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Computer Recycling (Glossary Definition) (Slides)

VIEWS: 4 PAGES: 12 SUMMARY SLIDES: Computer recycling includes donating older machines to non-profit organizations and participating in vendor-run computer exchange programs. Copyright (C) SP Home Run Inc.

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 (Glossary Definition)
  Courtesy of the
  Managed Computer Consulting Glossary
  Creative Commons Image Source: Flickr Nick Saltmarsh
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 Way of Reusing
 Your Old Computer
 Equipment Instead
 of Simply Throwing
 it in the Garbage
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 When You
 Upgrade to
 Better Equipment
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     Charitable Giving
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 Aside From
 Being a Good
 Deed, Charitable
 Giving is Often
 Tax Deductible
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             Heavy Metals
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 Leaving Computers
 in a Landfill Can
 Cause Dangerous
 Contamination of
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 Where People
 Can Turn in Their
 Old Machines
 for a Discount on
 a Newer Model
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  How Does Your
  Company Engage
  in Computer
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Creative Commons Image Source: Flickr Nick Saltmarsh

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