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									Unit 2
English Around the World
1. What language has the largest number of speakers?

2. What language is the most widely spoken and used?
3. What is your native language?
4. If you are learning English, in what situation do you use
   the language?
  I. Fast-reading: Try to find out the topic sentences of each

  Para 1: English is a language spoken all around the world.

  Para 2: The number of people who learn English as a
  foreign language is more than 750 million.

  Para 3: In only fifty years, English has developed into the
  language most widely spoken and used in the world.
II.Read the text again, try to answer the following questions:
1.     How many countries are there where the majority of the
     people speak English?
        There are more than 42 countries where
        most of the people speak English.
2.    How is English used in Hongkong?
       In Hongkong, many people speak English as a
     first or a second language.
3.     What language should we use on Internet so that we can
     communicate with people around the world?
III. Read it carefully, try to fill in the form.
             number       example             working situation
             of        countries
 the          more     The United
              than     Kingdom,America,
 native                Canada, Australia, Speak English at any
 language 375          South Africa,         time and everywhere.
              million Ireland and New
 the          more                         Speak their own language at
              than     India, Pakistan, home,but the language of the
 second                Nigeria and
              375                          government, schools,
              million the Philippines newspapers and TV is English.
              more                         Most people learn English for
              than        China,           five or six years at high school,
              750         and so on. children in the world learn
 language                                  English at school
IV.Complete the Following summary.
               ________ spoken
 English is a language ______all around the world. For
more than 375million people in countries such as _______
                                ______ tongue
and _______, English is their mother ______. Another 375
                learn ______
million people _____ English as a second language. However,
                                           foreign language
most people learn English at school as a ______ _______.
The English language __also ____ by most international
                       is      used
organizations as their working language, as well as in inter-
          trade      tourism
national _____ and _______. Most foreigners visiting China
         businessmen       tourists                speak
are either__________ or ______. If they cannot ______
Chinese, they use English to communicate with Chinese
people. In global culture, for example the Internet or popular
music, English is widely used. In the future we will be
                             people                   using
speaking Chinese with our_______, but we will be _______
English with people around the world for our work.
      English is a language spoken all around the world.

1. 过 去 分 词 作 定 语 ,                          表 示 被 动 :

Eg         a broken bike          a lost book

     E—mails sent by the company arrived just now.

The questions asked by him are difficult to answer
2.a number of + N. ( pl. )         许多,大量.
作主语时, 谓语用复数.

     the number of + N. ( pl. ) … 的 数 量 .
作主语时, 谓语用单数

Eg    A number of people have read this novel.

     The number of people here is 50.
3. communicate with sb.:     talk with sb.

      The two friends hadn’t communicated with each other for

4.    exchange     v. & n.

 exchange seats with sb.     a number of /many exchanges

 exchange …for… You can exchange a horse for a cow.

5.    a knowledge of…

Eg          He has a wide knowledge of history.

         book knowledge, Knowledge is power.
6. with+N./Pron+adj/不定式/分词/介词短语

Eg I had to stay home with so much homework to do.

The thief stood there still with his hands tied behind.

With winter coming on, it’s time to buy warm clothes.

An old man was lying there, with his eyes open.

Bill went to the playground, with a ball under his arms
      the/a majority of       in total
    one’s mother tongue
       the number of           a number of
       such as                develope into
communicate with              through the Internet
have a good knowledge of       of one’s own
    except for                as well as
 international organization
 international trade          international tourism

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