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									How a Prepaid Visa Can Grow
       Your Business
Any business owner that wants to succeed is always looking for
new ways to grow their business. Sometimes, even the slightest
adjustment can produce new revenue streams that take profits to
the next level.

Here are some ways that prepaid Visa cards can help to grow your

One way that a Visa prepaid can grow your business is by placing
your company branding on the card. You can usually include your
logo and business colors on a Visa prepaid card, which helps to get
your name out there into the world.

No matter what kind of program you want to use the cards for,
whoever is using the card will be flashing your logo and business
name every time they do. Using branded cards helps to build trust,
and create a positive reinforcement of your business each time it’s
         Wide Range of Programs

The fact that it’s possible to use Visa prepaid cards for a wide
variety of programs is another way that it can help to encourage

Depending on the program or incentive you’re using the cards for,
they may be brought out into the marketplace by employees,
customers and even executives.

And since they are Visa cards, they will be used in virtually every
type of scenario and business imaginable.
                Meaningful Reward
When a business is creating a reward for its customers or
employees, it’s really important that it is meaningful to the recipient.
When the reward is meaningful, it keeps everyone involved
motivated to keep the business growing, whether they work there
or buy the products.

Using a prepaid Visa as any reward means that the recipient can
choose how to use it and decide what type of “prize” they deserve.
When the reward isn’t limited, the value is naturally higher.
               Customer Contests

Customer contests are one way that Visa prepaid cards may be
used to grow your business. Customers love being rewarded for
loyal patronage, and some ideas for contests include:

• New product launches
• Sweepstakes
• Giveaways
• Special events
• Instant win promotions
                Referral Programs

A referral program is a good way to help grow your business,
especially when a prepaid Visa is used as the reward.

With a referral program, you reward current customers for referring
new customers. Not only will the program itself cause people to
talk about your business, but once they start talking about your
choice of rewards, it will really take off.
                 Customer Loyalty

In most industries, competition is pretty strong and a customer
loyalty program can help to keep them coming back to you instead
of your competitors.

It’s important for your customers to feel like they trust you, and
using Visa prepaid cards is a great way to initiate and maintain that

When you show that you take their loyalty seriously and it’s
meaningful to you, most are more than happy to stay right where
they are instead of going elsewhere.
                   Sales Incentives

Even though many would argue that earning a salary should be
enough incentive to get out there and sell, the reality is often quite
different. Regardless of the industry, sales is a challenging
profession and offering extra incentives is a great way to keep
everyone motivated and the sales machine rolling forward.

Using prepaid Visa cards as sales incentives will create a buzz and
an energy among the sales team, because they know that a
meaningful reward is waiting for them if they perform.

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