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									Memo No. 921(19)/Estt.79/12                                 Dated: 30-11-2012.

The Project Officer cum District Welfare Officer/
District Welfare Officer,

_________________________ District (All).

             Subject: Engagement of Recovery Agent

             Reference is invited to this Corporation Circular bearing Memo No.
178(20)/BCDFC,       dated 23-02-2011, in connection with the engagement of Recovery
Agent to recover outstanding loans from the defaulters. Barring a few districts such
engagement has not taken place, although the Government machinery in its present
strength at district or Block level is not capable of taking care of huge amount of overdue
with the beneficiaries. As a result, repayment of advances received by the Corporation
from NBCFDC has been affected. The NBCFDC has also restricted further release of
advance which is directly linked with the sanction of fresh loan by the Corporation.
             Some of the districts have doubts about the process of selection of Recovery
Agent. The matter is therefore clarified hereunder.
   1. The engagement of Recovery Agent is a periodical and temporary step and it is in
      no way linked with employment generation. Any person or organization, coming
      forward voluntarily to act as Recovery Agent should be taken into consideration,
      and based on verification of antecedents with local Police Station and local
      enquiry about his identity and reputation such person or organization should be
   2. Private persons engaged in the fields by some Govt. Departments/ Corporations
      like motivators for BSKP or agents of WBMDFC, having a very good track
      record, may also be considered for the engagement of Recovery Agents.
   3. Advertisement in newspapers is therefore not mandatory for such engagement.
4. The selected person or organization will execute an Affidavit and thereafter the
   PO cum DWO will engage him for a period of one year by issuing a Photo-
   Identity Card of the person concerned.
5. There may be one single Recovery Agent for the entire district; two or more
   Recovery Agents may also be engaged by assigning specific areas of their work.
6. The PO cum DWO, or any other officer authorized by him should periodically
   monitor the work of recovery agent and obtain reports at least once in a month.
7. Work of the recovery agent will include distribution of notices issued by local
   BDO or Municipal Chairman to the defaulters, meeting beneficiaries as frequently
   as possible, fixing up venue and date with prior approval of local authority to hold
   Recovery Camps and mobilizing the defaulters for such camps for recovery of
8. Entire collection made through a Recovery Camp is required to be deposited to
   the SBI Account of the Corporation. A list of defaulters mentioning the amount
   recovered should be authenticated by the authorized Govt. official and sent
   forthwith to the Corporation by FAX or E-mail. Copy of the same should be
   preserved by the Recovery Agent to substantiate his claim of incentive
9. Format of Affidavit has been appended hereunder. The districts which have
   already engaged Recovery Agents should obtain another Affidavit in the revised

                                                              Managing Director


I,   Shri/Smt.   _________________________________,          son/daughter/wife    of Shri
__________________________, aged ________ years, by religion _______________,
by nationality Indian, having residence at Vill/Road/Ward No. ______________, PO.
_______________,      PS.    ________________,     Block/Municipality _____________,
District ________________, PIN ______________, competent to declare and sign for
and on behalf of _________________________________________ (name and address
of NGO, where applicable) do hereby, on this ____ day of __________, solemnly affirm
and declare the following:
1. That I have voluntarily applied for serving the West Bengal Backward Classes
Development and Finance Corporation towards recovery of outstanding loans and
interests from the defaulting beneficiaries of the said Corporation as its RECOVERY
AGENT for such period as may be allowed to me.
2. That I have a permanent house at ________________, where I live in for last
________ years, and have electricity connection No. (Consumer No.) ___________ and a
Bank Account at ________________ Bank, Branch ______________, of which the
account number is ________________. I am also well versed with different locations of
the district.
3. That I am not been barred under any rules or law to undertake such activities and I
have not committed any offence whatsoever.
4. That I shall be bound with the instructions that may be issued from time to time by the
said Corporation or by the Project Officer-cum-District Welfare Officer or the District
Welfare Officer of the district under whose jurisdiction I may be allowed to serve as
5. That while recovering the outstanding loans and interests from the beneficiaries I shall
not handle cash physically save and except at the time of collection and immediately
thereafter and shall cause it to be deposited to the Bank Account of the Corporation or to
any authorized Government official under acknowledgement of receipt thereof and
maintain and produce all such documents and records for verification whenever and
wherever necessary.
6. That I have no such financial or any burden which may restrain my smooth movement
throughout the district as and when necessary for the aforesaid work.
7. That I shall not make any claim whatsoever before the Corporation or the State
Government, except the Commission, as may be applicable as my receivable claim
against the amount recovered through my initiatives, as an incentive to my work that I
have performed and/or voluntarily agreed to do. I shall also be liable to penalties and
other punitive measures, if any, disposed against me in the event of misappropriation of
fund recovered or irregularities caused by me in connection with the task I am entrusted
with and/or allowed to perform.
8. That I am aware of the practice and decision of the Corporation that I shall be ceased
to work as Recovery Agent at any point of time and without any prior notice if I fail to
comply with the instructions as aforesaid or when the service rendered by me is not
considered satisfactory by the authority concerned.
9. That the statements made in the foregoing paragraphs are true to the best of my

                                                      Signature of the Deponent

Identity and specimen signature of the
Deponent is verified and confirmed by me


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