St George's and Brentwood ProD workshops 14th Dec

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                                                                                                                        School or
              Workshop title                   Subject area           Time              Description                    organization
Beyond role-playing and performance          Art, Music and      1:30-3:00pm   The power of drama lies much       Southpointe Academy
Your Top Three Band Selections - with a      Art, Music and      1:30-3:00pm   We've been to the "desert          West Point Grey
Play-Based Learning                          Early Learning      1:30-3:00pm   Play-Based Learning                Stratford Hall
Project-based Learning in the Primary        Early Learning      11:20am-      This workshop will show how        York House School
Close reading strategies                     English/Theory of   1:30-3:00pm   This session will offer student    Stratford Hall
How to create iPad workflows                 Information         1:30-3:00pm   This workshop will explore         Mulgrave School
Classroom Blogs - Using Weebly - The         Information         1:30-3:00pm   Workshop - 60-90 minutes           Collingwood School -
Introduction to Twitter                      Information         1:30-3:00pm   In this session the objective is   Stratford Hall
The iPad and students with learning          Information         1:30-3:00pm   The use of the IPad as a tool      Collingwood School
Spanish and French resource sharing          Languages -         1:30-3:00pm   The session is intended for        Stratford Hall IB World
GeoGebra in the classroom.                   Math                1:30-3:00pm   The purpose of this workshop       St John's School in
Technology in Mathematics Class              Math/Technology     1:30-3:00pm   In this workshop we will           Stratford Hall
K--7 Physical Education - A Roundtable       PE                  1:30-3:00pm   A roundtable discussion for PE     Stratford Hall
Project-based learning: Creating memorable   Science             1:30-3:00pm   Short presentation on a            Stratford Hall
Why my students are thrilled to be in        Science -           1:30-3:00pm   I will describe guided lab-        Crofton House
IB Geography                                 Social Studies -    1:30-3:00pm   The format of this workshop is     Mulgrave School
Teaching Historical Perspective - My         Social Studies -    1:30-3:00pm   This workshop will provide         Collingwood School
Teaching AP Economics                        Specialist Area -   1:30-3:00pm   Teaching AP Economics. An          WPGA
Successful Implementation of IEPs in the     Specialist Area -   1:30-3:00pm   As a special education school,     Fraser Academy
Preparing for Headship                       Specialist area -   1:30-3:00pm   Discussion Forum for               Stratford Hall
Literacy Centres                             Specialist Area -   1:30-3:00pm   A sharing resource session -       York House School
Applying to Highly Selective UK              Specialist Area -   1:30-3:00pm   This session is designed to        st John's School
Educating the heart": Social and emotional   Specialist Area -   1:30-3:00pm   Participants will gain an          Collingwood School
ISABC Service Learning & Student             Specialist Area -   1:30-3:00pm   The SEED Roundtable is for         Mulgrave School
Flipping out!                                Teaching and        1:30-3:00pm   Flip teaching (also known as       Crofton House School
Assessment                                   Teaching and        1:30-3:00pm   Assessment is the process of       York House School
Leadership FOR Learning                      Teaching and        1:30-3:00pm   In this mutually supportive and    Collingwood School
Balance in Teaching                          Teaching and        1:30-3:00pm   This is a round-table              Stratford Hall
Sharing Choral Repertoire that Succeeds!     Art, Music and      10-11am       Repertoire Sharing Session:        West Point Grey
Stretch imaginations and focus words         English             10-11am       Participants will participate in   Brockton Preparatory
Computer Science Teacher Meetup              Information         10-11am       A meetup or Roundtable of          Crofton House School
Slideology: Turning Boring PowerPoints into   Information         10-11am     Nancy Duarte wrote                Stratford Hall
Internet Search Skills for Teachers           Information         10-11am     Do you ever feel like your        Aspengrove School
Going Digital in the Language Classroom       Languages -         10-11am     Going digital in the language     St. George's School
Teaching Circle Theorems through Paper        Math                10-11am     By folding paper circles          York House School,
TGFU - A Concept Based Approach to PE         PE                  10-11am     Many students do not enjoy a      Mulgrave School
IB MYP Science Assessment                     Science             10-11am     In this workshop, participants    Mulgrave School
Time For Specialist Teachers                  Specialist Area -   10-11am     Would you like some time to       Stratford Hall
Teaching AP Statistics                        Specialist Area -   10-11am     Teaching AP Statistics. An        WPGA
Overseas Student Travel                       Specialist Area -   10-11am     Overseas Student Travel           St. George's
"The Importance of Pedagogical                Teaching and        10-11am     This topic will cover the         COLLINGWOOD
Debate throughout the curriculum              Teaching and        10-11am     Participants will learn the       Southpointe Academy
A Local Place-Based Education Project         Teaching and        10-11am     Take your students out to         Collingwood School
Conceptual Development in Art                 Art, Music and      10am-noon   This hands-on workshop will       WGGA
Developing a Student Friendly                 Art, Music and      10am-noon   The Developmental Workbook        St. John's School
Watercolour Monoprints with Image             Art, Music and      10am-noon   An Art workshop for Middle        Southpointe Academy
The Voice, Body, Language Connection          Art, Music and      10am-noon   I would like to take a group of   Meadowridge
Thematic Teaching in the Early Years          Early Learning      10am-noon   Are you tired of flitting from    Crofton House School
Authentic Assessment in Early Childhood       Early Learning      10am-noon   This workshop is designed to      York House School
Rocketry: PBL & Cross Curricular Experience   Information         10am-noon   In this workshop teachers will    Fraser Academy
Personal Learning Environments – Take         Information         10am-noon   One of the biggest challenges     St. George's School
Using Lego Mindstorms in Middle School        Information         10am-noon   Participants should be            West Point Grey
Enseigner avec TV5MONDE.                      Languages -         10am-noon   Attelier TV5 MONDE:               Shawnigan Lake
The Best of You, and Playsport                PE                  10am-noon   An opportunity for elementary     York House School
Yad Vashem Summer Institute - how we          Social Studies -    10am-noon   Both teachers attended the        Crofton House
Librarian Open Forum Discussion               Specialist area -   10am-noon   We are inviting you to join us    Meadowridge School
Photography - A Digital SLR Crash Course      Specialist Area -   10am-noon   Tired of using your Digital SLR   Stratford Hall
School Counsellor's Round Table               Specialist Area -   10am-noon   A lively round table discussion   St. John's School
ISABC Social Emotional Learning Group         Specialist Area -   10am-noon   Social and Emotional Learning
ISABC Public Square // #StudentVoice          Specialist Area -   10am-noon   It's about time students joined   Mulgrave School
Waivers, consents and indemnities for         Specialist area:    10am-noon   Waivers, consents and             Harris and Co
Assessment for Learning                       Teaching and        10am-noon   The workshop will look at         St. John's School
How to personalize education for our          Teaching and        10am-noon   A major trend in current          Brockton school
Conferencing with Students: Strategies for    English/Theory of   11:20am-    Conferencing with students is     Stratford Hall
Using Animoto (online film & video creator)   Information         11:20am-    Animoto is a free online film     Collingwood
Twitter for Pro-D                             Information         11:20am-    Wonder what Twitter is useful     Crofton House School
Introduction to edmodo                        Information         11:20am-    This workshop will introduce      Stratford Hall
Embedding mathematically rich and             Math/Technology     11:20am-    This session is intended to       St George's School
Inquiry Based Physical Education                PE                   11:20am-   Designing and implementing         Southpointe Academy
Passion for Primary PE                          PE                   11:20am-   Sometimes teaching primary         WPGA
Data logging: Using Vernier software to         Science              11:20am-   In this workshop we will           Mulgrave School
My top 3 practical and effective technology     Science - Physics    11:20am-    L
                                                                                •	earn about ways to use (and      Collingwood School
Living the lessons of Humanities 9              Social Studies -     11:20am-   The period of history covered      Stratford Hall
Teaching APComputer Science                     Specialist Area -    11:20am-   Teaching AP Computer               WPGA
Overseas Volunteer trips - are they worth the   Specialist Area -    11:20am-   Volunteer trips to overseas are    St. Johns School
Inplementing Service Learning in the            Specialist Area -    11:20am-   In this session, teachers will     St. George's School
Effective Collaborative Education in the        Teaching and         11:20am-   This session is for educators      St. George's School
Executive Functioning                           Teaching and         11:20am-   Executive functioning is an        York House School
Managing the Risks; How to Enjoy                Teaching and         11:20am-   This workshop aims to provide      West Point Grey
Executive Assistants in Independent Schools     Specialist Area -    All day    Independent schools are a          St. George's School
RULER Social Emotional Learning Training        Teaching and         All day    RULER is a highly                  Aspengrove School

3D printing                                     Art, Music and       AM         3D Printing is now an              Byte Camp
Art history: commentary and context             Art, Music and       AM          A
                                                                                •	n overview discussing how        Brentwood College
Google Apps for Beginners                       Information          AM         This session would be a            Queen Margaret's
iPad's in the Classroom                         Information          AM         As the use of technology           Queen Margarets
Using technology in our classes.                Information          AM         This workshop has been             Brentwood College
Singing Games That Teach                        Art, Music and       AM         Basic music literacy can be        Glenlyon Norfolk
Mindstroms NXT - Robotics                       Information          AM         Mindstorms NXT is a robotics       Glenlyon Norfolk
Incorporating Graphics into Your ExamView       Math                 AM         The focus of this workshop will    St. Margaret"sSchool
Geocaching at the elementary level              PE/Technology        AM         This workshop is an                Glenlyon Norfolk
Student engagement and the art of               Science - Physical   AM         How to define your image as a      Brentwood College
First Aid For Coaches                           Specialist Area -    AM         External agency to be              St. Margaret's School
Now They're Here: What Next?                    Specialist Area:     AM         Once English Language              St. Margaret's School
Developing and Implementing Strengths-          Teaching and         AM         Participants will learn how to     St. Margaret's School
Students Helping Students - Peer Tutoring       Teaching and         AM         The objective of this session is   St. Margaret's School
The Wireless classroom                          Technology:wrieles   AM         Using wireless technology in       Brentwood College
The Joy of Text                                 English              PM         I have taught English              Brentwood College
Using Social Media for Professional             Information          PM         How to utilize Twitter and         Queen Margaret's
Exploring Strategies to Assess Student          Information          PM         This workshop will focus on        St. Michaels University
2 Devices and 3 Websites That Have              Information          PM         Not only are Al and Andy           Shawnigan Lake
Mindstroms NXT - Robotics Intermediate          Information          PM         Minstorms NXT is a LEGO            Glenlyon Norfolk
Projects for Mathematics: Grades 10-12          Math                 PM         TBC                                St. Margaret's School
Blended Physical Education: piloting a        PE/Technology       PM   How are Physical Education       St. Michaels University
The Art of Colorful Chemistry                 Science -           PM   A curriculum unit developed to   Brentwood College
History in the studio                         Social Studies -    PM   A workshop discussing how        Brentwood College
Peer Tutoring Program                         Specialist Area -   PM   TBC                              St. Margaret's School
Concept-based learning                        Teaching and        PM   Planning instruction using a     Aspengrove
Using Creativity to Support Learning in the   Teaching and        PM   This workshop is a highly        Queen Margarets
Using and extending Moodle 2 LMS              Technology:         PM   An introduction to moodle 2      Brentwood College
Evaluating Video Based Projects (afternoon)   Technology: video   PM   Learning how to convey ideas     Brentwood College /
 Presenter's name or                    Level of                                                 List any
  presenters' names    Bio(s) for the   expertise                                          requirements for the       Presenter's Email
separated by commas program and website required                   Intended audience           participants               address

Greg Kean, Kate           Greg Kean is in his       beginner     junior school, middle                              kate.quenville@spacad
Wayne Elmer               Wayne is a Band and       all levels   Concert Band - all        Example music scores
Tricia Grzybowski         My name is Tricia         all levels   early childhood, junior   laptop for notes         tricia.grzybowski@stratf
Shelley Lammie,           Shelley Lammie is         all levels   early childhood, junior                            shelley_lammie@yorkh
Deborah Stellingwerff     IB English and ToK        all levels   middle school, senior     4 different colored pens deborah.stellingwerff@
Gareth Ronald-Jones       Grade 6 Teacher           all levels   junior school, middle     iPad                     gronaldjones@mulgrav
Mark Sullivan, Brittany   Mark Sullivan - This is   beginner     early childhood, junior   laptop                   mark.sullivan@collingw
David Wees                Educational technology    beginner     general (all audiences)   Some internet            david.wees@stratfordh
Samantha Weiss,           Katie, Erin and Sam       all levels   middle school, Special    IPads helpful, but not   samantha.weiss@collin
Sylvana Herrera,          Sylvana Herrera: IB       all levels   middle school, senior     laptop                   sylvana.herrera@stratf
Marie, de Maleissye       Introduction to           all levels   senior school             Need to download         mdemaleissye@stjohn
David Wees                Educational technology    all levels   mathematics               Ideally each participant david.wees@stratfordh
Rebecca Contant           PYP PE & Athletics        all levels   junior school, middle     Laptop, curriculum       rebecca.contant@stratf
Stefania Iacchelli        MYP Science and DP        all levels   middle school, senior     lap top, project-based stefania.iacchelli@strat
Catherine Spinney         I have been a             all levels   senior school,                           
Ferdinand van Zyl         Teacher of IB             all levels   IB Geography                             
Jeff Stacey            all levels   junior school, middle     Whiteboards              jeff.stacey@collingwoo
Alfred Lu                 Alfred teaches AP         all levels   AP Teachers                              
Erin Kline, Jo Ann        Erin Kline, Director of   intermediate junior school, middle                              ekline@fraseracademy.
Jim McConnell             Dr Jim McConnell is                    Prospective Heads of                               Jim.McConnell@stratfo
Cait Aikman, Wendy        Grade 2 teachers          all levels   K-3                       One literacy centre      caitlin_aikman@yorkho
Robin Barton              University Counsellor,    all levels   senior school,            laptop         
Kelly Harris, Peter       Kelly Harris: Is a K-7    beginner     early childhood, junior   screen to display a      kelly.harris@collingwoo
Antony Wilson             IB MYP English            all levels   junior school, middle     laptop         
Phil Stringer             Department Head of        intermediate middle school, senior     none                     pstringer@croftonhous
Shelley Lammie, Junie     Shelley Lammie is         all levels   early childhood, junior                            junie_brayley@yorkhou
Ian Kennedy               Ian Kennedy is Head       all levels   administration,                                    ian.kennedy@collingwo
Carmen Stephen-Patel      Carmen has been           all levels   general (all audiences)                            carmen.stephen-
Lana Penner-Tovey         west point grey           all levels   middle school, senior     piano, music stand,      lpenner-
Alix MacNiel              Participants will         all levels   junior school, middle                              amacniel@brocktonsch
Andy Beadon               Andy has been             all levels   senior school,                                     abeadon@croftonhous
Ana Ver                 Learning Specialist,      all levels     middle school, senior     laptop, PowerPoint      ana.ver@stratfordhall.c
Phil Macoun             Technology                all levels     general (all audiences)   laptop                  pmacoun@aspengrove
Patrice Dixon           Patrice Dixon has         all levels     middle school, senior     laptop                  pdixon@stgeorges.bc.c
Lynne Massel            Many years teaching       all levels     middle school             I will provide material Lynne_Massel@yorkho
Joshua Mullen           I am in my second         all levels     P.E. Teachers                           
Michael Moore           Michael has taught        all levels     middle school                           
Kika Carranza & Meg     Kika Carranza:            all levels     junior school,            any resources they      kika.carranza@stratfor
Alfred Lu               Alfred teaches AP         all levels     AP Teachers                             
Martha Bassett          Martha has led            all levels     general (all audiences)   iPad OR laptop OR       mbassett@stgeorges.b
EDEL VO                 Edel is currently         all levels     general (all audiences)                           edel.vo@collingwood.o
Cori Kusel, Drew        Cori Kusel is the         beginner       middle school                                     cori.kusel@spacademy
Jessica Richmond,       Jessica Richmond has      all levels     middle school                                     jessica.richmond@colli
Margot Harms            Before returning to       advanced       senior school                           
Dominico Nguyen         Dominico Nguyen is        all levels     Visual Arts (Middle       Sketchbook and          dnguyen@st.johns.bc.c
Sandy Kwok-Swan         Sandy Kwok-Swan           intermediate   middle school, senior      DELETE:                sandy.kwok-
Jan Elsted              Jan Elsted is currently   intermediate   senior school             loose, comfortable      jan.elsted@meadowrid
Karrie Beauchamp,       Jennifer Bell - Senior    all levels     early childhood           none                    kbeauchamp@croftonh
Connie Hocking          Hello! My name is         all levels     early childhood,          Educators are           connie_hocking@yhs.c
Bryson Norrish, David   Bryson Norrish is a 7-    all levels     middle school, senior     Laptop, Ipad, or        bnorrish@fraseracade
Marc Crompton           Marc is an active         all levels     general (all audiences)   Laptop or mobile        mcrompton@stgeorges
Ian Braidek, Sam        Ian Braidek - Science     all levels     middle school,            Workshop will take
Receveaux Jean-         Master in French UVIC     all levels     junior school, middle     Laptop                  jreceveaux@shawniga
Brent Jackson, Megan    York House Junior         all levels     junior school,                                    brent_jackson@yorkho
Brenda Ball, Lindsey    Brenda Ball is the        choose one     senior school, Social     laptop for access to
Christal Storguaard,    Christal Storgaard        all levels     Librarian                 Questions that you      heather.nicholson@me
Andrew Wheeler          MYP & DP Math &           beginner       general (all audiences)   Camera with manual      andrew.wheeler@stratf
Nicola Doughty,         Nicola Doughty, M.Ed,     all levels     junior school, middle     Please bring            ndoughty@stjohns.bc.c
Sarah Marshall          Sarah Marshall is a       all levels     junior school, middle                             smarshall@aspengrove
Antony Wilson, ISABC    IB MYP English            all levels     middle school, senior                   
Paul Fairweather        Paul is a lawyer and      Heads of       Heads of School,Risk                              pfairweather@harrisco.
Karen Birchenall,       Christine Miklitz has     all levels     middle school, senior                   
Alison Costain          Alison has over 18        all levels     middle school, senior     None                    acostain@brocktonsch
Greta Bartsch and       Greta is an               all levels     junior school, middle                             heather.griffin@stratfor
Paul Klintworth         Paul has taught           all levels     general (all audiences)   laptop, or mobile       paul.klintworth@colling
Phil Stringer           Department Head of        all levels     early childhood, junior   laptop, Twitter account pstringer@croftonhous
Deborah Stellingwerff   IB English and ToK        beginner       general (all audiences)   lap top                 deborah.stellingwerff@
Andrew Jones              beginner       middle school, senior     Laptop if you have it,  ajones@stgeorges.bc.c
James MacKay, Jason     Designing and              all levels     Physical Education        Non-marking athletic       james.mackay@spaca
Heather Thompson        Heather is a Primary       all levels     early childhood, junior   dressed in comfortable
Michael Moore, Mark     Michael, Mark and          intermediate   senior school             Participants will need a
Michal Hodal            Michal teaches senior      beginner       senior school             laptops with Excel         michal.hodal@collingw
Michael McGuire         IB Humanities teacher      intermediate   middle school             bring your lucky dice -    michael.mcguire@straf
Alfred Lu               Alfred teaches AP          all levels     AP Teachers                                
Sukhbir S Bolina        I have led many            beginner       senior school,                             
Heather Morris,         Head of Service            beginner       junior school, middle                                hmorris@stgeorges.bc.
Marc Crompton,          Marc is an active          all levels     middle school, senior                                mcrompton@stgeorges
Junie Brayley           Junie Brayley is           all levels     general (all audiences)                              junie_brayley@yorkhou
Jonathan Pike,          Graham Gilley is the       all levels     general (all audiences)                    
Nancy Kudryk - others   Nancy Kudryk has           all levels     Administrative and        laptop helpful             nkudryk@stgeorges.bc.
Miriam Miller           Certified RULER            beginner       early childhood, junior                              smarshall@aspengrove

David Hladik            Dave Hladik is the         all levels     middle school, senior                      
john luna               John Luna grew up in       all levels     senior school                                        john.luna@brentwood.b
Graeme Campbell         I'm currently the          beginner       junior school, middle     Google account - can
Zoe Clement             Grade Seven Core           all levels     middle school, senior                      
Marco Antonio Bequer    Technology in class        all levels     general (all audiences)   laptops                    marco.hernandez@bre
Inge Illman             Inge teaches music         all levels     K-5 music specialists                      
Tanis Masson            In September 2010, a       beginner       junior school, middle     none             
Bruce McAskill          Mathematics and            intermediate   senior school,            Computer access and
Gavin Bowers,           Our names are Gavin        beginner       junior school,            Warm, waterproof 
Bruce Tate              Head of science and        all levels     middle school, senior                      
External Agency - TBC   External Agency            all levels     junior school, middle                      
Rona Archer             Rona Archer has over       all levels     middle school, senior                      
Darlene DeMerchant,     Dana Reid is the           all levels     junior school, middle     NA                         ddemerchant@stmarg.
Lisa Richardson         Lisa is a teacher at St    all levels     senior school                              
Griffiths, Dewi         Dewi Griffiths             all levels     general (all audiences)   Device with web  
Paul Collis             Paul Collis has been       all levels     middle school, senior                                collisp@brentwood.bc.c
Graeme Campbell         As previous                all levels     general (all audiences)   Twitter and Google
Cheryl Murtland         Assistant Director:        all levels     middle school, senior     BYOD                       cheryl.murtland@smus.
Andy Olson, Al Olson    Andy Olson, Chair          all levels     middle school, senior                                aolson2@shawnigan.c
Tanis Masson            Please refer to bio sent   intermediate   junior school, middle                      
Bruce McAskill          TBC                        all levels     senior school,                             
Nikki Kaufmann    Physical Education     all levels     middle school, senior   Laptop            nikki.kaufmann@smus.
David McCarthy    Dave McCarthy is       all levels     middle school, senior                     mccarthd@brentwood.
John Luna         John Luna grew up in   all levels     middle school, senior                     john.luna@brentwood.b
Lisa Richardson   Maths Teacher, St      all levels     senior school,                  
Wendy Robertson   I am the PYP           all levels     early childhood, junior                   wrobertson@aspengro
Zoe Clement       Grade Seven Core       all levels     junior school, middle           
Dewi Griffiths    System and network     intermediate   general (all audiences) Device with web
Dave Hladik       Dave Hladik is the     all levels     junior school, middle           
40 (flexible)
projector and wireless

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