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									January 27th, 2013                                                                                          Published by: ironbizguy

Success is the Road to
Failure in a Home Based
                                                                When starting a business you decided on a category or niche.
  Home based business success is an owner'd ultimate            The niche consists of a group of like-minded people, sharing
  goal. However, focusing on income as your metric of           characteristics and interest s on a specific subject. The niche
  success can lead to its failure.                              exists because the people who comprise it have common needs
                                                                and desires.

Success is the Road to Failure                                  You’ve started your home based business to address these
                                                                needs and desires. You also need to address your own needs
in a Home Based Business                                        and desires. The issue starts on who gets priority.
                                                                You probably consider yourself number one since without you
Why did you start your home                                     there would be no home based business. I would find that
based business?                                                 hard to disagree with. But, did you just want to exist or be
How do you judge if your home based business is successful?
                                                                According to people that have experienced allowed them to
A common owner response is the obvious – to make money.         rise to the top of their respective fields; it is not about you but
That is true however; truly                                     it is about others. A common theme you hear from listening to
                                                                these people is to help others, solve their problems and satisfy
                                                                their needs. For instance:

                                                                   • David Wood and David Sharpe co-founders of the
                                                                     Empower Network in their Inner Circle training,
                                                                     both indicate that relationships are a major factor
                                                                     in marketing efforts. Focusing on promotion of your
                                                                     products or services without building any relationships
                                                                     may yield some short-term income but will not last for
long-term successful people rarely focus on income as a              the long-term.
primary goal in their home based business. Sound kind of
counter-intuitive doesn’t it?
If money isn’t the primary goal in a home based business what      • Long-time motivational and self-development author
is? This answer is directed more towards the activities that         and speaker, Zig Ziglar, supports this idea in his See You
drive your business.                                                 at the Top training. He explained that you can get what
                                                                     you want in life as long as you help enough people get
                                                                     what they want.

January 27th, 2013                                                Published by: ironbizguy

   • Bestselling author Jim Collins supports this concept
     with research in his book Good to Great. Leaders that
     took their companies to greatness were able to deflect
     the credit for success back to others in the company.
     Basically they looked beyond their own egos and did
     what was good for the company making it great. Just a
     quick side note I think you’ll find Good to Great really
     interesting and I would highly recommend it.

You can achieve success with a
profit only orientation in your home
based business.
However as leaders above pointed out the income only goal
has limitations. First and foremost people do not join systems,
they join people.
Although initial sales may look promising there is no lasting
relationship to hold people (i.e. customers, prospects) to your
home based business. Attrition takes its toll as people leaving
your home based business exceed the number of people
joining it.
The other limitation is the limitation that is imposed on your
home based business. The people you manage to keep in your
home based business will be limited. This will prevent your
home based business from growing its true success level.

Either one of these limitations can lead to
failure in your home based business.
Remove these limitations and maximize your success by
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