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How to Create a Facebook Password


									When creating a new password, be sure that it is at least 6 characters in length and that you use
a complex string of numbers, letters, and punctuation marks. If the password you entered is not
strong enough, you may want to try mixing uppercase and lowercase letters or making your
password longer.

Ideally, the password you select should be easy for you to remember but hard for someone else
to figure out. For added security, your Facebook password should also be different than other
passwords that you use on the internet.

Click   at the top right of any Facebook page. A dropdown menu will expand with the following

       Account Settings: Edit your basic preferences here (e.g. login email, password,
       notifications, mobile and payments).
       Privacy Settings: Edit your privacy preferences and learn more about controlling
       how you share.
       Log Out: Choose this option to log out safely.
       Help Center: Find answers to common questions here.

Having a security question is a useful way to verify you own your account if you ever lose access
to it.

You can add a security question to your account from your Security Settings page:

  1.    Click   at the top right of any Facebook page and select Account Settings
  2.    Click Security from the left-hand column
  3.    Click on the Security Question section and follow the onsite steps

Note: You won't see this section if you've already added a security question to your

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