School to Japan Without Learn Japanese Language by miracle.gadgett


									School to Japan Without Learn Japanese Language

Asia Pacific University (APU) provides scholarships for foreign students to undergo
studies in of Sakura. This scholarship is awarded for a maximum of 4 years (until
graduation) and no ties whatsoever. Scholarship selection process incoming and APU
based on the quality of documents submitted, without the written tests or interviews. In
addition, the APU uses English as an introduction to learning. So, you do not need to
learn Japanese first. Interested?

Scholarships are awarded APU includes only 124 credits over four years for freshmen
(first year student), 94 credits for 3 years for second-year transfer student (second year
transfer student), and 62 credits for 2 years for a third year transfer student ( third year
transfer student).

This scholarship program does not apply if the student takes additional credits, or decide
to study more than 4 years.

Well, there are several scholarship options, namely Pre-Enrollment scholarship that
covers 100 percent of the scholarship program, scholarship programs 80 percent, 65
percent of the scholarship program, scholarship program by 50 percent, 30 percent
scholarship, and Honor Scholarship.

100 percent for the scholarship program, all tuition fees paid by the university, without
the cost of tickets and living expenses. Similarly, 80 percent of the program, pays 80
percent of university tuition fees and so on. Meanwhile, Honor Scholarship is a
scholarship granted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and
Technology valued at 600,000 yen per year. Students only pay 130,000 yen entrance
fee, airfare, and tuition 1200000-1375000 yen per year and the cost of living, and can
be combined with other APU scholarships.

There are also Scholarships Post-enrollment, ie internal scholarships to students who
have been in Japan, achievement and meet the requirements. In addition, there are
external scholarships are awarded to international students, and 19 kinds of scholarships
are awarded for those who have student visas.

For enrollment to April 2012, application deadline 30 September 2011 and the regular
application deadline November 30, 2011. For enrollment September 2012, application
deadline January 31, 2012, the regular application deadline March 31, 2012.

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