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									Memo No. 525(20)/Estt-20/99                                        Dated: 18-8-2011

The Project Officer cum District Welfare Officer/
District Welfare Officer,

_______________________________ (all).

       Subject: Selection of Beneficiaries for NBCFDC schemes.

           More and more people are getting aware of availability of loans to OBC
people under NBCFDC schemes through WB Backward Classes Development & Finance
Corporation. As a result, the number of applications being received by the Corporation,
particularly under Micro Finance schemes and Mahila Samridhi Yojana, is on the rise.
Since the Block Development Officers and the Chairpersons of Municipal authorities
may send the proposals directly to the Corporation their attention should be drawn
from your end in order to ensure proper selection of beneficiaries and viability of
schemes they propose to pursue, so that repayment of loans remains smooth and

           Following issues may be duly taken into account by all concerned:

A] Optimum Utilisation of Resources:

           Financial and other resources of the Corporation are limited. Therefore
priority areas and sectors should be identified to cover it gradually and in phases.
Handling of all cases at a time will not be feasible. Annual Action Plan and district-wise
allocation of schemes should be a guiding point in the matter.

B] Selection of Potential Groups:
           It should be ensured that an SHG approaching for loan has been functional
through regular savings and lending among its members for a reasonable period of time.
A group formed and its bank account opened only for the purpose of absorbing loans
should be discouraged.

C] Selection Procedure:

           Once the priority areas are identified the issues relating to Micro Finance and
MSY should be explained in the gathering held in those places for various purposes like
NREGA, IGNOAPS, IAY, H&FW matters. This will help the municipal or Block
authorities to obtain better information about potential beneficiaries without putting in
additional resources for the same. Based on such information applications may be
obtained and scrutinized subsequently. The Corporation has come across some
complaints in recent past from some areas that middlemen are active in the process of
group formation, distribution of application forms and following them up against money.
Such a corrupt practice may be defused by generating awareness and adopting
transparency in the whole process.

D] Sponsoring of Cases:

           In some cases it is observed that the BDO or Chairperson is recommending a
proposal on the body of the application and sending it in bunches to the Corporation.
Such steps are not at all desirable. The BDO or Chairperson will act as the sponsoring
authority while sending any proposal to this Corporation. Therefore, it is expected that he
is satisfied with the entire matter in the light of the above as well as in terms of
compliance of various conditions as laid down for different schemes (Corporation
Website may be consulted). While sponsoring cases under Micro Finance or MSY he
should also attach a compiled statement of all cases in the format which may be
downloaded from the ‘Circular’ section in the Homepage of website.

                                                  Managing Director
                                 WB Backward Classes Development & Finance Corporation

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