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									Project Name

1.Shreejiinfosoft - Shop
For Small Shop Billing And Purchase sale Entry.

2..Shreejiinfosoft - School
For School Student & Teacher's Record Maintain &Maintain Account Of School

3..Shreejiinfosoft - Service
For Service Provider Of Computer Hardware & software Or Call Hendling
4..Shreejiinfosoft - Social
For Perticular Social's Data Maintain Like How Much Family,Member,Married, Unmarried 's Details

5..Shreejiinfosoft - Trader
For Traders's Account Maintain & Sale ,Purchase details

6..Shreejiinfosoft - Work
For manufactureing Industries's Account Maintain & Sale Purchase Order Bill of material All Details.
7..Shreejiinfosoft - Cabels
For Perticular Channel Operatiors to handle call & Sale ,Purchase entry.

8..Shreejiinfosoft - Market
For Commission Agent Or Dalal To maintion Their Records Sale,Purchase & maintain Accounts.

9..Shreejiinfosoft - Trust
For Trust That Give the poor student's fee or donate ,for that maintain's student's record And Maintain Account
Available Menu

Master Menu                 Basic Inputs

S01   Party Master          S11   Opening Balance
S02   Item Master           S12   Purchase Entry
S03   Parameter Master      S13   ServiceBill Entry
S04   Company Master        S14   Sale entry
S05   Telephone Master      S15   Material Issue
S06   Personal Doc Master   S16   Bank/Cash Entry
S07   Equipment Master      S17   Journal Entry

Master Menu                 Account Entry

S01   Party Master          S11 Opening Balance
S02   Item Master           S12 Vendor Order Entry
S03   Parameter Master      S13 Purchase Entry
S04   Employee Master       S14 Service Bill Entry
S05   Student Master        S15 Issue Entry
S06   Asset Master          S16 Bank Cash Entry
S07   Company Master        S16A Bank Reco
S10   Process               S17 Journal Entry

Master Menu                 DataEntry

S01 Party Master            S11 Work Contract Entry
S02 Item Master             S12 Call Log Entry
S03 Parameter Master        S13 Asset Details Entry
S04 Company Master          S14 Asset Expense Entry
S06 Asset Serial Master     S15 Asset Usage Entry
S09 SQL BackUp              S16 Event Plan Entry
S10 Process                 S17 Activity Entry
                            S18 Bank Cash Entry
                            S19 Purchase Entry
                            S20 Sale Entry
                            S21 Party SMS
                            S22 Opening Balance
                               S23 Due Date Info
                               S24 Appointment Entry
                               S25 Service Bill Entry
                               S26 Journal Entry
                               S27 MaterialIssue Entry
                               S28 Service Ticket Entry

Master Menu                    Reports

S01 Party Master               S21 Family Listing
S02 Parameter Master           S22 Family Mailing Labels
S03 Employee Master            S23 Member Register
S04 Family Master              S24 Member SingleLine Register
S04A Village Master            S25 Village Register
S05 Company Master             S26 Marriage Eligible List
S06 Member Entry               S27 Marriage Update Register
S06A Member Update             S28 Marriage Matching Register
S06B Marriage Update
S07 Marriage Matching Header
S10 Process

Master Menu                    Data Entry

T01 Party Master               T11 Opening Balance
T02 Item Master                T12 Vendor P.O. Entry
T03 Parameter Master           T13 Purchase Entry
T04 Company Master             T14 Client S.O. Entry
T05 Formula Entry              T15 Sale Entry
T09 Process                    T16 Service Bill Entry
                               T17 Issue/Production Entry
                               T18 Bank Cash Entry
                               T19 Journal Entry

Master Menu                    Basic Inputs

J01   Party Master             J11   Opening Balance
J02   Item Master              J12   Vendor Order Entry
J03   Parameter Master         J13   Purchase Entry
J04   FG Master                J14   Job Order Entry
              J05   Company Master               J15   Sale Entry
              J06   Contact Master               J16   Service Bill Entry
              J07   Asset Master                 J18   Bank Cash Entry
              J08   Employee Master              J19   Journal Entry
              J09   Process

              Master Menu                        Basic Inputs

              S01 Party Master                   S11 Opening Balance
              S02 Item Master                    S12 Purchase Entry
              S03 Parameter Master               S16 Bank / Cash Entry
              S04 Company Master                 J16 Service Bill Entry
              S05 SQL BackUp                     S18 Tariff Entry (C)
              S06 Process

              Master Menu                        Basic Inputs

              M01    Parameter Master            M11    Opening Balance
              M02    Party Master                M12    Purchase Entry
              M03    Item Master                 M13    Service Bill Entry
              M04    Company Master              M14    Contract Entry
              M08    SQL Back Up                 M15    Delivery Entry
              M09    Process                     M16    Bank/Cash Entry
                                                 M17    Journal Entry
                                                 M18    Due Date Info Entry
                                                 M19    Party SMS

              Master Menu                        Basic Inputs
ain Account
              S01   Party Master                 S14   Tution Entry
              S02   Item Master                  S16   Bank / Cash Entry
              S03   Parameter Master             S18   Member Detail Entry
              S04   Company Master               S19   Education Entry
              S05   SQL Back Up
              S06   Process
              S07   Personal Assessment Master
              S08   Party SMS
              S09   Query Builder
Other Inputs                 Audit reports

S21 Task Entry               S51   Purchase Register
S22 Appointment Entry        S52   Service Bill Register
S23 Due Date Entry           S53   Sale Register
S24 Party Ledger View        S54   Stock Adjustment Register
S25 Hospital Expense Entry   S55   Bank Cash Listing
S26 Teaching Expense Entry   S56   Journal Register
S27 Travel Entry             S58   Party Ledger
S28 Education Heade entry    S59   Inventory Ledger
S29 Investment Entry         S60   Sale Register

Student Reports              Other Input

S21   Student Fee Recipt     S32   Due Date Info
S22   Student Marksheet      S33   Appointment Entry
S23   Student SMS            S34   Attandence
S24   Student Enquiry        S35   Employee SMS
S25   Event Entry            S37   Teacher Proxy Header
S26   Activity Entry
S27   Student Leave Input
S28   Family Income Entry

Report                       Other Report

S31 Call Log Register        Service Bill Register
S32 Call Log Analysis        Service Invoice
S33 Call Log Card            Sale Item List
S34 Work Contract Register   Bank Cash Receipt
Asset Expense Register       Journal Listing
Asset Usage Register         Journal Invoice
Bank Cash Register           Material Register
Mailing Label Print          Purchase Item List
Purchase Register            Purchase Invoice
Sale Register                VAT Purchase Register
Sale Invoice                 VAT Sale Register
Party Ledger                 Asset Expense List
Trial Balance                    Asset Ledger
SMS Transaction                  Stock Balance
Activity Register                Daily Bank Balance
Party Single Line Report         Invoice Ageing
Due Date Report                  Group Trial Balance
Appointment Report               Item Ledger
Event Activity Ledger            FeedBack Form
Problem Type Analysis
Service Ticket Report
Service Ticket Invoice
Asset Serial Register

Analysis                         Tools

S31 Family DistrictWise Count    Documents
S32 Family CityWise Count        website
S33 Activity Wise Member Count   word
S34 Family NukhWise Count        Excel
S35 Family OriginWise Count      Calculater
                                 SQL Backup
                                 Quary Builder

Other Inputs                     Documents

T21 Bank Reco                    T41 Vendor PO Voucher
T22 Asset Details Entry          T43 Service Bill Invoice
T23 Due Date Info                T44 Sale Invoice
T24 Travel Entry                 T45 Cheque/Cash Voucher
T25 Party SMS                    T45A Cheque Printing
T27 Party Ledger View            T46 Journal Voucher / Credit Note
T28 TAX Form Entry               T47 TDS Certificates Print
                                 T48 Payment Reminder to Clients
                                 T49 Account Confirmation

Other Inputs                     Excise Reports

J21   Bank Reco                  J31   RG1 Production_Sale
J22   BOM Master                 J32   RG23 Duty Register
J23   Issue Entry                J33   Annual Duty Summary
J24   Labour Job OutSide Entry   J36   Labour Job Register
J25   Gate Entry                 J37 Employee Master Card
J26   Quotation Entry            J38 Asset Maser Card
J27   Employee TimeLog
J28   Machine TimeUsage
J29   Job Inspection

Audit Reports                    Documents

S51   Purchase Register          S61 Customer Invoice (C)
S53   Tariff Listing             S64 Bank/Cash Voucher
S55   Bank Cash Listing          S66 Customer/Cash Receipt (C)
S58   Party Ledger
S57   Employee collection list
S59   Inventory Ledger

Audit Reports                    Documents

M51    Purchase Register         M61   Contract Print
M52    Service Register          M62   Service Bill Invoice
M53    Contract Register         M64   BankCash Voucher
M54    Delivery Register         M65   Journal Voucher
M55    Bank Cash Listing
M56    Journal Register
M58    Party Ledger Report
M59    Combine Ledger

Audit reports                    Documents

S53   Education Register         S64 Bank/Cash Voucher
S55   Bank Cash Listing          S69 Personal Assessment Card
S57   Member Register
S58   Party Ledger
S59   Inventory Ledger
S60   Tution Class Register
Documents Reports             MIS

S61    Cash Sale Invoice      S71   VAT Purchase Register
S62    Service Bill Invoice   S72   VAT Sale Register
S64    Bank/Cash Voucher      S73   Trial Balance
S65    Journal Invoice        S74   Stock Statement
S67    Sale Invoice           S75   Grouping Listing
S66    Mailing Labels         S79   Info. About Expense Done on Assets
S67    Party Listing
S68    Equipment Register
S69    Personal Doc Master

Documents                     Account Reports

S41 Vendor PO Voucher         S51   Vendor Order Register
S42 Purchase Voucher          S52   Purchase Register
S43 Due Date Info Register    S53   Issue Register
S45 ServiceBill Invoice       S54   Service Bill Register
S46 Bank Cash Voucher         S57   Bank Cash Register
S46A Cheque Printing          S58   Journal Register
S47 Journal Voucher
S48 TDS Certificate


Registers                    Tex Report

T51 Vendor Order Register    T61 VAT Purchase Register
T52 Purchase Register        T62 Purchase Tax Summary
T53 Client Order Register    T63 VAT Sales Register
T54 Sale Register            T64 Sales Tax Summary
T55 Service Sales Register   T65 TDS Register
T57 Bank Cash Listing        T66 Production Items' Formula
T57A Cheque Listing          T67 Formulawise Product Costing
T58 Journal Register         T68 Citywise Sale/Purchase
T59 Bank Reco List           T69 Tax Form Register

Documents                    Registers

J41    Vendor PO Voucher     J51   Vendor Order Register
J42    Purchase Voucher      J52   Purchase Register
J44    Sale Invoice_Excise   J53   Job Card Register
J45    ServiceBill Invoice   J54   Sale Register
J46 Bank Cash Voucher               J55    Service Bill Register
J46A Cheque Printing                J56    Client Order Register
J47 Journal Voucher                 J57    Bank Cash Register
J48 TDS Certificate                 J58    Journal Register
J49 Payment Reminder                J59    TDS Register
J49A AccountConfirmation            J60    Gate Entry Register
J50 Quotation Voucher

MIS                                 Exit

S73   Trial Balance
S76   Mailing Labels
S77   Party Listing
S78   Out Standing Balance

Contract Reports                    MIS

M71   Buyer Commission Statement    M91     Expense Ledger
M72   Seller Commission Statement   M93     Trial Balance
M73   Buyer CityWise Statement      M94     Group Trial Balance
M74   Seller CityWise Statement     M96     Due Date Payment Analysis
M75   Contract Billing Ledger       M97     SMS Listing
M76   Contract Bill Summary         M98     Party Listing
M77   Contract Pending Billing      M99     Mailing Labels
M79   Contract Ledger Report

MIS                                 Other Reports

S71   Trial Balance                 S81 Mailing Labels
S72   Stock Statement               S82 Party Listing
S73   Grouping Listing              S83 Personal Listing
S74   Expense Done on Student       S84 PartySMS Listing
                                    S85 Party Details List
                                    S88 Remarks List ------------------------>
S89 Student Citywise
Other Reports                      Tools

S81 Appointment Report List        S91 Query Builder
S82 Task Register                  S92 SQL BackUp
S83 Telephone Address Listing      S93 Web Site
S84 Telephone Mailing Label        S94 Word
S85 Due Date Report                S95 Excel
S86 Hospital Expense Report        S96 Document Save / Print
S87 Teacher Expense Report         S99 Process
S88 Personnel Doc Report
S89 Travel Register
S90 Education Register
S90A Investment Register

Student Reports                    MIS

S61 Marksheet Receipt              S71   Party Ledger
S62 Fee Register                   S75   Party Interest Calculation
S63 Marksheet Register             S77   Daily Bank Balance
S64 Fee Receipt                    S78   Trial Balance
S65 Teacher Proxy Register         S79   Group Trial Balance
S66 Student MasterCard
S67 Student GIR Register
S68 Student Bonafide Certificate
S69 Student ID Card
S69A School Event Register
S69B Student Leave Register
S69C Family Income Register
Ledger                            Inventory

T71 Party Ledger Accounts         T81 Issues / Production Register
T72 Product Wise Sales Graph      T82 Inventory Qty. Ledger
T75 Interest Calculations         T83 Order Booking/Matching Ledger
T76 Agewise Invoices Listing      T84 Pending Order List [Item/FG]
T77 Day Level Bank Balances       T86 Stock Trial Balance
T77A Daily Order Balance          T87 Item/FG wise Closing Stocklist
T78 Trial Balance                 T89 Agentwise Orders List
T79 Trial Balance Grouping
T79A ProfitLoss && BalanceSheet

Tax Reports                       Ledger

J61   VAT Purchase Register       J71   Party Ledger
J62   Purchase Tax Summary        J75   Party Interest Calculation
J63   VAT Sale Register           J77   Daily Bank Balance
J64   Sale Tax Summary            J78   Trial Balance
J68 CityWise PurSale Analysis   J79 Group Trial Balance
J69 Asset Expense List          J73 Daily Stock Balance
J65 Asset Purchase Summary



                                S91 School wise
                                S92 Class/Std wise
                                S93 Tution/Class Fees
                                S94 Tution/Class Student Details
                                S95 Each Student Full Details
Personal Remarks                S96 Each School Total Student
Bank Cash Remarks
Member Remarks
Tution Remarks
Education Remarks


Sql Backup
Quary Builders
Document Save/Print
Other Reports                          Tools

T91 Vehicle In/Out in Factory          Query Builder
T92 Purchase Shortages List            SQL BackUp
T93 Travel Info List                   Web Site
T94 Asset Master Details               Word
T95 Expenses Incured on Assets         Excel
T96 Due Datewise Statutory Payments'   Document Save / Print
T97 Address Label Printing
T98 Party Names Listing
T99 SMS to Parties Listing

Inventory                              Assembly Costing

J81   Issue Register                   J91 Bill Of Material
J82   Item Ledger                      J92 Assembly_Issue Register
J83   Order Booking Ledger             J93 Assembly Items Consumption
J84   Pending Order List               J93A Job Costing View
J85    Store Consumption Ledger   J94 Quantity Variance
J86    Item ABC Listing           J95 Assembly Cost Analysis
J87    Stock Balance              J96 Employee Use Register
J88    Close Stock Balance        J97 Employee Time Job Ledger
J89    Group Closing Stock        J98 Assembly_Datewise Time Usage Register
                                  J98A Daily Time Usage Ledger
                                  J99 Inspection Register
                                  J99A Machine Time Usage Register


Tools           Exit

Query Builder
SQL Backup
Web Site
Document Save

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