Internal Approvals by shitingting


									                                     MINUTES OF MEETING
                                      BOARD OF TRUSTEES
                                   VITERBO UNIVERSITY, INC.
                                       January 28, 2008

The Board of Trustees of Viterbo University met at 3:30 pm on January 28, 2008, in the Board
Conference Room of the D.B. and Marge Reinhart Center. The five Board committees met prior to the
Board meeting. Members present were:

       Bernard Aldrich                               Richard Artman, ex officio
       Mark Connelly                                 Fr. Robert Cook
       S. Celesta Day                                S. Michon Desmond
       S. Fran Ferder                                C. Dan Gelatt
       S. Mary Ann Gschwind                          S. Paulynn Instenes
       Dean Janke                                    Richard Lommen
       S. Lucy Ann Meyer                             Ernest Micek
       S. Bernadette Prochaska                       Lindon Saline
       Barbara Skogen                                Nola Jo Starling-Ratliff
       S. Julie Tydrich
Members excused:
     Dan Ariens                                      S. Marie Des Jarlais
     John Desmond                                    Karen Drazkowski
     Marilou Eldred                                  Donna Hansen
     Quentin Hietpas                                 Patrick Murphy
     Robert Nesse                                    James Reynolds
     Cutis Sampson                                   Donald Weber
Non-Members present:
      Diane Brimmer, Vice President for Student Development
      Todd Ericson, Vice President for Administration and Finance
      Diane Haugen, Executive Administrative Assistant to the President
      Jan Janiszewski, President, Faculty Assembly
      Scott Johns, President, Administrative Assembly
      Melanie Johnson, President, Alumni Association
      Renee Kastenschmidt, President, Staff Assembly
      Patrick Kerrigan, Vice President for Communications and Marketing
      Gary Klein, Vice President for Institutional Advancement
      William Medland, Chancellor
      Roland Nelson, Vice President for Admission
      Fr. Tom O’Neill, Vice President for Mission and Ministry
      Bonnie Nesbitt, Director, Master School of Nursing
      Silvana Richardson, Dean, School of Nursing
      Wayne Wojciechowski, Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs
Diane Haugen, new Executive Administrative Assistant to President Artman, was introduced. New
Trustees, Dan Gelatt and Barbara Skogen, were thanked for their willingness to serve Viterbo.

S. Mary Ann Gschwind called the meeting to order at 3:30 pm.

Fr. Cook provided the invocation.

President Artman asked that guests provide introductions to reacquaint themselves with the members
of the Board of Trustees.

A motion was made and seconded to accept minutes of the October 8th, 2007 meeting. Motion

Board Chairwoman’s Comments:
    Reported that the Assisi leadership pilgrimage in October was excellent.
    A written follow-up of President Artman’s evaluation for the past year was completed by S.
       Mary Ann Gschwind.
    Sent cards to the family of Rachel Hugo, nursing student who was serving and killed in Iraq; to
       the family of Earl Madary, faculty member who passed away on Dec. 16th; to Fr. Tom O’Neil on
       the death of his father.
    Sent notes of congratulations to S. Marlene Weisenbeck for receiving the Iverson Freking Award
       and Barbara and David Skogen for being selected as outstanding philanthropists.

S. Mary Ann Gschwind, chair of the Executive Committee, reported on the proposed revisions to the
Viterbo Articles and Bylaws that were explored in the written board survey and discussed at the board

Proposed revisions to the Bylaws include:
    Change the number of terms from four terms to three terms. If a Trustee is already serving on
       the board he or she may serve four terms if desired.
    Change the requirement that the chairperson of the board does not need to be a FSPA.
    Reimburse board members for travel expenses on a case-by-case basis as requested.
    Include descriptions of the two permanent committees, Executive and Trustee, but eliminate
       descriptions of the other standing committees in the bylaws for the purpose of flexibility e.g.
       committee structure and responsibilities. However, there will be a general statement that the
       board will have oversight of the committees dealing with such areas as academics, facilities,
       finances, institutional advancement and student development.
    A description for Trustee Emeritus was added to the OFFICERS OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTTEES

       There is only one revision proposed to the Articles of Incorporation: Change the agent of the
        university from William Medland to Richard Artman.

Revisions were sent to FSPA members and discussed with them on January 18. The executive
committee reviewed the changes this morning and Viterbo’s attorney will review the revisions. The
recommended changes are to be voted on in the May, 2008 Board of Trustee meeting.

Committee Personnel Changes
    S. Fran Ferder has agreed to serve as chair of the Student Development Committee.
    Fr. Cook and Mr. Gelatt are new members of the Trustee Committee.
    Mr. Saline is now a member of the Academic Affairs Committee.
    S. Julie Tydrich has agreed to serve as chair of the Compensation and Benefits Committee.

The committee structure will stay as it is for now.

The committee requests a new standing committee to be called the Facilities Committee. This
committee will be involved with the new campus master plan, new nursing building, the expansion of
residential housing and campus beatification. Dr. Nesse, as only remaining member of the building and
grounds committee, will be asked to chair the Facilities Committee. President Artman asked for
volunteers from the board and recommendations for non-trustee members to form this new

Strategic Plan
The following motion was made and seconded

      President Artman was charged by the board of trustees to refresh and present a new strategic
      plan to the board of trustees, and
      University constituents were actively involved in the development of the new strategic plan
       throughout the past 12 months, and
      the plan includes appropriate planning components of institutional identity, mission, values,
      vision and priorities,
      that the Board of Trustees approves the Strategic Plan 2007-2013 University of Opportunity,
      Hope and Help and charges the President, administration, faculty and staff to prepare
       appropriate action plans and to implement the plan.

Mr. Saline commented on two items: first, he suggested consistency in the use of the term “regional
distinction,” in one area the term “statewide” is used; second, he suggested additional language in the
Catholic and Franciscan identity section page 3 point 2a. In acknowledgement of the fact that more than
50% of students are non-catholic, he would like a statement that affirms the University will demonstrate
its Franciscan hospitality by welcoming and supporting students of all faiths. President Artman
explained that the intension was not to duplicate statements referring to the five core values (e.g.
hospitality) in each of the initiatives. Fr. Cook also affirmed that he would like this statement included.
When asked if a formal amendment needs to be made to incorporate these suggestions, President
Artman clarified that the initiatives and action plans will change from time to time and the action of the
board is to approve the major elements of the plan: identity, mission, core values, vision and priorities.
S. Mary Ann Gschwind said the suggestions will be incorporated without formal amendments. Motion

Mr. Richard Lommen, chair of the Trustee Committee, reported that four nominees will be brought
before the trustees in the executive session for their approval. If approved, the number of trustees will
be at 34, there are 40 positions available. Motion was made, seconded and approved to table for
Executive Session.
Several other items were reported.
     Reviewed board terms and profiles of current trustees.
     Identified that one trustee from Iowa would be beneficial to the committee.
     Suggested that to support greater diversity on the board the committee would like to add one
        trustee of Hispanic origin.
     Identified potential candidates and grouped them in appropriate categories for screening and
        further exploration.
     Reviewed potential bylaw changes which included changing the committee name to
        “Committee on Trustees” instead of “Trustee Committee.”
     Reviewed the makeup of the committee and decided one trustee from the Corporate Members
        should be added in the bylaws.
     Added that the nomination of officers should be added to list of duties of the committee.
     Reviewed a self assessment form and process for each trustee to complete prior to renewal for
        the next four year term. A list of trustee responsibilities and a self-assessment document will be
        mailed to trustees prior to their renewal. The purpose of these documents is for trustees to
        examine their own performance and engagement in the university. In addition, the self
        assessment form will be sent to each trustee after completing the second year of the first four-
        year term of service.

The Enrollment Report was distributed to each trustee. President Artman reviewed the Enrollment
Report for spring term, indicating the report could not have been provided earlier because the census
date was on Friday, January 25th. Mr. Ericson explained the year-to-year difference in graduate
enrollments was due to the way graduate students are now being recorded in the new data system.
Other items were reported by President Artman.
     An update on review of tenure caps at the department and institutional level has been initiated
        by President Artman with faculty and with the Promotion and Tenure Committee. A language
        change to the handbook is moving forward in collaboration with the faculty. A recommendation
        will be prepared for the May board meeting.
     Two activities on the campus in the next weeks are the Humanities Symposium on Friendship
        and the Focus on the Nation event.
     A Board of Trustees directory was distributed to each trustee. Any changes in the contact
        information can be reported to the President’s Office.
     An application package from S. Jean Moore was provided to each trustee for the FSPA
        Leadership Pilgrimage to Assisi and Rome. President Artman invited trustees to consider
        participating in the pilgrimage which will take place on October 6-16, 2008. Applications need to
        be returned to President Artman by February 13, 2008.

Mr. Bernie Aldrich, chair of the Finance Committee, reported on behalf of the committee.

2008/2009 Budget
Mr. Aldrich reviewed the 2008/2009 proposed budget. The following motion was made and seconded.

The Board of Trustees approves the “Budget Preparation Guidelines” outline for 2008-2009 for
implementation in the 2008-2009 budget cycle. After discussion, the motion was approved.

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)
Mr. Aldrich indicated the Finance Committee and the Academic Affairs Committee met in joint session
and he asked S. Paulynn Instenes, chair of the Academic Affairs Committee, to report on the DNP
program. S. Paulynn Instenes requested Dr. Richardson and Professor Nesbitt to provide a summary of
the proposal. Discussion followed. S. Fran Ferder asked if the suggestions from the the last board
meeting had been addressed. Dr. Richardson indicated that the suggestions had to do with faculty load
and budget and that both have been addressed. Mr. Aldrich said another issue that was addressed was
the importance of securing quality faculty for the program. Dr. Richardson indicated that there are
adequately prepared doctoral faculty in the School of Nursing and currently one faculty member has
earned the DNP. Dr. Richardson indicated that 1.5 FTE doctoral level positions will need to be added as
outlined in the budget proposal.

The following motion was made, seconded and approved:
        Viterbo University School of Nursing offers a successful master’s degree program for
        advanced practice nurses, and
        in 2004 the American Association of Colleges of Nursing recommended moving the current
        level of education preparation for advanced nursing practice roles from the master’s degree
        to the doctoral level, and
        potential employers in the region have voiced strong support for the new degree and
        potential students have indicated a strong interest in a doctoral program;
        that the Board of Trustees approves the proposal to initiate a Doctorate in Nursing Practice
         (DNP) degree pending approval by the Higher Learning Commission.


S. Paulynn Instenes, chair of the Academics Affairs Committee, reported on behalf of the committee:
     The Department of Dietetics and Nutrition presented a preliminary program proposal to develop
        a coordinated master’s degree in dietetics. Before implementation, the program will require
        approval from the Higher Learning Commission as well as provisional accreditation from the
        Commission on Accreditation for Dietetic Education. The committee agreed that there is more
        work yet to do and asked Dietetic personnel to come back with more information at the next
        committee meeting.
     Carol Klitzke, chair of the Dietetics and Nutrition Department, has received a $29,000 grant for
        herself and 5 students to travel to South Korea in summer for field research.
     The committee reviewed the AGB publication “The Academic Affairs Committee” and discussed
        the duties and responsibilities of the committee. One outcome was the decision that the
        committee should be involved in academic program review. A 5-year program review cycle was
        recommended. The committee will continue its conversation of its duties and responsibilities in

Mr. Ernie Micek, chair of the Institutional Advancement Committee, reported on behalf of the
     Gifts and Pledges. After removing last year’s $3 million anonymous gift from the comparison
        chart, gifts are down about $100,000 due to timing of the phonathon and staff illness.
     Trustee Opportunity Fund. The goal was set at $250,000; gifts and pledges are currently at
        about $225,000. The committee has not yet been able to contact one trustee. It is expected
        that the fund will be close to the goal and 100% participation will be achieved. Mr. Micek
        thanked the trustees for their generous participation.

      The School of Nursing Projects. The committee asked the School of Nursing to prepare a
       detailed plan identifying the need for a new nursing center and the DNP. Good progress has
       been made but the White Paper on the nursing center is not finalized. The committee
       requested the document emphasize collaboration with Franciscan Skemp and Gundersen
       Lutheran. The committee hopes to present to the Board in May both the White Paper and an
       architectural plan for the new nursing center. The committee would also like all board
       members to submit ideas, recommendations or suggestions for names of experts to help
       evaluate building plans and architectural firms. A subcommittee of the newly formed Facilities
       Committee will assist in this process.
      Endowment Fund. Similar to the nursing project, the staff is working on a White Paper on the
       need to increase endowment and how endowments strengthen the University. This, too, is a
       work in progress. A report will be provided at the next board meeting.
      Campaign Budget. A full budget has not been established but components are taking shape. For
       example, the expenses for the communications and marketing plan have been projected. The
       committee reviewed historical expenditures for fund raising and determined the University
       generally spends about 15 cents to raise one dollar.
      Alumni Board Report. Melanie Johnson, president of the Alumni Board, had no additions to her
       written report.

S. Fran Ferder, chair of the Student Development Committee, reported on behalf of the committee.
      The Student Development staff members seem to respect one another and are working well
      Students are participating well in various campus events with different students participating in
         different events.
      A resident life report was presented to the committee regarding on-campus housing and
         student issues related to students living on campus.
      An athletic update was provided by Barry Fried to the committee. Information included that
         student athletes’ overall cumulative GPA is 3.07. A golf program for women and men was added
         in the fall 2007 bringing the number of sports program from 7 sports to 9. A cross-country
         program for women and men will begin in fall 2008 bringing the total number of Viterbo sports
         to 11.
      A comprehensive draft of the emergency response plan was reviewed.
      Franny’s Café in the library has been in operation for over one year. Business is growing 5,800
         customers have been served during fall semester.
      A student counseling report was provided to the committee by Lesley Stugelmayer. The Student
         Development counselor has over 32 years of experience on the Viterbo campus. Depression
         and anxiety are the problems the counselor sees most often and her biggest challenge is student
         awareness of services.

Ms. Nola Jo Starling-Ratliff, chair of the Mission, Admission & Marketing Committee, reported on behalf
of the committee.
     The respect of the faculty was evidenced in over 400 people attending the memorial service for
        Earl Madary.
     The process of establishing the mission and identity statements in the new strategic plan was
        discussed. All stakeholders were involved in the process. The enrollment process was discussed
        as well as the exit interview process. Reasons why students leave Viterbo were addressed.
     Currently Admissions has 936 accepted students for next year. A high number are transfer
        students; the committee is looking at how to attract and keep these students.
     Enhancing campus visits was a discussion item. Hendrix College in Arkansas has a model campus
        tour program. Using the Hendrix College as a benchmark, Viterbo appears to be doing well.
        Campus visits receive very high ratings from visiting students and parents.
     The committee reviewed Viterbo’s integrated marketing plan and asked what is being done to
        make Viterbo look good to the public? It was noted that Professor Thomas Thibodeau was
        featured in the most recent issue of the La Crosse magazine for his efforts in promoting Servant
        Leadership. The committee acknowledged this as an excellent example of marketing.
     Students are instrumental in marketing Viterbo. A class assignment required students to make a
        video featuring Viterbo for posting on YouTube. This is an excellent example of students being
        involved in marketing Viterbo. The committee will continue to explore how Viterbo can be
     The committee also discussed the silent campaign which focuses on the nursing building and the
        endowment fund.

Mr. Jan Janiszewski, president of the Faculty Assembly, provided a written report and had nothing else
to report.
Mr. Scott Johns, president of the Administrative Assembly, provided a written report and had nothing
else to report.
Mrs. Renee Kastenschmidt, president of the Staff Assembly, provided a written report and had nothing
else to report.
Mr. Kartick Patel, President of the Student Government Association, provided a written report. He also
commented that students were agreeable to a $35 activity fee increase. The current fee is $60 per
semester and will increase to $95 per semester. They are looking forward to sponsoring more student
activities with these additional funds.

Guests were excused at 4:30 PM and trustees took a short break before meeting in Executive Session.

                                        Respectfully submitted,

Sister Celesta Day, FSPA, Board Secretary

                                        Diane M. Haugen, Assistant Secretary

                                     VITERBO UNIVERSITY, INC.
                                       MINUTES OF MEETING
                                         Executive Session
                                         January 28, 2008

S. Mary Ann Gschwind called the Executive Session to order at 4:45 pm.

Tenure of Dr. Barbara Gayle
The following motion was made, seconded and approved.

      Dr. Barbara Gayle has been recognized for teaching excellence at both the university and
      national levels, and
      Dr. Barbara Gayle has been involved extensively in academic research and has provided
      scholarly and professional service to her university, professional organizations and local
      That the Board of Trustees grants Dr. Barbara Gayle tenure in the School of Business

New Trustees
A motion was made, seconded and approved to elect four new Trustees: Gerald Baldner, Amy
Kuemmel Connolly, S. Karen Kappell and Fr. J. Patrick Murphy.

Each new Trustee will have a mentor as follows:
     Gerald Baldner - Dr. Mark Connelly
     Amy Kuemmel Connolly - Sr. Bernadette Prochaska
     S. Karen Kappell - Sr. Lucy Ann Meyer
     Fr. J. Patrick Murphy - Dean Janke
An orientation program for the new trustees will be scheduled for mid-march.

President’s Report
President Artman thanked everyone for their support, especially relating to the DNP proposal and the
strategic plan. President Artman discussed a sensitive personnel matter and asked for counsel and
invited questions.

Chairwoman’s Report
S. Mary Ann Gschwind reported that the board officers and Mr. Aldrich will begin the process of drafting
the next contract for President Artman.
A motion to adjourn was moved, seconded and approved. The meeting adjourned at 5:05 pm.

                                           Respectfully submitted,

                                           Sister Celesta Day, FSPA, Board Secretary

                                           Diane M. Haugen, Assistant Secretary

                                          Viterbo University
                                         Planning Council
                                            Quick Minutes
                                          December 4, 2007
                                           8:30 – 10:00 AM

Major Topics                    Decision and accountability/deadlines

Present: Rick Artman, Todd Ericson, Jay McHenry, Kartick Patel, Renee Kastenschmidt, Diane Brimmer,
Wayne Wojciechowski, Scott Johns, Sr. Georgia Christensen, Mark Franz

Excused: Jan Janiszewski

Guests: Silvana Richardson, Dorie Beres, Rick Kyte

1. DNP – Doctor of Nurse Practice
Silvana Richardson provided a brief introduction and background regarding the evolution of the DNP and
Viterbo’s consideration of it. Dorie Beres highlighted features of the written proposal and budget. Last
summer, the School of Nursing conducted a regional survey of nurse practioners and a strong response
showed high interest in enrolling at a DNP at Viterbo. A consultant visited the campus in October and
the president hosted luncheons for representatives of the regional health care systems to review plans
for the DNP, obtain input and support. These representatives expressed interest and a willingness to
support our application to the Higher Learning Commission.

Questions and suggestions followed the presentation. Dean Richardson indicated that if the SON did not
move forward with this program, it may eventually be necessary to close the MSN program. Currently
there are no DNP programs in Wisconsin. The main objective of the DNP is to prepare nurses at the
highest level with an emphasis placed on clinical practice and serving our rural areas. The largest
resource requirement will be personnel, as outlined in the proposed budget. Provided approval is
granted by HLC in the spring, 2009, the first cohort would begin summer 2009. Classes will be held in
spring, fall and summer in seven week blocks with intensive three credit courses, likely meeting on
Fridays and Saturdays as most students are already working in the field. Hence, there appears to be
little impact on space, except for additional faculty offices.

Planning Council members unanimously endorsed moving forward with the DNP.

2. Ph.D. – Ethical Leadership
President Artman provided a brief background regarding the October 2006 visit from HLC and
subsequent decisions and conversations, internally and with the HLC. Because the program was
approved by the Board of Trustees, no action is required by the Planning Council. However, Rick A.

thought it was important for the council to learn of the current plans and directions under
consideration. Rick Kyte highlighted parts of the written proposal and timelines and provided updates
on the work of the Ph.D. committee. He noted that most programs such as this have been turned down
by the HLC at least once. The major issue for approval is to get started now with research and education
in ethics in order to show that we are not just planning but doing. The D.B. Reinhart Institute for Ethics
will be awarding up to five fellowships each year for faculty to do research in their fields related to the
topics of ethics and leadership. Pamphlets have been distributed and proposals are due by Jan. 15,
2008; recipients to be announced Feb. 1, 2008. A visiting scholar program is in final planning stages for
Fall 2008 and Spring 2009, cohort of doctoral students to begin Summer 2010.

Questions and suggestions followed. Topics discussed included space issues for personnel, course
delivery, faculty requirements and teaching loads, and the upcoming endowment funds scheduled to be
received over the next five years. Rick Kyte and others will be examining other similar institutions
whose Ph.D. program has received HLC approval.

Though approval from the Planning Council is moot, Planning Council members unanimously endorsed
moving forward with the Ph.D. in Ethical Leadership.

3. Campus Master Plan Project
Todd Ericson distributed a proposed action plan for the development of a new campus facilities master
plan. He noted it has been at least10 years since the University prepared its last campus mater plan.
The draft action plan focuses on facilities. A major issue for the future is to prepare for the planned
enrollment growth, especially for student residential capacity. We also need to assess the condition of
our campus facilities – deferred maintenance for roofs, mechanicals etc. Todd indicated the plan is to
prepare the data internally and then engage a professional consultant to test and advance the plan.

General discussion and questions covered gathering input from students, campus departments and the
community, possibly through a website; outdoor facilities; maintaining a “Franciscan Environment”; and
Stewardship/Environmental responsibilities. A committee will be established at some point, and it will
likely take one to two years to fully develop the plan. Parallel planning for the new Nursing Center and
other needs will continue as the master facilities plan is developed.

Council members should pass along ideas and observations to Todd Ericson as he continues to work on
the preliminary draft. Todd will also contact WAICU colleagues to look at other institutions planning

Rick invited additional comments or concerns from council members. None were made. He announced
that meetings for the winter semester will be scheduled after we return in January.

Meeting Adjourned 10:00 AM

Prepared by Tamara Hall and Rick Artman
                         All Faculty Meeting Minutes

& PLACE:       Tuesday, May 15, 2007 at 9:00 am in BNC 207

ROLLCALL:      Silvana Richardson, Judy Anderson, Carl Bargabos, Dorie Beres, Judy Casto, Mary
               Christianson, Julie Clements, Brandy Cleveland, Nancy Danou, Michelle Gavin, Deane
               Hatteberg, Jenny Hedrick-Erickson, Sheryl Jacobson, Pam Johnson, Teri Kunavich, Kim
               Nelson, Bonnie Nesbitt, Tom Neumann, Kathy Schams, Jane Steingraeber, Wendy
               Storandt, Judy Talbott, Delayne Vogel, Pat Wessels, Christine Wilson, Pat Zander

PRAYER:        Silvana opened the meeting with a reading – “A Song to Spring”

            Judy Anderson made the motion to accept the meeting minutes from the October 2006.
            Wendy Storandt seconded the motion. Approved unanimously by vote.

            1. APR (Delayne)
               a. Summer Registration – 4 dates have been set
               b. In July there will be Private College Week – only 1 volunteer so far for Tuesday,
                   July 10 and Saturday, July 14
               c. July 27 Transfer Registration date – if available give name to Stephanie for the
                   on-call list
               d. APR Report will be coming soon
               e. Working on School of Nursing video
               f. New Transfer policy is effective for Fall 2008
            2. NAQE (Kim)
               a. Report sent out via email
               b. Working on Total Assessment as succinct as possible. Combined and deleted
                   many questions and will be redoing the binders. Evaluated surveys and trying to
                   date all documents for easier reference.
               c. Next year is Total Assessment year. February 1, 2008 will be the committee
                   deadline to get information to NAQE. Finalized binders will be out by the
                   beginning of next school year.
            3. Curriculum (Judy C.)
               a. Change Freshman A&P, Chemistry, and Pre-Chemistry requirements
               b. Discussion related to Senior year and hours required. Looked at 1st 7 week
                   courses for electives for Senior Spring semester.
               c. Looked at writing across the curriculum and waiting for the university to assess
                   entire curriculum.
               d. Looked at 9 outcomes and should they be changed. Students in favor of the
                   current 9 outcomes.

                   e. Graduates presented and will be evaluated again this summer/fall
                   f. Continue to turn in the CAAS
              4.   Professional Development (Nancy)
                   a. Annual Report is done and will be posted on Blackboard
                   b. Scholarships given
                        i. 10 – FS Auxilliary recipients – very responsible in helping with geranium sale
                       ii. 3 – Sister Grace Clare recipients
                      iii. 8 – Lind Family Grants ($1500 still available)
                   c. Looking at committee responsibility for 40th Anniversary
              5.   Graduate Program (Bonnie)
                   a. 20 graduates
                   b. 20-25 new students
                   c. PDAs have been used by NP students this year
                        i. Pre and Post survey being compiled with minimal training given
                   d. Instituted “clickers” in Nursing Research and will be evaluating pre and post
                   e. 11 students still doing summer clinical
                   f. Working on DNP (Dorie)
                   g. 24 students presented posters at Research on the Green
              6.   BSN Completion (Pat Z.)
                   a. 59 graduates (May and July)
                   b. Trying to establish 9 permanent recruiting areas
                        i. Possibly adding Bryant & Stratton in Milwaukee in the spring pending
                            accreditation – a faculty member is a Post-Masters student from Viterbo
                   c. 6 adjunct faculty this spring
                   d. 8 students going to Cameroon with Pat Z. for Community Health clinical
                   e. N452 did not fit BSN Completion format so they are keeping the N450/N451
                   f. Looking at developing an AND to MSN Program
              7.   BSN (Silvana)
                   a. 83 graduates
                   b. Very nice pinning ceremony and the Artmans were present and very impressed
                   c. Graduates going to 12 different states and D.C. and 1 to Germany
                   d. 3 ROTC students
                   e. 5/25/07 we will be reviewing the 100 applications for the Professional Nursing
                       Sequence (93 passed A & P)
              8.   Social (Pat W.)
                   a. Per Joan – no baby yet, they will induce tomorrow (5-16-07)
                   b. Suggestions for next year are welcome, please give them to Jenny
                   c. Any happenings this summer let Brandy know
                        i. June 6th Teri is having knee surgery

             1. Academic Support (Mary) - Online
             2. Academic Integrity (Judy C.)
                a. Honor code is online
                b. Brochure completed and will be used in the fall

    c. 2 Faculty attended the conference in Boulder, CO – thanks to AVP’s office
    d. 118 VU students participated in the survey 30% BSN Completion
    e. Planning Academic Integrity week
    f. Article in Lumen and picture in Connections of Academic Integrity committee
   g. University committee starting in the fall
   h. Invitations will be made for student representatives to Juniors and Spring
   i. Developing presentations for local high schools
3. New Building Design (Judy A.)
   a. Judy Anderson replaced Peggy Haggerty as representative from the MSN
   b. Timeline established from the President placed the building on a more
       accelerated pathway from the previous year creating a concentrated effort on
       the part of the group to identify needs and goals for the new building
   c. Survey sent via email to students to identify their needs in areas of learning
       spaces and personal spaces needed in a new building. Returns paralleled ideas
       identified by group.
   d. Work started to identify potential square footage of building by identifying
       space needs
   e. Individual workgroups established to identify space needs for classroom, lab,
       and hospitality/faculty space (gathering space, resource rooms, etc). Refer to
       document summarizing design.
   f. Additional personnel recruited into planning group include Jay McHenry from
       Physical Plant and Lori Lewis from dietetics
   g. Information gathering process initiated with phone calls and site visits to various
       locations with new buildings/labs to identify strategies for ideal designing of
       space as well as identify potential pitfalls to avoid in the planning process.
       Nursing personnel visited 3 facilities (an additional site cancelled due to weather
       issues) including Chippewa Valley Technical College, Mayo Simulation Center,
       and Riverland Community College.
   h. Nursing faculty, along with Physical Plant and ITT attended a Simulation Center
       planning workshop sponsored by the Mayo Foundation.
   i. Members from Task Force participated in the interviewing process to select the
       architectural firm. Choice narrowed to two firms. Plans are in progress to visit
       some of the buildings designed by these firms before making final decision.
   j. Future tasks/decisions
        i. Solidify whether A & P lab will be part of the design
       ii. Solidify whether Nurse managed clinic will be part of building
      iii. Explore partnership opportunities with local institutions
4. Anniversary (Silvana)
   a. Calendar of Events will be coming
   b. Tuesday, August 21 of In-Service Week we will be having the Faculty
       Development workshop from 8:30 am – 1:00 pm featuring End of Life Care
   c. Reunion October 6 & 7 with Sunday Nurses Brunch at 10:00 am
   d. Working on a banner “40 Years of Caring Excellence”
   e. Christmas Tea during finals week

                   f. April 24, 2008 – Research on the Green – Dahlberg Lecturer, Jean Watson will
                      speak in the morning with Senior Nursing Students with a community wide
                      event – afternoon lecture
                  g. Nurses Week – Celebrate students and faculty, Professional Development
                      Committee will work on the activities
                  h. Rose Kreutz is working with alum on producing an anniversary video and survey
               5. Disaster Preparedness (Sheryl)
                  a. Goal to start testing the process and have practiced the Phone Tree several
                  b. Evacuation drill in the fall
                  c. Lock down plan
                  d. University has a disaster plan online
                  e. Working on Viterbo University Pandemic Flu plan
               6. Program Assessment-BSN (Judy T.)
                  a. Assessed communication – this will be on TracDat to share the results
                  b. Next year – Critical Thinking & Environment

             1. Computer Committee (Judy A.)
                a. Purchasing “rough works” to help with APA formatting – some faculty training in
                   the fall
                b. Office 2007 training will be offered in the fall
             2. Nominations & Election (Delayne)
                a. Bonnie was elected for Promotion and Tenure committee
                b. Delayne was elected as the new Faculty Assembly secretary
                c. Judy A – Faculty Development representative

DEAN’S REPORT – Silvana:
              1. We have received money to redesign the sim man space
              2. We have received money for the 40th Anniversary celebrations in this budget year
              3. $19,000 donation to get virtual phlebotomy and IV training and Sim man upgrades
              4. Pat Zander got some funding for the Cameroon experience
              5. APR received money for the video
              6. Received $800 for Belize supplies
              7. Committee assignments will be coming soon
              8. Mary’s committee dissolved – Good Work!
              9. End of Program evaluations were done and will be sent out soon
              10. New faculty member – Aimee Ebersold-Silva will be starting in the fall working with
                  the Psych/Mental Health Nursing course
              Action Item
               Approval of DNP proposal (See Proposal for DNP Program Development document
                  on Blackboard) – Dorie Beres made a motion to accept the attached proposal for
                  the new DNP program. Wendy Storandt seconded the motion. It was approved
                  unanimously by vote.
              Discussion Item
                   Space renovation for Sim Man (Christine) – we will be meeting next week with
                    Dennis to go to WTC to revisit their sim man lab. We need to know what needs to
                    stay in the closet of BNC 124 and what can be moved. Email Christine with any
                    thoughts and lists of what can be moved and what must be saved.


           Inservice Week
                i. Tuesday – Symposium (8-21-07) 8:30 am – 1:00 pm
               ii. Thursday – SON Retreat (8-23-07) Spirituality Center
           Delayne – next year’s seniors are planning a picnic get together in the fall – faculty
              are invited.
           Pat Wessels – GL is starting a new computer charting system for students. They
              must sign-up for training, 5 at a time, faculty must sign up students for August 28 &
              29 in 2 hour blocks. Also OSHA training from 5 – 7 pm for students in the 1st 7
              weeks. More training will be offered for students that will be at GL for clinical the
              2nd 7 weeks. This includes instructors.
           Silvana – Great job! Another good year!

ADJOURNMENT:           Meeting adjourned at 11:20 am.

SUBMITTED BY:          Brandy Cleveland


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