How Social Media Sites can create a friendly following and generate sales by RobinNelson2


									How Social Media Sites can create a friendly following and
generate sales
by Robin Nelson | on January 27, 2013

Get A Following
Using social media sites can increase your traffic and enhance your reputation in the online community
by creating a list of loyal followers. Social marketing creates personal referrals and there is no better
referral than a personal one. The sheer volume of people you can expose your site or product to,
generates massive free traffic.

When people are interested and excited about your particular niche, they will start sharing your site
information with other people. In turn these people will share your links with other people they know.
Personal referrals are just that, personal. If a friend told you about something great, you would be more
likely to check it out. But if a total stranger came up to you and tried to pitch you something, you may
not be a susceptible to the idea. Now can you see why this would generate tons of free traffic?

 Create Relationships

As people head to your quality website or product and search around a bit, if they like it and you have
provided something of use or interest, you will start to build a good reputation with these people. A
good reputation is very important because they will in turn be excited about the next product you want
to offer. So potentially every time you send out something new, your followers will check it out, making
it that much easier each time you have a new product to share.

 Provide Quality

When marketing through social media sites, remember to create a great product or site description to
get them excited enough to want to click and visit your site. Create a great bio that they can look at to
see who you really are and to confirm that you are actually human and really care about those people
and in providing them with a unique and useful product. Be personal at all times, make sure you sound

Strive on quality not quantity. Put your potential customers first and in turn they will keep coming back
for your products and listen to your suggestions. The reason behind this idea is that by thinking of your
customers first, they will stay with you in the long run because they feel as though you truly care about
them personally. You are creating a relationship with your followers, so keep that in mind when writing
and promoting. The friendlier you seem, the more people will want to follow your ideas.

 Where To Go

Some of the social media sites you can use are Facebook, MySpace and twitter. Remember to be patient
and persistent as with most free traffic methods, the results are not seen over night. It takes time and
patience to see results, but remember that these results will stay for the long run if done carefully and

The next step is to get out there and start signing up for social media sites and get your content up. So
get cracking! If you haven’t already, sign up for some social media sites and start creating your content
to share with the social community.

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