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					         CAN YOU BULLY WoW LEVEL?
                               JUST 4 DAYS
               DISCOVER HOW HE DID IT!

Don't Think. Just Play.
Zygor Guides is an in-game software strategy guide for World of Warcraft. Every guide comes complete
with the Guide Viewer, which displays step by step instructions of what quests to accept, how to
complete objectives, when to use items, and more. Our gorgeous waypoint arrow will point you exactly
where to go at all times and the model viewer will display fully rendered 3D models of NPCs and objects
mentioned in the guide.

Zygor's Leveling Guide includes the most optimized questing path for power leveling from 1-90 in
lightning speed. The guide software is very dynamic, tracking your progress, detecting when you
complete goals, and automating tedious tasks such as accepting and turning in quests. You will be
amazed by the difference Zygor makes.

Never Get Lost Again
One of the new features introduced in Zygor Guides 4.0 is the "Travel System". Whenever a step in our
guide tells you to go somewhere, the Travel System will dynamically calculate the fastest route to your
objective from where you're currently standing. The Travel System will even factor in unique methods of
transporation, such as using your hearthstone, and class spells such as the mage teleport ability.

It doesn't matter where you are in the world, the travel system will find the best path and display the
results right under the waypoint arrow for you.
Become an Unstoppable Leveling Machine
In Mists of Pandaria, Blizzard has revamped the talent system so that you now get one talent every 15
levels. It can be difficult knowing which talents to take and choosing the wrong one can really bog down
your leveling.

With Zygor Guides 4.0, we've made things simple and elegant with our updated "Talent Advisor". This
feature will tell you exactly what class specilization you should choose and which talents to spend your
points in. It will even allow you to learn all your talents with just the click of a button!

The Best Gear For Your Characters Made Simple
One thing that always slows down the leveling process is choosing quest rewards. You're presented with
multiple choices and have to examine each one to make the right choice. Well with Zygor Guides 4.0,
this process is made effortless with our all new Quest Reward Advisor. This feature will instantly
highlight the best gear to pick for your character, or the item with the highest value if no upgrades are

Once your new items are in your bags, the Zygor guide software will detect any upgrades and
immediately bring this to your attention, allowing you to automatically equip the best gear at all times.
These two powerhouse features are available exclusively from Zygor Guides.

Become a Master of Lore.
Not only do our guides allow you to level in every single zone all the way up to level 85, but we also
include everything you need to get the Loremaster achievement as well.

Loremaster is one of the most coveted achievements in the game, which will give you a special title
showing off your prestige. Many attempt to earn this achievement - most fail. With Zygor Leveling
Guides, you will be one of the few to succeed!

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