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									                              HOMOPHONES LIST
                              compiled by John F. Troutman and Joy A. Miller

A                                  ascent,	assent	
                                   ascents,	assents	
                                                                        balls,	bawls
                                                                        balm,	bomb
a,	eh
                                   assistance,	assistants	              balms,	bombs
acclamation,	acclimation	
                                   ate,	eight                           baloney,	bologna	
acts,	ax
                                   attendance,	attendants               band,	banned
ad,	add
                                   aught,	ought	                        bans,	banns,	bands
ade,	aid,	aide	
                                   auks,	ox                             bar,	barre
ades,	aids,	aides	
                                   aural,	oral                          bard,	barred
adherence,	adherents	
                                   aureole,	oriole	                     bare,	bear
adieu,	ado	
                                   aureoles,	orioles                    bares,	bears
admittance,	admittants	
                                   auricle,	oracle                      baring,	bearing
adolescence,	adolescents	
                                   auricles,	oracles                    baron,	barren
ads,	adds,	adz
                                   auxin,	oxen                          barrel,	beryl
aerie,	airy	
                                   away,	aweigh	                        base,	bass
aero,	arrow	
                                   awed,	odd                            based,	baste
agar,	auger,	augur
                                   awes,	os                             basis,	basses
agars,	augers,	augurs
                                   awful,	offal                         bask,	Basque
ail,	ale
                                   awn,	on                              basks,	Basques
ails,	ales
                                   axel,	axil,	axle	                    bate,	bait
air,	ere,	heir
                                   axes,	axis                           bated,	baited
airs,	heirs
                                   aye	,	eye,	I	                        bates,	baits
aisle,	I’ll,	isle
                                   ayes,	eyes                           bauble,	bobble
all,	awl
                                                                        baubles,	bobbles
allowed,	aloud
all’s,	awls                        B                                    baud,	bawd	
                                                                        bawdy,	body
altar,	alter	                      baa,	bah
                                                                        bay,	bey	
altars,	alters                     bad,	bade	
                                                                        bazaar,	bizarre
analyst,	annalist	                 Baal,	bail,	bale
                                                                        be,	bee
analysts,	annalists	               bailer,	baler
                                                                        beach,	beech
ant,	aunt                          bailers,	balers
                                                                        beaches,	beeches
ants,	aunts                        bailing,	baling
                                                                        beat,	beet
ante,	anti,	aunty	                 bails,	bales
                                                                        beats,	beets
apatite,	appetite                  bait,	bate
                                                                        beau,	bow
append,	upend                      baited,	bated
                                                                        beaus,	bows
appended,	upended                  baits,	bates	
                                                                        been,	bin
appending,	upending                baize,	bays	
                                                                        beer,	bier
arc,	ark                           bald,	balled,	bawled
                                                                        beers,	biers
arcs,	arks                         balks,	box
                                                                        beetle,	betel	
arrant,	errant	                    ball,	bawl
                                                                        bees,	bise
belligerence,	belligerents	   boroughs),	burros,	burrows	   cachou	,	cashew
bell,	belle                   bouillon,	bullion	            cachous,	cashews
bells,	belles                 bow,	bough                    calendar,	calender
berg,	burg                    bows,	boughs                  calendars,	calenders	
bergs,	burgs                  brae,	bray	                   calix,	calyx
berries,	buries               braid,	brayed                 calixes,	calyxes
berry,	bury                   Braille,	brale                calk,	caulk
berth,	birth                  braise,	brays,	braze	         calks,	caulks
berthed,	birthed              brake,	break                  call,	caul
berthing,	birthing            brakes,	breaks                caller,	choler,	collar
berths,	births                braking,	breaking             callers,	collars
better,	bettor                breach,	breech	               cannon,	canon
bib,	bibb                     breaches,	breeches	           cannons,	canons
bibs,	bibbs                   bread,	bred                   cant,	can’t
bight,	bite,	byte             brede,	breed,                 canter,	cantor
bights,	bites,	bytes          bredes,	breeds                canters,	cantors
billed,	build                 brewed,	brood                 canvas,	canvass
bird,	burred                  brews,	bruise                 canvases,	canvasses
birr,	burr                    bridal,	bridle                capital,	capitol
bit,	bitt                     broach,	brooch                capitals,	capitols
bits,	bitts                   broom,	brougham	              caret,	carrot,	karat
blend,	blende                 brooms,	broughams             carets,	carrots,	karats
blends,	blendes               browse,	brows                 caries,	carries
blew,	blue                    bruit,	brute                  carol,	carrel
bloc,	block                   buccal,	buckle	               carols,	carrels
blocs,	blocks                 burger,	burgher               cart,	kart		
blond,	blonde                 burgers,	burghers             carts,	karts
boar,	bore                    bus	,	buss                    cask,	casque	
board,	bored                  buses,	busses                 casks,	casques
boarder,	border               bussed,	bust                  cast,	caste
boarders,	borders             but,	butt                     caster,	castor	
boars,	bores                  buts,	butts                   casters,	castors
bode,	bowed                   buy,	by,	bye                  casts,	castes
bodies,	body’s                buyer,	byer                   catch,	ketch
bogie,	bogey,	bogy	           buyers,	byers                 catches,	ketches
bold,	bowled                  buys,	byes                    cat’ll,	cattle
bolder,	boulder                                             caudal,	caudle,	coddle
bole,	boll,	bowl                                            cause,	caws
boles,	bolls,	bowls           C                             cawed,	cod
boos,	booze	                  cache,	cash                   cedar,	seeder
bootie,	booty	                cached,	cashed                cedars,	seeders	
born,	bourn	                  caches,	cashes                cede,	seed
borough,	burro,	burrow        caching,	cashing              ceded,	seeded
2	—	HOMOPHONES	LIST	                                                    http://fivejs.wordpress.com
cedes,	seeds                  chord,	cord,	cored         coins,	quoins
ceding,	seeding               chordate,	cordate	         collared,	collard
ceil,	seal,	seel              chords,	cords              colonel,	kernel
ceils,	seals,	seels           chott,	shot                colonels,	colonel’s,	kernels	
ceiling,	sealing              chotts,	shots              competence,	competents	
ceilings,	sealings            chough,	chuff	             complacent,	complaisant	
cell,	sell                    choughs),	chuffs           complement,	compliment
cellar,	seller                chrism,	chrisom            complementary,	complimentary
cellars,	sellers              chucker,	chukker           complemented,	complimented	
cellar’s,	seller’s            chuckers,	chukkers         complementing,	complimenting	
cells,	sells                  chute,	shoot               concord,	conquered	
cense,	cents,	scents,	sense   chutes,	shoots             confectionary,	confectionery	
censers,	censors,	sensors     cingular,	singular         conk,	conch
census,	senses                cirrus,	serous	            conks,	conchs
cent,	scent,	sent             cist,	cyst                 coo,	coup
cents,	sense                  cists,	cysts               coop,	coupe
centuries,	century’s          citable,	sightable         coops,	coupes
cere,	sear,	seer,	sere	       cite,	sight,	site          coos,	coups
ceres,	sears,	seers,	seres    cited,	sighted,	sited      cops,		copse
cereal,	serial                cites,	sights,	sites       coquet,	coquette	
cereals,	serials              citing,	sighting,	siting   cord,	cored
cession,	session              clack,	claque              core,	corps
cessions,	sessions            clacks,	claques            correspondence,	correspondents	
chalk,	chock                  claimant,	clamant          cosign,	cosine
chalks,	chocks                claimants,	clamants        cosigns,	cosines
chance,	chants	               clause,	claws              council,	counsel
chanty,	shanty	               clawed,	clod               councils,	counsels
chantys,	shantys	             clew,	clue                 councillor,	counselor
chard,	charred                clews,	clues               councillors,	counselors
chary,	cherry	                click,	clique,	klick       cousin,	cozen
chased,	chaste                clicks,	cliques,	klicks    cousins,	cozens
cheap,	cheep                  climb,	clime               coward,	cowered,	cowherd	
check,	cheque,	Czech          climbs,	climes	            craft,	kraft
checks,	cheques,	Czechs       close,	clothes             crape,	crepe
chews,	choose                 coal,	cole,	kohl           crapes,	crepes
chic,	sheik                   coarse,	corse,	course      crater,	krater
chili,	chilly                 coat,	cote                 craters,	kraters
chitin,	chiton                coats,	cotes               crawl,	kraal
choir,	quire                  coax,	cokes                crawls,	kraals
choirs,	quires                cocks,	cox                 creak,	creek
choral,	coral                 coffer,	cougher            creaks,	creeks
chorale,	corral               coffers,	coughers	         crewel,	cruel
chorales,	corrals             coin,	quoin                crews,	cruise,	cruse
http://fivejs.wordpress.com                                            HOMOPHONES	LIST	—	3
crows,	croze                 dewing,	doing             emerge,	immerge	
crude,	crewed                dews,	dues                emerged,	immerged	
cue,	queue                   die,	dye                  emerges,	immerges
cues,	queues                 died,	dyed                emerging,	immerging
currant,	current             dies,	dyes                encyst,	insist	
currants,	currents           dine,	dyne                encysts,	insists
curser,	cursor               dines,	dynes              enfold,	infold
cursers,	cursors             dire,	dyer	               enfolds,	infolds
cygnet,	signet               disburse,	disperse        ensure,	insure
cygnets,	signets             disburses,	disperses      ensure,	insuring	
cymbal,	symbol               discreet,	discrete	       ensured,	insured
cymbals,	symbols             discussed,	disgust	       ensuring,	insures
                             dissidence,	dissidents	   epic,	epoch
D                            djinn,	gin
                             do	doe,	dough	
                                                       epics,	epochs
                                                       equivalence,	equivalents	
dam,	damn
                             doc,	dock                 erupt,	irrupt
dammed,	damned
                             docs,	docks               eruption,	irruption
damming,	damning
                             doe,	dough                eruptions,	irruptions	
dams,	damns
                             doer,	dour	               eruptive,	irruptive
Dane	,	deign
                             does,	doze,	doughs        eruptively,	irruptively
Danes,	deigns
                             doing,	dewing             ewe,	yew,	you
dawn,	don
                             done,	dun                 ewer,	your,	you’re
dawns,	dons
                             dos,	dues	                ewes,	use,	yews
days,	daze
                             dost,	dust	               exercise,	exorcise
dean,	dene
                             douse,	dowse	             eyed,	I’d
deans,	dene
                             droop,	drupe              eyelet,	islet
dear,	deer
                             droops,	drupes            eyelets,	islets
deem,	deme
                             dual,	duel
deems,	demes
defuse,	diffuse
                             duals,	duels
                             ducked,	duct
delinquence,	delinquents	                              facts,	fax
                             dyeing,	dying
dense,	dents                                           fade,	fayed
descent,	dissent	                                      faille,	file	
dental,	dentil	              E                         fain,	feign
dependence,	dependents	      earn,	erne,	urn	          faint,	feint	
depravation,	deprivation     earns,	ernes,	urns        fainted,	feinted	
depravations,	deprivations   eave,	eve                 fainting,	feinting
descent,	dissent             eaves,	eves               faints,	feints
descents,	dissents           eek,	eke                  fair,	fare
deviance,	deviants           eeks,	ekes                fairies,	ferries
devisor,	divisor             eerie,	erie               fairs,	fares
devisors,	divisors           elicit,	illicit	          fairy,	ferry
dew,	do,	due                 elude,	allude             faker,	fakir
dewed,	dude                  eludes,	alludes           fakers,	fakirs
4	—	HOMOPHONES	LIST	                                                http://fivejs.wordpress.com
farming,	pharming             floes,	flows               gnus,	news,	
faro,	Pharaoh                 florescent,	fluorescent	   gored,	gourd
fat,	phat                     flour,	flower              graft,	graphed
fate,	fete	                   flours,	flowers            grate,	great
faun,	fawn                    flus,	flues                grater,	greater
fauns,	fawns                  foaled,	fold               grays,	graze
faux,	foe                     for,	fore,	four            greave,	grieve
fay,	fey	                     forbear,	forebear	         greaves,	grieves
faze,	phase                   foreword,	forward	         grill,	grille
fazed,	phased                 fort,	forte                grills,	grilles
fazes,	phases                 forth,	fourth              grip,	grippe
fazing,	phasing               foul,	fowl                 grisly,	grizzly
fear,	fere                    fouler,	fowler             groan,	grown
feat,	feet                    fouls,	fowls               grocer,	grosser
felloe,	fellow                franc,	frank               guessed,	guest
felloes,	fellows              francs,	franks             guide,	guyed
fends,	fens	                  frays,	phrase              guise,	guys
fiche,	fish                   frees,	freeze,	frieze
fie,	phi
filer,	phylar
                              freezes,	friezes
                              friar,	fryer
                                                         hahs,	hawse
find,	fined                   friars,	fryers
                                                         hail,	hale
fir,	fur                      fro,	froe
                                                         hair,	hare
fern,	firn	                   fungous,	fungus	
                                                         hairier,	harrier
ferule,	ferrule               furs,	furze	
                                                         hairs,	hares
ferules,	ferrules
                                                         hairy,	harry
file,	phial
files,	phials
                              G                          hall,	haul
                              gaff,	gaffe                halls,	hauls
filter,	philtre
                              gage,	gauge                halve,	have
filters,	philtres
                              gages,	gauges              halves,	haves
find,	fined	
                              gait,	gate                 halving,	having
firs,	furs,	furze
                              gaits,	gates               handsome,	hansom	
fisher,	fissure
                              gamble,	gambol             hangar,	hanger
fishers,	fissures
                              gambled,	gamboled          hangars,	hangers
fishing,	phishing
                              gambles,	gambols           hart,	heart
flacks,	flax	
                              gambling,	gamboling        harts,	hearts
flare,	flair
                              gaud,	god                  hauler,	holler	
flea,	flee
                              gauds,	gods                hauler,	holler
fleas,	flees
                              gays,	gaze                 haulers,	hollers
flecks,	flex
                              genes,	jeans               hawk,	hock
flew,	flu,	flue
                              gibe,	jibe                 hawks,	hocks
floc,	flock
                              gilt,	guilt                hay,	hey
flocks,	phlox
                              gin,	jinn                  hays,	heys,	haze
floe,	flow
                              gnu,	new,	knew             heal,	heel,	he’ll
http://fivejs.wordpress.com                                                 HOMOPHONES	LIST	—	5
healed,	heeled            indicted,	indited      lamas,	llamas
healer,	heeler            indicting,	inditing    laps,	lapse
healers,	heelers          innocence,	innocents   laser,	lazar
healing,	heeling          ins,	inns              lasers,	lazars
heals,	heels              its,	it’s              lay,	lei,	ley
hear,	here                                       lays,	leis
heard,	herd
hears,	here’s
                          J                      lea,	lee
                                                 leach,	leech
                          jam,	jamb
he’d,	heed	                                      leaches,	leeches
                          jams,	jambs
herd,	hurd                                       lead,	led
                          jewel,	joule
herds,	hurds                                     leak,	leek
                          jewels,	joules
heroin,	heroine                                  leaks,	leeks
hertz,	hurts                                     lean,	lien
hew,	hue                  K                      leans,	liens
hews,	hues                kill,	kiln             leas,	lees
hi,	hie,	high             kills,	kilns           leased,	least
higher,	hire              knap,	nap              leaven,	levin	
him,	hymn                 knave,	nave            less,	loess
ho,	hoe                   knaves,	naves          lessen,	lesson
hoar,	whore               knead,	kneed,	need     lessens,	lessons
hoard,	horde              kneaded,	needed        lesser,	lessor
hoards,	hordes            kneads,	needs          leucine,	loosing
hoarse,	horse             knight,	night          levee,	levy
hoes,	hose                knights,	nights        levees,	levies
hold,	holed               knit,	nit              lever,	livre
hole,	whole               knits,	nits            levers,	livres
holey,	holy,	wholly       knob,	nob              liar,	lyre
hoop,	whoop               knobs,	nobs            liars,	lyres
hoops,	whoops             knock,	nock            lichen,	liken
hostel,	hostile           knocks,	nocks          lichens,	likens
hour,	our                 knot,	not              licker,	liquor
hours,	ours               knotty,	naughty        lickers,	liquors
house,	how’s              know,	no	              lie,	lye
humerus,	humorous	        knows,	noes,	nose      limb,	limn
                                                 limbs,	limns
I                         L                      links,	lynx
                          lacks,	lax             lo,	low
idle,	idyll
                          lade,	laid             load,	lode,	lowed
imminent,	immanent
                          lager,	logger          loads,	lodes
impassable,	impassible	
                          lagers,	loggers        loan,	lone
in,	inn
                          lain,	lane             loaner,	loner
incidence,	incidents	
                          lam,	lamb              loch,	lock
incite,	insight
                          lama,	llama            lochs,	locks,	lox
indict,	indite
6	—	HOMOPHONES	LIST	                                         http://fivejs.wordpress.com
loot,	lute                    minks,	minx             oohs,	ooze
loots,	lutes                  miscible,	missable
luck’s,	lux
lumbar,	lumber
                              missal,	missile
                              missals,	missiles
                                                      paced,	paste
                              missed,	mist
                                                      packed,	pact
M                             misses,	Mrs.,	missus	
                              moan,	mown
                                                      paid,	payed
ma,	maw                                               pail,	pale
                              moat,	mote
made,	maid                                            pails,	pales
                              moats,	motes
mail,	male                                            pain,	pane
                              mock,	Mach
mails,	males                                          pains,	panes
                              mode,	mowed
main,	mane                                            pair,	pare,	pear
                              mood,	mooed
mains,	manes                                          paired,	pared
                              moose,	mousse
maize,	maze                                           pairing,	paring
                              mordant,	mordent
mall,	maul,	moll                                      pairs,	pears,	pares
                              mordants,	mordents
malls,	mauls.	molls                                   pall,	pawl
                              morn,	mourn	
mandrel,	mandrill	                                    pan,	panne
                              morning,	mourning
mandrels,	mandrills                                   parasite,	pericyte
                              morns,	mourns
manner,	manor                                         parasites,	pericytes
                              mucous,	mucus	
manners,	manors                                       parish,	perish	
                              murderess,	murderous
marry,	merry                                          parishes,	perishes	
                              murre,	myrrh
marshal,	martial                                      parlay,	parley
                              muscle,	mussel
martin,	marten                                        parred,	pard
                              muscles,	mussels
mask,	masque                                          passable,	passible	
                              mussed,	must
masks,	masques                                        passed,	past
                              mustard,	mustered
massed,	mast                                          patience,	patients
mat,	matte                                            pauper,	popper
mean,	mien                    N                       pause,	paws
meat,	meet,	mete              nae,	nay,	neigh         pawed,	pod
meatier,	meteor               naval,	navel            pawned,	pond
meats,	meets                  nays,	neighs            pax,	pox
medal,	meddle                 neumatic,	pneumatic     peace,	piece
medals,	meddles               nibble,	nybble          peak,	peek,	pique
metal,	mettle                 nibbles,	nybbles        peaked,	peeked,	piqued
mews,	muse                    none,	nun               peaks,	peeks,	piques
mho,	mow                                              peal,	peel
mhos,	mows
might,	mite
                              O                       pealed,	peeled
                                                      pealing,	peeling
                              oar,	or,	ore
millenary,	millinery	                                 peals,	peels
                              oars,	ores
mince,	mints                                          pearl,	purl
                              ode,	owed
mind,	mined                                           pearls,	purls
                              oh,	owe
miner,	minor                                          pedal,	peddle
                              ohs,	owes
miners,	minors                                        pedalled,	peddled
                              one,	won
minion,	minyan	                                       pedaller,	peddler
http://fivejs.wordpress.com                                         HOMOPHONES	LIST	—	7
pedalling,	peddling    pores,	pours              raisers,	razers,	razors
pedals,	peddles        poring,	pouring           raises,	razes
peer,	pier             praise,	prays,	preys      raising,	razing
peers,	piers           pray,	prey                rancor,	ranker	
penance,	pennants	     prayed,	preyed            rap,	wrap
pencel,	pencil         praying,	preying          rapped,	rapt,	wrapped
pencels,	pencils       precedence,	precedents    rapper,	wrapper
people,	pipal          premier,	premiere	        rappers,	wrappers
per,	purr              presence,	presents        rapping,	wrapping
pew	,	phew,	piu        presser,	pressor          raps,	wraps
pi,	pie                pressers,	pressors        read,	red,	redd
pic,	pick              pride,	pried              read,	reed
pica,	pika             prier,	prior              reads,	reeds
picas,	pikas           pries,	prize	             real,	reel
picks,	pics,	pyx       prince,	prints            recite,	resite	
picnic,	pyknic         principal,	principle      recites,	resites	
pict,	picked           principals,	principles    reek,	wreak
pidgin,	pigeon         prise,	prys               reeks,	wreaks
pis,	pies              profit,	prophet           resister,	resistor	
pistil,	pistol         profits,	prophets         rest,	wrest
pistils,	pistols       pros,	prose               rests,	wrests
pixie,	pyxie           psychosis,	sycosis        retch,	wretch
plain,	plane           pupal,	pupil              review,	revue
plains,	planes         putty,	puttee             reviews,	revues
plait,	plate           puttys,	puttees           rheumy,	roomy
plaiter,	plater                                  rigger,	rigor
plaiters,	platers
plaits,	plates
                       Q                         riggers,	rigors
                                                 right,	rite,	wright,	write
                       quarts,	quartz
plantar,	planter	                                rights,	rites,	wrights,	writes
                       quean,	queen
pleas,	please                                    rime,	rhyme
                       quince,	quints
pleural,	plural                                  ring,	wring
plum,	plumb                                      ringer,	wringer
plums,	plumbs          R                         ringers,	wringers
pocks,	pox             rack,	wrack               rings,	wrings
pole,	poll             racks,	wracks             rise,	ryes
poled,	polled          rah,	raw                  road,	rode,	rowed
poler,	poller          raid,	rayed               roe,	row
polers,	pollers        rain,	reign,	rein         role,	roll
poles,	polls           rained,	reigned,	reined   roles,	rolls
pommel,	pummel         rains,	reigns,	reins      roomer,	rumor
populace,	populous	    raise,	rays,	raze,	rase   roomers,	rumors
pore,	pour             raised,	razed             root,	route
pored,	poured          raiser,	razer,	razor      roots,	routes
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rose,	rows                    sextan,	sexton         stair,	stare
rot,	wrought                  shear,	sheer           stairs,	stares
rote,	wrote                   shears,	sheers         stake,	steak
rued,	rude                    sheave,	shiv           stakes,	steaks
rues,	ruse                    sheaves,	shivs         stalk,	stock
rum,	rhumb                    shivery,	shivaree      stalks,	stocks
rung,	wrung                   shoe,	shoo             stanch,	staunch	
rye,	wry                      shoes,	shoos           stationary,	stationery
                              shone,	shown           steal,	steel
S                             sic,	sick
                              side,	sighed
                                                     steals,	steels
                                                     step,	steppe
sac,	sack
                              sighs,	size            steps,	steppes
sachet,	sashay	
                              sign,	sine,	syne       sticks,	Styx
sacks,	sax
                              signet,	cygnet         stile,	style
sail,	sale
                              signs,	sines           stiles,	styles
sails,	sales
                              sink,	sync             stolen,	stolon
sane,	seine
                              sinking,	syncing       stoop,	stoup,	stupe
sari,	sorry
                              slay,	sleigh           stoops,	stoups,	stupes
sawed,	sod
                              slays,	sleighs         strait,	straight
scene,	seen
                              sleave,	sleeve         succor,	sucker
scull,	skull
                              sleaves,	sleeves		     succors,	suckers
sculls,	skulls
                              sleight,	slight        suede,	swayed
sea,	see,	cee
                              slew,	slough           suite,	sweet	
seal,	seel
                              soar,	sore             suites,	sweets	
seam,	seem
                              soared,	sword          sundae,	Sunday
seamed,	seemed
                              soars,	sores           sundaes,	Sundays
seamen,	semen
                              socks,	sox             surplice,	surplus	
seams,	seems
                              sole,	soul
sear,	seer,	sere
sears,	seers
                              soles,	souls
                              some,	sum
seas,	sees,	seize                                    tacked,	tact,
                              son,	sun,	sunn
sects,	sex                                           tacks,	tax
                              sonny,	sunny
Senate,	sennit,	sennet                               tail,	tale
                              sons,	suns
serf,	surf                                           tails,	tales
                              sot,	sought
serge,	surge                                         talk,	tock
                              sou,	sue
settler,	settlor                                     talks,	tocks
                              sous,	sues
settlers,	settlors                                   taper,	tapir
                              spade,	spayed
sew,	so,	sow                                         tapers,	tapirs
                              specks,	specs
sewed,	sowed                                         tare,	tear
                              spits,	spitz
sewer,	sower                                         tares,	tears
                              spoor,	spore
sewer,	suer                                          tarries,	terries
                              stade,	staid,	stayed
sewn,	sown,	sone                                     tarry,	terry
                              staff,	staph
sews,	sows                                           taught,	tot,	taut
                              staid,	stayed
sexed,	sext                                          tea,	tee
http://fivejs.wordpress.com                                              HOMOPHONES	LIST	—	9
team,	teem              trays,	treys        wares,	wears
teams,	teems            troop,	troupe       warn,	worn
tear,	tier              troops,	troupes     wart,	wort
tearrer,	terror         trussed,	trust      warts,	worts
tears,	tiers            turban,	turbine     way,	weigh	
teas,	tease             turbans,	turbines   we,	wee
tense,	tents            twill,	‘twill       weed,	we’d
tern,	turn                                  weak,	week
terns,	turns
Thai,	tie
                        U                   weakly,	weekly
                                            weal,	we’ll
                        undo,	undue
Thais,	ties                                 wean,	ween
their,	there,	they’re                       weather,	wether
threw,	through          V                   weave,	we’ve
throe,	throw            vail,	vale,	veil    we’d,	weed
throes,	throws          vain,	vane,	vein    weighs,	ways	
throne,	thrown          vales,	veils        we’re,	weir
tic,	tick               vanes,	veins        wheal,	wheel
tics,	ticks             vary,	very          wheals,	wheels
tied,	tide              vial,	vile,	viol    wind,	wined
tighten,	titan          vice,	vise          wood,	would
til,	till               vices,	vises
                        villain,	villein	
timber,	timbre
timbers,	timbers
                                            yawn,	yon
time,	thyme             W                   yoke,	yolk
to,	too,	two            wade,	weighed       yokes,	yolks
toad,	toed,	towed       wail,	wale          you’ll,	Yule
tocsin,	toxin           wails,	Wales
tocsins,	toxins         wain,	wane
toe,	tow                waist,	waste
toes,	tows              waists,	wastes
told,	tolled            wait,	weight
tole,	toll              waits,	weights
ton,	tun                waive,	wave
tons,	tuns              waiver,	waver
tool,	tulle             waivers,	wavers
tooter,	tutor           waives,	waves
tooters,	tutors         walk,	wok
tough,	tuff	            walks,	woks
toughed,	tuft           wand,	wanned
tracked,	tract          want,	wont
tracks,	tracts          war,	wore
trade,	trayed           ward,	warred
tray,	trey              ware,	wear
10	—	HOMOPHONES	LIST	                                      http://fivejs.wordpress.com

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