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           The Mainsheet
                                The Mainsheet     Celebrating 43 Years!                               DECEMBER 2009
                           ROCKIN’ NEW YEAR’S EVE               GET YOUR USCG CAPTAIN’S LICENSE at PBSC
                             Dec. 31, 7pm - 1am                            Starts January 25
                                  This year starts a new             This is a one-time opportunity to get your six-pack
                           tradition at the Sailing Club       license without the trouble of going to the Coast Guard
                           when we ring in the New Year        location for your exam! This course does it all and for
                           with a fancy dress Surf and Turf    a reduced rate for all PBSC members - that’s right, this
                           Dinner Dance.                       course is $100 OFF for you! You will receive (after you
                                  At only $35 per person       pass the exam) a license as an ‘Operator of Uninspected
                           this is sure to be the best         Passenger Vessel (OUPV)’ which is the well-known Six
                           entertainment of 2009 and           pack/Charter Boat Captain’s License.
                                  The fun starts at 7pm                            DATES & TIMES
                           with cocktails and appetizers         January 25, 2010 Monday Thru Friday 6:00pm-10pm
                           then on to the buffet dinner of      Saturday and Sunday January 30,31st 8:00 am-4:30pm
                           specialty salad with dressing,           February 1, Monday thru Friday 6:00-10:00pm
                           dinner rolls with butter, prime              Monday Feb 8, Test 6:00pm-10:00pm
                           rib au jus and grilled lobster
                           tail, roasted new potatoes, green         All course materials are included; plus, student
                           beans almandine, and assorted       workbooks and study guide with actual test questions,
                           chocolates, desserts and coffee     plotting tools (dividers, plotting rulers, calculator,
                                  After dinner we will dance   highlighter, pencils, erasers, and notepad, training charts,
till the ball drops and we sing Auld Lang Syne. Bring          USCG Light List reference guide and, as a special gift,
your kissing partner(s) and celebrate Sailing Club style!      a Mariners School carry bag. The tuition even includes
       Dress is cocktail attire. Reservations are required     the exam fee. You can’t beat this deal anywhere- Sign up
and must be received no later than December 28. Reserve        today!!!
a table and bring all your friends! Reserve at pbscsocial@                   $495.00 (members only price) or call the club office at 561-881-0809.               To register, call: Capt. Mike Marrota: 1-888-937-2458
       Call or e-mail today ‘cause you don’t want to miss                 or E-mail:
the party of this year and next!                                        or
 The Mainsheet                                                                     Page 2                                     DECEMBER 2009
                   Palm Beach Sailing Club                                                              PAINTING PROJECT
                       4600 North Flagler Drive                                                After much heated debate over the color of the
                     West Palm Beach, FL 33407                                         boathouse, calmer heads have prevailed and the color
                   Office: 561-881-0809 • Fax: 561-881-1424                            is going to be Corvette yellow! Just kidding folks! The
                    Reservations: 561-881-TACK (881-8225)                              color of the boathouse is still being decided with quite a
          • E-mail:                          few members participating in the ongoing debate. Our
                                                                                       hope is to have colors selected by the end of the year,
Flag Officers                                                                          so that our Sea Scout troop can paint the clubhouse and
Jackie Waddell           Commodore                626-3458                             boathouse with the assistance of club members. The
Mark Thomas              Vice Commodore           358-9047                             project is probably going to occur in the first part of 2010.
Matt Woods               Rear Commodore           310-6435      Stay tuned for further details.
Sue Slater               Treasurer                252-0641
                                                                                                    RECIPROCITY PRIVILEGES
John Robertson           Secretary                272-0356
Carl Schellbach          Fleet Captain            714-5902
Joseph R. Fields         Past Commodore           640-9291      832-5655                       Did you know that PBSC membership provides
                                                                                       for reciprocity twice a year at the Palm Beach Yacht
Board of Directors                                                                     Club and Clubs? Card-carrying members of PBSC can
Edward Crawford          Director                 881-7828      762-4525
Harry Woodworth          Director                 734-5994
                                                                                       enjoy the bar and restaurant facilities of the PBYC up
Guy Britton              Director                 630-0608                             to two times a year. Charging privileges are not part of
Robert Winess            Director                 683-7164                             this program, you must pay for your purchases direct to
Sloan Davant             Director                 845-6968                             the club you are visiting. If you’re going to be traveling,
Chris Shaffner           Director                ask the office staff to provide you with a copy of the
                                                                                       reciprocity list for the area you are going to. The book is
Committee Chairs                                                                       quite thick, please don’t ask for a complete copy, you can
Edward Crawford          Membership               881-7828      762-4525               probably obtain that directly from the Internet.
Rich Sheppard            Social                   531-1182
Robert Winess            Personnel                683-7164
Antonio Arthay           Marine Liaison           615-1267      233-2453                       MAKE A NEW YEARS RESOLUTION
David Crawford           Inshore Racing           827-4860                                             YOU WILL KEEP!
Brian Beaver             Offshore Racing          844-3178
NEEDED                   Librarian                                                          Join a PBSC Committee of Your Choice
Mark Thomas              Program Planning         966-4359                                      and Have a Voice in Your Club!
Hank Chickering          Club History             848-5234
Harry Woodworth          Long Range Planning      734-5994
NEEDED                   Quartermaster
John Gross               Waterfront               243-9265      573-4036
Joe Tringali             Editor                   848-4353      837-5000
Dindy Murphy             Layout                   848-9508      317-7153
PBSC Staff
John Keife               P/T Office Manager
Susan Alich              Accounting Manager
Claude Wester            Banquet Manager
Don Lasky                Adult Sailing Director

Classified Ad Rates:
Members: $10 first 25 words or less. $2 per additional word; Non-Members: $20 first
25 words or less, $2 per additional word. Mail or E-Mail your ad to the club office,
with payment. All classified ads must be received by the 15th of the month to appear
in the next issue.
Closing date for advertisements is the 5th of the month preceding publication;
editorial materials, the 15th. The Mainsheet and the Palm Beach Sailing Club, Inc.
are not responsible in any way for mishaps from the use of any product or services
advertised in the Mainsheet or mentioned in any column or article.
  The Mainsheet                                         Page 3                                   DECEMBER 2009
                                            COMING UP AT THE CLUB
    SUPER BOWL PARTY                                           2010 WASHINGTON’S BIRTHDAY REGATTA
         Feb. 7, 2010                                                          Feb. 20-21, 2010
       Join your Sailing Club
friends for the sporting event of                                        Featuring Ocean Racing for all
2010! The party gets started at                                            Classes Except Opti Green
4pm with Pre-Game Drink Specials and food.                       Opti IOD All Classes, Lasers All Classes, Sunfish,
      Be a VIP with a VIP Special Ticket for $30 that
gets you all you can drink, and all the hot dogs and
                                                                             Snipes and Portsmouth
hamburgers you can eat from Kick-Off till Half-Time. Or
enjoy a menu of 2 Hot Dogs & Burger for $5, Sausage,                   Palm Beach Sailing Club
Pepper & Onions for $6 or 10 Chicken Wings for $7.
Either way it’s a great deal and a great time to spend
rooting for your favorite team at your favorite place with             Come and join the fun!
your favorite friends..                                               Registration at
      For more information or to volunteer to help with
party preparations e-mail Rich Sheppard at pbscsocial@                        561-881-0809

                                                    We are South Florida’s only Complete
                                                  Sailmaking and Rigging shop --- and NOW

                                                   Mack Sails ELECTRONICS
                                                   Discount pricing and complete installation for all
                                                 Electronics sytems, Masts Rigging, Sails and repairs

   3129 SE Dominica Terrace                                  Call Travis or Colin - 800.428.1384
   Stuart, FL 34997                                            We serve West Palm Beach every day
   FAX (772) 283.2433                                         Please visit us at
  The Mainsheet                                           Page 4                                           DECEMBER 2009
                 Sea Scout Regatta                                            Sea Scout Regatta Photos
        November 20-22 was an absolutely great weekend
for the second annual John E. Leasor Memorial Palm
Beach Sea Scout Regatta. The weather was perfect
(could have used a little more wind) and the water was
crystal clear for diving. There were over 100 scouts and
adults camped on the property of the Palm Beach Sailing
Club. With a full program of events and fun and Scout
fellowship all in attendance had a great time.
        The weekend started out Friday night with all the
units arriving, getting signed in and seeing old friends.
Almost all enjoyed the offerings of the PBSC Grill
manned by Sue Slater and her team of helpers. All of
a sudden, the property looked like a tent city with the
bustle of teenage activity.
	       Saturday	 morning	 was	 breakfast,	 opening	 flag	
ceremony and off to go sailing and diving. The sailing             Sea Scouts take over the grounds for their team land challenge
was done on the ocean south of the Palm Beach Inlet.
The participation was exuberant although the wind was
not so cooperative, but they did manage to get races
in. The diving was done right off the Club and in the
ICW. The divers hit the water right at high tide and had
excellent visibility for the skills tests and exploring. One
of the big hits of the day was the team land challenge that
featured relays skills and was capped off by the teams
having to unfold and put on a t-shirt that was frozen.
        Saturday evening was the setting for the awards
banquet. PBSC’s Ship 777 were the overall regatta
winners	as	well	as	taking	first	and	second	place	in	the	
Ocean Race. The treat of Saturday night was a movie
and video games on the Airwaves giant screen truck.
Everybody got the opportunity to relax and lay on the
lawn for a movie. No one had trouble getting to sleep as
a result of the day’s activities and all was quiet early.
        As is always the case, in order for this event to
be a great success required the efforts of a great group of                   Ship 777 races with style in light winds
volunteers. This included boat owners, parents, leaders,
club	 members	 and	 even	 some	 folks	 not	 affiliated	 with	
Scouting. Words cannot properly tell how wonderful this
group of people is. As always, we sincerely appreciate
the support of the PBSC, its staff and members.
        Sunday morning saw a ton of hard work by the
scouts to make the Club look extra nice and better than
we found it. We did receive Claude’s good housekeeping
seal of approval.
        We would like to take this time to invite all
members and readers of the mainsheet to attend our
Annual Sea Scout Dinner Cruise. The event will be held
Jan 7th aboard the Majestic Princess II dinner boat at the
Lake Park Marina. If you would like to attend or want
more details, you can call Andy Flack at 561-348-0423 or
look to our We look forward
to seeing all of you there and until we meet again, may
you have fair winds and following seas.                               Divers accomplish their tasks in clear high tide waters
        Andy Flack
  The Mainsheet                                        Page 5                                   DECEMBER 2009
                         FROM THE REAR...
                       COMMODORE, THAT IS!                       YOU CAN IMPACT THE LIFE OF A CHILD
                   It’s Nov 26th, Thanksgiving Day.               Has sailing and the love of the wind, sea and sun
                   I’m driving down to Ft Lauderdale        changed your life? Whether you started to sail as a child
                   to go to my sister’s for dinner. As      or just learned this year, you’ve come to appreciate
                   I’m driving I am thinking about the      all that sailing brings to those who are addicted to its
                   things I am thankful for. Of course      allure.
                   the club is right up there.                    By contributing to Sailing4Kids Foundation you
      As my time as Rear Commodore comes to an              will be able to introduce children to sailing who would
end I can’t help but think about the last two years and     never have had the opportunity otherwise. Scholarships
all that has been accomplished and all the help I have      are available for the fall and spring sailing programs
gotten. For example just last month I get a call from       as well as PBSC Summer Camp, but funds are needed
Brad London. He says, “Hey Matt, I noticed the lawn         to meet the demand. Any donation (tax deductible) of
needs mowing and I have the day off tomorrow , so           any amount will be appreciated and will be used for
if you want I’ll mow it”. Well he did and it it looked      Sailing Programs and Summer Camp tuitions
great! Dennis Fleener noticed the sad condition of our            Quoting from the International Optimist Dinghy
main entrance doors the first time he came to the club.     Association website:
He refinished them and re-installed the stained glass                            Why Sailing?
windows repaired for free by Phil of McMow Art
Glass and now they are beautiful! I can’t even begin            •	 Sailing is Fun: A great social life, now
to list all the members who have given their time and              and for the rest of your days
sweat to make our club better. Personally, I feel proud         •	 Sailing is for all: tall? short? fat? thin?
knowing I helped in a project with a team of members               girl? boy? green with pink spots? Sailing
and made the club better for everyone. Yes, I have lots            is for you!
to be thankful for at PBSC.
      This morning was the Turkey Day Race, put                  •	 Sailing builds self reliance, physical
on by Carl Schellbach, Robin Baker and a team of                     strength, quick thinking and a love of the
members. It was a record turnout and the sailing was                 outdoors and the environment.
great! How better to start the day? Another reason I                Every sailor in this club can add to that list,
love this club.                                             and let us agree that the mission of this club is to
      Next year Carl Schellbach will be Rear                encourage sailing. As part of that mission we should
Commodore and already he has something to be                be bringing this great activity to as many children as
thankful for. Joe Q. is our new maintenance man and         possible - not necessarily because they will become
he is doing a great job. I can hardly keep up with          great competitors, but because sailing will change
supplies he needs to make repairs and improvements!         their lives. So make a difference in the life of a child
The club house is clean and looks great thanks to him!      - contribute and make your checks out to Palm Beach
The role of Rear Commodore is a big job and I know          Sailing4Kids, Inc. Thank you for your consideration.
Carl will need help just as I did so let him know what      This is a tax deductible donation. Keep that in mind
you can do to help.                                         for your end of year tax planning. For more information
      Next year I will be Vice Commodore. I am excited      contact Sailing4Kids, Inc. Board President John Gross
to be taking on new challenges and will be calling on       at, or find us through the club
members to help me accomplish new goals.                    website at
      It has been an honor to serve as Rear Commodore
these past two years and I am really thankful for all the
members who have helped in so many ways to make
our club better.

The Mainsheet                        Page 6                            DECEMBER 2009

                FIELDS LAW OFFICES
                           4512 N. Flagler Dr.
                      West Palm Beach, FL 33407
     •  Past Commodore Joe Fields can assist you in all your legal needs. 
     •  Reduced rates to all PBSC members, free initial consultations. 
     •  Located in the newly renovated office condos just south of the club.


                                              Dockside Canvas
                                                  Bimini Tops • Covers-Awnings
                                                       Cushions • Dodgers
                                                   Fender Hooks • Sail Repairs

                                              409 24th Street, WPB
                                                (561) 832-5400
                                                      Member PBSC

                                      ™   Executive Breakfasts & Lunch Boxes
                                      ™   Luaus - Clam Bakes - Barbecues
                                      ™   Cocktail Receptions & Holiday Parties
                                      ™   Elegant Buffets - Luncheon & Dinner
                                      ™   Theme Parties with Flair
                                      ™   Fund Raisers
                                      COMPLETE PARTY PLANNING SERVICES
GOURMET                                         561-848-9696
C A T E R I N G C O.                 
OF THE PALM BEACHES                   
The Mainsheet                                                           Page 7                                                DECEMBER 2009

 Call y!                         DAY SAIL
                                  Palm Beach waters
                                                                                                RECENT BOARD ACTIONS
                                                            on                                By John Robertson, PBSC Secretary

                                   A World-Class 38 ft. Cutter
                                                                                 At the December meeting the Board of Directors
                                                                                 took these actions:
                                    Enjoy a pleasure cruise with all
                                     the amenities for a full day or             •	    Tina	Shoumate,	Jennifer	&	Guyler	Magruder,	
                                      half-day ~ watch the mansions              and Sean Oshea & Patricia Whitehouse were voted
                                       slide by from your water view             in as new Members.
                                        perspective as you trim sails
                                         or just relax!                          •	    The	 Board	 went	 into	 Executive	 Session	
                                                                                 to discuss a charge made by a member under
                                         Or book the Incentive for               Section XII of the Club Bylaws. This matter was
                                          your Business Meeting or               resolved.
                                         Team Building Activity!
 Also available for Mini-Lessons or Full Instruction                             •	   The	Club	will	donate	two	half-day-for-a-week	
                                                                                 junior sailing sessions to the Sea Scouts.
CALL For Low Rates, Reservations & Information
           Call 561-848-4488
Captain Don Neumann, PBSC Life-time Member
    For Reservations Or Information
 USCG • US Merchant Marine 100 Ton Ocean Master
                                                                             Remember The Bounty
                                                                                          The tall ship H.M.S.
    The Palm Beach Maritime Museum                                                Bounty will be docked at
                              announces                                           Peanut Island through the

LIVE MUSIC ON THE LAWN                                                            end of March. She is open
                                                                                  for tours 5 days a week                                 -
                                                                                  Wednesdays through Sundays
     Every Second Saturday of Every Month                                         from 10am till 3pm. Volunteers
                at Currie Park from 1-4pm                                         are needed to be available
                                                                                  as tour guides for an entire
    With fun family activities and food & drink!                                  day’s shift of five hours. Transportation is provided for
               No admission fees, Just FUN!                                       volunteers to and from Riviera Beach Marina and Peanut
                                                                                  Island at the beginning and end of each shift.
                                                                                                                 Needed: 6 volunteers for
                                                                                                             ship: 1 to guide the tour, 1 to
  WE UNDERSTAND COMMITMENT.                                                                                  assist people at the gangplank,
                                                                                                             2 on deck, 2 at ladders.
  For decades, Edward Jones has been committed to providing financial solutions and personalized                 The PBMM also needs
  service to individual investors.
                                                                                                             volunteers in the gift shop
  You can rely on us for:
                                                                                                             and in the Coast Guard station
  � Convenience
    Locations in the community and face-to-face
                                                                                                             museum. It’s not too late, call
    meetings at your convenience                                                                             today!
  � A Quality-focused Investment Philosophy
                                                                                                                 If you can’t volunteer, be
    A long-term approach that focuses on quality                                                             sure to visit the Bounty-take
    investments and diversification                                                                          the whole family, it’s fun!
  � Highly   Personal Service
   Investment guidance tailored to your individual needs
                                                                                                                     To volunteer call the Palm
                                                                                                                     Beach Maritime Museum
  Call or visit today.
                                                                                                                         at 561-832-7428 or
             Thomas L Doak
             Financial Advisor
                                                                          Member SIPC
             4095 State Road 7 Suite T
             Lake Worth, FL 33449
             561-434-2005                                                                                             More Bounty photos on pg. 8
                                                                                         Presort Std
                                                                                        US Postage
4600 N FLAGLER DRIVE • WPB FL 33407                                                 West Palm Beach, FL
                                                                                       Permit # 4109

                                                                      Or Current Resident

 The Mainsheet                             Celebrating 43 Years!                        DECEMBER 2009

 BARNACLE BUSTERS                                                   STAIN BUSTERS
        UNDERWATER BOAT CLEANING                                    CARPET & UPHOLSTERY CLEANING
               & REPAIR                                            BOA HOM BUSINES TILE & WOOD FLOORS
         NEW/USED PROPELLER SALES                                        (561) 625-6700
           (561) 625-4484                                             $10 OFF FIRST CARPET CLEANING
             Call for Low Monthly Rates
MEMBER PBSC                           LICENSE BONDE INSURED                                 LOU DANIELLO, JR
LICENSED AND INSURED      10456 Riverside Drive, Palm Beach Gardens                               PRESIDENT

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