The Success Key of BlackBerry in Indonesia by miracle.gadgett


									The Success Key of BlackBerry in Indonesia

Compared to all countries in Southeast Asia, Indonesia does have the largest number of
BlackBerry users. So what makes this phone so successful?

There are about three million BlackBerry subscribers in Indonesia. This figure is believed
to still be growing along with the incessant activity of RIM's marketing partners in
Indonesia. Indonesia itself has a mobile market with a rate of more than 180 million

Behind the success of the BlackBerry was not spared from the habits of the users in
Indonesia. It is utilized RIM to continue to aggressively promote their products.

"The people of Indonesia is fond of texting. So they get a better experience with the fuel
features, email and social media. That's what makes the BlackBerry sold in Indonesia,"
said Francois Mahieu, Senior Director, Head of Product Management Asia Pacific Rim.

In addition, RIM also implement their various strategies such as building community,
providing a diverse selection of products, or offer efficiency and durability of products
that claimed to be the best in its class.

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