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 By: Daniel J. Koenig
West Lee Middle School
Wake’s county seat is
As of 2008 the estimated population was
374,000 with an annual growth rate of 4.17
percent. Since the population is one of the
highest in North Carolina and the county’s
population is growing, Wake County would be a   Ethnic Groups in Wake County
perfect place for a business to relocate to,
because the business will have many people to
sell their products to.
                                                                           White Non-Hispanic
                                                                           African American
                                                                           Other race

Races in Wake County:                                                      Tw o or more races

•   White Non-Hispanic (69.9%)                                             Asian Indian
•   Black (19.7%)                                                          American Indian
•   Hispanic (5.4%)
•   Other race (2.5%)
•   Two or more races (1.6%)
•   Asian Indian (1.2%)
•   Chinese (0.8%)
•   American Indian (0.7%)
                 Major Industries

   Health care
   Business education software
   Energy
•   Raleigh, which is located in Wake County, is one of the
    top 50 best cities for expanding and relocating
    businesses in America. Wake County is also a fast
    growing metro area, along with being the 4th best job
    market for young adults and the best place for jobs in
    North Carolina. All of these things are definite pluses for
    businesses since there are many smart, young, and able
    people waiting to be employed in any company that is
    relocating or expanding.
             Major Employers
•   NC State University
•   Wake Med Hospital
•   GlaxoSmithKline
•   Rex Healthcare
•   SAS Institute Incorporated
•   Progress Energy Incorporated
   The Wake County Government

•   SAS Institute incorporated is a business education
    software company that would be perfect for teaching
    relocating or expanding businesses about new
    technological things, hence making the company
•   Wake County has some of the best education in all of North Carolina.
•   Wake County has a gold rating in schools and also has the second largest
    public district in North Carolina.
•   Wake County is also the number one district in North Carolina for certified
•   Wake County has approximately 15 percent more four year graduates then
    America’s average. Also Wake County has approximately 10 percent more
    high school graduates than America’s average.
•   Wake County has 99 elementary schools, 30 middle schools, and 23 high
    schools. Wake County also has many colleges including: North Carolina
    State University, Shaw University, Meredith College, St. Augustine's
    College, St. Mary's College, and Peace College.
•   The vast amount of schools give children who could grow up and work for
    an expanding or relocating company many options for their future, so all the
    children can go to a school that best fits their learning needs. The schools
    also provide ample options for the children who have parents working for
                                                Home and Home Safety
• WAKE COUNTY                                                                • AMERICA
•                                      Median Home Age: 17                   •       Median Home Age: 21
•                                      Median Home Cost $356000              •       Median Home Cost $217200
•                                      Homes Owned: 61.43%                   •       Homes Owned: 64.07%
•                                      Housing Vacant: 6.49%                 •       Housing Vacant: 14.48%
•                                      Homes Rented: 31.43%                  •       Homes Rented: 21.45%
•                                      Property Tax Rate: $8.22              •       Property Tax Rate: 13.28%

                                                                  Raleigh, NC
                                                                                       According to the chart the
                                                                  Atlanta, GA          major city in Wake County
                                                                  Baltimore, MD
                                                                  Birmingham, AL
                                                                                       (Raleigh) has a very low
    Total Crime (Property & Violent)

                                                                  Charlotte, NC        crime rate compared to
                                                                  Denver, CO
                                                                  Indianapolis, IN
                                                                                       many other major cities.
                                                                  Jacksonville, FL     Having a low crime rate is a
                                                                  Minneapolis, MN
                                                                  Nashville, TN
                                                                                       great reason for companies
                                                                  Orlando, FL          to expand to Wake County
                                                                  Richmond, VA
                                                                  San Diego, CA
                                                                                       since the threat of any of
                                        5,000                     San Jose, CA         their workers being robbed
                                                                  St. Louis, MO
                                           0                      Oklahoma City, OK
                                                                                       or injured is very low.
 Wake County is proud to have achieved the
  highest immunization rate of metropolitan
  counties in North Carolina.
 Clinics include: Northern Regional Center,
  Western Wake Human Services Center,
  Northern Health Clinic, Eastern Regional
  Center, Southern Regional Center
 Hospitals include: Wake Med Medical Center
  and Raleigh Community Hospital
• There are many                         0.07
                                         0.51      Religion in Wake County
  different churches                   0.62

  and religious                4.26

  groups in Wake                                                          Catholic
                                                                          Another Christian Faith

  County, which is      9.49                                              Jewish

  great since almost                                        27.91         Islam
                                                                          Eastern Faith

  every person that
  comes to Wake                The percentages represent (43.82 percent) the percentage of
                               people who are religious in Wake County.

  County will be able
  to find a religious
  group that is right
  for them.
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