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               March 2012
           Karla Rothrock – President
                                                E LEPHANT
             Kathy Dolge – Editor
          T ALES
          Meeting March 27, 2012                                            Find all the leprechauns in this
                                                                         newsletter and you’ll win a prize. First
         Pueblo Del Sol Country Club                                       call to 602-510-8986 or email to
          Luncheon: 11:00 a.m.                                    with the
                                                                            correct number is the winner.
           Meeting: 11:30 a.m.
       Steamed Potatoes & Carrots, Braised Cabbage, Corned Beef, Chocolate Mint Ice Cream
                                  $15.00 per person, walk-ins $16.00
                   ** Reservations Cannot be Canceled After 12:00 noon on March 22 **
                                     A Reservation Made Must Be Paid
                Contact Enid Reinhart 378-3635 if no one has called you for your reservation.

Candidates for CD 8’s special congressional primary election on April 17:
        Frank Antenori was born and raised in Scranton, Pennsylvania and joined the Army after
graduating high school in 1984. In 1987, Frank volunteered for Special Forces, commonly known as
the “Green Berets.” While in Special Forces, Frank was involved in several operations of historical
significance some of which notably include Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanistan. While in Special
Forces, he found time to obtain his bachelor’s degree and complete training as a Special Forces
combat medic. Frank moved to Tucson when he retired from the military in June of 2004, where,
besides being a part-time citizen legislator in the Senate, he currently works as a program manager
in the Aerospace-Defense industry. He’s been happily married for 17 years to his wife Lesley. They
have two sons, Frank III, age 15 and Brodie, age 14. See

        Jesse Kelly is an Iraq War veteran with a commitment to restoring the fundamental qualities
that make America great. Jesse is a proud husband, a father of two boys, and a businessman. Prior
to joining the family business, Jesse served in the United States Marine Corps. During his four years
in the military, he led a squad in the Mortar Section of the 1st Battalion, 7th Marines and participated
in Operation Iraqi Freedom. He was honorably discharged in 2004. Jesse and Aubrey Kelly live in
Marana, Arizona, where they have chosen to raise their sons. The family attends Tucson’s Alive
Christian Fellowship Church. See

      Martha E. McSally is a pioneer. She is the first female fighter pilot to fly in combat, and first
to command a fighter squadron in combat in United States history. In 2001-2002, she earned
national recognition for successfully overturning a military policy requiring all U.S. servicewomen to
wear a Muslim Abaya and headscarf when off base in Saudi Arabia. Originally from Rhode Island,
Martha retired from the United States Air Force as a colonel in 2010. She has made her home in
Tucson for a number of years, first arriving there in 1994, the first of her four assignments to Davis-
Monthan Air Force Base. Before resigning to run for office, Martha was Professor of National Security

Studies at the George C. Marshall Center in Germany where she taught and mentored senior
government officials from all over the world in international and national security issues. See
        After graduation from the University of Arizona in 1978, Dave Sitton initiated the marketing
departments at both Golden Eagle Distributors, Inc. and the University of Arizona Athletics
Department. He spent nine years as a Vice President and General Manager of Clear Channel Outdoor
and has operated his own firm, The Enterprise Communications Group, Ltd. since 1988. After
treatment at The Arizona Cancer Center in 2005 for lymphoma, Sitton relied on his three decades of
marketing and broadcast experience to begin a formal marketing program at the Center. His Emmy
Award winning broadcast career spans over thirty years. Businessman, Broadcaster, Mentor, Coach,
Military Advocate, Cancer Fighter, and Community Leader. See

                                     Thunder Mountain Republican Women
                           Tuesday, 28 February 2012 – General Membership Meeting
        11:08 a.m. President Karla Rothrock made welcoming remarks and called Chaplain Laurie
Daynes forward to offer the invocation. County Attorney Ed Rheinheimer led us in the Pledge of
Allegiance to our Flag. Hospitality Veep Enid Reinhart called tables for buffet service.
        11:35 a.m. President Karla called the meeting to order and began proceedings by introducing
elected officials, candidates and other dignitaries. Members introduced their guests, and President
Karla welcomed new and returning TMRW members. Karla wished a Happy Birthday to each member
celebrating February birthdays, with special recognition and wishes to Jane Gonseth, celebrating her
90th birthday. Jane Strain presented each “birthday girl” with a special cupcake.
        Karla gave a report on the AzFRW Winter Meeting held in Scottsdale over the weekend,
followed by announcing a CD 8 candidate forum at the Benson Turquoise Hills on Thursday at 7:00
p.m. She then thanked Kathy Dolge for the fine work on our new 2012 TMRW Directory. Kathy
pointed out that Karla had designed the banner piece for the booklet’s front.
        TMRW’s new Caring for America project is to purchase phone cards for troops; project is
handled through the Fisher House and USO.
        Fundraising Veep Charity Webster reminded us of our upcoming raffle, tickets $10 each or 3
for $20, drawing to be held on 24 April. First prize is a week at the Surfrider on Sanibel Island,
Florida (Oct 27 to Nov 3, 2012); second prize is a $100 gasoline card at Valero, and third prize is a
$50 card at Target.
        Americanism Chair Billie Hayes gave a five-minute presentation on “Constitution 101”, which is
a ten-week online course offered by the Hillsdale College, encouraging all members to take
advantage of the opportunity.
        Enid Reinhart introduced the three speakers for the day, in turn, each of whom responded to
“Why I am running for this office.”
        Karl Elledge, candidate for Division 4 Superior Court Judge, cited Marbury vs. Madison, named
“The Great Decision” by Chief Justice Marshall, which firmly established the separation of powers
        Ed Rheinheimer, candidate to retain his seven-year tenure as Cochise County Attorney, tutored
us on the friction existing between all law enforcement and the County Attorney’s office. In this time,
he has instituted the Early Resolution process in which roughly 50% of felony charges are resolved
rather than continuing to the Grand Jury process. Defendants are offered the same plea bargains, as
if going through the drawn-out processes, thus saving much time and money. The program is now
being replicated in other counties.

        Larry Dever, elected to Cochise County Sheriff in 1994, hosts endless “border tours” for
politicians seeking photo ops. He invited us to view the brief he has filed, which is available on his
        Enid had one pre-determined question for each candidate, after which she entertained
questions from the group.
        Karla made the following announcements:
               27 March – TMRW Luncheon, featuring four CD 8 candidates: McSally, Kelly, Antenori,
                      and Sitton
               16 March – 1200 Club, 6:00 p.m., the CD 8 candidates
        Jane Strain then called attention to the various petitions on a side table, followed by Charity
Webster who “Split-the-$86-Pot” with Ruth Ann Britton, donating most of her winnings back to the
        12:55 Meeting was adjourned.
                                           Respectfully submitted,
                                           Billie Hayes, Recording Secretary

                 Congressional District 8 Special Elections

March 19, 2012         Last Day to Register to Vote
March 22, 2012         Early Voting Begins
April 6, 2012          Last Day to Request an Early Ballot To Be Mailed
April 13, 2012         Last Day to Vote Early in Person at Recorder’s Office
April 17, 2012         Special Primary Election - Congressional District 8           Let’s all get ready
                                                                                      to fight for this
May 14, 2012           Last Day to Register to Vote                                    great country!
May 17, 2012           Early Voting Begins                                               Your next
June 1, 2012           Last Day to Request an Early Ballot To Be Mailed              opportunities are
June 8, 2012           Last Day to Vote Early in Person at Recorder’s Office            listed here.
June 12, 2012          Special General Election - Congressional District 8
For a Map and List of Voting Regions go to For Voter
Registration Information contact the Cochise County Recorder at (520) 432-
8354 or 1-888-457-4513 or by email at

                                           P RESIDENT ’ S M ESSAGE
                                           TMRW’ S 40 TH Y EAR

Hello to all!

It’s March and I don’t know what is stronger: the winds around Cochise County or the winds across
the nationwide airwaves! Unless you’ve been under a rock, you have most likely been privy to the
barbs, the insults, the negative press, the requests for apologies all centered around women and
women’s rights. Believe it or not, March is actually National Women’s History Month, and this month
will most certainly go down in history!
I am going to refrain from contributing to the rhetoric that has been “blowing” throughout our country,
because I personally feel that it has served as nothing more than a diversion from the real issues that

are NOT being addressed in our nation’s Capitol. Instead, I will honor this month by mentioning other
strong women who played important roles in the Women’s Suffrage Movement and early political
leadership in Arizona: Josephine Hughes, Murat Masterson, Sallie Hayden, Senator Frances Munds,
and Representative Rachel Berry.
These women fought against odds and obstacles far greater than we encounter today. There are
many more women who have forged the path for our involvement in politics today. I encourage you to
visit the museums and libraries and Internet pages to focus on their positive influence on what we so
freely access as active Republican women.
On that note, I move onto opportunities for members of TMRW to be better informed political women.
Last week, I spent two amazing days at the Legislature with my Dodie Londen Excellence in Public
Service group and it was phenomenal! I learned so much and met some of our hardworking
representatives. You, too, can have your chance to see government in action! On Wednesday, April
4, the Arizona Federation of Women will be hosting the 2012 Day at the Legislature. We have already
begun to coordinate a carpool caravan to Phoenix from Cochise County.
lunch provided by AzFRW). If you would like to attend, please contact me at or (520) 559-2268. Hope you can join us!
Just a reminder that you still have time to sell TMRW raffle tickets and turn them in at the March
meeting. The money we raise will go towards two $1,000 scholarships for local high school graduates
to attend colleges/universities in Arizona. I will also have tickets and information at the March meeting
for a statewide raffle for a $500 Visa card. As my space is limited here, I will announce at the next
Finally, I wanted to share that one of our presenters at Dodie Londen was the Director of the
Governor’s Office of Boards and Commissions. If you have ever had a desire, or even a curiosity,
about serving on a state board or commission, I will have information available for you to apply. There
are many, many boards and commissions, even one on Iceberg Lettuce Research. Hmmmm……

Hope to see all of you for our Congressional District 8 Candidate Program in March. Thanks to all of
you for your contribution and your service!
                                          Yours in Service,
                                          Karla Rothrock, President

                       Cochise County Republican Committee (CCRC), 325 W. Fry, 417-
                       1000; Chair Matt Creegan (;	
                       now open 6 days (Mon-Sat) 10-5. More volunteers are always needed
                       for headquarters work, parades, and voter registration tables. All are
                       welcome to attend CCRC monthly meetings that are held the first
                       Monday of each month at 4:00 p.m. at CCRC Headquarters. The next
                       meeting will be March 5, 2012.


       As a reminder, we are in the middle of our fundraiser, selling raffle tickets for a week on
sunny, sandy Sanibel Island, Florida. The week at the end of October, will find some very lucky
person spending 7 days at the beautiful Surfrider Beach Club. Lovely sand, surf and seafood await
your every whim. This destination is the ultimate in “whatever.” Walks on the beach, sunning by the
pool, reading a book, making sandcastles; it's all there, right outside your door. The second prize, a
$100 gasoline card, and third prize a $50 Target gift card will always come in handy!
       I would like to thank all those who have already sold their tickets, and encourage everyone
else to do so. Remember, we have more tickets, if you find that you have more people wanting
them. Just call me at 249-0511 and I'll get them to you as soon as possible.
                           Charity Webster, 3rd Vice President--Fundraising

QUARTERLY BIRTHDAY GATHERINGS: After the huge success of the first quarter gathering, the second
quarterly gathering is in the planning stage. ALL April, May, and June birthday members and
associate members will have a SUPER time at this next gathering! Of course, all our members and
associate members are invited to these quarterly gatherings. Watch for further details in your
Elephant Tales. See ya'll at the March luncheon!
                                                 Thanks – Jane, Social Chair

              (dates are in your Directory)

             Happy Birthday!                                Happy Anniversary!
 Jane Strain      Tim Dickerson                 JoAnn & Lee Thoming   Jane & Bob Strain
 Sarah Pacheco    Suzanne Fightmaster           Amy & Dave Wolken     Karen & Bradley Cottrell
 Zanetta Boughan Ann Glodis                     Mo & Matt Creegan     Enid & Steve Reinhart

      NOTES FROM CORRESPONDING SECRETARY, JANE STRAIN: The birthday celebrations continue!
There are six March birthdays and six anniversaries. IF you are a March birthday, please attend our
Tuesday 27 March meeting so you will receive your birthday card and enjoy our celebration with you!
I look forward to seeing ALL the March birthday folks at our meeting. Thanks to all our members and
associate members for their positive involvement in our important work as Republicans during these
demanding times.

                              Silent Auction Items needed all year long
The Arizona Federation of Republican Women holds 3 statewide meetings each year. One of the
fundraisers at each of the meetings is a silent auction, and all clubs are asked to contribute items for
the auctions. This is a request to be on the lookout for suitable items throughout the year. These can
be new or very gently used — books, DVDs, jewelry, crafts — historical, Republican, Arizonan. Gift
cards or gift certificates are also appropriate.
       For any questions or to donate something, please contact President Karla Rothrock

                                                  OFFICERS (2012-2013)
                                            (see Directory for email & phone)
                    Elected Officers                              Appointed Officers and Chairs
                   President Karla Rothrock                          Ass’t Treasurer Kathy Dolge
          1st Vice–Programs Nancy Dever                                     Chaplain Laurie Daynes
       2nd Vice–Membership Leah Barnes                                      Historian VACANT
        3rd Vice–Fundraising Charity Webster                        Parliamentarian Jane Strain
         4th Vice–Hospitality Enid Reinhart                                 Publicity VACANT
         5th Vice–Newsletter Kathy Dolge                     AzFRW/NFRW Awards Ruth Ann Britton
             Recording Sec’y Billie Hayes                  Americanism & Homeland
        Corresponding Sec’y Jane Strain                                      Security Billie Hayes
                   Treasurer Louise Grantham                              Legislative VACANT
                                                               Education & Literacy Pam Collins
                                                                        Social Chair Jane Strain
                                                                 Caring for America Kathy Barr

Member – Anne Stephenson of Tucson; 6901 E. Crestline Dr., Tucson 85715-5312; 520-398-4755;
       You can pick up your 2012 Membership Directory at the March 27 luncheon. And, don’t forget
to continually recruit new members!

                 P   H O N E       C   A R D S                      C   A R I N G     F O R
                          F O R         O   U R                     A   M E R I C A
                               T   R O O P S                        P   R O J E C T

       Imagine a lonely servicewoman or serviceman in Afghanistan or Kuwait who wants nothing
more than to talk to a family member. Then imagine that you’re the mom or dad of that same lonely
servicewoman or serviceman and there’s no way you can personally call your daughter or son. That’s
where we all can help. AT&T and the Army & Air Force Exchange Service have teamed up to provide
low-cost phone cards to deployed soldiers. The TMRW Board suggests that we contribute to Phone
Cards for Our Troops as part of our Caring for America commitment.	
       It couldn’t be easier! You don’t have to know a soldier personally. Just donate any amount at
TMRW luncheons through July. The money will be sent to the Fisher House or the USO (or both) so
that they can distribute phone cards to “any deployed soldier.”	
       We have it on good authority from deployed soldiers we know that this will truly benefit the
troops and their loved ones back home.	
To control our expenses, we’re now sending ELEPHANT TALES by email to everyone whose email
address is known. If you are receiving it by U.S. Mail and have an email address, just say “yes,
count me in” in an email to

            Question: What kind of underwear does the leprechaun wear? Boxers or briefs?
                                        Answer: Depends.

                               2012 A Z FRW D AY AT THE L EGISLATURE
                                        W EDNESDAY , A PRIL 4

This is always a fun and very informative way to spend a day in Phoenix. We’ll be greeted by
Governor Brewer and other Republican leaders. We’ll have opportunities to watch our senators and
representatives at work in the Senate and House chambers, and also attend committee hearings.
We’re invited to tours of the office the Secretary of State (Ken Bennett) and the office of the State
Treasurer (Doug Ducey). Registration is due March 30; the cost is $25 and includes continental
breakfast and a box lunch. We will attempt to arrange car pools. The full agenda and registration
form is attached to this newsletter or go to for details.

        Another chance to socialize and also benefit our community is the Annual
Fashion Show Luncheon sponsored by the Sierra Vista Woman’s Club. This
glamorous show of contemporary and designer fashions will take place on Saturday,
April 21, at 11:00 a.m. at the Windemere Hotel. Proceeds from the Fashion Show
will benefit Cochise College Nursing Students, Buena High School Music Students,
and local community organizations. Social Chair Jane Strain is putting together a
table of 10 TMRW members. Tickets are $25. Purchase yours from Jane at 459-1808

                                       W    E B S I T E        I   N F O R M A T I O N


               Isn't It Ironic? The food stamp program, part of the Department of Agriculture, is
pleased to be distributing the greatest amount of food stamps ever. Meanwhile, the Park Service,
also part of the Department of Agriculture, asks us to "please do not feed the animals" because the
animals may grow dependent and not learn to take care of themselves.

                                                U   P C O M I N G   E   V E N T S

Mar. 27       TMRW Luncheon @ PDS 11:00 a.m.
Apr. 2        Cochise County Republican Committee (CCRC) meeting @ 325 W. Fry 4:00 p.m.
Apr. 4        AzFRW Day at the Legislature 9:00 a.m. – 3:15 p.m.
Apr. 5        TMRW Board Meeting @ PDS 12 Noon
Apr. 10       HARW Luncheon @ PDS 10:30 a.m.
Apr. 17       Special Primary Election for Congressional District 8
Apr. 20       1200 Club Dinner @ PDS 6:00 p.m.
Apr. 24       TMRW Luncheon @ PDS 11:00 a.m.
June 12       Special General Election for Congressional District 8

HARW luncheons 2nd Tuesdays @ PDS 10:30 a.m.; Kathy Jones, President – 459-0208 or

TMRW luncheon meetings are 4th Tuesday (except Dec.): 3/27, 4/24, 5/22, 6/26, 7/24, 8/28, 9/25, 10/23,
11/27, Dec. 12.
1200 Club (Kathy Dolge, VP for Membership – 602-510-8986 or 6 p.m. at PDS
3/16, 4/20, 5/18, 6/15, 7/20, 8/10, 9/21, 10/19, 11/16

At the AzFRW Winter Meeting last month in Scottsdale, a special presentation was made
to President Karla on behalf of TMRW in recognition of our 40th anniversary:



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