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									General Regulations

     In partnership with
The Vogel & Vogel law firm was created by its two founding members (Louis Vogel and Joseph Vogel)
in June 1990. The firm is specialized in French and European competition, distribution and consumer
law. Vogel & Vogel puts at the service of its clients the largest team of specialist lawyers in those areas
in France.
Our clients rely on the firm for its professionalism and know-how. Vogel & Vogel is acknowledged as one
of the leaders in France in the field of economic law.
Vogel & Vogel has joined forces with L’Expansion magazine in order to distinguish the best works in
French and/or English whether published or not, relating to economic law.
This document contains the General Regulations for the Prix Vogel in Economic Law. A specific set of
regulations will be drafted each time the award is given.

Article 1. Object of the award
The first Prix Vogel in Economic Law will be awarded in 2012. The purpose of the prize is to honor the
author of the best book, in French or in English, in French and/or European economic law (competi-
tion, distribution, consumer law, regulation, internal market, economic analysis of law).

Article 2. Conditions of application
The following conditions must be met:

      • Candidates must have having written (may or may not be published) a work or thesis in economic
        law during the period set out in the Specific Regulations;
      • Candidates shall submit the duly filled out application form together with the documents
        requested within the specified deadline (see Specific Regulations).

Article 3. Composition of jury
The 2011-2012 jury will be composed of:

      • The two founding partners of Vogel & Vogel.
      • Three members of institutions implementing economic law (European Commission, ECJ,
        courts, Competition Authority, DGCCRF, sectoral regulatory bodies).
      • Three heads of corporate legal departments.
      • A director of L’Expansion.

The jury will be chaired by one of the founding partners from Vogel & Vogel. In the event of a tie, the
Chairman will have the deciding vote.

Article 4. Selection of the winner
The winner will be chosen in a two-stage process:
The Board of Vogel & Vogel chooses the best books (works or theses) to be submitted to the jury.
The jury then selects the winner of the Prix Vogel in Economic Law. The jury reserves the right to desi-
gnate jointly several winners or none at all.
The results are announced at the Prix Vogel prize-giving ceremony organized by Vogel & Vogel in the
presence of the members of the jury.

Article 5. Partners
Partners may be associated with the promotion of the Prix Vogel in Economic Law. They may appear as
such and be cited in communication materials. They undertake to promote the Prix Vogel and the prize win-
ners. Their logos will feature on visuals and they may use the title of Partner in their own communications.

Article 6. Communication on the Prix, the works and the winners
All communications issued by Vogel & Vogel, L’Expansion, the partners and the winner(s) on the work
carried out within the context of the Prix will, in addition to the mandatory requirements, include the title
“Prix Vogel in Economic Law”.
The winner of the Prix Vogel in Economic Law shall confer on Vogel & Vogel and L’Expansion, free of
charge, for the whole period of legal protection of intellectual property rights, throughout the world, the
right to publicize, in all media, the winning book as well as the right to reproduce, represent, and distri-
bute, in all media, entire passages of the book.
The prize-winner confers on Vogel & Vogel and L’Expansion, free of charge and for the whole period
of legal protection of intellectual property rights, throughout the world, the right to communicate, in all
media, and to reproduce, distribute, and exploit in all media, specifically on its website, and through any
technical means, any elements and documents communicated in the context of the Prix Vogel in Econo-
mic Law, specified notably in Annex I of the Special Regulations.
These communications and public relations actions include any information on any media intended for
Vogel & Vogel, the partners and the general public, such as the members of the jury, the university or
universities concerned, former winners and sponsors, without giving rise to any remuneration, a right or
any benefit other than the award of the Prix Vogel in Economic Law.
Data collected will be subject to electronic data processing.
Data collected is used by Vogel & Vogel, for the management of the account of the candidates. Informa-
tion concerning the description or the realization of the project may, unless it is clearly stated otherwise,
may be used for any communications operation carried out by the organizers, regardless of the media
used, for the promotion of the Prize and its winners.
In accordance with the Data Processing and Civil Liberties Law of 6 January 1978 as amended by the
Law of 6 August 2004, the candidates have a right to access, obtain further information, rectify and, if

necessary, modify any data concerning them. They can at any time oppose the communication of data
concerning them to third parties. All requests for access, rectification or opposition shall be addressed to:
Stéphanie Boudin, 30 avenue d’Iéna, 75116 Paris,

Article 7. Regulations
The participation of candidates in the competition implies their full acceptance of the present Regula-
tions and the Special Regulations, in their entirety including annexes and any amendments thereto.
Any difficulties pertaining to the interpretation of the present Regulations or the Special Regulations will
be settled by Vogel & Vogel.
The present Regulations and the Special Regulations may be modified by Vogel & Vogel.

Article 8. Force majeure and disputes
In the event of force majeure as interpreted by the French courts, or if the circumstances so require it,
Vogel & Vogel reserves the right to modify the present Regulations and the Special Regulations, or to
postpone or cancel the Prix Vogel. The firm will not be held liable for any such modification.
The present Regulations and Special Regulations are subject to French law. Any dispute relating to the
application and the interpretation of these Regulations will be subject to the jurisdiction of the French

Article 9. Property rights and use of the name “Prix Vogel in Economic Law”
The name “Prix Vogel in Economic Law” is a registered trademark of the law firm Vogel & Vogel. A
temporary authorization to use the “Prix Vogel in Economic Law” “ trademark is given free of charge
to L’Expansion and the Partners for the duration of completion of the operations of communication
and promotion of the Prix, provided that the use of the name “Prix Vogel in Economic Law” is strictly
reserved for communication and promotional operations for the Prix and is subject to prior authorization
by Vogel & Vogel.

Article 10. Use of the logos of Vogel & Vogel, L’Expansion and Partners’ logos
Vogel & Vogel, L’Expansion and the Partners are holders of the exploitation rights of their respective
logo(s), representations of which appear, notably, with these General Regulations and on the Special
Regulations. They declare that they accept and shall refrain from opposing the use of their respective
logo(s) within the strict framework of the communication and promotions operations for the Prix Vogel
in Economic Law for the duration of the realization of the communication and promotions operations
for the Prix.


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