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South Korea - Asia's Unspoilt Tourist Destination


The fascinating countries of Asia are often overlooked by tourists who are considering where to go on their next holiday. This is a pity as some of these lands, such as South Korea, have a wealth of cultural and historic sites which are well worth a visit. Not only that but, if you travel at the right time of year, you can enjoy warm weather and the colorful sight of the exotic flora which covers the landscape. Read on and discover what you are missing.

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									South Korea – Asia’s Unspoilt Tourist Destination

With more than 6 million people visiting South Korea each year, it’s no surprise to learn that
the country is amongst the most popular tourist destinations on earth. What is it about Korea
that has made it such a magnet for the international jet set? Read on to discover some of the
charms that draw admirers to this often overlooked land where you are guaranteed an
unforgettable vacation.

Jeju Island

This is the largest of Korea’s many islands and has a reputation for being a land of mystique.
It’s stunning natural scenery comprises of superb beaches lapped by clear blue water,
magnificent waterfalls and a volcano that is the highest peak in South Korea. Add to this the
spectacular sunrises and sunsets and it is little wonder that it is one of the top choices for
honeymoons. Other things to do include a variety of water sports, horse riding and hiking in
the hills.


This is the capital of South Korea and is the countries business capital as well as the number
one tourist destination. Seoul is a huge city of more than 10 million inhabitants and has the
third largest subway system to be found in the world. A vibrant nightlife and a wealth of
fascinating historical buildings including the residencies of the royal family, make this
distinctly Asian city a place where the visitor will never be at a loss for something to do.


Beach lovers will love Korea’s second largest city as it is renowned for the number of and
quality of its beaches and hot springs. Swimming and water sports are popular activities, of
course, but it is also the perfect place to find a quiet spot to relax on a sun lounger and
deepen your tan The area also abounds with Buddhist temples, cultural sites and local
markets such as the raw fish market.

Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)

The demilitarized zone might not seem to be the best choice for a holiday visit but this area,
a neutral zone between North and South Korea, has much to offer. First of all it is a chance
to see history in the making. It is the most guarded border area on the planet and visitors
can visit one of the tunnels that were built under the border so that the North Korean army
could infiltrate the South without clashing with the border patrols.

The area is also a haven for wildlife, especially species which are endangered in other parts
of Asia. Some creatures which you might see here include the river otter, wildcats and musk


Probably the best time to visit South Korea is in the spring and autumn months when the
weather is warm and there are no extremes of temperature or rainfall. April is particularly
pleasant as the cherry blossom trees are in full covering much of the landscape with their
beautiful color. Winters are cold and there are usually heavy snowfalls. This has led to South
Korea becoming a favourite venue for skiing and other winter sports.

This has been an all too brief look at the many delights that South Korea has to offer the
tourist. Its variety of activities and fabulous scenery makes it a must for your next holiday
shortlist. For more travel tips visit

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