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									Program Goals

To create, develop, and manage multi-channel
marketing initiatives; inclusive of both online
and offline programs. Goal is to deliver results
in an ultra-competitive marketplace of Android
Applications developed for Parental Control.
Marketing Goals

•   maximize sell through of M Parenting products
•   strengthen public opinion of the product & societal value
•   engage product trials and adoption through social media
•   convert users of competitor brands & product-lines
•   aid organic conversion rates through added brand appeal
•   create interactive & exciting media (video, images, etc.)
•   align M Parenting as market leader in Parental Control Apps
Marketing Solution

Eventige will provide the advertising/marketing
roadmap to strengthen the M Parenting corporate
brand image, as well as public opinion of M Parenting
products. The brand marketing mix will be tiered in a
multi-pronged approach, permanently & efficiently
realigning all marketing activities both internally and
externally; with the ultimate goal of producing a
cohesive brand marketing mix throughout all
marketing & advertising channels.
Holistic Approach

The Holistic Marketing Concept: Companies have
new capabilities that can transform the way they
have been doing marketing. The Holistic concept is
based on the development, design and
implementation of marketing programs, processes
and activities that recognizes their breadth and
interdependencies. Holistic marketing recognizes
that “everything matters” with marketing – and that
a broad, integrated perspective is often necessary.
Holistic Approach

Eventige’s holistic approach will:

•   Lay the foundation for M Parenting Marketing protocols
•   Devise an interconnected strategic advertising roadmap
•   Increase brand awareness & exposure for the product-line
•   Motivate conversation about the brand through social media
•   Connect all marketing activities into a cohesive PMS
•   Focus attention on maximizing brand image and visibility
•   Create permanent marketing activities for converting sales
•   Create on-going product loyalty & purchasing
Holistic Approach

This desired results will be achieved by a
3-part marketing campaign roll-out:

1. MMGuardian BrandAppeal
2. MMGuardian BrandLaunch
3. MMGuardian BrandReach
Brand Appeal
Increased Visual Appeal
HD Image Resolutions
Increased Site Speed
Optimized Images
VSEO’d Videos

Web Upgrade
BrandLaunch - Overview
Upon completion of the branding and incentive upgrades,
Eventige will develop new avenues for promotion in order to
attract a wider consumer base into adopting the product-line.

BrandReach will facilitate:

•   New introductions to the brand and product-line
•   Engage student athletes at sports-driven colleges
•   Create pop-up experiences for weight training at malls
•   Educate consumers on the benefits of strength training
•   Allow for content generation and sharing for Social Media
BrandLaunch Mockup

Engaging consumers doesn’t stop at Mobile Apps, or
Social Media. E-Mail Marketing is still one of the most
effective ways to remind consumers, partners, and
vendors about your brand… and everything that you
are doing to improve it. Social Media is now
generating more revenue than ever, and E-Mail
Marketing is one of the best ways to promote the
professional, beautiful, and powerful Social Media
soon to come to the doorstep of iForce Nutrition.
Industry Exposure
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