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regeneration - Newham


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									                         March 2009

       IN FOCUS
Covering Canning Town North,
South and Custom House

Hello from
Pat Holland                       (l-r)Cllrs Clive Furness, Marie Collier, James
                                  Butler with dog owner Michelle Edwards get
Welcome to this month’s In        psyched up for the Top Dog show

                                  Bin your dog mess
  I hope to see you all at the
Top Dog show on Sunday
15 March where we’re
promoting responsible dog
ownership. It’s going to be a
fun day out for all.              If you feel strongly about dangerous dogs or dog
  You can also read up on         mess littering your streets then get your canines into
how young people are getting      a campaign to encourage responsible dog ownership
creative with regeneration
and find out about an             throughout Custom House and Canning Town.
exhibition on the future of          Residents put dog mess and                    Keir Hardie Recreation Ground and
Canning Town.                     dangerous dogs at the top of their               get advice on looking after your dog
  Finally, find out how you       list of priorities to tackle at their            and pick up a free pooper scooper.
can meet your local Safer         neighbourhood group meetings,                    Watch dog training demonstrations or
Neighbourhoods Teams              organised by the Custom House and                find out where you can get your dog
and how the inter-forum           Canning Town regeneration project                microchipped for free.
badminton competitions            team.                                               There are plenty of fun activities for
went.                                 To get the message out, children from        children too including bouncy castles,
  Enjoy the read!                 Hallsville and Rosetta primary schools           face painting and uni-cycling workshops.
                                  created bright and informative postcards            “It’s important to get the message
Community lead councillor,        for dog owners about how to be a more            out to all dog owners that they need to
Pat Holland                       responsible dog owner and special                take responsibility for their dogs. The
                                  flags to mark up dog mess in parks, as           dog show promises to be a fun day out
                                  reported in last month’s issue.                  for all. I hope to see you all there,” said
                                     Now, the regeneration team is working         community lead councillor, Pat Holland.
                                  with the Safer Neighbourhoods Teams,                Top Dog show
                                  residents and young people to bring you             Keir Hardie Recreation Ground
                                  the Top Dog Show, where you can learn               Tarling Road
                                  more about being a responsible dog                  Custom House, E16
                                  owner.                                              Sunday 15 March, 11am-3pm
                                     Come along to the free fun event on              Call 020 8430 5450 for more
                                  Sunday 15 March from 11am-3pm at                    information

                                 Don’t forget to check out the free health fair bonanza at the
                                 Cundy Community Centre. See the back page for more info.
                                     Graffiti vandals
                                     destroy public

                                                                                         World leaders will gather to
                                                                                         discuss global issues at ExCeL
Have you got dancing feet?                                                               on Thursday 2 April as the venue
Then why not take part                                                                   plays host to the G20 summit.
                                                                                           Security measures will disrupt
in free dance workshops                                                                  access to homes and vehicles
and enter your talents in a                                                              in the area between Tuesday 31
competition and community                                                                March and Thursday 2 April.
                                     Cllr Schafer is not happy with the spate
showcase in April.                   of graffiti tagging on public property                The full extent of these
                                                                                         disruptions will be clarified as the
   Workshops in street               There has been a spate of graffiti                  summit draws closer.
dance, salsa, African village        tagging on public property around                     Newham Police superintendent,
                                     the Canning Town area. “If you spot
dancing, body popping and                                                                Gary Buttercase, said: “The steps
                                     vandals tagging property, report them               we intend to take to preserve
line dancing are running in          to your local Safer Neighbourhoods                  the security of the event are not
March at the council’s warm          Team listed below,” says Canning Town               taken lightly and we appreciate
centres and youth centres.           North ward councillor, Paul Schafer.                the significant implications this will
                                       Canning Town North SNT, 124 Star
   Youngsters can go on to                                                               have on residents.”
                                     Lane, E16. Call 020 8721 2038.                        If you have any questions on
star in a dance competition,           Canning Town South SNT, ExCeL                     how this event might affect you,
while older dancers can              Police Office, ExCeL Centre, 1 Western              contact police Sergeant Steve
perform in a community               Way, E16. Call 020 8721 2840.                       Micallef, Canning Town Safer
                                       Custom House SNT, ExCeL Police
showcase alongside the                                                                   Neighbourhoods Team, on 020
                                     Office, 1 Western Gateway, E16. Call                8721 2840.
youth competition finals on          020 8721 2039.
Tuesday 7 April.
   Mayor of Newham, Sir
Robin Wales, said: “I hope           Young people get creative
the workshops will increase
participation levels and help        with regeneration
develop some understanding           As regeneration                      (l-r) Young people from Canning Town South with Community
                                     gathers pace in                                Links and Ed Art staff at a puppet making workshop
between the different age
                                     Custom House
groups.”                             and Canning Town,
   The initiative is funded          young people are
by Newham Council, the               designing hoarding
                                     boards that will
Newham Primary Care Trust
                                     be used to fence
and Sport England and is             off an area under
facilitated by Ape Media.            development.
   For more information about          The council’s
                                     Canning Town and
the workshops call Ape
                                     Custom House
Media on 020 8522 6916 or            regeneration team
email:           commissioned
For more information about           young people to produce artwork               explore their thoughts and feelings
                                     that will be used on hoarding boards          about the past, present and future of
warm centres call 020 8430
                                     beside the A13 roundabout.                    Custom House and Canning Town
2486.                                  Young people took part in a week-           by taking photos of the area and
                                     long series of workshops facilitated          making puppets.
                                     by staff from council partner, charity           Watch out for the young people’s
                                     Community Links, and Ed-Art, a                designs which will be digitised and
                                     creative community agency.                    put on the hoardings opposite the
                                       The project allowed youngsters to           A13 roundabout.
•If your group has an activity to promote please contact us on: 020 8430 3544 or email•
If you have any worries or concerns regarding crime in your
                                                                                                                  (l-r) Cllr Schafer drops in
                                                                                                                  for a chat with PCSOs Neil
                                                                                                                  Davis and Ash Islam

                                                                          Canning Town North ward councillor, Paul Schafer, says:
area, you can share your thoughts at new drop-in surgeries              “Custom House and Canning Town Safer Neighbourhoods
being run by your Safer Neighbourhoods Team (SNT).                      Teams are doing fantastic work but we need residents
   The SNT sees police and partners working with you to                 to come forward to help them further reduce anti-social
identify and tackle issues of concern in your neighbourhood,            behaviour and these new sessions are a chance to do that.”
such as anti-social behaviour, graffiti, noisy neighbourhoods,            The next surgeries are:
yobs or vandalism.                                                        • Canning Town North SNT.
   You can always contact your SNT by phone, but the new                    Thursday 12 March, 1-2pm in The Hub,
drop-in surgeries mean you can have a face-to-face chat with                123 Star Lane, E16 and Thursday 19 March, 7-8pm.
the policemen and women who make up your local team.                        Call 020 8721 2038.

                                                                    Custom House and Canning Town is set to change forever, but
                                                                    not before you have the opportunity to have your say in how the
                                                                    future should look.
                                                                      That’s why the Custom House and Canning Town Regeneration
                                                                    Project team is organising a public exhibition to show you what is
                                                                    being proposed for the town centre.
                                                                      Quality homes, improved shopping and attractive public spaces
                                                                    are just part of the exciting vision.
                                                                      Come along to the exhibition at The Place, 2 Silvertown
                                                                    Way, Wednesday 18 March from 2-6pm and Saturday 21
                                                                    March from 12noon-4pm. You can get a better idea of what is
                                                                    proposed and quiz the potential developers on their proposals.
                                                                      “Don’t miss your chance to help shape the future of Custom
                                                                    House and Canning Town,” said executive member for
                                                                    regeneration and Custom House ward councillor, Conor McAuley.
                                                                      For more information on the exhibition or the Regeneration
                                                                    Project please contact Keith Smith on 020 8430 3131 or email
An artist’s impression of a public
square in the centre of Canning Town                      

                                                                        Cllr Furness with finalist Zareena Igbokwe, 11, and Newham’s
                                                                        badminton development officer, Clive Palmer

thrills and spills
Young badminton players                Road, cheered on by Canning
dusted off their shuttlecocks          Town North ward councillor,
and racquets to represent their        Clive Furness.
area in the council’s inter-              The group winners from
community forum competition.           that day went on to play at
  Scores of children, teenagers        the prestigious grand final at
and adults from Custom House           Newham Leisure Centre in
and Canning Town competed              front of 100 spectators and
at knock-out heats at Eastlea          English National Badminton
Community School in Exning             Champion, Rajiv Ouseph.
       Spotlight on...                                                                                        WHAT’S ON
       Royal Docks TRusT                                     Have you ever
                                                                                                              HOUSE AND
                                                                                                              CANNING TOWN
        A warm welcome from volunteer trustees, who inlcude
                                                             wondered what a
        Canning Town North ward councillor, Paul Schafer (left)                                               Relax Rewind
                                                             trustee of the Royal                             Saturday 7 March
                                                             Docks Trust does?                                1-5pm
                                                                Well now is the time                          Cundy Community Centre
                                                             to find out because                              Hartington Road
                                                             the Trust, a registered                          Custom House, E16
                                                             charity, is on the look                          Call 0800 519 4015 for more
                                                             out for volunteers to join                       information
                                                             its board.
                                                                Trustees are local                            The Big Tidy Up
                                                             residents or people with                         Saturday 7 March
       a business background who have a knowledge of and commitment to                                        10am-4pm
       Royal Docks, Beckton and Custom House and Canning Town.                                                Meet at Canning Town
         The Trust has been working to boost those areas since it was set up in
                                                                                                              Tube Station
       1995 by Newham Council and the old London Docklands Development
                                                                                                              Call 07833 235 124 for more
         As well as setting up social projects, the Trust has joined Newham
       Council to put more than £2.56 million into community grants, including
       £302,000 for play schemes, in the last 12 years.                                                       For even more things to do
         Today the Trust is a key player in the regeneration of the area, working                             check out the What’s On in
       with businesses and the voluntary sector.                                                              Newham calendar, where
         Canning Town North ward councillor, Paul Schafer, is on the board of                                 you’ll find listings for more
       trustees who meet up to eight times a year.                                                            than 6,000 events. Have a
         Should you join Cllr Schafer on the board, you would be asked to play                                look for yourself at
       a part in deciding the priorities for the grants programme, help to keep                     
       the Trust up to date with community issues and put forward ideas for new
       activities in the area.                                                                                If your group has an activity
         “Trustees can hopefully bring their local knowledge and experience to                                to promote please contact us
       the table as we work to improve the area,” says Cllr Schafer.                                          on 020 8430 3544 or email
       For more information, visit or call                               
       John Johnson on 020 7277 8667.

   Councillors out and about: If you would like a councillor to visit your community organisation, school, place of worship, meeting or
   event please call 020 8430 6245 or email

Marie Collier     Clive Furness   Paul Schafer            Alan Craig     Denise Stafford   Simeon Ademolake   Patricia Holland     Conor McAuley   James Butler
                                                                                                              Custom House Ward
          Canning Town North Ward                              Canning Town South Ward                        First Saturday of the month
                                                                                                              Councillor Patricia Holland
          Every Friday (alternating)                           First and third Saturday of the month,
                                                                                                              Second Saturday of the month
          6 - 7pm                                              (alternating) 10am - 12pm                      Councillor James Butler
          7a Avondale Court                                    St Luke’s Community Centre                     Third Saturday of the month
          Avondale Road                                                                                       Councillor Conor McAuley
                                                               85 Tarling Road
                                                                                                              10 - 11am
          Canning Town E16                                     Canning Town E16
                                                                                                              Canning Town & Custom House Regeneration
                                                                                                              Project Office, 20 Freemasons Road, E16

   Need to talk to Mayor Sir Robin Wales? Being an elected mayor, Sir Robin is directly accountable to you. Look out for Question Time
   times and dates in the Newham Mag, visit or call 020 8430 2107.

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