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					Triumph                    Special Olympics New York • OCTOBER 2002
                                                                                                      WORLD GAMES-IRELAND
                                                                                                      Team New York

                                                                                                      HALF MARATHON:
                                                                                                      Sean O’Rourke                Area 31

                                                                                                      Kathleen Rogan               Area 10
Team New York Selected for Ireland
Thirty-three athletes and coaches will take part in the                                               Megan Clair                  Area 12
                                                                                                      MaryAnne Silverstrim         Area 32
2003 World Games in Dublin.
                                                                                                      ROLLER SKATING (ARTISTIC):
                                                                                                      Jennifer Yost                Area 24

          wenty-seven athletes and six              Opening Ceremonies with the letters U.S.A.        Kristine Fuller              Area 24
          coaches from New York state have          across their backs. They will be fulfilling a     Pamela Robbins               Area 24
          been selected to participate in the       dream shared by all American athletes.”
2003 Special Olympics                                                        The Games will take      BOCCE:
World Summer Games in                                                 place June 21 to 29.            Paul Amoroso                 Area   12
                                                                                                      Troy Riegler                 Area   12
Dublin, Ireland.                                                      Athletes will arrive by the     Tim Roland                   Area   12
        “I’m very excited,”                                           16th to take part in the Host   Craig Mumford                Area   12
said Paul Asaro, 24, a                                                Town Programme, where
cyclist from Eastchester. “I                                          athletes and coaches will       POWERLIFTING:
am the only one from                                                  stay with host families to      Wendy Hawkins                Area   7
                                                                                                      Indiria Upshaw               Area   9
Westchester County who is                                             rest, practice and partici-     Jodi Rosen                   Area   34
actually going. It will be my                                         pate in a cultural exchange     Kim Richards                 Area   14
first time off the United                                             with the people of Ireland.
States land.”                                                                In addition to 7,000     ATHLETICS:
        Asaro will join 7,000                                         athletes, the World Summer      John Woodward                Area   37
                                                                                                      Peter Graham                 Area   37
athletes from 160 countries                                           Games will include 3,000        Matthew Barnum               Area   31
who will gather next June in                                          coaches and officials, and      Christian Russo              Area   35
Ireland for two weeks of celebration and            28,000 family members. It marks the first
competition, making the Games the largest           time in the 34-year history of Special            CYCLING:
multisport event in the world next year and         Olympics that the World Summer Games is           Paul Asaro                   Area   3
                                                                                                      Thomas Romeo                 Area   14
the largest sporting event ever hosted in           being held outside of the United States.          Keith Robbins                Area   17
Ireland.                                                   Nancy Hogan, who’s coached Special         Ed Taylor                    Area   12
        “On behalf of                                                     Olympics for 17 years,
Special Olympics New                                                      will attend the Games as    EQUESTRIAN:
                                              I’m very excited.                                       David Hill                   Area   33
York, I want to con-                                                      a Track & Field coach.
                                              It will be my                                           Stephen Rodrick              Area   19
gratulate each athlete                                                           “I was excited
                                              first time off the                                      Scott Tongue                 Area   2
who will compete in                                                       when I first heard that I   Christopher Donohue          Area   31
                                              United States
Ireland next year,” said                                                  had been selected, and
Neal J. Johnson,                                                          I’m even more excited       COACHES:
                                                   – Athlete                                          Nancy Hogan, Athletics       Area   4
president and chief                                                       now. I want to go
                                                     Paul Asaro                                       Bernadette Donohue, Bocce    Area   12
executive officer of                                                      tomorrow,” Hogan said.      Mary Ceci, Roller Skating    Area   24
Special Olympics New                                                      “I’m even more excited      Larry Kolwaite, Cycling      Area   12
York. “It will be a proud moment for all of us for the athletes. For many of them, this is            Sue Epstein, Equestrian      Area   19
when each of these fine athletes, who have          the first time they’ve been this far away         Bob Goold, Powerlifting      Area   24
all earned a chance to represent their town,                                                          Jennifer Whipple, Head of Delegation, SONY
county, state and country, parade in to                                          Continued on p. 7


  INSIDE                         4 Fall Games in Review                   5 Healthy Athletes            7 Golf Invitational
                    Find up-to-date information on our official Web site,
A Message from the
President                                           2002
Neal J. Johnson is President & CEO
of Special Olympics New York, Inc.                  Calendar of Events
                     O        n Dec. 4, Special
                              Olympics pro-
                       grams in the United
                       States will participate
                       in a unique fund-
                       raising initiative
                       though CIBC World          October                                                       November
                                                  19      Bowl-A-Thon, Manhattan                                2&3             Bowling West, (Age 22+),
                              USA Miracle Day                                                                                   AMF Olympic Lanes, Rochester
                                                  19      Section 2 Adult Bowling,
                       is a program coordi-               (Age 22+), Bowling Time Lanes,
                       nated by CIBC World                                                                      8-10            Bowling Central, (Age 22+),
                                                          New Windsor                                                           AMF Pin-O-Rama, Utica
Markets, which is the investment banking
and brokerage division of the Canadian            19      Section 3 Adult Bowling,                              9               Bowling East, (Age 22+),
Imperial Bank of Commerce.                                (Age 22+), Pine Lanes,                                                Melville Lanes
       Miracle Day is a one-day event that                South Glens Falls
raises money for a variety of charities                                                                         23 & 24         Fall Leadership Conference & Awards
benefiting children throughout the world.         19      Section 4 Bowling, (Age 22+),                                         Banquet, Sheraton Hotel,
On that day, the sales force of CIBC – both               Lakeview Lanes, Fulton                                                Saratoga Springs
institutional and retail account executives –
will donate their commissions to charities.       23      The Real Estate & Construction Gala,                  Also scheduled during November,
       For example, CIBC clients can tell                 New York Sheraton, Manhattan                          with dates to be confirmed:
their brokers to forward all commissions on
a particular transaction to the charity of the    27      Section 1 Adult Bowling,                                        Area Coordinators’ Council meeting *
client’s choice. For the first year, Special              (Age 22+), Maple Lanes, Brooklyn                                Training schools – Scheduled as
Olympics New York will be one of the                                                                                      needed throughout the year *
approved charities. For those of you who
do not have an existing
brokerage account at CIBC,
you may contact a CIBC
branch on or before Nov. 1
to open one. Then, if you
make a transaction or
transactions on Dec. 4, you                                           * For more details, please contact your Director of Field Services or the
will be able to direct the brokers commis-                                              Special Olympics New York office.
sions to our organization.
       Since 1984, Miracle Day has raised
more than $60 million for children’s charities
all over the world. In 2001 alone, Miracle
Day raised $12 million the U. S.
       The purpose of Miracle Day is to
raise the quality of life for all children.        Triumph                                                               Vol. 6, No. 10 October 2002
Special Olympics, as you know, strives to
achieve this every day through sports              Triumph is published 12 times a year by the Public Relations Department for the athletes, volunteers,
training and competition. Miracle Day can          employees, Board members, Area programs, sponsors and donors of Special Olympics New York, Inc.
also help us raise awareness, prepare our         Inspire Greatness
athletes for future success, attract sponsors     Special Olympics New York, Inc., 504 Balltown Road, Schenectady, NY 12304-2290
and volunteers, and encourage parents and         Phone: (518) 388-0790 Fax: (518) 388-0795 Web site:
teachers to steer their children and students
with mental retardation towards Special           SPECIAL OLYMPICS NEW YORK BOARD MEMBERS
       The potential for a program such as        EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE
Miracle Day is enormous for Special                Anthony J. Bifaro, Chairman    Daniel J. Callahan    Lynn M. McCann          Eileen M. Pfeiffer
                                                   Allan O. Birkett               Sara Daggett          William J. Murabito     Richard Salinardi
Olympics New York – not only this year but                                        Marla J. Greenspan    Thomas F. O’Brien
                                                   Thomas E. Blake
for many years to come.
       For more than three decades in New          BOARD MEMBERS
York, we’ve seen miracles happen on the
                                                   Dayle Bass               William P. Harrington        James T. Mahoney           Warren Pick
playing field and in the lives of our athletes.    Susan A. Brandt          James F. Horan               Steven Maiman              Anthony Principe
Miracle Day is just another opportunity for        Menzo D. Case            Richard P. Johnson           Kathi Nolan                Carmen J. Smith
all of us to make sure these miracles              Dorothy M. Chapman       Cheryl L. Jonas-Acquilla     Michael F. Petramalo       Theodore Wolfstich
continue to happen.                                Matthew F. Gras          James R. MacPhail
       For step-by-step instructions on this
innovative program, please visit                   TRIUMPH STAFF                        James J. Smith            Doreen Hand           Darcie Henderson
                                                   Vice President,           Editor                Design
                                                   Public Relations
2 Special Olympics New York
Winged Foot Welcomes Masters and British Open Champ
Sandy Lyle conducts clinic, greets athletes at annual Golf Classic.

I  t was one day after Europe’s Ryder Cup
   victory over the Americans and, one by
one, the players at Winged Foot Golf Club
congratulated Sandy Lyle for the victory.
       It had been 15 years since Lyle had
played a Ryder Cup match, but it didn’t
matter to the guests. It also didn’t matter
that Lyle had watched the final pairings
from a hotel bar in San Antonio, “sur-
rounded by 20 Americans,” as he put it. The
Americans were happy for him, and they
wanted him to know it.
       “I’m glad the Europeans won,” said a
golfer, one of 175 who took part in the
Twelfth Annual Golf Classic to benefit
Special Olympics New York. “They seem to
appreciate it much more.” Lyle, the tactful
Scotsman smiled without agreeing or
       Lyle, who played on five consecutive
Ryder Cup teams, did a lot of smiling that
day, as he posed with every foursome,              Sandy Lyle helps Craig Ludin line up a putt at Lyle’s Winged Foot clinic.
signed autographs, gave tips and hit an
occasional 300-yard tee shot to demon-          clinic, demonstrating
strate the difference between a tour player     difficult sand saves
and the rest of us. He conducted a morning      and putts.
                                                       Lyle had not had
                                                much experience with
                                                Special Olympics
                                                before being invited to
                                                the Golf Classic by
                                                Toyota, which
                                                sponsored the event
                                                along with Time, Inc.
                                                Yet, Lyle, who is a
                                                spokesman for Natural
                                                Golf, said he was
                                                impressed with the
                                                way the athletes play
                                                and the way they are
                                                                             Peter Pellegrino, left, presented a gift to sponsor Toshiaki “Tag”
                                                                             Taguchi, president and chief executive officer of Toyota North
                                                       “It’s great to see
                                                them playing the game
                                                of golf, or even attempting to play,” said
                                                Lyle, who credits Natural Golf for his               Golf: The Lyle Way.” In all, Lyle has won 29
                                                improvement in his play over the past 18             tournaments worldwide in his 25-year career.
                                                months. “The athletes are very quick to pick         One of his most memorable was the 1988
                                                things up, which is important for people to          Masters, where he dueled Mark
Players tried to ace the par-3 for a chance     understand. It’s not necessary to make golf          Calcavecchia down the stretch. Down by a
to win a Lexus sports car. It went unclaimed.   more complicated than it already is.”                shot at the 16th hole in the final round,
                                                       Lyle, 44, still enjoys a very successful      Sandy birdied the hole and went on to hit a
                                                career as a course architect, author and             spectacular second shot from the bunker on
                                                player, spending much of his time on the             the par-4 18th. He sunk the 10-foot birdie
                                                European tour. He is the author of “Champi-          putt to win the green jacket.
      Photos by Dominick Totino                 onship Courses of Scotland” and “Learning

                                                                                                        October 2002,TRIUMPH 3
Special Olympics New York Says Goodbye to
Saugerties During Exciting Fall Games Festivities
After two years in the Catskills, Games will move west in 2003-2004.

I t may have been the last year of
  Saugerties two-year stint hosting the Fall
Games, but the athletes of Special Olympics
                                                   first season competing with the Ulster
                                                   program after moving from Manhattan. As a
                                                   Global Messenger, he represented his new
New York celebrated as if it was a “home-          program by leading his fellow athletes in the
coming”… which was the theme of this               Athletes’ Oath. He was joined by Female
year’s Games Oct. 4 to 6.                          Athlete of the Year, Alicia Zeitz.
      Although the Opening Ceremonies                     However, Coombs’ new Softball team
had to be moved into the auditorium of             lost during their Gold medal defense to the
Saugerties High School because of the rain,        AlleCatts from Allegany/Cattaraugus.

                                                                                                                                               Matt Odendahl
                                                                                   “That’s OK,”
                                                                            Coombs said. “I’m
                                                                            just glad I still have
                                                                            a chance to compete
                                                                            in a program like         Sabrina Bach and Steve Mower ignite
                                                                            this.”                    the Cauldron to start the Games.
                                                                            Veterans Memorial        behind us,” said Director of Competition
                                                                            Complex hosted the       Peter Lawrence. “Our Special Olympics
                                                                            Softball competition     athletes could not have asked for a finer
                                                                            as well as Soccer        place to showcase their talents.”
                                                                            and Cycling. Cross-             During the Closing Ceremonies,
                                                                            Country was held         athletes Andy Marshall and Summer
                                                                       Matt Odendahl

                                                                            across the street at     Bradley accepted the torch from Ulster
                                                                            Saugerties High          County athletes on behalf of Seneca Falls
                                                                            School. Equestrian       and Area 19, which will host the Fall Games
                                                                            was at Beaverkill        for the next two years.
Athletes competed in six sports, including     Softball.                    Farm and Golf was               “We’re so excited that the Games are
                                                                            split between Rip        coming to our Area next year,” Marshall
the air inside was charged with the energy         Van Winkle and Thunderhart golf courses.          said. “We can’t wait. It’s going to be fun.”
of nearly 1,000 athletes and coaches. They                “It is very rewarding to see an event             It was clear from the crowd response
stood and cheered as an athlete and coach          like this come together. From the first day       when the host city was announced at
representing each program carried their            we arrived in Saugerties the community got        Closing, that many people are excited about
banner down the aisle,                                                                               going to the Finger Lakes. But don’t be
accompanied by a Healthy                                                                                          surprised if the Fall Games come
Athletes health care profes-                                                                                      back to Saugerties.
sional.                                                                                                                  “It is always hard when
       Adding to the excite-                                                                                      we leave a community and
ment was the Emerald                                                                                              Saugerties is no exception,”
Society Pipe and Drum Band,                                                                                       Lawrence said. “But as the
as well as dancing and                                                                                            event came to a close, many
gymnastics performances by                                                                                        community leaders and organiz-
Excel Gymnastics.                                                                                                 ing committee members were
Everyone’s favorite emcee,                                                                                        asking us to come back soon.”
Yolanda Vega, from the New                                                                                               Look online at
York Lottery, whipped the                                                                               
audience into a frenzy.                                                                                           for more photos and competi-
                                                                                                            SONY Staff

       “It was very exciting                                                                                      tion results.
watching it from the stage,”
said Ulster County athlete
Rupert Coombs who is in his       Area 12 cyclist Kyle Utter makes his way through the course.

4 Special Olympics New York
Conference Focuses on Health Care Needs of Athletes
Healthy Athletes symposium draws 50 clinicians from across the state.

F    ifty health care professionals from
     across New York gathered Oct. 3 to 6 in
Albany and Saugerties to discuss the best
                                                    communities who otherwise might have little
                                                    to no contact with persons with mental
                                                    retardation have the opportunity to interact
practices for providing clinical                               and see these individuals for who
health services to patients        In giving, you will         they truly are – people who, like
with mental retardation.           receive more than           the rest of us, experience love,
       The Special Olympics        you give.                   joy, achievement, frustration and
New York 2002 Healthy                      – Dr. Novello pain,” Dr. Novello said. “In
Athletes Conference was                                        giving, you will receive more than

                                                                                                                                                  Dave Feiden
organized through a grant from the New              you give.”
York State Health Department, whose                       The delegation of health care profes-
commissioner,                                                                   sionals attended
Antonia C.                                                                      Opening Ceremo-
                                                                                                      Dr. Vincent Filanova, left, discusses
Novello, M.D.,                                                                  nies of the Fall
                                                                                                      Special Smiles with conference attendees.
M.P.H., Dr.PH.,                                                                 Games in
delivered opening                                                               Saugerties, serving   Amsterdam; Dr. Beth Lannon of San
remarks.                                                                        as parade mar-        Francisco; and Dr. Su Danberg of Stamford,
       Dr. Novello                                                              shals. They spent     Conn.
congratulated the                                                               Saturday staffing            The objectives of the Special Olym-
volunteer spirit of                                                             the Healthy           pics New York Healthy Athletes initiative is
the clinicians, all of                                                          Athletes tents in     to improve access to health care for Special
                                                                           Dave Feiden

whom specialize in                                                              Olympic Village,      Olympic athletes, to train and educate
providing hearing,                                                              where they            health care professionals and students
dental or vision                                                                delivered health      about the special needs of people with
care. Dr. Novello is     Neal Johnson, left, Global Messenger Steve screenings as part                mental retardation and to raise general
a member of the          Caruso, and Dr. Novello enjoy a light moment of the Opening                  awareness of the health issues facing this
Special Olympics,        at the start of the conference.                        Eyes, Special         population.
Inc. Board of Directors.                            Smiles and Healthy Hearing programs.                     Healthy Athletes is sponsored by the
       “Because Special Olympics is based                 The training sessions were coordi-          state Health Department, Lions Club
on community involvement, people in our             nated by Dr. Vincent Filanova of                  International and HealthNow New York.

Special Olympics Suffolk County Athletes Enjoy a “Day in the Sun”
Sailing and a picnic mark a day of recreation.

W         ith a name like a “Day in the Sun,”
          expectations are always high for
this annual event.
                                                   to the annual “Day In The Sun,” this year
                                                   marked the Fifth Annual Masthead Cove
                                                   Yacht Club Race for the benefit of Special
                                                                                                      Olympics. Over the past five years, more
                                                                                                      than $40,000 has been raised in support
                                                                                                      of the Suffolk County program.
       Luckily for some athletes and coaches
from Special Olympics New York – Suffolk
County, Mother Nature played along.
       “It was a beautiful day with bright
sun and just enough wind to carry the nine
sailboats with our athletes on board around
Northport Bay for a picturesque view of the
north shore of Long Island,” said Anne
Monsees, associate director of development
for the Suffolk County program. Through
the kindness of the Masthead Cove Yacht
                                                                                                                                                  Anne Monses

Club members, athletes and their coaches
were treated to a full morning sail and picnic
       The Masthead Cove Yacht Club
members have supported Special Olympics            Attendees pose for a lasting memory.
Suffolk County for many years. In addition
                                                                                                           October 2002, TRIUMPH 5
                                                  Special Olympics Postage Stamp Unveiled
 the State
                                                  T     he U.S. Postal Service unveiled a 2003
                                                        Special Olympics postage stamp in
                                                  September at the National Postal Forum in
 Area 9 - Fulton, Montgomery and
 Hamilton Counties
     A total of $500 was raised for Area 9 at            This stamp, which will be issued in
 the inaugural Volleyball World Sand Classic      early 2003, continues the tradition of social
 competition in Fort Plain. Sixteen coed teams    awareness stamps that have been issued
 of two competed in the tournament, which         since the 1960s. The Special Olympics
 was won by Natalie Lavallee and Aaron            stamp will be an international-rate stamp
 Kemmer. Prizes were given for second, third      intended to help raise awareness. It will be
 and fourth place, as well as for most aces and   issued to coincide with the 2003 Special
 most times touching the net.
                                                  Olympics World Summer Games, which will
 Area 19 - Ontario, Wayne, Seneca and
                                                  be held next June in Dublin, Ireland.
 Yates Counties                                          The stamp features a computer-
      A news conference is planned for Oct.       generated design by Lance Hidy of
 21 at the New York Chiropractic College to       Merrimac, Mass. It captures the enthusias-      calling 800-STAMP-24. In addition, a
 announce that the Special Olympics New York      tic and communal spirit of Special Olympics.    selection of stamps and other philatelic
 2003-2004 Fall Games will be held at the                Current U.S. stamps, as well as a free   items are available in the Postal Store at
 college, which is in Seneca Falls, Seneca        comprehensive catalog, are available by
      Athletes will compete in seven sports,
 including Bocce, Cross-Country Running,
 Cycling, Equestrian, Golf, Soccer and Soft-
 ball. For more information or to sponsor         Changing the World in One Million Ways
 the Games, call Laurie Kennedy at 585-271-
 5151, or e-mail
                                                  Rodney Hankins urges lawmakers to support SO Expansion and
                                                  Healthy Athletes initiative.
 Area 20 - Monroe County

      The Monroe County program recently                odney Hankins, an
 held its annual volunteer recognition dinner
                                                        athlete from Brooklyn
 at the Hyatt Regency Rochester. The high-
 light was the presentation of the Cyr Memo-      who became a Sargent
 rial Outstanding Athlete Awards to athletes      Shriver International Global
 from across Monroe County. Organizations         Messenger earlier this year,
 and individuals also were recognized for         visited Washington, D.C., to
 their contributions to the program.              help convince lawmakers to
                                                  support a bill to fund a
 Area 24 - Chautauqua County                      global expansion program
     Bowlers from Chautauqua County were          and the Healthy Athletes
 recently recognized by USA Weekend maga-
 zine for their work during Make A Differ-
 ence Day. Coach Carole Johnson said her                  Hankins joined Special Hankins meets with Congressman Serrano.
 athletes have taken part in the annual day of    Olympics President and
 volunteerism since 1994, collecting donations    Chief Executive Officer Timothy Shriver,           Around the world, Special Olympics is
 for Chautauqua County Humane Society and         Ph.D., at a reception at the Capitol and at  viewed as a gateway to breaking down
 the St. Susan Center.                            meetings the following day. Shriver hopes    barriers, improving living conditions,
     “The community is very good to Special       to garner $5 million in public seed money to changing attitudes in education, transform-
 Olympics, so as a way of appreciation, I         expand the Healthy Athletes program          ing the views of political leaders and
 thought it would be good if my athletes could    worldwide and double the number of           helping athletes find a voice to overcome
 do something for the community,” Johnson
                                                  athletes served from one million to two      prejudice.
 told the Post-Journal in Jamestown.“The first
 year we took in food and money for St. Susan’s   million by 2007.                                   Federal funding will enable Special
 and then the next year I said,‘Maybe we should           “I think it was wonderful,” Hankins  Olympics to provide the resources neces-
 do something for animals.’ My son, Michael,      said. “I’m glad we got a positive response,  sary to establish a base of volunteers and
 said we had to do both.”                         especially from Congressman (Jose) Serrano leaders in countries where the potential for
        Please call, fax or e-mail your           (D-Bronx). He was 100 percent for it. I know growth is the greatest. China, Russia, India,
      Area information to Doreen Hand,            that he will be twisting other people’s arms Brazil, South Africa and Turkey have made
      212-661-3963, Fax: 212-661-4658,            to get this passed.”                         commitments to increase the number of
                                                                                               athletes served.

6 Special Olympics New York
Athletes and Coaches to Attend World Games
Continued from p. 1
from home. It gives them a chance to make       Roller Skating, Sailing, Soccer, Table                    Special Olympics New York is seeking
new friends and meet new coaches, and see       Tennis, Tennis, Team Handball, and                 sponsors to help offset the costs of sending
things they never get to                                             Volleyball. Three             the athletes of Team New York to the Games.
see. It gives them a                                                 demonstration sports          For more information, call Laurie Kennedy at
chance to be more                                                    will be offered:              585-271-5151, x10, or e-mail
independent.”                              I’m even more             kayaking, judo and   For general informa-
       Athletes will                       excited for the           pitch & putt. In order to     tion, visit
compete in 21 sports,                      athletes.                 qualify, New York
including Aquatics,                         – Coach                  athletes had to earn
Athletics, Badminton,                         Nancy Hogan            Gold medals in the 2002
Basketball, Bocce,                                                   state Summer Games in
Bowling, Cycling,                                                    Buffalo or the 2001 Fall
Equestrian, Golf, Gymnastics, Powerlifting,     Games in Saugerties.

SONY Golfers Compete in Florida Invitational
Peter Pellegrino and MaryAnne Silverstrim capture Golds
in tournament play.

S    even athletes from New York were
     among 150 golfers who competed in the
third annual Special Olympics Golf National
                                                        “The competition was the highest
                                                 level and it was just a great event,” Jones
                                                 said. “Our athletes played very well. They
                                                                                                         During the past decade, thousands of
                                                                                                   Special Olympics athletes have participated
Invitational Tournament Sept. 14 to 17 in        rose to the occasion. MaryAnne was seven          in golf clinics, training programs and
Port St. Lucie, Florida.                         shots back and came back to win. And              competitions in the United States and in
Long Island athlete Peter Pellegrino and         Peter played very well.”                          more than 20 countries around the world.
MaryAnne                                                                         If not for heat
Silverstrim from                                                          exhaustion, Jones
Sullivan County
earned Gold Medals,
                                                                          added, Sum would
                                                                          have likely won
                                                                                                      How they fared
while Beverly Sum                                                         Gold in her alter-          Peter Pellegrino, Area 31
and George Bowden                                                         nate shot competi-          18 holes, Gold Medal
won fourth and sixth                                                      tion. Sum was
place ribbons,                                                            paired with Martha          MaryAnne Silverstrim, Area 32
respectively. In the                                                      Pachuta, a coach            9 holes, Gold Medal
skills competition,                                                       from Geneseo.
Gary Zittel of                                                            Board member                Alternate Shot
Farmington, Lynn                                                          Richie Salinardi            Martha Pachuta, Beverly Sum,
Weinaug of Olean,                                                         competed in                 Area 21, 4th place
and Rudy                                                                  alternate shot with
Klockowski from                                                           Staten Island’s             Richie Salinardi, George Bowden,
Utica received Gold,                                                      Bowden.
                                                                                                      Area 35, 6th place
Silver and Bronze        Board member Richie Salinardi and athlete               Presenting
Medals, respec-          George Bowden (middle) exchanged                 sponsors were the
tively.                  greetings and golf tips with athlete             PGA of America              Skills
        The tourna-      Christopher Hasak from Fairfield,Conn. and       and the United              Gary Zittel, Area 19,
ment featured            brother James Hasak.                             States Golf Asso-           Gold Medal
Special Olympics                                                          ciation (USGA).
golfers from 27 U.S.                                                      The Golf Channel,           Lynn Weinaug, Area 25,
programs competing in five levels of             Cingular Wireless and Phillips 66 were               Silver Medal
competition. Area 4 Coordinator Charlie          corporate sponsors. Since golf was
Jones, who served as the head of delegation      introduced to Special Olympics in 1988, the          Rudy Klockowski, Area 12,
for New York, said the event was very well       PGA has donated more than $200,000 and               Bronze Medal
run, with PGA rules officials serving as         PGA professionals have volunteered to
course judges.                                   train Special Olympics golfers and their
                                                                                                        October 2002, TRIUMPH 7
                                                                                                                             Non-Profit Org.
                                                                                                                               U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                           SPECIAL OLYMPICS
                                                                                                                              NEW YORK

         504 Balltown Road
       Schenectady, NY 12304
     Comments, story suggestions
             can be directed to:
       Special Olympics New York, Inc.
        Public Relations Department,
 504 Balltown Road, Schenectady, NY 12304,
          or by fax to 518-388-0795,
      or by e-mail to

                                               Created by the Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation
 Special Olympics New York, Inc. is Authorized and Accredited by Special Olympics International for the Benefit of Citizens with Mental Retardation.


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      who are choosing DialAmerica
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    Call 1-800-526-4679 and mention
        Special Olympics New York

      to order your favorite magazine.                      he New York State Fraternal Order of Police generously raised its annual Fall
            12.5 percent of each                            Classic contribution to $10,000. This year’s Fall Classic, a Section 1 and 2
      paid subscription is donated to                  competition, took place Sept. 21 in Hicksville, Long Island. Special Olympics New
        Special Olympics New York.                     York President and Chief Executive Officer, Neal J. Johnson (second from left), accepts
                                                       the check from FOP members (from left) Michael Golden, Frank Ferreyra, Mike Sinano
                                                       and Michael Nied.

        Mission: To provide year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-style sports for children and adults
   with mental retardation, giving them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy and participate
                 in the sharing of gifts, skills and friendship with their families, other Special Olympics athletes and the community.

8 Special Olympics New York

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