Certificate of Origin CoO Form For Export from Pakistan by mariarobert18


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Exporter (Name, Address and Country):                               Reference Number:

                                                                          Certificate of Origin

Consignee/Importer (Name, Address and Country):                        The Sheikhupura Chamber
                                                                       of Commerce & Industry
                                                                       23-Km Lahore Sheikhupura road,
                                                                       Qila Satar Shah, Sheikhupura
Exporter’s Membership Number:
                                                                                                    Ph: 042-7971367
Particular of Transport (As far as known):                                                        Fax: 042-7970667
                                                                                            E-Mail: info@scci.net.pk

                                         Number                                             Gross
                                         & kind                                             weight
         Marks & Numbers                 of                  Description of Goods           or other      Value of Goods
                                         packages                                           quantity

Other Information:                                              It is hereby declared that to the best of my knowledge and
                                                                according to the documents produced before me this declaration
                                                                appears to be correct.

It is hereby declared that the above mentioned goods
originate in PAKISTAN
                                                                Authorize Signature
Exporter’s Signature___________________

Name                 ___________________             Stamp      ___________________
                                                                Place & date of issue
Designation          ___________________

Company              ___________________                        The Sheikhupura Chamber of Commerce & Industry
                                                                Certifying Body
Place:                                       Date:

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