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									                                     Simerly 1

     The Expedition of My Life

        An Autobiography

         Aleigha Simerly

EDUC 111: Introduction to Teaching

        Professor Eastman

       September 10, 2009
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        If I had to choose one word to describe my story it would have to be challenging. As I grew up, I

had to overcome many tough situations that I never even imagined. I was struggling emotionally and

academically; I was given the opportunity to succeed by my teachers and my parents. You learn that

little difficulties only make you stronger and learn from those mistakes you have made. Manchester

College has helped me grow as a person and as an educator. My life goal is to help students to achieve

their full potential. Also, I plan to integrate my students with less fortunate students throughout my

teaching career.
                                                                                                Simerly 3

        Knowing I was going to be born during early October, I was carried by my mother for nine

months. Since my parents were not married at the time, my father was not too involved with

everything that was going on. On October 5, 1990, he got a phone call from Major Hospital saying that

his daughter was born. Her name was going to be Aleigha Desiree Simerly. He immediately rushed to

the hospital to be able to hold his baby girl in his arms. It was in that moment that he wanted to change

and to become the best dad that he could ever be. My mom finally realized that she could not hold him

back from being a part of my life and my future. I was born to Tim Simerly and Dawn Clapp in

Shelbyville, Indiana at Major Hospital. The rest of my lifetime is history from there.

        The first two years apparently flew by; all I know is I have baby scars from some of my accidents

that I encountered. I have a scar between my eyes from where I tripped and hit my head on a nail. I have

a scar on my hand from where I touched the hot oven at my aunt’s house. At the age of three, my whole

world was going to be turned upside down. I had finally figured out why my mommy’s belly was

beginning to get so big. I found out that I was going to have a baby sister. I was not very happy when I

found this out because I knew I would not be the spoiled one anymore. It was like my whole world was

being taken away from me. I just wanted to have my mommy and daddy to myself for the rest of my life

without any problems. As I started to dig through my toy box, I began noticing how mommy could not

get up to come help me. Daddy was always too busy making dinner or picking up the house. I was

beginning to feel neglected since neither of them would play with me. It was on June 4, 1993 when my

world became the worst ever. My sister, Chelsee, was born on that day. I was so upset; they made me

go to the hospital. I sat in the waiting room while she was being delivered with my aunts and uncles just

waiting for the horrible factor to come into the play. Once she was born, the doctor came out to get me

to show me my little baby sister. I sat in a chair and he placed her into my arms. At that moment in time,

I did not care very much about her; I took her into my arms and was so mad that I dropped her because I

knew how she was going to ruin my life. From then on I finally realized that I am going to have to deal
                                                                                                   Simerly 4

with her from now on, so I might as well learn to be her friend. Beginning the day she came home, I

grew very fond of her being around and having someone to play with. Our sisterhood and friendship is

really important to me now and I would not change her for anyone in this world.

        Growing up, I never realized how important my family would be to me. I never really knew that

they would be the people that I would look up to for the rest of my life. From the time that I first met my

grandparents, my parents, my aunts, and my uncles, I knew that they would be the people to stand up

for me through all the challenges that I would experience throughout my life. I got so accustomed to my

parents taking me to all of events and helping me with all of my groups that I was associated with. They

would be the leaders for all of my activities and the coaches for all of my sports teams. I grew up

knowing that my parents would always be there for my sister and me through everything. Also, my

grandparents were very close to me because they were the ones who babysat my sister and me. They

were like our second set of parents. My aunts and uncles grew very fond of visiting frequently to know

that they would always be a very influential part of our life. I just know that I look up to every single

family member because they have all helped me through one situation, whether good or bad, and gave

me the advice that I would need to help grow and succeed. Just as I would tell anyone, you need to

know your family is the most important thing that you will need to get through your roughest times and

your best of times.

        While speaking of family, my mother was one of the most influential women you would have

ever met. At the age of twenty-nine, she was involved in an automobile accident and sustained very

serious injuries that took her life. I was at the age of nine and was in the second grade at the time of the

accident. While waiting for her to come and pick me up from school, she never showed up and I sat in

the office. The secretary finally called my grandma to come get my sister and me. We were in the office

for two hours after the dismissal; I was growing worried and panicked because my mother had not
                                                                                                     Simerly 5

arrived to pick me up. It was very odd because if she was going to be late, she would call my

grandmother and let her know that she would be late and that she would need to come pick us up.

While waiting at my grandmother’s house, it had been four hours since my mom should have been off

work. There had been no phone call from her or her boss. We finally decided to call the boss; there was

no positive feedback. Finally, about two hours later, we received a phone call from the state police

stating that my mother had been in a car accident. She was in intensive care; no one had been notified

about the horrible accident. Once my sister and I found out, we could not believe that this truly

happened to such an amazing woman. She was the person that you could talk to about anything and

would always have the right response to everything. While going through this rough patch, I learned

that it would be the hardest thing to ever have to get thru in my entire life. I was in and out of

counseling; there was no way that I was going to be able to get over what had happened, still to this day

I am not. I just know that this greatly changed the relationship that I had with myself because I did not

have that mother figure in my life anymore. I only had my dad; he did not give the best advice about

certain topics, like crushes and girl problems. It would have been better to have my mom for that kind of

advice. I learned in this challenge that I had to grow up and learn how to care for my sister since my dad

was working most of the time. While caring for her, we grew much stronger; we were able to talk to

each other about how we were feeling and the mixed emotions we always had. The sisterly bond just

began to keep blossoming; still to this day, we still have our bond that we had before. You just have to

learn to cope with the problems that you are dealing with. If you cannot deal with them, you need to get

advice from someone else. You do not want something to hold you back from everything that you want

to accomplish throughout your life.

        Beginning school was a big change for me, I was not really the outgoing little girl; I was more the

shy girl that always wanted to play by herself. All thru pre-school and kindergarten, I was the one

everyone made fun of because I did not like them to come near me. As I grew older, I attended Loper
                                                                                                      Simerly 6

Elementary School, which was where I broke open into a new person. I was able to be friendlier around

my peers and enjoyed going to recess with them instead of sitting around doing nothing. During

elementary school, I grew to actually enjoy learning and reading. All I ever wanted to was read or

practice my math skills. My second grade teacher, Mrs. Kehrt, had the biggest influence of my future.

She was the person that helped get through the challenge of losing my mom and helped me stay

focused on my grades. She made me actually want to succeed and to push through all the tough

obstacles that you had to. She had everyone wanting to come to school every day ready to learn and

have a good time with peers and other teachers that we might become involved in. I felt like going to

school was a place for me to be myself. Also, it made me feel safe while I was not with my dad. While I

was very successful during elementary school, it allowed me to excel throughout the rest of my

academic years. During fourth and fifth grade, I began volunteering my time to go into the special

education classroom. I wanted to have the experience of working with others. This made a huge impact

of the future that I was going to foresee. The big change would soon come when I had to go to the

middle school.

        The transformation from elementary school to middle school was a huge change for me.

Shelbyville Middle School was a place I would have to call home for grades six to eight; I was not very

excited about it. I do not think I was prepared mentally for the huge change because I was not ready to

be around older people who would pick on me all the time. I was too afraid to stand up for myself;

therefore, I would just let them talk about me because I did not fit in with them. As the first year drug

on, the next two seemed to get a little better. I started to fit in more; I began to wear name brand

clothes to begin to fit in. I was starting to get involved with cheerleading, volleyball, and track. I also

started getting involved in clubs like student council, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and Students

against Destructive Decisions. I enjoyed being part of the school and being able to give my input on

certain decisions. The middle school years prepared me for the big change to go to high school.
                                                                                                  Simerly 7

        My long studying nights, my essays, and all the clubs and sports I was involved in prepared me

very well for the beginning of high school. Shelbyville High School was the place I would be for a huge

portion of my time considering I was involved in so many clubs and sports. I spent more time at school

than at home because I would either have practice, game, or meeting. It would soon show that I needed

to focus on my grades to make sure that I would be able to stay involved as much as I was. I was a

captain for cross country and track. I was involved with Students against Destructive Decisions, Student

Council, Future Educators in Action, and Spanish Club. In high school, you learn to focus more on your

homework and to study more often than you did in middle school. Throughout high school, we were

allowed to go out into the work force and experience the profession that we wanted to do. I went to

Mrs.Secrest, who was an elementary special education teacher, at Loper Elementary for all four years.

By joining Future Educators, I proved to myself that I wanted to become involved in teaching. I wanted

to be able to make a difference in student’s lives.

        I decided to come to Manchester College because it gave me a portion of financial aid that no

other school that I applied to offered me. I also thought that Manchester was a fit for me because I

really like the small town atmosphere that it has. I enjoy being able to become involved with clubs and

sports at the college level, also. I was not sure if I was going to get along with the people that were

going to be here at Manchester or how I would fit in with everyone. I just wanted to be known as a

student and not just as a number, like at public colleges and universities. I wanted to get acquainted

with my professors and pay for the best education that I thought I could get. I wanted to stop relying on

my father to pay for me and to begin financing my education so that I would not have of having that

held onto. I have already been given opportunities to grow here at Manchester College in many

different ways that will truly influence my future. My family has supported me throughout my whole

life; they were very influential when choosing to come to Manchester College. They knew how happy I

was when I arrived at campus; I finally realized Manchester College will be my new home.

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