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   New Com-
                           V O L U M E   1   I S S U E    2                                        M A R C H     2 0 1 0
   List of im-
                       SPI and John Jay College
   SPI and John                                                                        sition dedicated specifically
                       Can you think of a better         tee to begin working closely
     Jay College
                       collaborative effort than a       with representatives from       to our continued liaison
     of Criminal
                       marriage between the Soci-        John Jay. In the near fu-       with this college. Continu-
                       ety of Professional Investi-      ture, we hope to have a         ing education is of para-
   Kobilinsky        gators and The John Jay           special board member po-        mount importance to all
     speaks at         College of Criminal Jus-                                          SPI members. If you would
     SPI               tice?                                                             like to help in these efforts,
                                                                                         please contact the editor at
   You can           John Jay students aspire to
     make a dif-       obtain meaningful careers
     ference at        in criminal justice and re-
     SPI               lated fields while SPI mem-
                       bers seek to constantly en-
                       hance their knowledge of
                       the latest investigative and
THIS ISSUE:            forensic techniques. It’s a
                       perfect match!
Kobilinsky at      1
SPI                    Many SPI members already
                       have their undergraduate             Society Of
                       and graduate degrees from
SPI on internet 2
                       this fine institution              Professional
                       SPI has formed a commit-
Data Mining        3
                                                          Investigators                 Dr Lawrence Kobilinsky

                                                                                       On March 11, 2010 our

                       New SPI
                                                                                       knowledge of forensic
Iadanza re-        3                                                                   science was enhanced
ceives award                                                                           by a visit from this
                                                                     WWW.              world renowned expert.
Future SPI         4   Committees begin                          Spionline.info        Dr. Kobilinsky is con-
                                                                                       stantly relied upon by
                                                                                       media and governments

Wounded        4
                       their work.                                                     to comment on the lat-
                                                                                       est forensic techniques
Warriors to be                                                                         available in modern sci-
honored at SPI         Effective liaison with John       tution and By Laws, securing ence. He did not disap-
                       Jay is not the only new is-       additional corporate spon-    point our members.

                       sue to be tackled this year.      sors, resolving grievances,
Sackman                We are also addressing the        and developing new systems
                       rewriting of the SPI Consti-      pertaining to our administra-
                                                         tion and accounting.
             PAGE      2
                                    SPI Member Profile:
                                    Efrat Cohen
                                    The President and COO of         services provided to her          ognized asset to all interna-
                                    Global Intelligence Consult-     clients.                          tional investigative fields of
                                    ants, Efrat Cohen, is a Certi-                                     endeavor
                                    fied Identity Theft Risk         Specializing in Corporate
                                    Management Specialist, a         Investigations, Background        Efrat serves as Chairperson
                                    State Licensed Private In-       Intelligence Gathering, So-       of the John Jay Committee
                                    vestigator (L.P.I) in Florida,   cial Networking Research          and on the Ethics and
                                    as well as in New Jersey and     and Asset Investigations;         Grievance Committee for
                                    New York, where she oper-        Efrat provides fraud investi-     the Society of Professional
                                    ates as such under the aus-      gative expertise to Special       Investigators, in which pro-
                                    pices of the licenses held by    Investigation Units (SIU)         fessional organization she
                                    British American Consult-        within and throughout the         hopes to participate to good
                                    ants, Inc., for which entity     insurance industry.               and purposeful effect for its
                                    she is the Executive Vice                                          future success.
                                                                     An Israeli citizen, Efrat was
                                    President. She is certified in   born with a fine tuning of
  Efrat                             the Reid Technique of Inter-     intuitive investigative skills,
                                    view and Interrogation and       supplemented by bi-lingual
  Cohen                             manages and oversees all         capabilities, which is a rec-

                                    SPI On Internet Radio

                                    Do you listen to radio   Voice America Internet                    and medical identity
                                    on the Internet? If not  program. Susan is also                    theft on her show at
                                    you are missing out on a the author of the book,                   http://
                                                             “ Think Fast and                          www.voiceamerica.co
                                    truly interesting experi-
                                                             Prevent a Violent                         m/voiceamerica/
                                    ence.                    Crime: How to Re-                         vepisode.aspx?
                                    Internet radio personal- spond to Danger in                        aid=44646
                                    ity and new SPI mem-     20 Seconds (or                            Ms. Bartelstone will be
                                    ber Susan Bartelstone is Less!). You can hear                      reaching out to other
                                    the host of a show       SPI President Bruce                       SPI members to be
                                    called Crime Prevention Sackman discuss                            guests as well.
                                    101 and is heard on the medical serial killers

  SPI Mem-
bership con-
                                    SPI Members Publish!
      sists of                      Have you published any           President Anthony                 Please contact the SPI
some of the                         articles of interested to        Luizzo, PhD, has pub-             editor at:
   most tal-                        SPI members? Several of          lished numerous articles          BruceS@spionline.info
 ented peo-                         our members are very             concerning hospital secu-         with your publications
   ple in our                       prolific writers, having         rity and other important          and a link for members
  profession                        authored books and nu-           topics. To learn more, E          to retrieve your work.
                                    merous articles on topics        -mail Dr. Luizzo at ex-           Share your knowledge
                                    of interest. Past SPI            perts@lcconsultants.com .         with everyone in SPI.

                 SPI       ONLINE
        PAGE      3

                          Charles Iadanza Honored at SPI Meeting
                            Charlie Iadanza has been     reau of Eligibility Verifi-     meeting with the theme
                            a member of SPI since        cation. Pictured here at a      of SPI working together
                            1978 having served on        different event with the        with John Jay College.
                            the Executive Board since    current NYC Police Com-         Charlie was a member of
                            1982 and occupying five      missioner, Charlie’s dis-       John Jay’s first class of
                            of the six executive of-     tinguished career has           new high school gradu-
                            fices including President.   enabled him to provide          ates in 1966 to be admit-
                            For the past 29 years he     guidance and a positive        .ted without a prior police
                            has served in the NYC        image to numerous or-           background. Charlie re-
                            Human Resources Ad-          ganizations and govern-         ceived his BA and MA
                            ministration where he        ment administrations. It        from this school.
                            currently serves as Assis-   was most fitting that
                            tant Director of its Bu-     Charlie was honored at a

                          The Best Data Mining Available to SPI Members
                          The other day I had the        available today . Are          Speak with Steve at the
   investigators have     opportunity to test            you a licensed Investi-        next SPI meeting or
                          drive one of the best          gator, a law enforce-          contact him directly at
    new and exciting
                          investigative search           ment officer, a collec-        www.pallorium.com/
  resources available     engines I’ve ever had          tion agency, a Bail En-        PallTech.html and
                          the opportunity to use.        forcement Officer (or          www.palltech.us for
    that did not exist    SPI member Steve               Bail Bondsman), a law          the online service. No
     just a few years     Rambam guided me               firm employing Inves-          signup or deposit fees
                          through his service            tigators or collectors,        for SPI members.
                  ago     called DIOGENES, the           or an investigative pro-
                          most complete investi-         fessional?
                          gative search engine

                          1st Couple of Forensic Science and the Law
                          The first couple of foren-     was called upon to lend        in demand speakers. He
                          sic science and the law,       their expertise. Linda         has conducted autopsies
                          Dr. Michael Baden and          was counsel to Phil Spec-      and testified throughout
                          his wife, Linda Kenney         tor at his first trial and     the world including hav-
                          Baden, Esq. will be ad-        has represented many           ing recently testified in
                          dressing SPI at our May        celebrity clients as well as   Iraq on behalf of a US
                          meeting. If there is a         indigent individuals in        soldier. We are most for-
Linda and Michael Baden   high profile murder            criminal and civil rights      tunate to have both these
                          somewhere in the world         matters. Michael returns       individuals address our
                          chances are this couple        to SPI as one of our most      organization this year.

             NEWSLETTER       TITLE
VOLUME         1,   ISSUE     1                                                                                       PAGE     4

SPI June Speaker an Expert on Interview and Interrogation
                                                   during his tenure      Combat Team and the 1st Battal-
                                     GREGORY with that organiza-          ion, 87th Infantry, 10th Mountain
                                     J, HARLIN tion. Currently            Division located at Drum, NY.
                                      Interview Greg is the Presi-        Greg was a consultant for Rocke-
                                    and interro- dent and CEO of          feller College, Albany, NY and
                                      gation ex-
                                                   MURLIN Consult-        assisted with the development of
                                                   ants. He is an ad-     their “distant learning program”
                                                   junct instructor for   in Interview & Interrogation
                                    the International Association of      Techniques and a consultant/
Greg was employed by the MAG-       Chiefs of Police, Multi-Counter       interviewer for the HBO Special
LOCLEN Organization as a Law        Drugs Task Force Training of St.      “Ask Dr. Baden Autopsy 10 –
Enforcement Coordinator for the     Petersburg, FL, Alutiiq Interna-      “Lady in the Lake” series.          SPI continues
New York, Northeast Pennsyl-        tional Services and continues to
vania and Canada regions from       be a core instructor for the New                                          to recruit the
2000 to 2009 and conducted          York State Police. Greg also
numerous training initiatives       trained the U.S. Army 1st Brigade                                         very best

                                                                                                              experts to

Wounded Warriors to be Honored at SPI
                                                                                                              educate its

                                                                                                              members on

                                                                                                              the latest
On April 22, 2010 , five            turned from combat in Af-                                                 investigative
American heroes will be hon-        ghanistan and Iraq having
ored at SPI for their service       been injured in the line of                                               techniques
to our nation in their capaci-      duty. Please help us welcome
ties as members of the US           home our fellow members of
military and the criminal jus-      the criminal justice commu-
tice community. With the            nity who have done so much
assistance of the Wounded           for our nation. Each honoree
Warrior Project, the indi-          will be awarded free mem-
viduals selected recently re-       bership in SPI.

Radio Host Lionel Coming to SPI in April
Michael William Lebron, popu-       lawyer worked as both prosecu-        88WCBS radio.
larly known as Lionel will be our   tor for the Hillsborough County
                                                                          During his career he
speaker in April. Lionel is the     Florida State Attorney’s Office
                                                                          has interviewed count-
former host of several nationally   (13th Judicial circuit) and crimi-
                                                                          less law enforcement
broadcasted talk shows. He has      nal defense trial lawyer after-
                                                                          officials and has first
been heard on Air America,          wards. Lionel was host of his         hand knowledge on
WOR, and WABC in New York .         own show on Court TV called           how investigators and
What many people do not know        Snap Judgment and provided            other criminal justice
however is that our speaker
                                    special commentary for the            personnel come
graduated Stetson University
                                    Clinton impeachment trial for         across in the media.
College of Law, and as a trial
VOLUME         1   ISSUE      2                                                                                          PAGE         5

A Word From The President Of SPI, Bruce Sackman
Are you excited as I am about the                     time than the pre-   Grievance Committee. It was
future of SPI? When you see at-                       sent to become       not too long ago that she gradu-
tendance at our monthly meetings                      involved in the      ated from John Jay herself.
reach almost standing room only;                      operations of this   I know of no other fraternal or-
when professionals of the highest                     organization. I      ganization that attracts such a
caliber volunteer their time to be                    want to make a       diverse group of professionals.
presenters; when members reach                        personal appeal to
out to join many of our committees                    the next genera-     Please contact me directly at
with bold ideas and terrific sugges-   tion of SPI officials. You don’t    BruceS@spionline.info with
tions are you as encouraged as I       have to wait until you have dec-    your comments and suggestions.
am that the future of our fraternal    ades of work experience to be-      All Best
organization if one of growth in       come active in SPI. Take a les-
membership and increased promi-        son from Ms. Efrat Cohen who is
nence in the criminal justice com-     the Chairperson of the John Jay
munity? There is simply no better      Committee and member of the

New SPI Brochure Soon to be Available
It seems like the entire               tion about SPI. In order to         email BruceS@spionline.info.
criminal justice community is          meet this ever growing de-          No other fraternal organiza-
abuzz about the terrific op-           mand, we have published a           tion recruits from such a
portunities available through          brand new brochure detail-          broad spectrum of disci-
membership in our society.             ing the mission and goals of        plines than SPI. Help get the
Our new website                        SPI and the benefits of mem-        word out to all your friends
www.spionline.info is in-              bership. If you want copies         and associates.
creasingly accessed by indi-           of this brochure to distribute
viduals requesting informa-            to interested parties, please

PayPal Comes to SPI
As if joining SPI wasn’t sim-          PayPal icon and it directs you      receipt and record
ple enough, now you can                on how to make payment.             of their payments.
charge your membership and             You do not have to be a             Now there truly is
monthly meetings through               member of PayPal to utilize         no reason to miss a
PayPal. Just go to our web-            this payment method.                SPI function. See
site www.spionline.info and            This method of payment              you at Forlini’s.
go to either the Join SPI or           works well for members and
Future Events headings                 their guests by providing                                    Forlini’s Restaurant, the meet-
and scroll to the bottom of            them with both an instant                                    ing place of SPI
the page. Just click on the
                          SPI ONLINE

   SPI Train-
     ing Com-
     ing Soon             V O L U M E     1   I S S U E    4                                               M A Y    2 0 1 0

   New
     Members                    SPI Training Coming Soon
   Badens
     speaks at        Continuing Education                entertain anyone who              ceed their standards. If
     SPI              Credits are required for            attends. SPI will work            you are interested in
                      most individuals who                closely with the accredit-        working with the SPI
   Wounded          hold certificates or li-            ing organizations to en-          education committee or
     Warriors         censes related to the le-           sure that we meet or ex-          being considered as an
     at SPI           gal, accounting, forensic                                             instructor, please con-
                      or investigative profes-                                              tact the education com-
                      sions. SPI recognizes                                                 mittee at:
                      this fact and is working                                              BruceS@spionline.info
                      hard to provide the
                      training you need to
                      meet these obligations.
                      The SPI education com-
THIS ISSUE:           mittee has begun work-
Badens at SPI 1
                      ing to create programs
                      that will educate mem-
                      bers of our professions
                                                          Society Of Professional
                      in the latest techniques
New SPI          2                                            Investigators,
                      and advances that will
                      enlighten, educate and                                                On May 20 2010, SPI
New Board        2                                                                          members were treated to a
Members                                                                                     presentation by the first

                      New SPI
                                                                                            couple of forensic science
Board Mem-       3                                                                          and the law, Dr Michael
ber speaks                                                                                  Baden and his wife, Linda

                                                                                            Kenney Baden With their
Future SPI
                                                                     WWW.                   incredibly busy schedule
                                                                  Spionline.info            its hard enough getting

A message        5
                      Appointed                                                             one of these forensic su-
                                                                                            perstars to speak let along
from the SPI
                                                                                            both at the same time.
President                                                                                   SPI never tires of hearing
                      We are pleased to announce          members. Read more inside
                                                          about the backgrounds of these    Dr. Baden tell us about the
                      the selection of David Roberts
                                                          consummate professionals who      latest cases in the news
                      as the new SPI Treasurer and
Advertise at     5                                                                          combined with Linda Ba-
                      Steven Rambam and Efrat             have volunteered their time and
SPI                                                                                         den’s highly informative
                      Cohen as SPI’s newest board         expertise to help ensure the
                                                          strength of our organization .    legal analysis.
         PAGE      2

                                 New SPI Treasurer
                                 The President and CEO           forcement and profes-           the Royal Families of
                                 of British American             sional commercial in-           Britain, Saudi Arabia
                                 Consultants, David              vestigations, and is an         and other middle-
                                 Roberts, is an Interna-         acknowledged expert             eastern countries, as
                                 tional Crisis Manage-           in the provision of ad-         well as diplomats,
                                 ment and Emergency              vanced executive pro-           heads of commerce at
                                 Response specialist;            tection and associated          Fortune 500 corporate
                                 with extensive local,           security disciplines.           level and various high
                                 national and global ex-         David was formerly              profile personalities of
                                 perience, encompass-            responsible for provi-          and from the entertain-
                                 ing more than thirty            sion of executive and           ment industry
                                 years of experience in          personal protective ser-
                                 international law en-           vices to members of

                                 New SPI Board Member

                                 Steven Rambam is the            surance frauds. More than       special price for SPI mem-
                                 founder and CEO of Pal-         five hundred newspaper and      bers.
                                 lorium, an investigative        magazine articles have re-      You don’t want to miss
                                 Agency with offices and         ported on Pallorium's inves-    Steven speaking at the July
                                 affiliates worldwide. Since     tigations. Steven has been      17, 2010 Hackers on
                                 1980, Pallorium's investiga-    interviewed by numerous         Planet Earth and 2600
                                 tors have successfully closed   media organizations includ-     Magazine Convention held
                                 more than 10,500 cases,         ing "Sixty Minutes”.            at the Hotel Pennsylvania in
                                 ranging from homicide in-       Steven also operates a terri-   Manhattan. Topic: “Privacy
                                 vestigations to missing per-    fic data base for investiga-    is Dead—Get Over it”.
                                 sons cases to the investiga-    tive professionals, DIO-
                                 tion of various types of so-    GENES, a service of
                                 phisticated financial and in-   PALLTECH and offers a

SPI Mem-
bership co                       The Mechanic Group Supports SPI
                                 For 20 years the Me-            The Mechanic Group              all of its members with
                                chanic Group has spe-            has supported SPI and           insurance needs to
                                cialized in providing            2010 is no different.           contact the Mechanic
                                insurance programs to            Ask your fellow SPI             Group at:
                                the private security,            members who provides            800-214-0207 or by e-mail
                                investigation and elec-          their insurance and             at
                                tronic security indus-           chances are this is the
                                tries. For many years            firm. SPI encourages

             SPI       ONLINE
            PAGE       3

                              Fee Waived for Vets, Members of Guard/Reserve/Active Duty
                              By unanimous vote of       these outstanding men to your friends and col-
                              the Board of Directors,    and women to join our leagues who have served
                              the $50 registration fee   organization. These are with honor and ask them
                                                         exactly the types of in-   to join SPI and contribute
                              for new SPI members
                                                         dividuals any fraternal    their skills and talents to
                              has been waived for                                   our organization.
                              Active Duty Military,      organization would
                              Veterans, and mem-         welcome. They have
                              bers of the National       sacrificed so much for
                              Guard and Reserve.         our nation and this is
                              SPI pledges to substan-    our small way of saying
                              tially increase our re-    thank you. Please
                              cruitment efforts for      reach out

      Wounded Warriors

         Honored at SPI

           with Radio/TV

       Personality Lionel

              at our April


Drs. Ira Titunik and Larry
Kobilinsky of John Jay Col-
 lege of Criminal Justice

VOLUME       1   ISSUE    4                                                                                         PAGE     4

SPI June Speaker an Expert on Interview and Interrogation
                                                ducted numerous        the New York State Police. Greg
                                 GREGORY        training initiatives   also trained the U.S. Army 1st
                                 J, HARLIN      during his tenure      Brigade Combat Team and the
                                  Interview     with that organiza-    1st Battalion, 87th Infantry, 10th
                                 and interro-   tion. Currently        Mountain Division located at Ft.
                                  gation ex-
                                     pert       Greg is the Presi-     Drum, NY. Greg was a consult-
                                                dent and CEO of        ant for Rockefeller College, Al-
                                                MURLIN Consult-        bany, NY and assisted with the
                                 ants. He is an adjunct instructor     development of their “distant
Greg was employed by the MAG-    for the International Association     learning program” in Interview
LOCLEN Organization as a Law     of Chiefs of Police, Multi-           & Interrogation Techniques and
Enforcement Coordinator for      County Drugs Task Force Train-        a consultant/ interviewer for        SPI continues
the New York, Northeast Penn-    ing of St. Petersburg, FL, Alutiiq    the HBO Special “Ask Dr. Baden
sylvania and Canada regions      International Services and con-       Autopsy 10 – “Lady in the Lake”      to recruit the
from 2000 to 2009 and con-       tinues to be a core instructor for    series.
                                                                                                            very best

                                                                                                            experts to

Joint Educational Seminar To Be Held                                                                        educate its

                                                                                                            members on
June 25, 2010.                                                                                              the latest
Its not too early to set your    quarters, 4 Irving Place (at          Remember: Advance                    investigative
calendar for June 25th, 2010.    East 14th St) New York City.          Registration only! Reg-
On that day, Aldonys, The        Members of participating              istration will not be ac-            techniques
Society of Professional Inves-   organizations $55.00 pp
                                                                       cepted at the door!
tigators, the New York and       Students of John Jay College
Long Island Chapters of Cer-     of Criminal Justice $55.00            Check back for updates.
tified Fraud Examiners and       pp. (student ID required).            Check the Aldonys web-
Global Association of Private    Non-members $95.00 pp.                site for additional de-
Investigators, will conduct an   Seminar fee includes: Conti-          tails
educational seminar to be        nental Breakfast / Lunch /
held at the Edison Room          Educational Material / Plus
Consolidated Edison Head-        Attendance Certificate

   SPI Board Member to Speak at Bar Association
SPI’s Legislative Liaison,       ity in Seattle Washington on          confidentiality and
Bruce Hulme is the invited       June 2-5, 2010. Legal schol-          attorney-client privi-
2010 participant representing    ars, jurists and specialists in       lege.
the Investigative profession     the professional responsibil-         Bruce always has
on the Law of Ethics and         ity field will gather for three       his pulse on the lat-
Investigations at the Ameri-     days of intensive seminars            est legislation that
can Bar Association 36th         covering a wide range of top-         impacts our profes-
Annual National Conference       ics, including: ethical prepa-        sions.
on Professional Responsibil-     ration of witnesses; conflicts;
VOLUME        1   ISSUE    4                                                                                        PAGE   5

A Word From The President Of SPI, Bruce Sackman
Change can be good. Even the                    cruited a nation-     One thing has not changed.
best organizations need an in-                  ally renowned         The guest speakers SPI re-
fusion of new ideas and new                     general counsel,      cruits for our monthly meet-
personalities to stay fresh and                 a highly re-          ings remain the tops in their
ahead of the curve. SPI is no                   spected Treas-        fields, the best in the busi-
different. Since I became                       urer, and two         ness, and the envy of other
President in 2010, SPI has                      additional board      organizations.
launched a new web site, a new    members. We now have Pay
                                                                      This is just the beginning of a
monthly newsletter, and com-      Pal up and running and are          new SPI. Please submit your
menced special relationships      working on some new and             suggestions and recommen-
with John Jay College of Crimi-   exciting training opportuni-        dation for our future to me at
nal Justice and the Wounded       ties for those who seek con-                                            encourages its
Warrior Project. SPI has re-      tinuing education credits.
                                                                                                          members to



          SPI ON FACEBOOK                                                                                 through its

                                                                                                          web or social
For those of you who just         Marine Jourdan, you can             things SPI related. Face-           networking
can’t resist chatting on so-      now blog until your                 book has become the most
cial networking sites, you                  heart’s content           popular social networking
can now find The Society          about the latest events and         site of them all and SPI is
of Professional Investiga-        speakers at SPI. See pho-           now part of that phenome-
tors on FACEBOOK.                 tos from the last meeting           non.
Thanks to the efforts of          and read what your fellow
new associate SPI member          members think of all

         Advertise Your Business or Product at SPI
Do you have a business or prod-   We are offering members and         will also appear in our newslet-
uct you would like to introduce   others an opportunity to place      ter. This package is available at
to members of the investigative   an advertisement on our very        a very attractive price. Go to
community? SPI is now able to     popular web site                    our web site and click on spon-
offer an outstanding package of   www.spionline.info, on our          sors to see what your advertise-
internet, newsletter, and per-    newsletter SPIONLINE, and an        ment could look like.
sonal appearance that will get    opportunity to present your         For additional information con-
the word out fast to the right    business or product in person at    tact Ruth@Spionline.info.
people.                           a SPI monthly meeting. In addi-
                                  tion, a story about your business

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