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									Where Did The Harbaugh Brothers Grow Up

Super Bowl 47 is scheduled for February 3, 2013 and as usual there are always some interesting facts
about teams that help to build the intrigue of the big game. This year’s game will be the San Francisco
49ers vs Baltimore Ravens and a huge side note of this game is both teams are being coached by
brothers, the Harbaugh brothers. Jim Harbaugh is the head coach of the 49ers and John Harbaugh is the
head coach of the Baltimore Ravens.

For people who are curious about where the Harbaugh brothers grew up here are a few facts about
their background. John is the older of the two brothers at 51 and 50 years old respectively. They were
born in Toledo, Ohio to parents Jack and Jacqueline. Their father Jack was an Assistant football coach at
Perrysbugh High School in Perrysburg, Ohio.

John graduated from Pioneer High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan and Jim graduated from Palo Alto High
School in California. At the age of 22 John became the Running Backs and Outside Linebackers coach for
Western Michigan. He held that position for 3 years then had 1 year coaching jobs at the University of
Pittsburgh and Morehead State before landing a long tenured job as Special Teams Coordinator at the
University of Cincinnati from 1989-1996.

After one season at Indiana University he began another long tenure as the Philadelphia Eagles Special
Teams Coordinator from 1998-2007 before getting the head coaching job for the Baltimore Ravens.

Jim excelled as Quarterback for the University of Michigan. He is among their top passers in the school’s
history for a number of categories including passing attempts, completions, completion percentage,
passing yards, and touchdown passes. He was drafted by the Chicago Bears in 1987 and played QB for 4
teams during his 14 year season in the NFL.

After his NFL player career ended he began his coaching career as an Assistant Coach from 1994 - 2001
under his father at Western Kentucky University. He was QB coach for the Oakland Raiders for 2 years
from 2002 to 2003. He was the head coach for the University of San Diego from 2004-2006 before
landing the head coaching job at Stanford University from 2007-2010 where he won the Orange Bowl in
2010. From 2011 until today he has been the head coach of the 49ers.


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