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									Memo No. 178(20)/BCDFC                                    Dated: 23-02-2011.

  1. The Project Officer cum District Welfare Officer,

  2. The District Welfare Officer,


  Subject: Periodical engagement of Recover Agent


           In pursuance of para (2.3) of the minutes of the 24th Board meeting, circulated
  vide this office Memo No. 116(22)/Estt-16/99, dated 30-4-2010, all Project Officer &
  District Welfare Officers or District Welfare Officers, as the case may be, are hereby
  authorized to engage one or more individuals or organizations within the district to act
  as Recovery Agents on behalf of this Corporation.
           While selecting Recovery Agents relevant issues as given below may be
  adhered to:
           1.          Reputation of the individuals or organizations is not doubtful and
                       the same is ascertained to the best possible extent from various
                       sources as deemed fit.
           2.          Those who remained or still continue to be beneficiaries under the
                       Corporation schemes may be preferred.
           3.          The engagement should be under an agreement executed by the
                       selected individual or organization in a non-judicial stamp paper
                       of    10 in the given format, for a period of one year. In case of a
                       recovery rate of less than 60%, the engagement should not be
                       renewed after one year.
                   4.                The recovery agent will receive performance-based remuneration
                                     in the form of incentive as and when an amount of recovery is
                                     deposited along with the list of borrowers to the Corporation. No
                                     further remuneration or claim for the same whatsoever will be
                                     entertained in the matter.
                   5.                The rates of incentive will be as follows:

                                 Percentage of recovery                   Rate of Incentive (in %)
                                 Up to 60                         :               02
                                 61 to 79                         :               03
                                 80 and above                     :               04

                   6.                The recovery agent may obtain an Identity Card from the PO cum
                                     DWO and he or she may be introduced otherwise with the Banks
                                     and beneficiaries for carrying out the task of recovery. He or she
                                     should avoid handling cash, except in unavoidable circumstances,
                                     under which the entire amount of cash must be remitted to the
                                     Bank account of the Corporation within 24 hours without fail.
                   7.                The recovery agent will remain accountable for the work to the
                                     PO cum DWO and submit weekly report on every Monday.
                   8.                Format of agreement will contain an undertaking about the
                                     knowledge about, acceptance of and compliance with the terms as
                                     mentioned hereinabove.

                                                                        Sd. B. Dasgupta
                                                                      Managing Director

Memo No. _178(20)/1(1)/BCDFC                                              Dated:_23-02-2011.

Copy forwarded for information to:

     1. The Principal Secretary, BCW Department, Govt. of WB.

                                                                          Managing Director

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