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Volume 4 Issue 3


									     The Edison Light
  Volume 4 Issue 3                                               Thomas A. Edison Career & Technical High School                                                                      Spring

Edison’s Le Show Rocked

                                                                                                                                                                             PHOTOS BY CHrYSTaL WHYTE

                                                                                                   The Dance Company - front row, left to right: Tammara Hinds, Christine Ross and Lucy
                                                                                                   Gedeon; back row, left to right: Laury Saunders, Brianna Hall, Angelique Johnson,
Three hosts of LeShow: Melinda Ramoutar, Kevin Wilkinson, and Brittany Washington.                 devona Meggie, Tatyana Pickens and aisha Turner. (Missing: Toni-ann dwyer)
     Thomas Edison High School had its 11th Annual Tal-          event. Each year, the tickets for Le Show are sold out be-        everyone on the edge of their seats to see what was com-
ent Show, Le Show, on Friday, February 11th, 2011. Le            fore the big day.                                                 ing up next. Every time the curtains were opened and the
Show has been a memorable event here at Thomas Edison                  The preparation for Le Show is a task by itself. Tick-      lights were dimmed, the audience sat patiently and fo-
High School every year for the past 11 years.In the past,        ets need to be printed; students and teachers must prac-          cused on the next great act. From the outrageous number
the turnout for Le Show has been quite remarkable, but           tice constantly to be prepared to perform; music, surround        of people that attended Le Show this year (parents, teach-
this year’s 2010-2011 Le Show was extraordinary.                 sound system and lighting (provided by Edison’s Sound             ers, and students), it wasn’t hard to tell that everyone was
     What exactly is Le Show? Well, Le Show is an an-            Crew Team and Media Productions) must also be in check            excited about this day. Le Show was such a great hit be-
nual fundraising event at Thomas Edison where students,          for the big night. Despite the stressful work and long hours,     cause there were 23 acts in total, ranging from playing mu-
teachers, and administrators display their talents, and          it’s safe to say that Le Show has always been a trademark         sical instruments, singing, dancing, and rapping. All of the
sometimes, hobbies. Students and staff perform various           here at Thomas Edison High School.                                students and teachers who performed this year and con-
things such as singing, dancing, comedy, etc. Each year,               The choice of song this year seemed to be by the            tributed to making Le Show a great one once again; they
the students and teachers have something new for their au-       California Swag District - Teach Me How to Dougie. Ev-            all did an outstanding job. They have definitely helped the
dience to enjoy. The only thing that doesn’t change is the       eryone, even the MC’s were doing the dance! The music             legacy and tradition live on for upcoming students year
demand for tickets to attend this special and unforgettable      and laughter in the jam-packed auditorium definitely kept         after year.

4 Loko Driving Us Loco? The Library Has Even More to Offer!
     In December 2010 all Four Lokos            Many of Thomas Edison students seem to
                                                                                                   By RHEA MADRAYMOOTOO
                                                                                                        Have you ever needed a book for a
                                                                                                   school project or just for your own pleasure
were removed from the shelves of stores         think that teenagers drink Four Loko or any        but you were unsure if the school library
across the country.                             type of booze because of peer pressure and         has it? Well thanks to Ms. Hull, the school
     Four Loko was banned by the Food and       to experience something different.                 librarian, you will be able to find out in the
Drug Administration because of its main                                                            comfort of your own home.
ingredients: alcohol, caffeine, taurine, and                                                            Using the NYC School Library Shared
guarana. It also contains carbonated water,                                                        Catalog “Destiny,” Ms. Hull hopes to make
sugar, and natural and artificial flavoring.                                                       it easier for the Edison community by cre-
The drink is called “Four” because of its                                                          ating a virtual library that will catalog all
four main ingredients. Four Loko was sold                                                          the resources that our library offers so that
in 23.5-ounce cans with either 6 or 12 per-                                                        students will be able to access that infor-
cent ABV (Alcohol by Volume), depending                                                            mation from their homes. Many schools in
on state regulations. It was introduced to                                                         the city have already started using Destiny,
the market in August of 2008 and came in                                                           so the new students at Edison may know
eight flavors: Orange, Fruit Punch, Lem-                                                           about it.
onade, Cranberry Lemonade, Uva (grape),                                                                 By visiting Destiny, you will be able to
Watermelon, Blue Raspberry and Lemon                                                               search the school library by keyword, title,
Lime as stated by the Phusion Projects.                                                            subject, series and even the type of resource
     Even though you’re supposed to be                                                             such as electronic books, pictures, print
21 to buy this beverage, teenagers under                                                           material, and other types of media. Accord-
21 were buying it at their local delis or                                                          ing to Ms. Hull, “It is somewhat similar to                                    rHEa MadraYMOOTOO

convenient stores. Not just that, but teen-                                                        what we have here, but you would have to         An Edison student is getting all he can out
                                                Maybe I can turn into the Hulk.
                                                                                    SEaN PErSuad

agers are selling it to other teenagers. “My                                                       come to the school library and go to one of      of the Edison Library.
older brother bought a couple and is going                                                         the two catalog stations to do it. Now you
to sell it later and make money,” said an                                                          will be able to do it from anywhere.” The        large databases that cover huge subject ar-
anonymous source. Some might argue that                                                            vision that the librarians have is “Eventu-      eas. academic 1 file tends to aim for more
there was no reason to ban Four Loko and                                                           ally students will be able to use everything     high-level high school students to college
that it’s the same thing as using hard liquor                                                      from home or wherever they are.”                 students who are looking for scientific
and coke. Others say it’s a threat to public                                                            By using ‘Destiny,’ the librarians will     journals. general 1 file covers more peri-
health with the strong mix of caffeine and                                                         be able to update the system and put the         odic articles. Of course there are still the
alcohol; it’s a good thing that it is banned.                                                      “Top 10 Resources” and “New Arrivals.”           old databases available.
Senior Christian Vriostegui said “It’s a                                                           Ms. Hull and Ms. Stein will have to be                There is a lot going on at Edison and
good thing, because teenagers don’t know                                                           trained in the new system to be able to ma-      our librarians are more than willing to help
how to manage themselves at this age.”                                                             nipulate it, but they are confident that they    the students with anything that they may
     Many might wonder why teenagers                                                               will be able to handle it because they have      need to complete a school project. There
even want to drink this? The answer is the                                                         both worked with many systems through-           are many new databases that can be helpful
simple fact that it makes you energetic and                                                        out their careers.                               along with the new Catalog that will make
people want to say “Yeah I did that,” said                                                              Also, there are two new databases           the search for a book so much easier. At
junior Eli Bynum. “Teenagers believe that                                                          available to the Edison students. Academ-        the end of the day, our librarians are trying
being sauced or twisted is cool,” he added.     Red is danger.                   MariSSa MuNgrOO
                                                                                                   ic 1 file and general 1 file are both very       to help us.
2                                                                        THE EDISON LIGHT, SPRING

                             GENERAL NEWS
You Give Career Advice 5 Minutes, It’ll Give You the World                                      and troubleshooting of networks. Once
                                                                                                                                                               By MAHENDRA LALDAR
                                                                                                                                                 for internships or jobs related to the field.”
                                                                                                completed, students can take the CCNA                 In Graphic Arts students are intro-
                                                                                                (Cisco Certified Network associate) ex-          duced to desktop publishing, digital pho-
                                                                                                amination. Mr. Rullan tells us that anyone       tography, Adobe Creative Suite CS4 and
                                                                                                who wants to pursue this field must be a         Quark Express 8. With completion, stu-
                                                                                                lifelong learner and decide whether it’s a       dents may obtain certificates as an adobe
                                                                                                job or career. “it’s not a matter of teach-      Certified associate.
                                                                                                ing because I was good at computers and               Web Design students study HTML
                                                                                                i enjoy teaching.” Cisco is a difficult sub-     syntax for specialized, accessible and or-
                                                                                                ject at Borough of Manhattan Community           ganized websites via Dreamweaver, Cas-
                                                                                                College where he teaches, it costs $1000         cading Style Sheets (CSS), JavaScript and
                                                                                                per semester. Cisco opens up an array of         action script. Ms. Cruz says, “I teach Web
                                                                                                fields such as: network security, voice over     Design because it is an area that promises
                                                                                                iP, wireless, iP telephony and many more.        greater growth than what we experience
                                                                                                It’s a “human network” that keeps growing        now. People access websites constantly
                                                                                                concluded Mr. Rullan.                            looking for information but how you pres-
                                                                                                      Computer repair (a+ Certification          ent it is the challenge.” She continues tell-
                                                                                                Specialists) teaches the fundamental con-        ing about the different fields that you can
                                                                                                cepts of both desktop and laptop computers       go into such as web graphics, information
                                                                              MAHENDRA LALDAR
                                                                                                and both inkjet and LaserJet printers. Stu-      architecture, web development animator,
A stockpile of books showcasing the different areas of the academic spectrum.                                                                    programming and even an education.
                                                                                                dents learn how to maintain, troubleshoot,
     Numerous students wonder what they never lose yourself, be who you are, and if             diagnose and fix computers and printers.              Electrical Installation Technology is
will be doing for the rest of their lives. you need support, I’m always here.”                  Towards the end of this class; students can      where students learn about low voltage cir-
Since Thomas Edison is a CTE (Career                 Technical Electronics Engineering          pursue a COMPTia a+ certification upon           cuits and control systems. This course pre-
and Technical Education) high school, we Robotics follows a sequence of labora-                 completion of the exam.                          pares students who want to go into various
are bestowed with various shops or fields tory practice on electronics, electricity and               Microsoft Certified application Spe-       electrical occupations.
of study. With the broadened subject selec- computer circuitry. In sophomore year,              cialist students focus on the Microsoft               Automotive Technology is a course
tion, we are fortunate to receive certifica- students learn about AC and DC electric-           Office Suite of programs ranging from;           that allows students to gain a hands-on
tion in most of the shop classes.              ity. Junior year consists of several devices     Microsoft Word 2007, Microsoft Exce              approach with the modern automobile, in-
     Many students don’t know what they such as diodes and transistors. Senior year             2007, Microsoft Access 2007 and Micro-           cluding brakes, transmissions, front ends,
want to do when they are older. Whether elaborates on what they learned as it exem-             soft PowerPoint 2007. Towards the end,           computers, fuel injection, and exhaust
it’s a job or internship, just getting your plifies their studies on the application and        they are entitled to receive an Advanced         emission systems. This leads to exposure
foot in the front door will open up a web principles of Robotics. Also, senior year             regents diploma as a Microsoft Certified         to the automobile industry.
of connections later on. Pre-Med is a pro- focuses in depth on the circuitry of com-            Application Specialist.                               Mr. Roopnarine states, “I teach auto
gram that starts students off with a pre- puters, as the senior class will utilize what               Commercial Art is where students           body because it is an area in automotives
requisite Science Research course during they have learned to prepare for national              learn about creative thinking, typography        where you can see the difference in the
sophomore year. in junior year, students robotics competitions.                                 and product design. Adobe programs like          work you do. A car can come in with dam-
embark on laboratory training, inorganic             CAD/Mechanical Engineering begins          illustrator and Photoshop are introduced.        age and you get to repair it and make it
and organic chemistry. Seniors learn about in junior year after taking two terms of dC          Later on, they take the National Occupa-         look new. You may have a classic car like
pharmacy equipment and the anatomy and electricity. Students study machine design               tional Competency Testing institute (NOC-        we do now in the shop a 1969 Ford Mus-
physiology of the human body. According as they are introduced to Computer Aided                TI) exam in Advertising Art. Ms.Boone            tang Cobra which is being restored. a job
to Ms.Viana, “When choosing your career, Design, and they use AutoCAD software to               starts off by telling us that, “Commercial       is something you go to everyday because
do what you want to do; do something that further their knowledge on CAD topics in              art is fast-paced, and deadlines are ex-         it gives you a paycheck, a career is some-
suits your desired lifestyle. Failure only Architecture and Engineering.                        tremely important. The people with the           thing you do because you want to better
contributes to our evolution as a person be-         Cisco is a sequence of courses which       creative ideas make the big money, and if        yourself doing it many years from now. I
cause it just expands our chances of future introduces a broadened scope of network-            you don’t give the client what he wants you      tell my students all the time you can enter
success.” Ms. Viana continues, “Through- ing concepts and technologies. Students in             won’t get paid.” She adds, “Art students         the automotive field and never have to turn
out life, you may come to pressured situa- sophomore year take a pre-requisite of Ca-           should be drawing constantly and keeping         a wrench or get your hands dirty.”
tions and stressful points in time, especially bling and Electronics. Students are taught       a stockpile of creative ideas. They should            With the advice of articulate educa-

                                                               Things You Should Keep in Mind for College
in your academic endeavors. Remember to about the implementation, management,                   enter contests, attend workshops and look        tors, how can you go wrong?

 Your PrivacY
under attack!
                                                               By AMELA PADARAT
                                                                                                                                 to stay in the suburbs, or relocate into the city. Arrange to
     “…a machine that gives security officials a look un-                                                                        have a campus tour with the college(s) you are applying
derneath your clothes.” - Sarah Gonzalez                                                                                         to. By doing this, you are able to determine whether or not
     New scanners are being incorporated in airports                                                                             you will feel comfortable attending that college.
throughout this nation. These are full body scanners that                                                                             4. Dorms - Decide whether or not you would like
reveal more than you think. The image produced is similar                                                                        to live on campus or rent out an apartment close by the
to a photo negative which basically outlines your entire                                                                         university.
anatomy; meaning it captures an image of “all the folds                                                                               5. Paying for college - There are many ways to pay
and contours of your body,” stated on National Public ra-                                                                        for college. Scholarships, grants and financial aid are a few
dio. If any passenger refuses to go through the “full-body                                                                       alternatives. For more information, please see Ms. Spano
imaging” then they will get an aggressive pat down.                                                                              in the College Office (room 114B).
     How are these pat-downs done? In past years, the                                                                                 When applying for college, make sure that your high
back of the hands were used to examine a passenger but                                                                           school transcripts as well as SAT scores are sent to the
now it’s flipped around. The Transportation Security ad-                                                                         schools to which you are applying. If you are unsure, make
ministration personnel are allowed to open up their hands                                                                        personal phone calls to the college’s admissions Office
and fingers and touch anywhere. These pat-downs are now                                                                          (the number for their admissions Office should be on the
also used for people that set off the traditional metal de-                                                                      website). Also, keep in mind to make photocopies of all
                                                                                                                 aMELa PadaraT

tectors, wear bulky clothes or decide to not remove their      College pamphlets from the college office (room 114B).            documents that you are sending to the colleges you are
headwear.                                                                                                                        applying to. You can even create a college portfolio for
     As we all know, at Edison, scanning occurs when we              The college application process is something that           yourself at home so that you have a record of every docu-
least expect it. However, we don’t walk through a body         should be taken seriously. Aside from the registration, col-      ment you send out and receive.
scanner. It is evident that items contained in your back-      lege essays and deadlines, there are a few things that you             Instead of waiting for the very last minute to get
pack are seen through the monitors, imagine your whole         should also keep in mind when applying to colleges later          your college applications done on time, students such
body exposed to the eyes of a stranger. Here is how Ashley     on in the school year. The top five things that you should        as freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are able to create
Jilwah, a senior in Edison, feels about this topic: “I would   take into consideration are the following:                        a student profile on the college’s website and save it for
rather walk through a body scanner because I don’t want              1. Campus Size - All colleges come in different siz-        future use. CUNY and SUNY colleges ask students to ap-
anyone touching me; additionally, after 9/11, we have to       es. If you are not used to being around 250 students in a         ply online using websites such as
know what it takes and not let it happen again.” Given that    class, you may want to consider a smaller college. Try to         (for CUNY) and (for
this nation has individuals flying in from various coun-       find a school that offers a smaller student-to-teacher ratio      SUNY). You can create your own homepage and access it
tries, Ashley feels that scanners “should be included in       if this is something that is very important to you.               at anytime. Be sure to use an email address that is easy to
every airport cause anyone could go into any airport and             2. Types of colleges - Colleges have a very wide            read (for example:JOHNSMiTH123@aOL.COM). after
cause dangerous activities.” With the concern of photos        range of programs in which to take part. Some schools fo-         creating an online account with CUNY/SUNY, be sure to
being leaked onto the internet, Ashley says, “They should      cus more on their graduate programs while others focus            check your application status on a daily basis. By doing
improve their security and take better steps to make sure      more on undergraduate programs. Decide what type of               this, you are able to eliminate the stress that many students
that it doesn’t happen.”                                       program interest you, and then start your college search.         endure when they are applying for college last minute.
     Which method of “scrutiny” would you choose, an           Jumping into your college search without first knowing                 It is never too late to think about college. Many stu-
aggressive hands-on search or walking through a scanner?       your major, could become overwhelming. So, be sure to             dents start high school, and think that college is so many
according to a November 2010 National Public radio             plan accordingly!                                                 years away. However, before you know it, you’re a senior
broadcast, most people say that “they prefer to be seen              3. Location - Colleges are located all around the           in high school and you’re getting ready to start a new
rather than touched.” This seems to be a tough decision.       world. It is up to you to decide whether or not you wish          chapter in your life. Why not start now?
                                                                             THE EDISON LIGHT, SPRING                                                                                               3

Why So Tense?            By JOBERT gAUCHIER
     “The time to relax is when you don’t as I think of them.”
                                                                                                      Intelligence is a Matter of Perception
                                                                                                      BY PRITESH NADIADHARA
                                                                                                           More often than not when someone is
                                                                                                      deemed intelligent we think of them as a
                                                                                                      person of scholar, a person who has great
                                                                                                      knowledge derived from books. What is
                                                                                                                                                              At the beginning of the year, each
                                                                                                                                                         teacher hands out a grading rationale that
                                                                                                                                                         holds true throughout the course of the
                                                                                                                                                         year. If one follows it, and gets all their
have the time for it,” said american jour-        “I’m handling stress pretty well; may-              rarely questioned though is how intelli-           work done, then barring undesired test
nalist, Sydney J. Harris.                    be it’s just senioritis talking. Work isn’t              gence is defined, and when one begins to           grades, one should get an optimal grade
     Who needs stress? Stress is unneces- overwhelming, yet, but college applica-                     ask what intelligence really is, a whole new       in the class. Senior Mario Rodriguez how-
sary pressure we teenagers and adults put tions are very stressful,” said a senior at                 perspective is conceived by the mind.              ever disagrees stating, “Some people test
on ourselves every day. In the beginning of Edison.                                                        There are many possible ways to in-           better, or some teachers have preferences
the school year, as students, we are always       According to Teen Help, many teen-                  terpret intelligence. In the case of senior        to certain students, so [grades are] not al-
pushed by our teachers and parents to start agers either avoided or refused to deal                   Devin Vazquez, “I believe intelligence is          ways accurate.” In his case, “Intelligence is
the year off right. We begin to worry about with their stress, sought ways to distract                how much information a person knows                to learn things through experience. If you
either peer pressure, social acceptance, themselves away from their stress, sought                    and can interpret.” For the school setting         make a mistake, find out what went wrong
the amount of school work, or pressuring support, or actively tried to reduce their                   the most intelligent kids are sometimes            and never make that mistake again.”
ourselves to do well. I consider stress to stress.                                                    categorized as the ones with the highest                So for two different people, intelli-
be negative energy that enters our heads          To handle stress, it is best to avoid               grades. Vasquez continued to say, “Hon-            gence was interpreted in different ways.
and slows down our mental and physical procrastination. Also, develop a routine                       estly, I don’t think grades can be accurate        And as for anyone else, intelligence can be
performance. We always think, “How will where you factor in down time for yourself                    at measuring intelligence because kids are         interpreted in their own fashion as well. For
be i able to do this? i am not going to fin- between classes and studying (meaning a                  lazy so that gets in the way; someone can          this reason intelligence becomes a broad
ish this on time. I am not going to do well social life), to incorporate a daily exercise             be smart but because they are lazy their           term. It no longer becomes something con-
on this.” Basically, stress makes us doubt routine, get plenty of sleep, and volunteer                grades diminish.” So for one student at            fined to what a number on a piece of paper
ourselves and our abilities when we know your time for a worthwhile cause. This will                  least the number that you are given on a           says, it becomes a more dynamic trait that
in our hearts that this specific task can be help keep you well-rounded with a differ-                piece of paper isn’t the best measurement          you can use to define who you are.
done.                                        ent perspective and sense of self.                       for an individual’s true aptitude.
     “As a student, I always worked very          It is always best to take it easy when
hard to achieve good grades, and if I did doing an assignment, taking a test, or just
not do well on a test or a paper, I was very living life, not letting it overwhelm you. I
upset. My parents were always proud of consider stress a terrible habit that can be                   Weather Has Its Emotions, Too
me and wanted me to do well…” said Math broken through trust within yourself and                      By NICHOLAS LOPEZ
teacher, Ms. Cinque. “To this day, I am not others. Remember, it is best to relax when                                                                        Imagine now that the day that was sup-
a procrastinator and like to get things done you do not have time for it.                                                                                posed to be extremely fun was completely
                                                                                                                                                         thrown out the window. Staring at the blot-
                                                                                                                                                         ted-out-by-rainfall sky, one can be optimis-
                                                                                                                                                         tic and think about doing chores around the
                                                                                                                                                         house, or one can start singing the “Rain,
                                                                                                                                                         Rain Go Away” rhyme. In fact, those dark
                                                                                                                                                         gray clouds, the scent the rain brings, the
                                                                                                                                                         musty air surrounding you, and let’s not
                                                                                                                                                         forget the need to carry an umbrella to
                                                                                                                                                         prevent looking like you decided to jump
                                                                                                                                                         into a pool with clothes on all “dampen”
                                                                                                                                          JOSHua iLYaS
                                                                                                                                                         your mood. You can make sure to thank the
                                                                                                      A heart going out to the beatifulweather .         weather for ruining your chance of winning
                                                                                                                                                         the everyday battle against boredom.
                                                                                                           It’s a beautiful summer day, and you               Most people say that the day ahead of
                                                                                                      know nothing is going to stop you from             you is really what you make of it, but when
                                                                                                      having an amazing experience. You can              it comes to how one feels, the weather im-
                                                                                                      feel the light breeze reassuring you that          pacts you more than one can acknowledge.
                                                                                                      you won’t be going home until the moon             Some of you might not even notice it hap-
                                                                                                      is overhead because of the fun you’re go-          pening right now. When Edison student
                                                                                                      ing to have, or until your curfew arrives.         Colleen Humes was asked if she believed
                                                                                                      Whatever happened the rest of that day is          weather could impact one’s mood she an-
                                                                                                      completely up to you, but did one happen           swered, “Yes, I believe weather strongly
Senior Tajwar Choudhury is overwhelmed with school work.                            JOBErT gauCHiEr
                                                                                                      to wonder how the weather “feels?”                 affects mood. For example, when it snows
                                                                                                           Believe it or not, weather influences         it puts me in a relaxed mood because of

The Teachers You Love and Hate
                                                                                                      your mood and how your day will start and          how beautiful it looks falling. It also makes
                                                                                                      end. Just seeing the bright sun is a big step      me want to snuggle up under the covers
                                                                                                      towards a positive mood. Seeing that nice          and drink hot cocoa.” Sunny, rainy, snowy,
                                                                                                      scene with a clear, partly sunny sky and a         cold, hot, and windy days all affect how
                                                                                                      light breeze is an even bigger step towards        you fee, more or less, to different degrees
By CHRISTOPHER PAgAN                                                                                  completely optimistic thoughts. One would          for different types of people. There’s even
     Of all the teachers we’ve hated, all the     little of the research... had the potential to      want to get off that couch and make plans          a syndrome characterized by depression
teachers we’ve grown a disliking towards,         provide decisive evidence” considering all          with a friend to enjoy the day.                    named S.A.D. standing for Seasonal Af-
all the teachers we’ve adored, and the            the money used to research teaching styles               On the very opposite of that positive         fective Disorder, which results from a lack
teachers we were always neutral with – just       themselves.                                         mood, there comes the slow, lethargic,             of sunlight in one’s daily life. Just imagine
how much of it has to do with their teaching            There are idle teachers, and teachers         couch potato-like feeling that strikes all of      a couple of days with constant rain; your
style? Ultimately, would anyone say what          who get up and interact with the students.          us. You guessed it – rainy, dreary days.           mood will be affected tremendously.
the “best” teaching style is? All teachers        There are some that believe in hands-on
have their own way of getting their point         labs, others that read straight from the book
                                                  or follow a curriculum. Those that interact
                                                                                                                    THE EDISON LIGHT STAFF
across. Under certain conditions the teacher
with a horrendous attitude towards you            have different effects on their students. A
may have a great teaching style and make          student that otherwise learns better by him
you learn the subject well. in that case, the     or herself from the exact phrases or words             Editor-in-Chief: Joel Bynoe                     Bynoe, Anmol Jaitley
teacher is undeniably talented. It becomes        in a book may have trouble understanding a             Managing Editor: Nazia Ali
a question of what makes a great teaching         teacher who tries to give the message their                                                            Technology
style, according to you, the student.             way. At this point, it becomes a distraction           general News                                    Technology Editor: Anmol Jaitley
     There are three types of learners:           – this student doesn’t exactly benefit from            General News Editor: Mahendra                   Staff Writers: Herschel Bhasin, Nare-
Auditory, Kinesthetic and Visual. How             the extra effort put forth by the teacher, but,        Laldar                                          indra Kissoon, Nicholas Lopez, Pritesh
well the students learn is based on some of       rather, they’re forced to interact with them.          Staff Writers: Rhea Madraymootoo,               Nadiadhara, Thuraia White, Joshua
these factors. Finding the teacher engaging       Whereas with a straight-fron-the-book-                 alisha Ortiz, Churanie ramnaras,                Galloway
is crucial too, although, making the facts        teacher, the student learns at his own pace            amela Padarat, Kamini Persaud,
stick is overwhelmingly up to the student.        – in his own way.                                      Natasha Singh                                   Sports
     There are different kinds of ways                  It becomes a case of how the student                                                             Sports Editor: ribi Priyev
that teachers give the information: either        reacts to the teacher. And so it happens –             Features                                        Staff Writers: Joel Bynoe, Anthony
through direct instruction (which involves a      another student approaches that teacher in             Features Editor: Alexious Ross                  Deonarine, Joshua Galloway, Devin
plain lecture and covers the largest amount       a completely different way. They thrive off            Staff Writers: Kavita Birbal, Erik              Naraine, Alexander Roldan, Tiffany
of data in the shortest amount of time),          of a certain teaching style.                           Hamid, Crystal                                  Toribio
informal teaching (this involves getting                Ultimately and undeniably, it becomes            Whyte
to know the students and their personal           the student’s choice of how to handle their                                                            Layout
abilities, their interests, and their strengths   own teacher, and how they will handle                  Arts and Entertainment                          Layout Editor: Crystal Whyte
and weaknesses, their learning style) and         their own education. We can’t rely on a                Arts and Entertainment Editor: Gese-            Layout Staff: Nazia Ali, Anmol Jaitley,
then there’s inquiry based learning, where        teacher or a mentor to help us understand              nia Vasquez                                     Alexious Ross, Thuraia White
the student is questioned about critical          things. In a world where being spoon-fed               Staff Writers: Jasdeep Kaur, Telli Ve-
thoughts on the subject.                          information is a norm, learning from books             lasquez, Nazia Ali, Chenelle Dookie,            Contributing Writers: Odolphe au-
     Certain studies by Harold E. Pashler, a      and understanding what was read becomes                Thuraia White                                   gustin, Henna Bhramdat, Irfan Gondal,
professor of psychology at the University         a valuable trait. Perhaps the single most                                                              Kayla Mullings, Savita Prasad
of California, have put down the theory           helpful skill one can have is understanding            Opinion
that a teacher should break his or her            a lesson without having to be taught it by a           Opinion Editor: Christopher Pagan               Journalism Advisor: Ms. Singh
class up into the different types of student      teacher (AKA self-learning).                           Staff Writers: Jobert Gauchier, Joel            Layout Advisor: Mrs. Boone
learning styles. He also points out “that so
4                                                                            THE EDISON LIGHT, SPRING

                           Arts & Entertainment
A Twisted Tale Surviving Zombie Attacks, 101.
By TELLI VELASQUEZ                                 of producing excessive amounts of laughter
                                                                                                       By NAZIA ALI
                                                                                                          Let’s face it, at least once in our lives,
     While millions of fans worldwide are          from readers since the 1960s; and not some
reading about the romance between the              obsessive fan that expresses their love for      we’ve all watched a zombie horror flick
protagonists in the Twilight Saga, written         the book. Nightlight was released in No-         and planned out all sorts of attack methods
by Stephanie Meyer, others are reading             vember 2009, becoming their first novel in       if it ever really happened. Most of these
about the misadventures of Belle Goose             their 40 year old career.                        ideas probably came from the heroic movie
and Edwart Mullen. Nightlight, a parody of              The parody immediately introduces           actors and movie plots themselves. But in
Twilight, brings a new twist to the Twilight       Belle Goose, who has an obsession with           all reality, a zombie outbreak in our current
series, adds humor and new personalities           vampires, and convinces herself that the         time and day is sure to be a major FaiL.
to the main characters, and even leaves you        “super-hot computer nerd with zero inter-        Here are several reasons why (according to
laughing out loud.                                 est in girls” is one of them. After several, a website based on movies,
     You know a book is popular when a             supernatural instances (Edwart saving her        humor and entertainment):
parody is written about it. So what makes          from a snowball, as well as leaving Tater              First and foremost, the world is filled
Nightlight so impressive? It’s written by          Tots untouched at lunch), Belle becomes          with many natural predators and the only
a well-recognized humor magazine, The              into an obsessive “fan” of him, wearing          reason why humans are at the top of the
Harvard Harpoon, which has a reputation            shirts that claim him to be a hero.              food chain is mostly because of guns,                                        COurTESY OF WWW.CLiParT.COM

                                                        The parody provides new personali-          weapons, and the ability to strategize. But
                                                   ties for the main characters. Belle Goose        think of zombies, mindless creatures that             They wont have a chance against coyotes,
                                                   is an egocentric female, who as soon as she      wander around with no sense of direc-                 wolves, vultures and any other animals that
                                                   enters the new school thinks that every sin-     tion or the ability to defend themselves.             wish to feast on the newly decaying flesh.
                                                   gle boy is in love with her, immune to her                                                             On the matter of decaying flesh, comes the
                                                   “charming looks and personality.” What a                                                               second reason; the sun. Believe it or not,
                                                   contrast to the character Bella Swan in the                                                            that big shining star we see during the day
                                                   Twilight Saga, who is a quiet and shy per-                                                             is going to help us by mummifying the
                                                   son, wondering if she smelled bad the first                                                            zombie in it’s track.
                                                   time she met Edward Cullen in her science                                                                    Ah, but you’re wondering about the
                                                   class. Edwart Mullen is a computer nerd,                                                               zombie outbreak happening during the
                                                   completely obsessed with his laptop, and                                                               wintertime. Well, have no fear! Zombies
                                                   not Belle’s blood. Apart from being a nerd,                                                            are quite obviously dead, so it’s just meat
                                                   he is also a little obsessed with germs and                                                            hanging on bones, with no heart beat. No
                                                   “cooties,” doesn’t even want to sit next to                                                            blood pumping equals no heat which re-
                                                   Belle in science class, and has constant                                                               sults in the zombies freezing just like a
                                                   nosebleeds; not exactly what we consider                                                               sirloin steak in a freezer. Another reason
                                                   a prince charming…                                                                                     why zombies probably won’t last long in
                                                        Senior Jenny Mucaj thinks that                                                                    our world is the fact that they can’t recover
                                                   “Nightlight leaves out all the drama that                                                              from damage, or even feel pain. Their bod-
                                                   the Twilight Saga has, it doesn’t have                                                                 ies lack a central nervous system, antibod-
                                                   major conflicts, so it’s a quick easy read;                                                            ies, working immune system and so much
                                                   plus it’s pretty funny.” Nightlight, by The                                                            more; killing them would be simple. Final-
                                                   Harvard Harpoon, leaves the reader laugh-                                                              ly, humans have the ability and access to
                                 TELLI VELASQUEZ   ing in their seats and wanting more until it                                                           artillery and guns, we’ll have no problem
Nightlight on a local library bookshelf.           sadly ends.                                      Back from the dead.
                                                                                                                                       LESLIE HERNANDEZ
                                                                                                                                                          dealing with zombies.

Can You Just Dance?
                                                   on the couch; its sequel kisses such thing
                                                   good-bye. “Just Dance 2” exceeds whatev-
                                                   er expectations we held with songs that are
                                                                                                    monte, both seniors here at Edison, agree
                                                                                                    that they would buy the game.
                                                                                                         Games like “Just Dance” have paved
     In late 2010 “Just Dance 2” was re-           catchier, more challenging and just great        a path for a whole new generation of video
leased. With tons of new features, better          fun and exercise. The only drawback that         games that require people to move, have
visuals, and even a download store, Just           this game could possibly have is that you        fun, and fool themselves into working
Dance 2 has certainly elevated to another          cannot play by yourself, because the ex-         out. This is true not just with the Wii, but
level. This game is fantastic to play with         citement and challenge quickly diminish.         with other systems as well. Sony recently
friends. It’s a great way to get even the          Just Dance 2 is great for an audience who        has come up with its own version of the
shyest friend to join in. No matter the skill      wants to enjoy themselves in the comfort         Wii called the Playstation Move for the
level, or lack of experience this game is          of their own home, or at a group gathering.      PS3. This new system consists of a motion
contagious and will get you off the sofa           You’re sure to enjoy yourself with a sound-      controller and PlayStation Eye camera.
and make you groove along - or at least at-        track that include artists such as Vampire       The Kinect for the Xbox 360 has found a
tempt to.                                          Weekend, Benny Bennasi , Kesha, Rihanna          way to eliminate the use of controllers all           “Just Dance” game for Wii.
                                                                                                                                                                                            GESENIA VASQUEZ

     With new improvements comes                   and many others.                                 together. The cool part is that your body
a greater challenge. in the first (“Just                Many students in the Edison commu-          is the controller. So if you enjoy dancing,           currently aren’t the owner of a Wii, relax!
Dance”) game you were able to gain points          nity have mixed knowledge of “Just Dance         movement or looking for a creative way to             Both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are
by just swinging your arms while sitting           2.” Annalisa Mootilal and Elizabeth Al-          work out, this is the game for you. If you            coming out with games just like this.

    as journalists for The Edison Light, We strive to
    give the readers what they want, and inform them
    on things issues they need to know. This is exactly
    what The Edison Light and our staff intend to do
                                                                        r   ox
                                                                 A UFO o a H a ?
                                                                  By JASDEEP KAUR
    this year for you, our Edison community. All ar-                                                   We are always curious as to     only four fingers, no teeth, a huge head, and a long slit for
    ticles written are in the best interest of our readers                                        whether there are extra-terrestri-   a mouth. The nurse wasn’t supposed to tell anyone this.
    and we hope that you enjoy our work as much as                                                al objects or beings out in space.   Later on, that nurse died along with five other nurses in a
    we enjoy creating your newspaper. The work that                                               We watch movies that contain         plane crash according to Glenn. There is no validity to this
    we present is intended to positively influence and                                            aliens and unidentified flying       witness account.
    inform. Published articles will not be intentionally                                          objects (uFOs), and every now             Similarly, in a documentary shown on the Discovery
    indecent or malicious in any way.                                 COurTESY OF WWW.CLiParT.COM
                                                                                                  and then someone comes along         Channel, a place called Area 51 in southern Nevada is
                                                                  with a story of an uFO sighting. One such story is about             said to be where the U.S. government has hidden several
    Ideas and opinions presented within the newspa-               the roswell uFO incident.                                            uFOs, and they experiment and create various things. it is
    per do not reflect the views of Thomas a. Edison                   According to, rumor has it that            considered to be an “alien base.” There are several other
    Career and Technical High School or the district.             around June 1947, there was a crash and then debris of a             conspiracy theories surrounding Area 51.
    If you have any concerns or questions, we are                 uFO was found near roswell, New Mexico. immediately,                      When asked if she thinks that the U.S. government
    open to hearing them.                                         the media published stories about a flying saucer and sight-         is hiding important information about the roswell uFO
                                                                  ings of aliens. In response to this, the US government held          incident and Area 51 and why, Marnett Sidro, a student at
    Thank you,                                                    a press conference where they said that it was a weather             Edison, said, “Yeah, I do think so. I think so because they
                                                                  balloon that had crashed, showing broken debris                      want to be able to know everything about it first and be
    The Edison Light Staff                                             Some of the government personnel, who helped in                 the first to take advantage of it if possible. another reason
    (Policy written by Editor-in-Chief Joel Bynoe and             taking control of the event, told many that some aliens              could be that they didn’t want the public to panic at the
    Managing Editor Nazia Ali)                                    had died and some were still out in the area. One witness,           time and even now.”
                                                                  Glenn Dennis, even stated that a nurse who worked at a                    How true is the story behind the roswell uFO inci-
                                                                  government base helped doctors perform a series of autop-            dent and area 51? Was everything all a lie, just to entertain
                                                                  sies on three dead bodies. They didn’t look human, having            people? We might never know.
                                                                           THE EDISON LIGHT, SPRING                                                                                               5

Battle of the Beyond A Pen & Pad
                                                                                                    By JOSHUA gALLOWAY
                                                                                                         With passing time, technology has af-
                                                                                                    fected our everyday lives and most notice-
                                                                                                    ably, art. due to the influence of technolo-
      New ways to communicate enter our                                                             gy, we as human beings gradually become
lives a bit often. Most recently has been the   “just the beginning.” Their intentions are to       accustomed to it. Although some may wel-
introduction of Blackberry essenger and         “turn your smart phone into your passport           come technology, not all of its effects have
Kik. These fairly new messaging methods         to the world.”                                      been praised.
have proved to be innovative techniques              It’s clear that communication has come              When it comes to life, technology has
and have become the popular alternatives        a long way, but as you can see, it’s far from       accelerated everything people do today. It
to texting.                                     being finished. Of course, improvements             changed the way they communicate and
      Blackberry Messenger (also known as       can always be made but there are not many           the school work they do. Current senior
BBM) is an application exclusive to Black-      complaints coming from those enjoying the           of Thomas Edison, Gema Chiriboga says,
berry phones. It informs the user when a        features of these messaging applications.           “Technology has helped out in school; it
message is sent, received, and read. It does                                                        makes homework and projects easier.”
not only allow the user to text but also send                                                       These days some work is e-mailed to
pictures and voice notes. It has quickly be-                                                        teachers rather than handed in during class.
come a popular and a new means of com-                                                              Also, regarding the clothes we wear - many
municating for those who own Blackber-                                                              designers no longer use pens and pads to
rys. Not only has it lived up to its slogan                                                         sketch out their designs. It is done on com-     The pride of original art.       JOSHua gaLLOWaY
- “It’s changed the way we do business,”                                                            puter or other convenient devices.
but has been used for other necessities also.                                                            Technology has even spread its influ-
It has both professional and recreational                                                           ence to life at home. “Children can sit at the   types. For example, graphic design. Now
benefits. says, “it makes it easy                                                           dinner table and pay no mind to their sur-       with computers people can create images
to share with the people who matter.” Se-                                                           roundings,” Chiriboga says. “Kids aren’t         through different programs. The programs
nior student in Thomas Edison Noelia Diaz                                                           as close to their parents as they should be,     give assistance which some feel takes out
says, “it’s just a perk that comes with the                                                         they sit at the dinner table and text.” Many     the creativity.
phone that doesn’t cost anything.”                                                                  individuals believe that with the good of             Even movies today are considered an
      On the other hand, there is Kik. Kik                                                          technology also comes the bad, especially        art form. With the images captured the films
is a smart phone application that expands                                                           in the concern of art.                           evoke emotion. There is no doubt that the
messaging to all smart phones, not only                                                                  The art field has been reformed or oth-     aspect of art has changed. There has been a
Blackberrys. Although, much like BBM,                                                               ers might say modernized due to technol-         change from marble statues and sculptures
it tells you when messages are delivered,                                                           ogy’s influence. art has been shaped by          built with a hammer and chisel to now us-
read, and in this case when the person is                                                           technology and time. Excellent portraits         ing a computer to create art. Art has now
writing back. says it’s “all about                                                          are a rare find in today’s world. Some           taken various forms. It’s now a person’s
sharing and connecting” and letting all                                                             question if real art still exists. Current se-   opinion to decide if it’s really art or not. As
experience the “Power of Kik.” diaz says                                                            nior Kenneth Seodat added, “Art today is         Chiriboga stated, “Art is not as original as
“When I used it, Kik had a lot of problems.”                                       KENNETH SEOdaT   greatly influenced by technology. it’s still     in the past.” Although there are many opin-
In Kik’s defense, they claim they are not       This iPhone has the capability of using             real art, just a new aspects of it.” Technolo-   ions, it is agreed that no matter what the
done with the perks of Kik; they say this is    KiK.                                                gy has changed art by developing different       medium, maybe creativity is required.

Technology for the Disabled Texting 91
                                      1                                                             By THURAIA WHITE
     Technology is widespread, and it en-       word at a time, or one sentence at a time.               Texting is an increasingly popular          would otherwise be hopeless. For example,
compasses nearly every facet of our lives.      This allows users to work at any pace they          method of communication. We text our             in the event of a bank robbery, trying to be
But have you ever thought about the pur-        prefer.                                             friends, family, business partners and even      the hero and calling the cops may be an un-
poses of technology besides its uses for             Robots can also be used to assist              our banks, so why not be able to text 911?       wise decision. With the new technology set
entertainment?                                  the disabled. According to MSNBC and                The Federal Communications Commis-               up you would be able to discretely text 911
     Technology can be used to assist the       News-Medical, “El-E,” a robot developed             sion believes that it’s time to bring the 911    for help instead.
handicapped, and the proper term for this       by researchers at Georgia Tech and Emory            emergency service into the 21st century               However, currently the 911 system
type of technology is “assistive technol-       University, does exactly that. The robot            with new technologies such as text mes-          launched in 1968 doesn’t support the com-
ogy.” Screen readers are a good example         works off lasers and is ideal for users who         saging and automatic alert.                      munication tools to accept text messages.
of technology that helps the disabled.          have trouble getting around. When the user               In a speech, the FCC Chairman Julius        Many of the 911 call centers are not well
Blind individuals clearly have difficulty       points to an object with a laser, El-E navi-        Genachowski said, “Text messaging, in            equipped technologically, with some even
using computers, but through screen read-       gates to the object, picks it up, and brings it     particular, is an important feature to add to    lacking access to broadband network ser-
ers, they are able to use computers just as     back to the user. If you’re wondering how           911 call centers. About 70 percent of 911        vices. The proposed “Next Generation
we do. Screen readers use Text-To-Speech        El-E knows where to take the object, the            calls already come from mobile phones            911” will allow emergency call centers to
translation, otherwise known as TTS, to         user must point the laser at his or her feet        and as more people text instead of talk on       receive text messages and use mobile photo
translate written text on the screen into au-   in order for the robot to bring the object          their phones, it makes sense to add texting      or video for information about the situation
dio so that the computer communicates to        back. With the invention of robots like El-         capabilities to the 911 emergency servic-        in progress.
the user. The TTS engine reads the text on      E, the lives of the disabled are made much          es.” The chairman also noted during his
the screen to the user through either speak-    easier.                                             speech that there are times when talking on
ers or headphones. Additionally, according           Evidently, technology has become               the phone to a 911 operator could put the        WARNINg: This technology is
to the Trace Research Center, most screen       multi-purposed and using it to change the           caller and others in more danger.
readers include a feature that can relay text   lives of the handicapped takes it to a new               With such a system set up, people will
                                                                                                                                                     still developing. Do NOT try tex-
to the user either one letter at a time, one    level.                                              be able to text for help in situations that      ting 911 in an emergency

Southern Queens Park association Exhibition and Competition Winners
                                                                                                                                                 For comments
                                                                                                                                                  or questions,
                                                                                                                                            The Edison Light
Second Place: Colored pencil Pop art titled Red Light Martini by Vanessa Third Place: Scratchboard titled Toby by
Bissondial.                                                              Amanda Samaroo.
6                                                                          THE EDISON LIGHT, SPRING

            Feature Articles
Tumble With Me?
                                                                                                                                     The Halal Crave!
                                                                                                                                      By KAMINI PERSAUD
                                                                                                                                          It seems like the new talk of food is now in the form
                                                                                                                                     of a street cart.
                                                                                                                                          The “crave” has been taking a toll on many people.
By KAVITA BIRBAL                                                                                                                     The amazing fact is that most Halal carts in Manhattan
                                                                                                                                     have most of their business from 4:00pm to 4:00am, when
     “I’d rather share my thoughts with absolute strangers                                                                           most people would be in their homes. The term “Halal”
than people I actually knew.” –Anonymous                                                                                             could be applied to any food prepared under the laws of is a blogging site in which users can post                                                                           the Koran. However, in New York, that term has taken on
text, images, videos, links, quotes, and audio to their very                                                                         a new definition: chunks of chicken or gyro meat, yellow-
own “Tumblelog.” It is one of the newest forms of blog-                                                                              ish rice, some scraps of lettuce, hot sauce, barbeque sauce
ging and is steadily gaining popularity. Users can follow                                                                            and, of course, the mysterious substance known as “white
other users, or choose to make their Tumblelog private.                                                                              sauce.” The menu consists of chicken over rice, lamb over
The site accentuates ease of use.                                                                                                    rice, falafel over rice, the “Combo” (which is both lamb
      Creator, 25-year-old David Karp, founded Tumblr in                                                                             and chicken), chicken gyro, falafel gyro, and lamb gyro.
2007. Karp grew up on the upper west side of Manhattan.                                                                                   Hearing the simplistic term “chicken over rice” has
He attended Bronx Science High School before dropping                                                                                made the world wonder, what is so special? Senior, Ravi-
out at the age of 15 and being homeschooled. In August                                                                               na Sharma said, “Every time I think of gyro, I always want
2009, David Karp was named Best Young Entrepreneur by                                                                                chicken over rice.” When starting to investigate this chain
BusinessWeek. In 2009, Tumblr also acquired the Tumblr                                                                               of Halal, the amount of carts around Edison is tremendous.
iPhone app, created by Jeff rock. Tumblr is accessible on                                                                            From Jamaica Avenue and going up to Union Turnpike,
Blackberry Smartphones as well. Approximately 75,000                                                                                 there are about 10 carts on different routes. You would
existing bloggers soon switched to the platform, and since                                                                           think that this food would be so expensive, but for about
that time, the service has reaped more than 3 million users.                                                                         five to seven dollars, you could get yourself a meal that
As of 2009, Tumblr had an 85% retention rate, while Twit-                                                                            could fill you up for the entire day. Some carts include free
ter accumulated only 40%.                                                                                                            sodas with your meal. Not only is it affordable and conve-
     According to students, Tumblr is an easy form of ex-                                                                            nient, it’s also worth the taste.
pression, a place where your alter-ego can flourish. But                                                                                  Now what’s the best Halal cart in the entire city? Ac-
there are some who have mixed feelings about Tumblr.                                                                                 cording to, a source that includes reviews of
Asad Kamal thinks Tumblr leaves users vulnerable and                                                                                 many places such as diners, dentists, bars, beauty salons,
exposed. “People think Facebook lets everyone know                                                                                   etc., the best cart is the one that stands on 53r d Street and
your business, but Tumblr is worse,” he says. Others like                                                                            6th Avenue. They are open on Monday through Sunday
Anzi Tarafdar think otherwise: “Tumblr is great because                                                                              from 7:00pm to 4:00am. If you went to the city and didn’t
it takes blogging to a whole new level. Not only can we                                                                              stand on that line, then you haven’t properly been to the
write about how we feel, we can also find others around                                                                              city. For seven dollars, you get an unlimited amount of
the world that can relate to us in different ways. It’s like a                                                       KAVITA BIRBAL   sauce, a large portion of food and a line that goes around
secret club and I love it.”                                      Screen shot of Tumblr                                               the block. It is most certainly worth the wait!

  Too much LOVE A Tour of
for the word LOVE the City
   The word love may have lost
                                                                                                 By ALEXIOUS ROSS
                                                                                                      “The Big Apple,” “The heart of the
                                                                                                 city,” and “The city that never sleeps.”

its main purpose in society today                                                                These are just a few names that Manhattan
                                                                                                 goes by. It has many famous landmarks,
                                                                                                 tourist attractions, museums, and universi-
By CHENELLE DOOKIE AND ANTHONY DEONARINE                                                         ties. From ice skating at Chelsea Piers to
                                                                                                 grabbing some grub at one of the “fanci-
     The word “love” is used in many dif-         The word should not be thrown around           est” McDonald’s in town, there is plenty of
ferent situations. it is defined as an extreme    like a piece of meat, but preserved for that   fun to be found in “the city.”
affection towards someone or something,           special someone. Has society come to use            “I like to explore because I love the
however, this is not the case in which it is      the word love in any form? Is this for the     scenery and the amazing architecture,”
used by most.                                     good or bad? Senior Darvin Abreau states,      says Steven Ally, a student here at Edison.
     It seems that whenever someone says          “Love is being thrown around like the          New York City is also the fashion capital
“I love you” they don’t actually mean it.         words so and the. Love is supposed to be       of the world. Fifth Avenue is known for
it has lost its significance over the past        a sacred feeling that you feel for someone     a variety of luxury stores while SOHO is
several years. It’s unfortunate that young        you really care about. Putting the word love   known also for its luxury stores, and its dis-
people say it all the time. Young-minded          in any and every sentence is doing nothing     tinct creativity. Rushell Wilis, also a senior,
students use the word “love” like it’s some       but diminishing the value of it.               said, “I love to go shopping in the city and                                             ALEXIOUS ROSS

sort chocolate-coated treat. Senior Cam-               There are many forms of love that can     also enjoy going to Times Square.” People             Students ivie Omede, delroy Henry and
eron Singh says: “Man, girls may be say-          be expressed as we all should know. Love       from all different demographics even deem             Dominic Campbell walk around Times
ing it sometimes, but it might not be totally     for family, love for those few selected        it a place called home. “I like going to the          Square.
true.”                                            friends, and love for that selected mate.      city because it’s a different atmosphere
     Love should be something special, not        There’s no telling how you’ll feel if some-    than home. One of my favorite places to go            here.” She continued: “You cannot forget
something you throw out to somebody who           thing splendid happens to you and you blurt    in the city is Central Park,” said Clifford           about the great-tasting hot dogs at a stand
you’ve only known a week or two. Love is          out “ I love you” in that particular moment.   Harry, an Edison student. Madison Square              in Times Square - a must-taste!”
developed over a long period of time. Yes,        Many say the word “love” loosely simply        Garden holds different events every year.                  If you are interested in history, art, or
there are those few cases of “love at first       because they feel bolstered. Recently, soci-   They have basketball games, concerts and              just entertainment, Manhattan also has nu-
sight,” but this is a very rare occurrence        ety has brought about a plethora of ways to    shows such as Cirque du Soleil. Ashley                merous museums, like the Natural History
and shouldn’t be someone’s first priority.        use the word love most commonly found          Todd, another senior here at Edison said              Museum, Maddam Tussauds Wax Museum
You cannot claim your love towards some-          in the teenage community. Sophomore            with excitement: “At night, I like to go              and Ripley’s Believe It or Not. “I like the
one unless you have that special feeling          Carmella Monge says, “Sometimes tell-          to Times Square because I can see all the             artwork in the Metropolitan Museum, but
deep down whenever you see that person.           ing someone you love them is good. Only        lights and concerts that are sometimes held           the best part for me is the work from artists
                                                  if you really care about them, so this way                                                           that surround the Met,” said Wilis.
                                                  you don’t make yourself unhappy, but you                                                                  Manhattan is a place where you can
                                                  know you have someone that cares and                                                                 find talented people with innovative ways
                                                  loves you.”                                                                                          to express themselves. As a matter of fact,
                                                       Love can be expressed to inanimate                                                              some people, if inspired enough, will even
                                                  objects to personify the very meaning.                                                               leave you a little tip for your talent and
                                                  For example, you can express your love                                                               creativity. “It always amazes me to see
                                                  towards a sport like basketball or a well-                                                           the new talent i find in Manhattan!” said
                                                  known genre of music like R & B. Love                                                                Shaniese Fiddler, Edison student.
                                                  for music or a particular subject in life is                                                              To top it off, there should be no trou-
                                                  different from love for a single person.                                                             ble getting there. Manhattan has excellent
                                                  The word itself is inspirational to many                                                             transit service. If you need directions or
                                                  throughout society for generations in the                                                            reviews for the city, websites like hopstop.
                                                  past, present and future. Too much love for                                                          com and can be your aid.
                                CHENELLE DOOKIE   the word love? There is no set answer, but                                           ALEXIOUS ROSS   If you can make it here, you can make it
A sculpture of the word love in Manhattan.        love is in the air.                            A birds-eye view of Times Square.                     anywhere!
                                                                             THE EDISON LIGHT, SPRING                                                                                                7

            Feature Articles
Take Care of your Hair
     One would be amazed by how much a girl’s hair af-
                                                                                                                                    By CRYSTAL WHYTE and CHENELLE DOOKIE

                                                                                                                                    Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave-in Crème
fects her. Believe it or not gentlemen, a female’s hair plays                                                                       Aussie Leave-In Conditioner
a significant role in her life. The way her hair looks im-                                                                          Aphogee Green Tea Reconstructerizer
pacts her self-confidence, pride and energy immensely.                                                                              Alcohol free Hair gel:
     Taking care of your hair isn’t hard. Most people make                                                                          Eco styler styling gel
the same basic mistakes when caring for their hair, no mat-                                                                         Fantasia iC Hair Polisher Styling gel
ter what type of hair they have. One basic mistake is over                                                                                Student Akilah Highland started a strict hair regimen
processing the hair. Over processing occurs when hair is                                                                            a little more than a year ago. Akilah hampoos her hair once
colored or permed too often. Hair dyes and perms contain                                                                            a week and o-washes(washing your hair only with condi-
harsh chemicals that can leave hair dry and brittle when                                                                            tioner) 2x a week. She air dries her hair and wears it in
used too often. Another basic mistake made when caring                                                                              a bun almost daily. She also moisturizes and seals with
for hair is using too much heat. daily flat ironing, curling,                                                                       coconut oil daily. Her favorite hair products are Nexuss
and/or blow-drying can dry out your hair and eventually                                                                             Humectress, Wave Nouveau Moisturizing Finishing Lo-
lead to split ends.                                                                                                                 tion, and Shea butter.
The basic rules for healthy hair are:                              Akilah Highland                                                  Prevent Oily Hair: An old remedy to help the shampoo
Shampoo (with a sulfate free shampoo) 1x a week                                                                                     cut the oil is to put a tablespoon of baking soda in your
Co-wash (washing hair with just conditioner) 1x a week            Creme of Nature Conditioning/Detangling Shampoo                   palm, add a little shampoo, and rub your palms to mix,
Moisturize daily!                                                 Neutrogena Triple Moisture Cream Lather Shampoo                   shampoo hair and rinse. This is also known to be great
Avoid constantly using heat on your hair give it a                L’Oreal Ever Pure Sulfate Free Shampoo                            for hairspray build up as well. Less conditioner on the
break every once in a while. If constant straightening            Moisturizing Deep Conditioners:                                   scalp and less usage of shining products are also help-
is necessary do such on a low setting and use a heat              KeraCare Humecto                                                  ful. Nexxus Ex- oil Shampoo is known to be the best
protectant.                                                       Motions Moisture Plus Conditioner                                 and can be found in any regular retail market. Another
Ingredients to avoid:                                             Pantene relaxed and Natural Breakage defense Mask                 great shampoo for oily hair is Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree.
Mineral Oil & Petrolatum (coat the hair but do not                Nexxus Humectress                                                 Volumize hair: Using too much mousse or gel, and/or bad
penetrate the hair shaft)                                         Bed Head’s Moisture Maniac                                        drying techniques can make your hair as flat as a pancake.
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (Harsh cleanser that strips the hair        Moisture Based Leave-in Conditioners:                             Wash your hair just before you go to bed, towel dry it thor-
of natural oils)                                                  Herbal Essences None of Your Frizzness Leave-in                   oughly and leave your hair wrapped in a towel while you
Moisturizing shampoos:                                            Conditioner                                                       brush your teeth, then go to bed. Over-washing makes it
KeraCare Hydrating Detangling Shampoo                             Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship Leave-in                   flyaway and floppy. if you’re currently washing your hair
Nexxus Therappe Luxury Moisturizing Shampoo                       Conditioner                                                                          (Continued on page 8)

Getting to know “Boys’ Varsity Basketball”
An Inside Scoop On Our Hardworking Basketball Team
                                                                                                   Just One Hour Long
                                                                                                   By TIFFANY TORIBIO
 By ANTHONY DEONARINE AND DEVIN NARAINE                                                                  ESPN, a worldwide leader in sports?
      “Edison Pride” that’s what’s in the          Probably the most known drill that              This sports talk channel provides a great
minds of our hardworking Boys’ Varsity the Boys’ Varsity Basketball does is the                    amount of sports coverage, including
Basketball team. The joy of bringing home free throw drill. Many Edison students                   complete coverage on NFL, MLB, NBA,
victory to Edison is what the team is look- have witnessed this drill after school in the          WNBA, soccer, college football, college
ing forward to. Many hear the stats of some gym. “It’s free throws that are clutch for             basketball, scores and news. ESPN gives
players on the announcements, but to the us in the crunch time,” says senior guard                 team stats, tells where a team stands in their
team it’s much more than just statistics. Jabari Brown. The team never complains                   division or league, and so much more.
These players practically sleep and breathe about practice and they work on their game                  ESPN is a fantastic sports channel -
basketball.                                   as if it was some sort of mission to be ac-          just about every sport is talked about, the                          COurTESY OF WWW.SPOrTSTVJOBS.COM

      The practices of the Boys’ Varsity complished. Senior Jahvaun Johnson says                   good and the bad. Sports fans simply click
Basketball team are packed with drills and “Everything we do in practice is making us              to ESPN and get all the information that          ESPN for the replays and highlights of big
plays. After the warm-up they do a unique better as a team.” The Inventors practice                they need when they miss a game. Didn’t           games. “ESPN is the channel to go to when
drill called “three man weave.” Each time every day of the week for the most part.                 see the Giants or Jets? Missed the Knicks         you need information on recent sport events
you pass the ball a player rotates to a dif- Practice usually starts around 5:30pm and             play the Hawks? Want to know who’s up             and highlights,” says Darvin Abreu, anoth-
ferent spot. The ball is only passed around ends around 8:00pm. “We’re all one big                 there and who isn’t? ESPN is the show, a          er senior here at Edison. These young men
three times, and then new teammates are happy family,” says Senior Kristopher                      very helpful one for that matter. Of course,      count on ESPN to catch up on the games
switched in. This helps the team with Owens. Everyone gets along on and off the                    you have other sport channels that speak          they’ve missed. Sure they love sports, and
quickness and their passing skills. One of court.                                                  about teams, but ESPN seems to be where           ESPN is what they turn to; whether it’s the
the most important drills to the team is the       A ritual each player does when they             the fans get everything they need to know         late night show or in the morning - they
“shell drill.” This particular drill helps to leave or enter the locker room is touching           and they love it.                                 tune in for the fun.
tune the team defense and it builds chem- a banner that says “Edison Pride.” as the                     “i like EPSN because they have an                 Not only is it worldwide, but ESPN is
istry on the court. You would be surprised team keeps up the hard work, The Boys’                  analysis on all major sports and they break-      a mixture of different things. Scoreboards,
as to how many times the team goes over Varsity Basketball team wants you to know                  down each topic where even people who             breaking news on players, teams, high-
drills and plays. This shows the consisten- it’s all about “Edison Pride.” So come out             don’t watch sports will understand,” says         lights, and so much more on just one chan-
cy and care each player has for the game.     and support your team!                               senior Michael Bravo. Michael turns to            nel. Check your local listings.

Packers Steal the Show
                                                   aiming for another ring. Since Brett Favre      and touchdown. Unfortunately though,              Steelers, the Packers add only three points
                                                   left the Packers, aaron rodgers has been        Roethlisberger threw another interception         to the board making the lead six. In 2009
                                                   waiting for his moment to shine.                that would end in another seven points for        Ben Roethlisberger encountered the same
                                                         With over 111 million people watch-       green Bay. Before the Black Eyed Peas             obstacle, fourth quarter the team needed
                                                   ing, Super Bowl XLV was set to be an            came on to perform, the first half ended          one touchdown to win. He did it in 2009,
                                                   amazing game.                                   with the score of 21-10. The Steelers came        and he went for it again. After missing a
                                                         Both teams have nine Super Bowl titles    into the second half pumped with energy,          3rd and 5 completion, he was forced to go
                                                   coming into the game. The Steelers want         and played good defense against the Pack-         for it on 4th and 5.
                                 TiFFaNY TOriBiO

Pittsburgh Steelers (left) and greenbay            to take a big lead in the Super Bowl titles     er’s first drive. Pittsburgh got the ball back,        With 111 million people watching, this
Packers (right) go head-to-head.                   race. The Packers want to show the world        and put it to good use, ending their drive        play would determine if the Steelers con-
                                                   that they still have what it takes to win the   with a touchdown cutting the lead to four         tinue with 45 seconds, or the Green Bay
     Super Bowl XLV: green Bay Packers             championship. Both teams planned to put         with the score of 21-17.                          Packers win it all. Looking at Mike Wal-
clashing against the Pittsburgh Steelers in        it all on the field for a chance to hold the         After a fumble by the Steelers, the          lace ran his route, Ben threw it to him with
Arlington, Texas. These two teams got to           precious trophy. The game started with a        game seemed over when the Packers take            all his hopes propelled. Mike juggled it
the Super Bowl through a series of tough           thunderous touchdown pass from Rodgers          a 28-17 lead with an amazing touchdown            and drOPPEd it. The game was over, and
games in the playoffs. The Steelers entered        to Jordy Nelson. Then, to the Steelers dis-     catch by Greg Jennings. When the Steelers         the green Bay Packers can once again call
the playoffs as the number two seed for the        may, an interception by Nick Collins added      answered back with a touchdown, they de-          themselves the champs. Aaron Rodgers ran
aFC with a first round bye. The Packers            another seven for the Pack. Steelers were       cided not to kick the extra point but instead     out onto the field to celebrate with his team.
entered as a number six seed with all road         not ready to give up just yet, as they would    to go for two. They successfully completed        aaron is named MVP of the game, and can
games ahead of them. Steelers’s quarter-           try to fight their way back.                    the two-point conversion and cut the lead         finally take the “cheese” back to Wiscon-
back Ben Roethlisberger has won the two                  In the second quarter the Steelers add-   to three points, and the score was 28-25.         sin. Concluding the game, the Packers re-
previous Super Bowls he’s been in and was          ed 10 points to the board with a field goal     After another big defensive stop by the           ceived their fourth Super Bowl Title.
8                                                                             THE EDISON LIGHT, SPRING


                                     EATING WITH EDISON EDIBLES

Count your Calories!
                                                                                                                                                        with a notebook, calculator, and physical
                                                                                                                                                        exercise, you’re well on your way to
                                                                                                                                                        achieving that goal of yours. Whether it’s
                                                                                                                                                        100 pounds or just 5, please be advised that
                                                                                                                                                        if you are truly happy with you, then why
By MAHENDRA LALDAR                                                                                                                                      change? You cannot change just because
     Remember the food pyramid? What             in a 24 hour time span. If you carefully                                                               people tell you to change. If you know that
did it show? Did you take it for granted?        watch the book, limit your portions, and                                                               change is needed and you are willing to
Caloric intake is a factor that is crucial       work out a steady eating plan, you are well                                                            make sacrifices, then you know what needs
to healthy weight. Is that New Year’s            on your way to a lean, mean, fat-burning                                                               to be done.
resolution of yours to lose weight never         human machine. Watching your calories,                                                                      according to Scientific Psychic (http://
coming true?                                     exercising for at least 15-30 minutes a                                                      , a health-
     Proper eating habits go hand-in-            week will dramatically improve your                                                                    related website, a pound of fat from your
hand with daily routines like tying your         lifestyle. Everyone is different; we all like                                                          body is equivalent to 3,500 calories. If you
shoes properly or brushing your teeth. By        different things, and most importantly our                                                             were to reduce your calorie intake by 100
definition, a calorie is the amount of energy    bodies burn and take in energy differently.                                                            a day, this will make you lose weight in
required to raise the temperature of 1 gram      it’s up to you to build confidence and stick                                                           approximately one month and five days. it
of water by 1 degree Celsius. If you knw         to your plan of actions.                                                                               is astounding how fast it is to gain weight
the calories in your food and you add up               if you are satisfied with the outcome,                                                           for some and hard to lose for others. A
how much you eat, losing weight and living       then why not continue it? Some say,                                                                    staggering 34% percent of adults, ages
a healthy lifestyle should not be a problem.     “You can never get too much of a good                                                                  20 years and over were obese in the years
The problem that many people in America          thing.” This is a generalization, but I’ll                                           MAHENDRA LALDAR   2007-2008. Serving size is important to a
face is serving size. The number of calories     let you interpret that however you see fit.        This tempting meal is exactly what NOT              healthy lifestyle as well. Eating in small
that you need depends on the size of your        Remember, taking evasive action such as            to eat if you’re counting calories.                 portions can go a long way in improving
body and your level of activity.                 binging can lead to terrible consequences.                                                             your health, in addition to cutting back on
     A great way to keep track of your calorie   Exercising, eating right and building                                                                  oils and candy. Try substituting these with
intake is to keep a small book with you and      muscle are not only good things but as             prone to disorders than one who is “obese.”         veggies and fruits and maybe a healthy
log the amount of calories that you consume      studies show a healthy individual is less          Everything has to be done gradually, but            homemade fruit shake instead.

 Applebee’s Give Me a Salad of Macaroni
Penne Pasta P For Pasta:
Made at Home!
                                                                                                                                      By ANMOL JAITLEY
                                                                                                                                           The classic Macaroni Salad can and has been served
- 2 boneless skinless
                                 - 4 Tomatoes
                                                                    Pasta Fettuccine That Is!                                         for almost any occasion imaginable. Whether at a picnic,
                                                                                                                                      a party or just as a side dish to your meals, the salad is a
                                                                                                                                      great addition to almost any event, especially since it can
      chicken breasts            - Garlic                           By MAHENDRA LALDAR                                                conform to any palate.
- Italian Salad Dressing         - Basil
- Penne pasta                    - 6-8 Tablespoons of extra                                                                           Ingredients:
- Jar of Alfredo sauce               Virgin Olive Oil                                                                                 1 cup of Mayonnaise
-shredded Italian cheeses                                                                                                             3 tablespoons of Yellow Mustard (more if you enjoy the
Procedure:                                                                                                                            1/8th of a cup White Vinegar
1) First, you marinate the chicken breasts in the Italian                                                                             4 tablespoons of White Sugar
salad dressing for 30 minutes in the refrigerator. Then, you                                                                          A few dashes of Lemon Juice or Hot Sauce (your choice)
grill the chicken.                                                                                                                    Salt and Black Pepper (just a hint)
2) You also have to make bruschetta! In order to make that,                                                                           4 cups of Macaroni Pasta
you need to chop the tomatoes, garlic and basil and put it                                                                            1 medium sized Onion chopped finely
all into a bowl with olive oil. Set that aside!                                                                                       Half of a green Bell Pepper chopped finely
3) Now it’s time to cook the pasta! Make enough pasta for                                                                             Frozen Peas (thawed)
the number of people eating. Follow the directions on the                                                                             Water
package. When done, put in individual serving bowls.                                                                                  Oil (optional)
4) Finally, you will need to spread the Alfredo sauce on                                                                              a hint of Paprika
the pasta and add a spoon of the bruschetta. Then, you put
the grilled chicken on top and sprinkle with Italian chees-
                                                                    a decorated platter of Pasta Fettucine.
                                                                                                                    MAHENDRA LALDAR
es. Microwave the pasta to heat the sauce and melt the
                                                                         Fettuccine Alfredo is a pasta dish tossed with parmesan
                                                                    cheese. as the cheese melts, it glorifies the dish and gives
                                                                    it a smooth and rich coat of flavor. it was named by an
                                                                    Italian restauranteur at his restaurant Alfredo alla Scrofa in
                                                                    Rome. Made with different variations, one recipe that will
                                                                    spark a sizzle down your taste buds and make them scream
                                                                    for more, includes a culmination of cheeses and steamed
                                                                    vegetables that create a savory and tasty dish that kicks
                                                                    you into cloud nine.

                                                                    Ingredients:                    Salt (Use in adequate
                                                                    ½ cup butter                    proportions)
                                                                    1 pint whipped cream            Black pepper                                                                           aNMOL JaiTLEY

                                                                    Alfredo sauce (store            Mrs. Dash Table blend (a          Choose only the best ingredients for this and every
                                                                    bought)                         dash not a sprinkle or pour       recipe that you try.
                                                                    1/3 cup Romano cheese           but a pinch)
                                                                    (grated)                        Cayenne pepper
                                                                                                    1 box of pasta (store-            Directions:
                                                                    1/3 cup of Parmesan                                                    1. In a large pot, bring about 8 cups of water to a boil
                                                                    cheese (grated)                 bought fettuccine)
Pasta from applebee’s                               NATASHA SINGH                                                                     and heavily salt it. Cover the pot with a lid to boil the water
                                                                    Garnish with steamed broccoli and parsley. To maximize            quicker. Dump the macaroni in the boiling water, give it
Source:                 a culinary masterpiece even if it’s made to serve just one        a stir and cook for about 8 minutes. You can add a little
Home-applebees-Three-Cheese-Chicken-Penne                           you can chop the broccoli.                                        bit of oil to the water before you stir the pasta to lubricate
                                                                                                                                      each individual noodle.
                                                                                                                                           2. Once it’s finished cooking, drain the pasta in a col-
Take Care of your Hair (Continued from page 7))                                                                                       ander or a sieve if that’s all you have on hand. Since this is
                                                                                                                                      a dish best served cold, you can cool the pasta in a shower
while you brush your teeth, then go to bed. Over-washing            upside down and spray freshly washed roots with volu-             of cold water to both stop the cooking process and save
makes it flyaway and floppy. if you’re currently washing            mizing spray then massage it in. Brush hair and blow-dry          time on the chilling.
your hair every day, try to cut back to every other day.            hair straight on a low heat setting, starting at the roots to          3. To prepare the sauce, you start off in a large bowl
On your non-shampoo day, don’t just clamp a shower cap              get extra volume. Blow cold air at the roots to add volume.       and add the mayonnaise. To the mayo, you can add the
on your head in the shower because it will flatten your             Separate hair into three sections, securing with a ponytail       vinegar, mustard, sugar, vegetables, paprika, lemon juice/
hair. Also, when choosing shampoo, be cautious about                holder. To curl hair, use a wide-barrel curling iron on a low     hot sauce, salt and pepper in any order you please.
volumizing products. Volume is really about lift and                heat setting. Starting with one section, take a 1-inch por-            4. You must very carefully combine the pasta with the
bounce. If a volumizing product is going to coat your               tion of hair, spray it with hairspray. Wrap hair around the       dressing and toss it extremely well. Each noodle MUST be
hair to make it thicker, it may also make it heavier, which         barrel of the curling iron. Release the curl after about 5-10     covered in the creamy, tangy sauce. Do not discriminate.
means it will be harder to lift. Garnier Fructis and Herbal         seconds then, roll curl and bobby pin it close to the scalp.           5. Now comes the difficult part: you must cover the
Essences are the two most popular volumizing shampoos.              Alternate the direction of the curl as you work your way          salad with plastic wrap (or just a plate if that’s all you have)
Curling Tips: Volumizing spray, hair dryer, a one inch              through each section. Once pinned curls have cooled, re-          and leave it in the fridge for at least 5-6 hours. You’ll have
barrel curling iron, ponytail holder, bobby pins, shine se-         lease them. You can also separate curls with your fingers,        to wait for the flavors in the sauce to penetrate the pasta to
rum and hair spray are some of the things you will need in          just make sure not to brush them out. Set with alcohol-free       produce the best tasting salad. Once you’re ready to serve,
order to curl your hair. First, you will have to turn your hair     hairspray, just don’t overdo it.                                  give it a quick toss and don’t be afraid to devour it.

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