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Teach 1st grade


									How To Teach 1st Grade

Teaching 1 grade will be different by teaching high school students. Required certain
techniques so that the child can absorb lessons more fun considering the psychological
child is still in the early learning stages.

The voice sounded clear enough by children, intonation, etc. are things that are very
important to be possessed by the teacher. For early elementary grades, they are still
considered early childhood, before providing early childhood learning, as teachers need
to recognize the characteristics of elementary school age children first. Do not forget to
always give something new and varied for them. No need expensive, objects in the
environment can be the object of exploration for children.

The period is also very short of their concentration. Thus, teachers must have a second
plan, and even third, fourth plan needs to be prepared for them so they do not saturate.
Keep in mind that early childhood is a period play. Thus, the instruction given to them
should be based on the principles of play (fun, children can explore, gain a lot of

Children are not miniature adults but they have the characteristics and uniqueness of
each. So, do not equate them with the high school kids that are easier on the set and
was able to concentrate for a long time.

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