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 6 The Harlerp Valley Times. Amcnia. N.Y.. Thursday. August 19. 1993

 HERIFF'S REPORT                                                                                                                         Five injured in two"
        Millerton DWI
 itchess County SherifTs Deputies
 ;cd a Millerton man with driving
 ; intoxicated (DWI) after he al-
                                        wound of the right cheek, tpllowing
                                        the 11 a.m. incident,*
                                           According to police, the incident
                                        occurred at thehome of Sue Mcrrifield.
                                        Peltier was allegedly playing with the
                                                                                   police said.
                                                                                      Haightcomplained of back pain and
                                                                                   was driven lb Sharon Hospital by her
                                                                                   husband, in a private vehicle, police
                                                                                   said. Hercarsuffcred more lhanSI ,000
                                                                                                                                         brawls at Greenhaven
                                                                                                                                            - Two Fights between inmates at                                   broke out later that night, Portuondo         "The staff did an excellent job,"
 lly crashed his pickup truck into a
                                        dog, who was tied up outside the house,    in damages and no tickets were issued,                   Green Haven Correctional Facility                                 said.                                      Portuondo said. "Everydiing is rela-
   d Jeep during the early morning
                                        when the child hugged the animal and       police said.                                             Saturday, Aug. 14, which sent four                                  One inmate was stabbed in the chest      tively quiet right now."
 ; of Aug. 13.
 crifrsdcputicsrcport that Donald       was bitten on the cheek. According to                                                               inmates and one corrections officer                               wjth "a homemade weapon" and an-
                                        police, Peltier had played with the dog             Two-car accident                                to local hospitals, arc still being 'in-                          other suffered head injuries from a          The inmates have been transferred
  an. 45, was charged with DWI
                                        before.                                       No one was hurt following a two-                      vestigated, according to Leonard A.                               blow to the head by a free weight          to other facilities in order to quell
  >pcrating a motor vehicle with a
                                           Though the dog's rabies shots had       car accident at the intersection of                      Portuondo, the facility's first deputy                            during the second incident, he said.       possibiliiiesof any future disturbances.
  I alcohol level of more than .10%.
  .ving the 12:57 a.m. the alleged      expired on June 1, the animal was          county routes 5 and 83 in Smiihfield                     superintendent                                                    An unidentified corrections officer
  ent on South Center Street in the     cleared by the Dutchess County Health      Aug. 13, according to Dutchess County                      The problems apparently began                                   suffered a sprained wrist while at-          Naoiher weapons were found and
  :c.                                   Department following an examina-           Sheriff's Deputies. ,                                    when a fight broke out between two                                tempting to frisk the inmates after the    Uiere have not been any other inc idents
                                        tion with a veterinarian. The animal          Police said John Halligan, 34, of                     inmates that afternoon. It was slopped,                           fight, he said. He was taken to St.        since Saturday night, said Portuondo.
  cording to deputies, Duncan was
                                        must be confined for 10 days follow^       Stoitvilic, failed to yield the right of                 but then a separate, related brawl                                Francis Hospital for X-rays.               The investigation is continuing.
   lg his 1989 Ford truck south on
  i Center Street, when he crossed      ing the incident, police said.             way when his 1989 GMC boxtruck
  \adway and allegedly struck the                                                  struck the 1990 Eagle driven by Susan                 In Pawling:
   d and unoccupied 1993 Jeep,                    One-car accident                 Butler, 61, of Pine Plains. According
  d by Scth Hamlin, of Winsted.
   . Duncan is scheduled to appear
  • Village of Millerton Court on
                                           A Pine Plains woman snapped off a
                                        utility pole on Winchell Mountain
                                        Road in NorthEast, after losing control
                                                                                   to police, Halligan said his view was
                                                                                   obstructed by trees on the roadside,
                                                                                   when he crossed the roadway and
                                                                                                                                         Road construction standards
   24 at 7 p.m.

        Dog bites kid
                                        DI her car on wet pavement Aug. 12.
                                        according to Dutchess County
                                        Sheriff's Deputies.
                                                                                   struck Butler's vehicle, at the stop sign
                                                                                   where Smiihfield Road and Amcnia-
                                                                                   Pinc Plains Road mccL
                                                                                                                                         public hearing slated for Sept. 8
 o-ycar old Wingdale child was             According to police, Cynthia Haight                                                                 by Anthony J . Howard                                          proposed ordinance.                        the new guidelines, he said.
 i in the face while playing with a     was heading west on rain-slicked              No tickets were issued in the acci-                   The Pawling Town Board last week                                    The draft road standards were largely       According to Johnson, the aim of
 ihor's dog Aug. 11, according to       Winchell Mountain Road at about            dent, police said. Butler's Eagle suf-                scheduled a Sept. 8 public hearing to                                developed by Councilman Edward             the proposed ordinance was to lessen
^lesTCouhty^henirs Deputies,            H:4I ~p.m:, whenher 1990 Subaru            fered extensive damages to its front                  discuss proposed new road construc-                                  Hauser, Planning Board Chairman            the road surface of streets serving
 i Peltier, of Clcarvicw Road, was      spun OUL The car struck the Central        end. totalling more than SI,000.                      tion standards, intended to give resi-                               Kent Johnson and Highway Superin-          housing developments. "The current
  A and released at Sharon Hospi        Hudson Gas & Electric utility slump-       Halligan's truck was able to be driven                dential roads a more rural appearance.                               tendent John S locum, over most of the     24-foot wide standard would be re-
 < lacerations and a puncture           pole, on the souih-sidcof the roadway,     from the scene.                                           The 7:30 p.m. public hearing will                                last Uiree years. The standards were       duced to 22 feet, he said. The regula-
                                                                                                                                         provide citizens and developers the                                  reviewed by the planning board, who        tions apply to town roads with speed
                                                                                                                                         opportunity to question and comment                                  voted unanimously to present them to        limits of 35 mph and less.

 Asbestos                          From page Al
                                                                                                                                         on the proposed revisions to the town
                                                                                                                                         building code.
                                                                                                                                            A copy of the proposed road con-
                                                                                                                                                                                                              the town board for consideration.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 As Hauser explained at the July 12
                                                                                                                                                                                                              board meeting, the purpose of the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The provision for asphalt shoulders
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         would also be revised to allow grass
 i school in 1990.                     1962. He said no asbestos was used in      Wolfe, the district is seeking some                    struction standards is available at the                              proposed ordinance was to build new        sod cover over a secure base, Johnson
 F.TCO oT Westhaven, Conn.            the construction of the districts other     state reimbursement, for the closed,                   town clerk's office at the' Pawling                                  roads "with a more rural look, when        said.
  pleicd thefirstproject at a cost of twabuildings r ihe Dover Elementary         which closed the building for the en-                  Town Halfon Charles Colman Boule-                                    appropriate."
 1,700, and Brunswick Construc-       School,'constructed in 1908, and-           tire l~988-89 schoofyear.                              vard.                                                                   The new standards would create            The proposal will also eliminate in-
  of Troy completed the second        Wingdale Elementary School, built in           According to district Business                         AiiheirJuly 12 meeting, town board                                narrower roads, with unobtrusive catch     consistencies in thecurrentcode, which
 eel at S550.000, Rappoccio said,     1975.                                       Manager Roberta Puglio, Asbestos                       members received the draft road or-                                  basins and tighter bends, Hauser ex-       has road diagrams with 24-foot width
.ippoccio said the only remaining        Katzman and Bruan of New York            Control Services completed the                         dinance, to consider and possibly re-                                plained. The overall quality of the        guidelines, while places within the
•sios is located in an overhang      City were hired to remove ihe asbes-         cleanup project at the elementary                      viscfurthcr before adoption. The board                               roads, meaning the strength, depth and     wriuen text specify 22 feet as manda-
 ide the Webuiuck Elementary         tos, according to McKenna.                   school, at a total cost of close to SI.9               also has the option of not adopting the                              longevity, will not be sacrificed under    tory widdi.
ool. She said while it is noi being      McKenna said the work look aboul         million.
oved, it is under a management       a year and cost approximately SI
                                     million. 'They concentrated their ef-
iperintendeni Brenda Luck said forts in die summer mondis," McKenna
                                                                                     The New Jersey based company
                                                                                  completed removal work in critical
                                                                                  areas, classroom and office space
                                                                                                                                         ...Armed robbery From page A1
t>clicvcs ihe district "is in good said.                                          where asbestos exposure was most              After brandishing a gun, determined                                           was treated at St. Francis Hospital.        Poughkeepsie Town Police, who
v."                                      While there were no asbestos prob-       urgent, in 1988-89, David Zcncski,         to be a .380 calibre revolver, the rob-                                             The 17-year old was arrested by          questioned and charged him in the
                                     lems in the district, McKenna said the       director of facilities and operations,     bers tied the driver's hand to the                                               City ofPoughkeepsie Police Aug. 12,         Aug. 1 robbery. Following an inves-
  No asbestos in Dover              district was in litigation over die price     said. The work in non-critical areas       steering wheel and blindfolded him by                                            after the taxi driver spotted him at the    tigation, it was determined the other
 >vcr Union Free School District of the asbestos removal.                         reached the completion point in 1991,      placing the tee shirt Colwell was                                                corner of Main and Market streets. He       suspect in the robbery, lived in Pawling
 rintcndcntBruce McKenna said                                                     and now Pawling is seeking state           wearing over his head, according to                                              was charged by city police with the         and was apprehended at a private resi -
 sios removal in die district was          Pawling winds up project               money to help pay for a very expensive     Mittclsiacdl. The gun was recovered                                              July 31 armed robbery ofa26-ycar old        dence there.The two were arraigned
 pleicd several years ago and there      The PawlingCentral School District       cleanup and removal.                       and will be used as evidence, police                                             man at Kail Rock Park. The teen and         before Poughkeepsie Town Justice
no problems.                          is just now finishing up the paperwork                                                 said. After leaving thecab, the Pawling                                          another unidentified suspect are            Paul Sullivan and remanded to
 IcKcnna said all of the asbestos on the 1988-91 asbestos cleanup                  ( K e v i n B a r r y , A n t h o n y J . teen allegedly struck the driver in the                                          charged with robbing another cioty          DutchessCountyJail on S50.000 bail.
  oval took place at the junior- sc- prdjeclatPawlingElementary School.            Howard a n d Margaret Wagner head with a hard object, causing a                                                            man of his wallet,jjpntaining S25,          They are scheduled to reappear in
                                                                                    contributed to this report.)              laceration that required four stitches to                                       police report.                              Poughkeepsie Town Court on Aug.
   tiigh school which was built in According to Superintendent Thomas                                                         close, Mittclsiacdl reported. The driver                                           The 17-year-old was turned over to        17, at 8 a.m.

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