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									Online Travel . Zero Electronic Mail Required .
For those not familiar with box.nEt it is an on-line safe-keeping spot that enables you to
store data files up to 1 gigabyte online for free. Enrolling a merchant account is extremely
uncomplicated ,
all you may need can be an email. But you don't need to verify that !
You can begin while using the assistance immediately.

You can easily register for the assistance here

Here is a simple guidebook on how to create the box.nEt appear like a file within your home windows

For screenshots you are able to go to haimana

1. rIght click on my network locations and choose guide network drive in the selection.

2. You need to visit a monitor just like the one particular bellow.
Click in sign up for on-line safe-keeping or connect with a network server

3. About the very first monitor in the course of action just click following. You will be provided with the
option associated with choosing another network location , then click following.

4. Over the web or network location put

5. Get into the box.nEt individual brand and also security password.

6. Type a reputation for your discussed folder

7. Click on finish and it'll open up the file.

8. Whenever you'll want to entry this only go to my network folders within your explorer.
Use it just as being a regular file (cut , backup , substance , move & drop almost all work okay right
here )

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