wardrobes                                       Lands                                                Apartments
  Antilop Creates Coca-Cola                  The 'See What Happens When                      Cadbury's Joyville Promotes                          The Billboard House from
  Future Room for                            You Play With Barbie'                           the New Dairy Milk Bubbly                            Apostrophy's is Large and
  Santralistanbul                            Campaign                                                                                             Livable
  In celebration of Coca-Cola's 125th        To celebrate Barbie has a style                 To promote its latest product,                       Advertisers and apartment seekers
  anniversary, Istanbul-based                icon, Mattel is launching an                    Dairy Milk Bubbly, Kraft Foods-                      alike are going to love the Billboard
  creative agency Antilop has created        interactive campaign called 'See                owned Cadbury has created a fun                      House. The Billboard House was
  the Coca-Cola Future Room, an              What Happens When You Play                      and exciting campaign that includes                  designed by Apostrophy's as a
  immersive digital experience and           With Barbie.' The initiative is all             an imaginary chocolate land called                   livable piece of marketing. The
  installation at Santralistanbul, a         about the world of Barbie -- more               Joyville, where all of Cadbury's                     adverhouse stands three stories
  modern...                                  specifically,...                                Dairy...                                             high...

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    5.1              Pub: Feb 1, 12
  Creative Incentivized
  Trainees Must Earn Their Way
  Up the Mortierbrigade Hotel

  While there are many ways to
  recruit talented people, advertising
  agency Mortierbrigade has devised
  one of the most creative ways to
  do so by turning the house next to
  its agency into the
  Mortierbrigade...                                                   Copyright © All Rights Reserved
  Engaging customers through an exciting and entertaining retail experience
  Implications - To grab the attention of today's shoppers, retailers are looking                                       Score:
  for more innovative ways to create an exciting in-store shopping experience.                                            6.8
  Thus, the era of "shoppertainment" is born, in which stores are readily adding
  interactive and exciting elements such as theaters, musical displays, digital                                        DEMOGRAPHICS
  showrooms and more. IKEA, for example, even hosts slumber parties at its
  Essex store, giving customers a night of movies, food, manicures and more.
  Amidst heated competition and tightening wallets, it's no surprise that retailers
  are pulling all the stops to when it comes to giving customers an experience to

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     Score:                                    Score:                                           Score:                                               Score:
                     8,912 Clicks in 29 w                       1,502 Clicks in 11 w                            2,317 Clicks in 36 w                                 1,347 Clicks in 36 w

    8.1              Pub: Mar 18, 12          7.1               Pub: Jul 24, 12                6.7              Pub: Feb 1, 12                      4.4              Pub: Feb 1, 12          
  Pop-Up Shopping Pods                      Interactive Digital                              Linguistic Retail                                    Cinematic Couture
                                            Showrooms                                        Campaigns                                            Shops
  The Nike+ Fuelstations                    Audi City Will Provide                           Selfridges 'Words Words                              Louis Vuitton 'Roma Etoile'
                                            Customers With a New Buying                      Words' Celebrates Power of                           Boutique Will House a Small
                                            Experience                                       Written Word                                         Theater
  The Nike+ FuelStations are the            The next level of car-buying is here,            The retail world is exceedingly                      The Louis Vuitton 'Roma Etoile'
  latest developments from the              with Audi City, which is set to                  visual as people shop by taking in                   boutique has opened in Italy in a
  Nike+ brand that focuses on               revolutionize the auto industry.                 colors, patterns, design details and                 historical cinema, which has been
  bringing brands into the interactive      Audi City is an immersive digital                the like, but the Selfridges 'Words                  redesigned by architect Peter
  era. The designs are interactive          showroom that allows customers                   Words Words' campaign aims to                        Marino into the first Louis Vuitton
  shopping pods in which users can          to explore the different Audi...                 emphasize the power of the                           Maison line of boutiques.
  enjoy a...                                                                                 written...
                                                                                                                                                  The new...

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                     712 Clicks in 40 w                         477 Clicks in 11 w

    5.8              Pub: Jan 3, 12           5.7               Pub: Jul 24, 12
  Furniture Store                           Boutique Simulation
  Slumber Parties                           Games
  IKEA Sleepover Offers Fans a              Stylmee Lets Users Curate &
  Night of Fun & Pampering                  Sell Fashion Products in a
                                            Virtual Store
  Don't you always wish you could           Merging entrepreneurship, fashion
  spend the night in one of the many        and virtual gaming in one, Stylmee
  super-comfy beds you see when             is an online simulation game that
  furniture-shopping? The IKEA              makes you the owner of a virtual
  sleepover, an event held at the end       fashion boutique. Players take on
  of November, let customers do just        the role of stylist, buyer...
  that!...                                                   Copyright © All Rights Reserved
  Benefit Brands
  Social cause companies badging themselves with B Corp certification
  Implications - B Corp certification is a new accreditation given to companies                                        Score:
  that use the power of business toward social and environmental issues. The                                             5.4
  number of B Corps is steadily increasing, with over 450 companies currently
  certified, and the impetus for the certification is clear: Just as Fair Trade and                                   DEMOGRAPHICS
  LEED certifications elevate the appeal of certain products to cause-driven
  consumers, so too does B Corporation certification elevate a company's brand
  image. Not only that, this new level of certification stands to change the way
  social businesses -- and perhaps even profit-driven businesses -- are created
  and operated, as well as redefine business success in today's socially
  conscious society.

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                     2,550 Clicks in 37 w                      1,273 Clicks in 37 w                            590 Clicks in 35 w                                 407 Clicks in 29 w

    7.0              Pub: Jan 24, 12          6.4              Pub: Jan 21, 12                4.7              Pub: Feb 8, 12                    4.0              Pub: Mar 14, 12       
  Outdoor Gear for Good                     1-for-1 Sport                                   Mission-Based                                      Altruistic Law Firms
                                            Businesses                                      Investing
  Patagonia Pays Employees to               One World Futbol Shares                         'Renewal2 Investment Fund'                         Rimon is a Certified B Corp and
  Volunteer for Eco Nonprofits              Unbreakable Soccer Balls                        Helps Foster Triple Bottom                         Donates 10% Of Its Profits to
                                                                                            Line Success                                       Charity
  "...most of the damage we cause to        One World Futbol is a provider of               Renewal2 Investment Fund works                     Rimon Law is a socially-conscious
  the planet is the result of our own       revolutionary soccer balls that                 with North American investors and                  firm and Certified B Corp that has
  ignorance." -- Yvon Chouinard, in         refuse to go flat, and through their            entrepreneurs who want to create                   been recognized for its
  his book Let My People Go Surfing:        'buy one, give one' program are                 positive change in the social and                  contributions to the environment
  The Education of a Reluctant              reaching out to support those in                environmental sectors. The                         as well as their philanthropic
  Businessman.                              need. In late 2006, Tim Jahnigen...             certified B Corp also works with                   efforts. In addition to donating 10%
                                                                                            Radian Carbon...                                   of earnings...
  Eager to become the...                                                  Copyright © All Rights Reserved
  Wellness Gaming
  Enhancing health and providing treatment through games
  Implications - Video games are still considered by many consumers to be a                                            Score:
  waste of time, and while that might be the case for some games, there is a                                             3.7
  growing market for wellness-based games, which actually help to enhance a
  person's quality of life. These games, whether they're used for stress-relief,                                      DEMOGRAPHICS
  treatment, fitness or overall mental health, are products that appeal to people
  who would never classify themselves as typical "gamers." And therein lies the
  advantage: by appealing to non-gamers, video game brands can secure an
  entirely different customer and market segment to augment overall sales.

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                     1,001 Clicks in 49 w                      1,035 Clicks in 53 w                            492 Clicks in 37 w

    3.7              Pub: Oct 28, 11          2.7              Pub: Sep 29, 11                4.7              Pub: Jan 20, 12  
  Real-Life Video Games                     Patient Empowering                              Vibration-Sensitive
                                            Video Games                                     Racing Apps
  The Explorence App Provides               PE Interactive Hopes to                         Fit Freeway App Allows Users
  Activity Incentives Through               Strengthen the Resolve of                       to Speed to the Winning Diet
  Races and Wagering                        Cancer Victims
  The Explorence App may not be the         Engineers, artists and 3D designers             For those who ditched their New
  first attempt at encouraging more         at the University of Utah have                  Year's resolutions or for those who
  physical activity despite the             pooled their resources in order to              want to get fit without the hard
  modern-day obsession with virtual         help develop PE Interactive, a                  work, there's now Fit Freeway. Fit
  reality, yet it takes a stronger          therapeutic video game aimed at                 Freeway is a new face and
  approach to getting both kids and         children diagnosed with cancer.                 movement-reading app that allows
  adults...                                                                                 users...
                                            Because...                                                  Copyright © All Rights Reserved
  Nostalgic Escape
  Adult vacations inspired by childhood let consumers travel back in time
  Implications - For some, the ultimate escape is more mental than physical--                                           Score:
  thus, certain regions are boosting tourism by adding a whimsical element to                                             6.6
  their attractions, allowing consumers to revisit the more simple times of
  childhood. These infantile escapes are kid-inspired, yet are meant solely for                                        DEMOGRAPHICS
  adults. This provides consumers with a chance for full freedom from grown-up
  life, encouraging them to let loose and be kids again.

                      Peaked and Viral                           Peaked and V. Hot                              Peaked and Hot                                       Peaked and Warm
     Score:                                      Score:                                        Score:                                                Score:
                      67,245 Clicks in 90 w                      22,634 Clicks in 100 w                         8,556 Clicks in 82 w                                 6,170 Clicks in 85 w

    7.5               Pub: Jan 13, 11           6.2              Pub: Nov 4, 10               6.9               Pub: Mar 13, 11                     5.4              Pub: Feb 17, 11         
  Treetop Suites                              Ethereal Lodging                              Superhero Hotel                                       Graffiti-Inspired
                                              Spaces (UPDATE)                               Rooms                                                 Luggage
  Lumber Lodging in a Tree                    The Propeller Island City Lodge               The Eden Motel Has a Crazy                            Fly in Style With the Tumi &
  House in the Hotel Hofgut                   in Berlin is Visually Intriguing              Batman-Inspired Couple's                              Crash Spring 2011 Capsule
  Hafnerleiten                                                                              Suite                                                 Collection
  Nature-lovers will find it hard not         If you happen to be in Berlin any             The Eden Motel located in                             Single-colored luggage pieces get a
  to stay at the Hotel Hofgut                 time soon, be sure to check out the           Kaohsiung City in Taiwan has an                       makeover with the Tumi & Crash
  Hafnerleiten, a hotel that lets you         Propeller Island City Lodge. Every            interesting Caped Crusader-                           Spring 2011 Capsule Collection.
  get away from life on the ground.           thematic room within the hotel is             inspired room. The Batman                             This unfamiliar baggage design was
                                              worlds away from the ordinary and             couple's suite can be your place of                   created from a collaboration
  Up top with the birds, this tree            promises an awesome stay.                     rest, or lack thereof, for only $50.                  between famous graffiti artist John
  house suite found in Bavaria,                                                             Unfortunately, the...                                 Matos...
  Germany...                                  Thematic...

                      Peaked and Warm
                      6,243 Clicks in 97 w

    3.9               Pub: Nov 27, 10
  Experimental Boutique
  The Wanderlust Hotel in
  Singapore is a Surreal
  The Wanderlust Hotel in Little
  India, Singapore is a hip hotel with
  an extremely creative concept. The
  concept is that there is no
  particular concept; they boast 29
  rooms of four different themes,
  each...                                                  Copyright © All Rights Reserved
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