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					Motor Vehicle Safety
            Driving Safety
•   How safe are the roads?
•   Driving injuries—on or off the job
•   Unsafe acts behind the wheel
•   Driving under the influence
•   “Road rage”
•   Unsafe conditions
•   Vehicle safety features
•   Did you know?
      How safe are the roads?

• 2005 data for the U.S.
  – 45,800 deaths
  – 2.6 million nonfatal injuries
  – Rise in accidents during summer months
  – Friday (especially evening/night hours) has
    more fatal accidents than any other day
             Driving injuries

• The most hazardous
  – For most of us,
    whether on or off the
    job, it is on the road
  – Faced daily by
    Unsafe acts behind the wheel

• Shaving                • Driving at unsafe speeds
• Putting on makeup      • Eating
• Reading a map          • Failing to stop or yield
• Not using a seatbelt
• Unsafe passing of
  another vehicle
• Tailgating
• Not using blinkers
• Cell phone use
Speeding truck rolls and burns

A truck traveling over the speed limit hit a
traffic control vehicle and burst into flames
in a rollover.

The driver of the signal truck was injured
and the driver of the truck was burned to
Marine terminal worker is run over

A laborer at a marine shipping terminal
was critically injured when he was run over
by a trailer being backed onto a barge.

He died seven days later of complications
related to the injuries.
            “Road Rage”

• Road rage is driving under the influence
  of too much anger.
• What causes Road Rage?
• Relax!
Driving under the influence (DUI)

• No Driving Under the influence
  – Includes more than alcohol

• Sobering facts:
  – About 3 in every 10 Americans will be
    involved in an alcohol-related traffic accident
    at some time in their lives
     DUI victims remembered

The first county memorial in the United States to
be devoted to victims of drunk driving crashes
has been unveiled in Everett, WA. The DUI
Victim's Memorial Wall honors 45 victims, with
room for 115 more names.
Persons convicted of DUI (driving under the
influence) pay for the memorial tiles as part of a
program allowing them to donate money instead
of serving time in jail.
          Unsafe conditions

• Poor visibility

• Poor road

• Improper vehicle
      Vehicle safety features

• Daytime running lights
• Lap/shoulder safety belts
• Air bags for driver and
• Side impact airbags
• Anti-lock brakes
            Did you know?

• When driving on a road that is new to you:
  – Your eyes tend to scan the road from left to
    right, which is an excellent driving habit
  – We tend not to scan when in familiar territory

• How closely can you safely follow another
  – Use the 2 or 4 second rule
        Any questions?

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