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									Hi, I’m Sania Mirza.
This year apart from playing at the Wimbledon, you will see
me partnering with to report on the events, the
matches, the players etc.

                                 coverage on

So, wouldn’t you want to know why I am writing on Sify?
Take a look at their coverage last year and you’ll know why I
am associating myself with a winner.
Like I said winner. And winners start early. In Sify’s case,
right on the home page.

Even their email SIGN IN gave prominence to the client
sponsoring the event ONLINE ..
                                     And then came the
                                       big offering!!

A full fledged customized special Wimbledon page packaged in the colors of the brand that
sponsored event online.
Every single offering bore the client’s mark. They stood out.
Attracting traction like no other.
HSBC - Wimbledon in the box
                              Little wonder that when the time came to pick the
                              winner, there was only ONE!!

                                        Winner of GOLD
                                     Best Use of Internet and
                                 New Media category ABBY awards,
                                        Goa Fest, 2009.

So, will we bag gold at the ABBY awards, 2009?

    That’s the endeavour. And that’s where I come in.
The GLAMOUR TRAIL with Sania Mirza… straight from Centre Court

                                          Our reportage will be first hand.
                                          Apart from covering my matches,
                                          we will also reflect on what makes
                                          Wimbledon special…the sights, sounds,
                                          the smells etc.

And each of these sections will be
packaged exclusively for the clients.

After all, who would want miss a report
from Centre Court itself.
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