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					Marketing on Facebook
Why You Should Market on Facebook

Marketing on Facebook – Getting Your Face Known

Facebook has turned into an online world of its own. It’s become the “meat and potatoes” for many online marketers.
When Facebook started, it was simply the place where you could find missing family and friends and connect very fast with
people, and also the place to see pictures of favorite celebrities.
Fast forward to NOW, and Facebook has changed into a giant shopping mall. Like it or not, there are huge business
opportunities for any business on Facebook. Currently, Facebook has over one billion users and is growing every day.

Marketing on Facebook is serious stuff and there are a number of tips
and tricks for gaining traffic and funneling it through to your site to earn
You can do this by collaborating in Facebook Groups and making a Page for your business. You can also pay to advertise to
closely targeted demographic groups.
Maybe when Facebook was new, many users were “bored teenagers”. Now, an increasing number of older people are using
Facebook for all kinds of reasons. Many of those who use Facebook are beginning to use it just like they would the Internet,
looking for help and information…

Social Media Marketing and Marketing on Facebook
Promoting your business through a social media platform such as Facebook needs a larger post than I am able to provide here
and Facebook is constantly updating and changing its rules…

The essential component of all social media is being sociable…
Marketing on Facebook is an advertising method where you will be consistently engaged with people, answering questions and
posting fascinating and useful content. Use your company trademark if you have one so that your product becomes familiar.

Remember that with marketing on Facebook, first impressions are critical. Just imagine you are at a gigantic party full of curious
people. Present yourself well and interact as much as possible to get new friends (or Fans). You may share information with
them by uploading photos, videos, sharing updates, hosting talks and displaying wall posts.
Pages are available to everybody on the web and are often better for long-term relations with your fans, readers or
customers. Pages (versus a simple profile) can actually get ranked on the search engines.
Facebook Events will help you connect to your target market and invite them to your events, whether or not they are not one
of your fans.

Content is King?
Just like a business website, it is a must to keep adding more Facebook articles or posts to keep your Fans’ attention. It’s a superb
location for people to ask questions about your items and post purchaser feedback.
The bottom line? Do not hesitate to start marketing on Facebook!
A word of caution, however, because Facebook can easily become addictive and consume all your time! Marketing on Facebook
requires planning your time wisely and remembering to always do Income Producing Activities (IPAs) first.

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Description: Facebook has turned into an online world of its own. It’s become the “meat and potatoes” for many online marketers.