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									                                                                                                                Volume 13, Issue 8
   Soroptimist International of Greater Sacramento                                                                    March 2010

                                       SIGS News         Calendar
                                       Tues. March 2    Luncheon and Meeting at Scott’s, 11:30
                                                        Mini-Grant Recipients

Inside this issue:                     Tues. March 9    Board Meeting, 6:00 p.m. Kathy Stassi’s office
President’s Message, Financials,       Wed. March 10 Ravishing Readers Book Club
Nominations Sought, SNR Conf       2
                                       Tues. March 16 Luncheon and Meeting at Scott’s, 11:30
Calendar Update                    3                  Egg Stuffing for St. John’s Brunch
Member Profile & Notes, Chinese NY     Tues. March 23 CPR Class at HMH, 6:00 p.m. (see page 4)
Dinner, CPR Class, Tasty Tarts  4
                                       Thurs March 25 Tasty Tarts, International Cheese Relations
Mini-Grant and WOA Recipients 5        Sat. March 27    Brunch and Easter Egg Hunt (see below and page 6)
                                                        St John’s Shelter
Ruby Award, Superstars, St. John’s
Shelter Brunch                     6                              Happy St. Patrick’s Day on March 17
                                                                     Welcome Spring on March 20
SIA Convention, Book Club          7

Lunch Reservations, Menus &
                                       Calendar continued on last page
Meetings, Calendar                 8

                                       March Highlights
                                       March 2 Mini-Grant Recipients
                                       We’ll hear from some of the agencies who are receiving grants from SIGS, including Amber
                                       Stott from Women’s Empowerment, Jack McNary from Family Promise, and a presentation
                                       about the WECARE solar program. More information on the grants is on page 5.
         SIGS Meetings
        First & Third Tuesdays
        12:00 noon – 1:15 pm
                                       March 16 Easter Egg Stuffing
       (Sign in begins at 11:30)       Come to lunch for fun and fellowship as we stuff the hundreds of Easter eggs that will be
            Scott’s Seafood            hidden for the egg hunt at St. John’s on March 27. It’s
           Loehmann’s Plaza
                                       always a good informal meeting that allows time to catch
                                       up with other SIGS members.

                                       March 27 St. John’s Brunch and Egg Hunt
                                       St. John’s Shelter, Power Inn Road
                                       9:30 a.m. - noon
                                       Our annual service project for St. John’s includes providing an elegant brunch for the
                                       women and providing stuffed plastic Easter eggs for women and staff to hide and for a hunt
                                       for the children. We also provide approximately 55 gift bags for the women to help them
                                       celebrate Spring, and will discuss the contents of the gift bags at the March 2 meeting..The
                                       event is coordinated by Anne Berner and Robin McIver. They will be seeking sign-ups at the
                                       March 2 luncheon and emailing more information. See page 6 for more information.
SIGS New s                                                                                                           Page 2

                                President’s Message
                                By President Faye Holliman
                                Can you believe that it is March already? February just went like the
                                wind, or was it the rain? We had a great fundraiser at Kathy Stassi’s
                                and welcomed in the Year of the Tiger with a bang (see page 4)

       2009-2010                In March our fund raiser is the CPR class on March 24, and it is open
    Board of Directors          to you and husband and friends, so get your money into Kathy ASAP,
                                it is only $25.00 (see page 4)

  President Faye Holliman       Our Calendar committee is working toward a deadline in June for the printer. The first picture
                                session was on February 27th and a mockup of the Calendar should be available soon. You can
  President-Elect               help with the start-up costs by pre-buying 5 calendars for only $87.00. Please put on your
  Carole Davenport
                                “sales hat” to suggest possible sponsors; let Carolyn know of the name (see page 3)
  VP Service Penny Brown
                                Then in April, Sierra Nevada Regional Conference will take place in Reno. So put April 23-25th
  VP Program Lori Edwards       on your calendar. Lisa Culp, our nominee for the Ruby Award, will receive her recognition at
                                the conference and we want to be there to cheer her up to the stage (details below)
  VP Membership
  Sharon Gilbert                Also, on April 20th, we will have our Retreat, and that means that we will be having
                                nominations soon for all of the Board positions. If you are interested in being President in a
  VP Ways and Means             year, be sure to let Carole Davenport know, so your name can be put on the slate. All of our
  Kathy Stassi                  VP Offices and Board positions are fun to do and help you know what is happening in our club
                                and helping it to be the great club it is.
  VP Communications
  Robin McIver                  I’m looking forward to a fun March and April and hope that you are too. See you soon.
  Secretary Susan Gower
                                January Financial Report Highlights
  Treasurer Carol Lundsten      As of the end of January, treasurer Carol Lundsten reports
                                 Total Operating Funds: $8,829
  Director, First Year           Total Service Funds, $17,358
  Marilyn Goodfellow             33 out of 38 service commitments have been received.
                                 Soroptimist in the City income slightly exceeded expenses.
  Director, Second Year          Sale of a See’s gift certificate and Ilse’s photo class netted $46 for the service fund
  Jane Castillo

  Director and Immediate
  Past President Alice Carney
                                Nominating Our 2010-2011 Leadership
                                it is once again the time of year when the nominating committee will be formed. According to
                                our by-laws, the committee will consist of the President-elect and two other club members.
                                The committee's duty is to nominate one or more candidates for each office and the directors.
   Next Board Meeting           If you would like to serve on the nominating committee nominate someone or volunteer for a
                                leadership role, please contact Carole Davenport.
      March 9, 6 PM
  Kathy Stassi's Office, 707
       Commons Dr.,             Sierra Nevada Region Conference
          Suite 101             April 23-25, Atlantis Hotel Reno
                                “Lighten Up” is the theme of the 2010 SNR Conference. It features speakers and workshops on
                                what various clubs are doing as well as key SIA issues including human trafficking. It is also
                                when we elect our regional and district officers: our District V director Janice Labadie is on the
                                slate for Governor-Elect. And, we hope to have a good showing to support our nominee, Lisa
                                Culp, who will receive the SNR Ruby Award at the Awards lunch on Sunday.

                                Please let Faye Holliman know if you are interested in going. The fees are based on the meals
                                you attend. Hotel registration rates are approximately $140 a night double occupancy.
SIGS New s                                                                                                        Page 3

“Celebrate! Women of Food and Wine”
…is the theme of the 2011 SIGS fundraising calendar. Not only has every potential star
enthusiastically agreed to take part in this project, we received a call from a woman              Our Calendar Stars
involved with upscale restaurant who had heard of the calendar and wanted to claim her
own month (we were already full!). Our stars are enthusiastic about helping with sale of the
calendar, and have great ideas about how and where to market it. Carolyn Walters and                    Biba Caggiano
Paula Maw have met with the stars and found them delightful to work with.                                   Biba’s

The first round of possible layouts for the calendar has been presented to the Design and             Suzanne Peabody
Publication Committee by our graphics designer, Terri Kanolz of Addobati Design. She is an                Ashworth
enthusiastic talented woman who really "gets" this project. Ilse Spivek and Terri have
collaborated on the beautiful pictures Ilse will take and how they will fit into each month's         Del Rio Botanicals
design. Ilse and the Design committee have completed the first photo sessions with Biba
and Molly Hawks. In a few weeks, we'll have a mockup to share with you and with potential            Patty and Jody Bogle
markets and sponsors.                                                                                    Bogle Winery
Sandie Neal, just back from the Galapagos Islands, is taking on the Finance Committee, and
she and Carol Lundsten will funnel the funds into the appropriate SIGS account. Sandie will            Ginger Elizabeth
be keeping a close watch on calendar orders and costs.                                            Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates

Yolanda Cuesta is putting together her sales force, spreadsheets for tracking, sales receipts,.            Lina Fat
and is collaborating with Carolyn Walters as she recruits sponsors and Penny Brown from                   Fat Family
the Service Committee to cover all the bases. You've heard about sponsor recruitment in
our meetings – if you have an idea about a possible sponsor, please let Carolyn know.
                                                                                                        Terry Gilliland
.And there is still plenty to do; you are each invited to find a place on a subcommittee. We            Lucca and Roxy
need all kinds of talents and we would love to welcome you on board. More updates and
exciting details will be published in the newsletter and announced at each meeting.
                                                                                                         Molly Hawks
                                           By Jane Castillo, Chair, Calendar Steering Committee
Making it Easy to Market the Calendar
By Yolanda Cuesta, Chair, Calendar Sales and Marketing                                                Louise Maestretti
The Calendar project is moving along quickly and we will soon be approaching retailers and         Pastry Chef, Tower Café
others to carry our beautiful “2011 Celebrating Women of Food and Wine” calendar.
                                                                                                          Liz Mishler
And we need your help! But don’t worry—you don’t have to do anything other than come
up with the leads. We need you to help us locate gift shops, card shops, specialty stores,
                                                                                                           Bella Bru
and small businesses that may be good places to carry the calendar. We all live in different
parts of town, shop at different stores, have hobbies and interests that bring us into contact            Mai Pham
with different businesses, and intersect with our communities in different ways. So, during              Lemon Grass
the next couple of weeks:
     Look around you as you go about your daily shopping and other activities and
                                                                                                   Norma, Dora and Sonia
          think, “Is this a possible place to sell our calendar?” Check out the not-so-obvious
          places, like car wash stores.                                                                     Saenz
     How about stopping by that little store you’ve seen many times before and always              Three Sisters and Tres
          meant to check out? You have a good reason now—you have a SIGS assignment.                     Hermanas
     Or, how about asking your friends and family for suggestions?
                                                                                                         Tina Wilkins
At the March meetings you will have a chance to add to the growing list of retailers and
businesses that the sales committee will contact. We’re counting on you to be ready with                Vina Castellano
your ideas. Many many thanks from the Sales Committee: Chair Yolanda Cuesta, Sharon
Gilbert, Lori Edwards, Faye Holliman, Kathy Stassi.
SIGS New s                                                                                                          Page 4

Member Profile
Marianne Stockton            is one of our longest term members. She has been a SIGS member since 1986 when the club was
                          formed! She has served as the SIGS Secretary, the Chair of Ways and Means, and has participated on
                          many committees, including Service. Marianne is currently on Luncheon/Hospitality and Laws &
                          Resolutions. Marianne has been a Property Management & Real Estate Agent for twenty years. She
                          works with real estate buyers, sellers, and investors. Marianne finds homes for buyers, negotiates the
                          sale of a home for sellers, and finds appropriate rental income property for investors.

                          Marianne most enjoys seeing the excitement of buyers when they find their dream home. She least
                          enjoys seeing people lose their homes to foreclosure. A typical day at work for Marianne includes
                          paper work, preparing home tours, touring houses, paper work, and more paper work. Lyon, the real
                          estate company that Marianne works for, has multiple offices with approximately 900 real estate
                          agents. When she was "young", Marianne wanted to be an airline flight attendant

Ringing in the Year of the Tiger
                                   The Chinese New Year’s celebration at Kathy Stassi’s
                                   home was an evening with good friends, good food and
                                   the promise of new fortunes. At least that's what the
                                   cookies told the partiers. Twenty people enjoyed a
                                   fabulous dinner prepared by Kathy. The good fortune
                                   for the club was raising $610.00 for the club operating

Learn CPR & Support Our Club                                                                    Space is still available
Learn how to save a life. This American Heart Association CPR certification course taught by
our own Kathy Stassi will cover adult, child and infant resuscitation, and the Heimlich
maneuver. You will receive a two year certification card.                                           CPR Course
                                                                                                 March 23rd at HMH
The cost is $25.00/person: twenty dollars goes to the club, and five dollars to the American
Heart Association. Paid reservations are a must: Kathy will accept sign ups and collect your
                                                                                                   6 p.m. – 9 p.m.
checks made out to SIGS.

Tasty Tarts to do Cheese and Wine
Tasty Tarts dining group welcomes all to join them at enjoying various restaurants around
town on the fourth Wednesday of the month.

 The schedule changes slightly for March event, when on Thursday, March 25, 6:30 – 8:30
they join a special class: International Cheese Relations by Laura Martinez, author of The
Everything Cheese Book. She will guide us through the fundamental art and science of
pairing international cheese and wine selections.
Member Notes
Sharon Gilbert reports that she and Paula Maw gathered at a wonderful sushi restaurant to
provide Sue Garmston with a new member orientation.

March Birthdays mean good wishes go to Ilse Spivek on March 5, Carol Little on March 16,
and Millie Stone on March 25.

We extend our sympathy to Millie Stone on the loss of her brother at the end of January.
SIGS New s                                                                                                             Page 5

Mini Grants Awarded
Four local organizations will receive mini- grants from SIGS this year, selected from six applications. The Service Committee and
President Faye Holliman reviewed the six in early February and recommended the following four, which were approved by the
Board at its February 9 meeting.

Family Promise of Sacramento. Family Promise of Sacramento is a non-profit program designed specifically to
                                 help homeless women and children to regain housing and achieve self-sufficiency. Specifically,
                                 their grant application is targeted at supporting their job search and counseling activities. We are
                                 awarding $1000 specifically targeted to help in the purchase of a new computer, printer/copier
                                 and hardware maintenance and software trouble-shooting for use by the case manager who
                                 helps guest families through counseling, housing, job searches, the production of resumes, cover
                                 letters, and other materials necessary for conducting the program.

Discovery Museum Science and Space Center/Challenger Learning
Center. We are providing $500 as a scholarship to cover the fee for the Challenger Learning Center,
one of the museum’s educational programs, which will cover one class from a Title 1 school. Title 1
schools have a high percentage of students from low income families and are unable to afford the cost
of the program. The program is directly related to an educational opportunity that would not otherwise
be available to children in a Title 1 school, especially for young girls. Students participating in this
program gain confidence in the ability to use math and science in real world situations, including
developing decision-making, problem-solving and communication skills while learning the importance of teamwork. Teachers
who have brought students to the Challenger Learning Center report higher math scores and an increased interest in science.

Women’s Empowerment. Our $1000 grant will be used by the WE Clerical and Customer Service Program to support
                          graduates of its program who suffer from mental illness and have been struggling to enter the
                          workforce after the eight-week job readiness program. The program is a new program at WE designed
                          to provide women with customer service skills, training on a multi-line phone system, filing, taking
                          messages and other administrative duties. The skills the women learn in the program will help reduces
                          the fears and anxieties inherent in all new job situations. The program has been running for about one
                          year and had 24 women participate. Of those 24 women, almost 50% have gotten jobs.

WECARE Solar. Women’s               Emergency Communication and Reliable Electricity provides portable
solar-powered lighting and mobile communication to health care centers in Africa to improve maternity
care and lower infant and maternal deaths. The program involves local engineering students at Cosumnes
Oaks High School who assemble portable solar electric suitcases and pack them with overhead lights,
headlamps and two-way radios. The systems are being used by maternity and pediatric care facilities in
Africa and Mexico. We are providing $500 to support the creation of a fully-equipped solar suitcase. This
grant recipient has a local connection that reaches out to affect women and children around the world.

Women’s Opportunity Award
The Service Committee recommended and the Board approved making a $500 Women’s Opportunity Award to Nicole Dawson.
Nicole is a student at Sacramento City College who anticipates completing her studies in December 2010. She intends to transfer
to Sacramento State University and would love to become a social worker or teacher. She works 20 hours per week and is raising
three children (two family members as foster children and her own child). Her references indicate that she is a highly motivated
individual--when it was necessary she stepped up to take care of family members in the foster care system. Recipients may use
the cash awards to offset any costs associated with their efforts to attain higher education, including tuition, books, childcare and
car care. Her application will be forwarded to the regional level to compete for the regional WOA.

Our  Salvation Army Bell Ringing                                  raised $1684.91 to support the work of that fine organization.
We were ranked sixth of all service clubs who participation in the kettle drive. Congratulation and thanks to all ringers.
SIGS New s                                                                                                            Page 6

Lisa Culp to be Honored with Ruby Award
Lisa Culp, Executive Director of Women’s Empowerment was nominated by SIGS for the
Ruby Award, and will receive her award at the Sierra Nevada Regional Conference in Reno in
April. She was nominated for her outstanding contributions to making a significant
difference in the lives of women.

Lisa’ commitment to service began as early as the age of 13, when she helped those who
founded Loaves & Fishes bring sandwiches to the homeless near the railroad tracks. Lisa
studied both at UCLA and University of Grenoble in France, and received her degree from UC
Davis. A long-time activist and voice for those less fortunate, Lisa spent 10 years after
college working in Nicaragua. When she returned home to raise her son, she continued her
service by creating various programs with Loaves & Fishes and Quinn Cottages. One of the
projects Lisa designed grew into today’s Women’s Empowerment. Her work also has been
recognized when Women’s Empowerment earned Nonprofit of the Year Award in 2009, and
in 2008, she received the Woman of the Year Award from the National Association of
Business Women.

Many thanks to Carole Davenport for heading the effort to submit the nomination

Super Stars
SIGS Super Stars honor an event in their lives by contributing at least $50 to the Service fund. As a benefit, they are fine free for
the year. In the past two months, four new people have joined the group. Robin McIver because Faye asked her join the program
             in order to sell the Macy's Shopping Passes to benefit Sacramento Child Advocates at one of our lunches. Kathy Stassi
              joined because her niece received a $1000.00 from the Soroptimist Club in Oak Harbor WA, and she made an extra
                    contribution because she received her first Social Security check. Kay Bell honored getting a new job with the
                      state. And Paula Maw is the fourth new SuperStar.

                      They join Faye Holliman, Carolyn Walters, Millie Stone, Dara Lee and Laurel Bell-Cahill, Marilyn
                      Goodfellow, Corrine Hood, Carol Little, Sandie Neal, and Cindra Smith.

St. John’s Brunch & Egg Hunt, March 27
By Anne Berner
Our annual service celebration, the St. John’s Shelter Easter Brunch, is once again set for the weekend before Easter.

We meet at St. John’s Shelter on Power Inn Road at 9:30 a.m. to set up tables and decorations. We
traditionally provide fruits, juices, quiches, and breads and serve brunch around 10:30 to the women
at the shelter. While the women eat, staff members entertain the children. Then, the children eat
(St. John’s provides lunch for the children and we serve) while the moms and staff hide our stuffed
plastic Easter eggs for the children’s egg hunt. Usually festivities end around noon.

Robin McIver and Anne Berner are coordinating the event this year. They will have sign-ups
available at the March 2 luncheon and will be communicating more information about the event via
e-mail. We’ll be stuffing the plastic Easter eggs at our March 16th meeting.

                  Gift bags for Moms: We usually provide a small gift bag for the 55 women at the shelter.              Although we
                  talked about bringing small bottles of lotions, shampoo, etc. for the gift bags, my contact at the shelter says
                  that they get plenty of those items. She suggests shower caps, toothbrushes, lip gloss, nail polish, costume
                  jewelry, playing cards. If anyone has an idea (or better yet, a contact for a donation of items), please contact
                  Robin or Anne. And, please check your closets and drawers to see whether you have some of these items that
                  you would be willing to donate. You might also check with your dentist – they may provide a bunch of samples
                  for us to use. We’ll finalize items for the gift bags after a discussion at the March 2 meeting.
SIGS New s                                                                                                           Page 7

SIA Biennial Convention, July 7 – 10, San Francisco
                              Members of SI Greater Sacramento          Our club has already paid the required fee of $325 for a
                              won't want to miss the opportunity       voting delegate. The Board selected Faye Holliman to
                              to experience the international          represent the club. She will be attending all 4 days of the
                              flavor of Soroptimist International      convention along with Kathy Stassi. Other members who have
                              of the Americas (SIA) first hand.        expressed interest in attending for fewer days are Cindra
                              SIA's 41st Biennial Convention will      Smith, Paula Maw, and Carole Davenport. It would be great to
be held July 7-10, 2010 in San Francisco at the Hilton Hotel on        have more members attend for one or more days.
Union Square. Women from countries throughout the
federation will attend. Member countries include Argentina,            The cost for the entire convention is $300. Any portion of the
Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guam, Japan,        confab is $125 per day. Meals are extra. Kathy has a time
Korea, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Puerto             share that will comfortably accommodate three people.
Rico,Taiwan, USA, and Venezuela.                                       Cindra has reward points for the Hilton and may be able to
                                                                       provide additional housing. Faye also has a time share
The convention organizers have gathered an impressive group            available, if we have more members who would like to attend
of speakers. Opening key note speaker is Victor Malarek,               multiple days. We would like to arrange carpools, schedule
journalist, senior investigative reporter and author of The            housing and get an idea of the number of SIGS who are
Johns--Sex for Sale and the Men who Buy It. The closing keynote        interested.
speaker is Cynthia D'Amour on "Party Your Way to Your Club's
Future Success." The general session on July 9 will feature            If this information has piqued your interest, we hope you will
Hanne Jensbo from Denmark, the current President of                    consider attending at least one day of the convention. Please
Soroptimist International.                                             email Carole Davenport to let her know that you would like
                                                                       to join the group heading to SIA Biennial Convention in SF
Other convention speakers include many women who hold                  this July. She will be keeping a list of interested members so
positions at the federation level including SIA President Cathy        that the logistics can be coordinated. This opportunity doesn't
Sandiford, Executive Director Leigh Wintz, and Debra Beach, SIA        come to the west coast often so please look ahead to your
Director of Corporate Relations who will offer a session on            July calendar and join other SIGS who want to be part of the
opening day titled "Shaping Your Future with Strategic                 excitement. Plan to be inspired by your connection to women
Thinking" and another session, "Sponsorship at the Club Level"         who may speak a different language
on July 8. To learn more, go to                    or dress differently but who share
                                                                       your commitment to improving the
The registration deadline is May 7, 2010 in order to avoid a 20%       lives of women and children. And in
fee increase. You can register online on the SIA website: click        true SIGS style, it will be just plain
on the "members" section and go to "Meetings, Conventions."            fun.
 The site also contains the complete registration policy.              By Carole Davenport

Ravishing Readers
The SIGS book club is open to members interested in enjoying an evening discussing (or not)
the book for the meeting. Contact Corrine and/or the hostess if you are interested in being
on the reminder email list. Following are the dates, hostess, and book through this club year.
     March 10 at Lori Edwards’. One Thousand White Women: The Journal of May Dodd
         by Jim Fergus
     April 14 at Ilse Spivek’s. The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams
     May 12 at Dyan Pease’s. Sweet Revenge by Diane Mott Davidson
     June 9 at Moira Little’s. And Ladies of The Club by Helen Hooven Santmyer (Note
         from the editor: I started reading this longer book a couple of weeks ago, and am
         really enjoying this detailed and realistic glimpse into the lives of women in a
         literary club in a small Ohio town, starting after the civil war and ending in WWI. I’m
         seeing parallels with SIGS with how we support each other even with our diverse
         backgrounds and ways of thinking. So, I’m highly recommending the book. And as
         Moira says, it’s okay to skim through the politics…..)
SIGS New s                                                                                                                  Page 8

                                      Lunch Reservations & Menus
                                      Scott’s Seafood Restaurant
                                      Cost: $20
                                      Please make your reservation at or voice mail, 313-4811. Include your
    SOROPTIMIST                       lunch selection, name and guest name if appropriate.
       GRE ATE R                      Please make your reservations by Friday before the meeting in order to assure an accurate
                                      count to Scotts. We don’t want to discourage last minute attendance by you or guests, but please
                                      have it be the exception and not the rule. Late arrivals may need to wait for their lunches to be
      c/o 2440 Corona Way             served. If you did not make a reservation, a meal may not be available.
      Sacramento CA 95864           March 2, 2010
                                          Seafood Salad w/Prawns, Scallops and Bay Shrimp            Thai Beef Lettuce Wraps
                                          Chef’s Choice Salad (no meat, no seafood)*

                                      March 16, 2010
                                          Skirt Steak Wrap w/Baby Greens, Bleu Cheese, Fresh Tomatoes & Red Onions
         SIGS NEWS                        Calamari Salad w/Sweet Thai Chili Lime Vinaigrette
   C.J. Smith and Robin McIver            Chef’s Choice Salad (no meat, no seafood)*

 Please submit articles by the 20th   *Scott’s has let us know there is a now an additional charge for adding chicken to the salad.
          of the month to or          Cancellations: notify Corrine Hood as soon as possible and she will do what she can to avoid the            cost to the restaurant and to you. However, last minute cancellations and no shows must pay for
                                      their lunch and will receive an invoice.

                                      Coming Attractions
                                      April 6           Lunch Meeting: Trends in Healthcare, Susan Gower
         11:30-12:00                  April 17          Activity: Wine Tasting, Old Sugar Mill
   Registration and Visiting
                                      April 20          Annual Retreat at Bella Bru, 6:00
         12:00 – 12:15                April 23-25       Sierra Nevada Region Conference, Atlantis Hotel, Reno
        Lunch is served
 Announcements & Introductions        April TBD         Fundraiser: Spring Garage Sale at Paula Maw’s
          12:15 – 1:15                May 4             Lunch Meeting: Soroptimist International Projects
       Pledge and Adjourn             May 18            Lunch Meeting: Trends in Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Debra Johnson
                                      May TBA           Activity: Spring Hike
   First Meeting of the Month
            1:00 – 1:15               June 1            Lunch Meeting: Program TBA
         Business Meeting
       Pledge and Adjourn             June 15 or 16     Installation Dinner
                                      July 7-10         Soroptimist International of the Americas Convention in San Francisco
                                      Ravishing Readers Book Club: Second Wednesdays
                                      Tasty Tarts Dining Club: Fourth Wednesdays

                                         Remember to bring feminine hygiene supplies to all lunch meetings: Paula Maw takes them
                                          to Wellspring for their homeless clients.

                                         And, bring your Soroptimist magazines to the club: we use them in calendar sponsor
                                          recruitment, member recruitment and to donate to St. Francis High School.

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