How to ‘Release Your Inner Badass’ – Empower Network’s Third Live Event shows you how by SteveKallock


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									How to ‘Release Your Inner Badass’ – Empower Network’s
Third Live Event shows you how your- inner- badass/                           January 27, 2013

Empower Networkâ​​s third live event shows you how to â​​Release Your
Inner Badassâ​​

A week ago I was in Austin Texas.

Empower Network had itâ​​s third event and 4,000 people learned to â​​Release Your Inner

If you are not attending events in your business, you could be missing out.

I canâ​​t speak for all companiesâ​¦.

â​¦.or all events.


I have been to two events with Empower Network and I can sayâ​¦.

â​¦.I have never seen anything quite like them.

My background is insurance, and letâ​​s face itâ​¦.
â​¦.insurance people are not the most exciting folks in the world.

And after 14 years in that industry I have a lot of friends.

But to see 4,000 internet entrepreneurs all getting to â​​Release your inner badassâ​​â​¦.

â​¦.it is unlike anything else I have ever seen.

And why is that?

And why did it have such an impact on me and my business?

Well I have my theories.

And I will do my best to share those with you moving forward.

You canâ​​t Release Your Inner Badass and not see a shift in your belief
The reason I think that Empower Networkâ​​s â​​R elease Your Inner Badassâ​​ event was so

â​¦.was for a few reasons.

Because for most that were in attendance, including myself, have struggled.

Some have struggled in their business.

Others have struggled with addictions.

Perhaps others have had issues in their personal lives.

Or with their relationships.

Many in attendance in Austin Texas felt like outcasts in their lives.

Misfits, geeks, and those that struggled with self limiting beliefs.

And Empower Network comes along and instillsâ​¦.


â​¦.and confidenceâ​¦.

â​¦.and acceptance.

It creates breakthroughs in people.

I know because I had several.

I was in tears a lot this past weekend.

And I walked away with conviction.

And probably the most powerful thing over the weekend cameâ​¦.
â​¦.during the infamous commission countdownâ​¦.

From â​​Fight the f orces of evilâ​​ to â​​Release your inner badassâ​​ a had a
monumental shif t

A great example of the power of events is what happened to me.

I was brand new at Empower Network in September 2012.

My sponsors encouraged me to meet them in San Diego for the â​​Fight the Forces of Evilâ​​
Empower Network Event.

Erica, my sponsor, told me how attending the first event in Atlanta completely changed her

And not knowing any betterâ​¦.I went.

It was truly amazingâ​¦.

â​¦.up until the commission countdown.

That is when 95% of the room stood up when they asked who had made a commission with
Empower Network.

And I was in the 5%.

And I was mad.

Something shifted in me that day.

I set a clear intention that day.
And I voiced it to my business partners.

I was not going to attend the â​​Release Your Inner Badassâ​​ event and have to remain sitting.

And between San Diego and Austin Texas (3 months), I have made just over $6,250 in my online

All working part timeâ​¦.

â​¦.and just following this â​​simple 3 step system.â​​

So what was the difference?

When you â​​Release Your Inner Badassâ​​ by attending events, your belief
system changes
The difference for me was belief.

I saw average every day people making money.

People that were not any more or any less talented than me.

The only difference in them and me was they had done it longer.

And I knew that if I simply followed the formulaâ​¦.

â​¦.and consistently drive trafficâ​¦.

â​¦.to this free video presentationâ​¦

â​¦I could sit back and watch the money roll in.

And now I can share my journey with a teamâ​¦

â​¦.of like-minded, badasses, all making their dreams come true.

And I am truly grateful to be a part of it.


P.S. Now is the time for you to â​​Release Your Inner Badassâ​​ by watching the video, that shows
you the system, that has paid out over $23 Million dollars in 100% commissions.




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